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Out of hundreds of wholesale China wholesale websites, which one you should go for? Do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each website?

Each website provides different functions that can support your business in various ways. Therefore it is very important to understand how to use each website and analyze which China wholesale website is the best one for your business.

In this world where everything is online, there is a chance of getting scammed. We are sure that you have heard about Chinese sellers scamming international buyers.

So, how will you make sure that the site you are using is secure and you won’t get scammed? Plus, what is the guarantee that you will receive the product in perfect condition? That is where EJET comes in.

We have compiled a guide that contains the 12 best China Wholesale Websites and also compared them with each other.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: China Wholesale Websites-What are these and how do they help you?

Chapter 2: 10 Best China Wholesale Websites for Wholesale Buying

Chapter 3: Best Wholesale Chinese Websites for Drop Shipping Business

Chapter 4: China Wholesale Websites Comparison

Chapter 5: Frequently Asked Questions About China Wholesale Websites

Chapter 1: China Wholesale Websites-What are these and how do they help you?

Before moving towards the main topic of best china wholesale websites, let us give you an introduction about what these sites are and why they are beneficial in the business of e-commerce.

wholesale china website

1. What is a China Wholesale Website?

We all know that China is a hub of manufacturing. Almost 90 percent of the products are made in China. That is all because of the tools and resources China has.

Millions of suppliers and manufacturers are working day and night to meet the demand the world is asking for. To meet the demand, these manufacturers have even set up machines and equipment in their homes.

Their goal is to meet the requirements of the customer and obviously make the money.

Well, before the internet revolution, a person had to go to China from his country in order to get his/her hands on the product. There was no other option except, call the manufacturer. That was applicable if you trusted the supplier.

What is a China Wholesale Website

Alibaba was the first online China website that provided the opportunity to suppliers to showcase their products online. Customers visited the website and ordered the product they desired.

Seeing Alibaba, as a success, many started wholesale websites that contained Chinese suppliers. Basically, these people developed an online directory of suppliers. And, that is what China wholesale websites are- The directory for Chinese suppliers.

2. How do these Chinese Wholesale websites work?

The idea of Chinese wholesale websites is simple, a customer comes and orders the product from the supplier. But, let’s talk about this in detail.

In this chapter, we will talk about the famous and notorious website as an example.

Alibaba is basically a bridge between the customer and the supplier. A customer searches for the product he is looking for and if it meets the requirements, he/she contacts the supplier and asks for further details.

How do these Chinese Wholesale websites work

This is the role of the customer. The supplier sends the details and the customer places the order. The role of the supplier is to pack the item and ships it to the customer.

So, the question is why Alibaba is there? Well, first of all, both supplier and customer are using the platform of Alibaba. Moreover, Alibaba provides a secure method for payments.

From the point when a customer places the order and to the points where he/she gets the order, Alibaba is playing the role.

Alibaba has to make sure that the customer has paid the amount and the supplier has delivered the order.

That is what a secure platform is. Nowadays, almost all Chinese wholesale websites are working like this, providing secure business transaction methods.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of China Wholesale Websites

Yes, Chinese suppliers have adopted the online method, but the question is whether there are advantages to that. And, are there are disadvantages to the Chinese websites or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages of China Wholesale Websites

  • Advantages

-Secure platform

One of the first advantages of using online Chinese websites is that they are secure. Meaning you are away from any scams. We are not saying that there is zero chance of a scam. But, still, the scams are low.

-No need to visit China itself

One of the best advantages of wholesale Chinese websites is that there is no need to visit China to buy the products. With these sites, that can be done with a single click.

-Wide variety of products

Chinese websites contain millions of suppliers that offer a wide range of products. You can search for any type of product and it will available to you for ordering.

Chinese websites cover a lot of niches like clothing, auto parts, medicines, household products, and many more.

  • Disadvantages

-Late delivery

This is not usually the case but there are chances that your order gets delayed. That is not because the seller ships the order late. It is because of shipping routes and methods.

-No way of getting tried and tested product

The biggest advantage of Chinese wholesale websites is that you cannot guarantee that you will get the product in working condition.

The best method is ordering the samples first, but still, that does not provide any proof that the inventory will be of the same quality.

4. Do these websites help in business

Do these websites help in business

So, what do you think? Do these sites help in the business or not? If you ask us, we would say that these Chinese websites help in creating a sustainable business.

The first reason is these sites help in saving time and you can utilize that time in other processes of business. There is no need to visit China to buy those products. With the help of a laptop and internet connection, you can do that step.

The second reason is you get to have a wide variety of products under a single roof. If you want to buy shoes, you can do that.

And, by chance, you also want an automobile part, you can browse for that on the same website.

Lastly, these Chinese websites have millions of suppliers and manufacturers. You can have multiple suppliers on backup if you are having issues with the main supplier.

Plus, the best part is you don’t have to roam in whole of China to gather those suppliers.

Chapter 2: 10 Best China Wholesale Websites for Wholesale Buying

When you search on Google about the wholesale sites from China, there will be millions of results. And, a lot of articles contain sites that will make you dizzy when you read about those.

In actuality, there are 10 main websites that are best for wholesale buying from China.

You will find the 10 main sites in this chapter will all the relevant information related to those websites.

1. Alibaba as China Wholesale Website

Alibaba as China Wholesale Website

When we talk about buying from China, we all know that is the best among them all. Now, let us talk about some things in detail so that you can understand what Alibaba is.

-Suppliers Available on Alibaba:

Alibaba has a wide range of inventory. However, there are the ones who have little to no experience in product manufacturing. That makes it very hard to differentiate among the suppliers.

But, there is a good side to Alibaba. As you meet more and more vendors, you will get to learn how to judge if the supplier is good or not.

For starters, the only thing that you need to do is focus on the product that you want and don’t try to depend on the supplier.

-Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 

On Alibaba, almost all items have a defined MOQ. There is an exception on machines and other large goods.

On Alibaba, there is no such fixed MOQ. That is because MOQ varies from supplier to supplier on Alibaba.

-Communication Methods on Alibaba

A person can contact through multiple methods on Alibaba. However, Alibaba has its own messenger platform called TradeManager that you can use to chat with the supplier. Other options are also available such as WeChat, email, and phone.

-Payment methods on Alibaba

Alibaba has one of the secure payment platforms that assures both sellers and buyers are free from any kind of scam and that is called Trade Assurance. Any user can use it without any technical knowledge and a lot of users trust this payment method.

-Ways of shipping product on Alibaba

Alibaba is linked with international logistics services. A person can communicate with those suppliers via online methods. These shipping companies will send your product to the Alibaba warehouse using air, sea, and express shipping.

Moreover, when you chat with the supplier, he/she will also send you the shipping details and plan. You can choose the method that suits you the best.

Let’s take an example, suppose you want to send a single product, and for that express shipping is best or you can also choose air freight.

There is a chance that you will get cheap rates on Alibaba and there is a chance that the supplier will be able to find your cheaper shipping rates.

But, there is a thing to remember. When you are selecting the shipping method, make sure it is a good one. That is because if the freight forwarding is handled unprofessionally, it can lead to customs seizing your products.

2. as China Wholesale Website as China Wholesale Website

-Suppliers available on Dhgate:

Dhgate contains a wide range of suppliers that are divided among small to mid-sized factories. This scheme of Dhgate makes it easy for new suppliers to open the store on the site without any major effort.

-Minimum Order Quantity:

Dhgate is mostly filled with small-scale factories that enable you to buy items in small quantities. You can buy the products in hundreds of quantity or if you are on a budget, there is a chance to buy items in dozens.

In Dhgate, the price of the items is calculated using the quantity of the product meaning more pieces will give you a cheaper price. This gives you a chance to negotiate the price if you buy in bulk quantity.

-Communication methods on Dhgate:

If you are planning to contact the supplier on Dhgate, then there is a chatting method. We recommend you use the chatting option because sellers are more active in the chatbox.

-Payment methods on Dhgate:

The site is filled with plenty of payment methods that can be used to pay for that product. There are options like VISA, Mastercard Moneybookers, and Apple Pay. Moreover, there is also an option of online money transfer.

-Ways of Shipping on Dhgate:

If you have an order that is small in size, we recommend you to use China Post. But, there is a downside to that. The shipping takes a lot of time with these. Moreover, there is no option to track the package.

If the orders are big in size, you can use sea shipping or air shipping. The delivery time for that is around 15-20 days.

3. AliExpress as China Wholesale Website

AliExpress as China Wholesale Website

AliExpress is the brainchild of Alibaba and that means it has the same features as Alibaba. The visible difference between the two sites is that you can order products in small quantities on AliExpress and Aliexpress is more B2C.

That is not possible with Alibaba. More information is available down below.

-Suppliers available on AliExpress:

There are two types of sellers on AliExpress. One type is small factories and the other are big sellers.

In case of small sellers, these are the ones that are new and have just started their store. In order to get more sales and attract more businesses, these sellers sell the products at lower profits.

That is why you see some prices extremely low compared to others.

The big sellers are the ones who are large trading companies and factories themselves. These trading companies have a huge budget so they buy the items from manufacturers in bulk and then they sell those items at low prices.

-Minimum Order Quantity:

On AliExpress, there is no such thing as minimum order quantity. A person can buy even a single item from the seller. If you want to buy the items in bulk, you can send an inquiry to the supplier and he/she will arrange it for you.

-Communication methods on AliExpress:

AliExpress has two ways of communication and we recommend you to use these two methods only. You can either chat with the supplier or can send them a message. The supplier will reply to you within 24 hours time span.

-Payment methods on AliExpress:

AliExpress is pretty amazing in terms of payment methods. A person can use a credit card or debit card. There is an option to use Western Union and bank transfer. Don’t worry if you don’t receive your product, you can always ask for a refund.

-Shipping methods available on AliExpress:

If you are ordering an expensive item from Alibaba, then the seller will choose the express delivery option. However, with cheap products, always select options such as China Post or ePacket. That is because express delivery can cost a lot of money.

Shipping is a huge problem in AliExpress because most of the time, the package does not reach the customer. And, the tracking of those products is not as good as it should be.

4. Made in China as China Wholesale Website

Made in China as China Wholesale Website

Made In China is one of the platforms that is used for buying large items because top-notch suppliers are dealing on this platform. There are a lot of advantages of this site. Let’s see what Made in China has to offer.

-Suppliers Available on Made In China:

Made In China contains suppliers that have a name in the market and are big in size. It is very difficult for small factories to enter the market of Made in China because of large sharks there.

-Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):  

In MIC (Made In China), the minimum order quantity starts from hundreds to thousands of items. But, that varies from supplier to supplier and product to product. Plus, there are some categories that have lower MOQ than the rest.

-Communication methods on Made in China:

In order to send details to the supplier, a buyer can use the chatting feature. The suppliers reply quickly to that. There is another option and that is “Send inquiry”. This is suited for people who want custom products.

-Shipping methods on Made in China:

The suppliers on Made in China will recommend you to use sea or air shipping. That is because the items are in bulk and express delivery can cost a lot in that case. The shipping takes about 30-40 days if you are ordering from the USA or Europe.

5. HKTDC as China Wholesale Website

HKTDC as China Wholesale Website

-Suppliers available on HKTDC:

HKTDC has both small-scale and large-scale suppliers. With this site, a buyer can buy cheap as well as expensive products. Most of the suppliers on this site are from Mainland China. Plus, there are the ones working out of the USA, Korea, and Singapore.

-Minimum Order Quantity:

On HKTDC, there is a minimum order limit that you have to follow. Usually, the lowest possible limit is 50 items. However, that reaches 10,000 if you are going for a private label product.

-Payment methods on HKTDC:

Buyers can adopt two different payment methods on HKTDC. The first one is credit card/ debit card payment. The site accepts VISA, Master Card, and American Express. The second method is using a PayPal account.

-Shipping methods on HKTDC:

For small orders, you can use China Post and ePacket if you are ordering from China suppliers. Suppliers from the USA or other countries will use DHL or UPS. Other than that, you can always use sea shipping or air shipping.

6. as China Wholesale Website as China Wholesale Website is a site that features top suppliers of China who offer great quality and a wide range of products. It only has a Chinese version site and for English, you need a translator plugin. The rest of the details are mentioned below.

-Suppliers available on 

Almost 90 percent of the suppliers on Alibaba are Chinese. There are big trading factories as well as small suppliers. Like Alibaba and other sites, these suppliers have a wide range of products.

-Communication methods on

In 1688, most of the suppliers don’t know how to speak English. So, what you can do is use the chat feature of the site along with google translate. Moreover, you can also contact the suppliers on Wechat after they have given you their number.

-Payment methods on

The suppliers on this site only accept payments in RMB and for that, the only option is to use the Chinese online payment system called Alipay.

-Shipping methods on

1688 buyers only have the option of using the domestic China delivery service. If you want to use a better service, then it is important to use your own freight forwarder.

7. as China Wholesale Website as China Wholesale Website

-Suppliers Available on Gearbest:

Gearbest has three kinds of suppliers. The ones that are vendors of the famous brands. Then there are the ones that are local manufacturers. And lastly, you can find the brands themselves selling on Gearbest.

-Communication methods on Gearbest:

On the page of Gearbest, you can either use the chat feature or there is an option to send the message to the supplier. The suppliers on the site reply within one business day.

-Payment methods on Gearbest:

If you want to pay the supplier on Gearbest, you can use the options such as debit card, credit card, or Paypal. The payment methods also depend on suppliers.

-Shipping methods on Gearbest:

Gearbest has its own shipping methods that are defined as registered Airmail, priority line, and expedited shipping. You can select the one that suits you the best.

8. as China Wholesale Website as China Wholesale Website

-Suppliers available on

With, you will find Chinese suppliers. These suppliers are the ones who are operating from small factories and large factories. Moreover, the site also contains famous Chinese brands.

-Communication method on

DX has only one method available. You can send the supplier a personal message using the platform and can get the details.

-Shipping method on

DX offers express delivery shipping with the help of China Post EMS, Singapore Post EMS, DHL, TOLL, and TNT.

9. Global as China Wholesale Website as China Wholesale Website

-Suppliers Available on Global sources: 

Global sources contain suppliers that are working on a large scale. Basically, we can say that Global sources and Made in China are the same. Small scale suppliers face difficulty in this market because of big trading companies/suppliers.

-Minimum Order Quantity: 

As we know that Global Sources is dealing with big trading companies and manufacturers, which means their MOQ will be high. But, there is a chance to get a lower MOQ if you have the negotiation skills.

-Payment methods on Global Sources:

Global sources have its own secure payment method that a person can use. Other than that, there is a way of paying through credit cards and online bank transfers.

-Shipping methods on Global Sources:

Global sources has a higher MOQ compared to AliEpxress or Gearbest so that is why the suppliers offer sea or air shipping. These shipping methods take about a month to reach the destination.

10. as China Wholesale Website as China Wholesale Website

-Suppliers available on DiyTrade:

DiyTrade contains purely Chinese suppliers that are working to give you the best rate possible. Both factories and small suppliers are present here. And that is why you see price differences in the products.

-Minimum Order Quantity: 

DiyTrade suppliers have a minimum order limit because then they can give you the best price possible.

If you order more quantity, then you will get a lower quote for the price. Some of the suppliers also adjust the shipping cost into the price quote here.

-Payment methods on DiyTrade:

There is a method to transfer the payment using a credit card or debit card. If you don’t want to use that, you can go for bank remittance, bank transfer, or a postal remittance.

Chapter 3: Best Wholesale Chinese Websites for Drop Shipping Business

Best Wholesale Chinese Websites for Drop Shipping Business

If you are in the business of dropshipping, then we have a dedicated chapter that contains the best china websites for a dropshipping business.

Here are 4 main sites for a dropshipping business.

  • Dealextreme
  • CJDropshipping
  • com as China Wholesale Website is the first drop shipping website that provides a limited yet high-quality range of products. The site is mainly used for items such as clothing lines, garden equipment, and gadgets.

Lightinthebox has warehouses in the USA and Europe and that can help you in getting the lowest possible shipping.

1. as China Wholesale Website as China Wholesale Website

Banggood is a Chinese B2C site that creates a direct link between the supplier and the seller. It is known for products such as electronics and men’s fashion. The site has 37 warehouses scattered all over the globe so that you can save time and money.

Banggood also has its own dropshipping program and the best part is there is no membership fee. The benefits of the program are a 5-15 percent discount on products.

2. Dealextreme as China Wholesale Website

DX also comes into the dropshipping chapter because of the deals it has to provide. The site has a wide range of categories to choose from and the best niches are clothes, shoes, and outdoor/sports products.

The site provides free shipping and you can also pay extra to get the product delivered more quickly.

3. CJDropshipping as China Wholesale Website

CJDropshipping as China Wholesale Website

CJdropshipping is solely designed for a dropshipping business. The site has multiple Chinese sellers that offer high quality as well as competitive prices. The best advantage of CJdropshipping is that it has warehouses in major countries like Germany, the USA, Indonesia, and Thailand.

You can select the location based on the customers you are targetting.

You can connect the product stats of CJdropshpping to your store and it will automatically update the listed products.

Chapter 4: China Wholesale Websites Comparison

1. AliExpress or Alibaba- Which one is better?

In the above chapters, we talked about both Alibaba and AliExpress, highlighting the features they both have to offer. However, some of the users still get confused between the two. We are here to help you.

First of all, both Alibaba and AliExpress are the same and are owned by Alibaba Group. That means they have the same capabilities.

However, talking about the business model, they both are different. Alibaba is for wholesale buying whereas AliExpress is for retail buying.

That means, if you want to buy products for small business or personal use, then AliExpress is the option. If you are going for bulk quantities, then Alibaba will give you more competitive prices.

AliExpress or Alibaba- Which one is better

Along with that, AliExpress offers free shipping on some of the products. That is not the case with Alibaba.

Lastly, both of the sites offer drop shipping. The thing is you have to choose the platform according to the business. Some suppliers on Alibaba will not offer dropshipping and they accept a large order.

If you have a steady business, then go for Alibaba. Otherwise, AliExpress is the option for you.

So, there is no such thing as which one is better. All that depends on the type of business you are running.

2. Alibaba vs Banggood vs Made in China

These three websites have a lot in common, for example, the suppliers, the categories it has to offer, payment and shipping methods. However, there are some differences between the three.

First of all, the main difference is that Alibaba and Banggood have various kinds of suppliers. That is not the case with Made in China. That site only has Chinese suppliers.

Secondly, you can find any type of electronics on these mentioned sites. But, Banggood is the site that is mainly focused on electronics and men’s wear.
Talking about Made in China, it is known for auto parts, electronics, and heavy machinery.

Lastly, you can place the order in large quantities on Alibaba and Made in China. Banggood is only for small orders. Moreover, with Alibaba and Made in China, the customs product MOQ is higher than the Banggood.

Chapter 5: Frequently Asked Questions About China Wholesale Websites

FAQs about China Wholesale Market

1. Which wholesale website is cheaper than Alibaba?

If you are looking for a site that has cheaper rates than Alibaba, then is the best solution for you. The site offers highly competitive prices while giving the best quality.

2. Does Banggood offers trade assurance?

Banggood does not offer trade assurance like Alibaba or AliExpress. However, the site has its own secure payment transaction feature that will save you from any scams.

3. Which site is best for importing computer parts?

There are multiple sites in China wholesale websites that can offer computer parts. However, the best sites are

  • Made In China

4. Can you buy imported items from is a Chinese site where Chinese suppliers sell products and target the domestic market. You can find the local brands of China on this site. However, you cannot order imported items from


Chinese suppliers have gone towards online websites in order to sell their products to the rest of the world.

To cater to these suppliers, there are multiple sites on the internet. And, searching for the right site from those millions of websites can become a headache.

In this blog, EJET has compiled a detailed guide about what these sites are and how you can use these sites to get the product you desire.

We have added key details of each site so that you can understand how these sites work. For more information, contact us using email or by sending us a message.