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When it comes to sourcing the best leather dog collars, China is the first place to look for. The Chinese suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers have some of the best variety in the world. Moreover, they offer the best prices to the buyers. So, if you want the best quality with maximum options, this blog is going to help you out!

Apart from a list of suppliers and manufacturers, we are also going to include what makes a leather collar best for dogs. What are the qualities that you should look for and how can you go about doing business with Chinese suppliers when you are not in the country? So, read on to know more!

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Chapter 1: 9 Different Types of Leather Dog Collars to Choose From 

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Undoubtedly, dog owners know that leather is the best material to consider when it comes to buying a dog collar. Apart from leather, there are many other alternatives like chains and other fabrics, but leather is the most comfortable one.

Leather collars are lightweight, easy to clean, maintain and pliable. Moreover, it is a natural choice and can be designed in various sizes and styles. They can be customized to include a name tag also!

Following is a list of the top 9 types of leather dog collars that you can choose from. Being a buyer, the best idea is to source these wholesale from China. This will allow you to get the best prices along with the best options to choose from. The variety available in China is of high quality.

1) Rolled Leather Collars

rolled leather collar, different dog leather collars

These are the most common type of leather collars available for dogs. Generally, they are made from soft, natural leather that undergoes special treatment. These collars are perfect for canines that have long hair. This is because the hair does not get tangled in the leather and gives a smooth finish. If you want to include the best quality ones, these can be a little expensive. But, it is worth the cost.

2) Studded Leather Dog Collar

leather dog collars wholesale China

If you want to target dog owners that have larger breeds, remember to include studded leather dog collars in your e-store. You will see these collars on bigger dogs like German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. Always check the quality before you order in bulk.

The front side of the collar is made with 100% full-grain leather. However, the backside has padding on it to ensure there is no irritation or chance of choking.

As the name shows, the collar has many spiked and rivets on it. Hence, going along with the image of the bad boys a.k.a. the big dogs. Another advantage of the studded leather collar is that it prevents other canines from biting the neck of the dog wearing it in case there is a fight.

3) Wide Leather Collars

wide collar, pet collar, dog collar

Again, if you are targeting the bigger breeds, wide leather collars are a must-have. Wide leather collars don’t just look bigger, they are sturdier and stronger. Thus, the collar can help keep the canine in check and provide the right force to restrain them. Moreover, they are also good for canines that have longer necks.

4) Soft Leather Dog Collars

Made with genuine leather, a soft leather dog collar has internal padding all along the neck of the canine. This gives extra cushioning and comfort to the dollar. These collars are excellent when it comes to smaller breeds or dogs that have sensitive skin. The leather keeps the durability, integrity and longevity of the collar intact while the cushioning provides an extra layer of comfort for your dog.

5) Premium Leather Dog Collars

leather dog collars wholesale China

Made of original, 100% real leather, the premium leather dog collars are for people who don’t compromise on their dog’s looks and comfort. These are some of the most expensive dog collars one can buy for their dog. As the best quality leather is used, they are very soft on the neck of the canine and offer a level of comfort that no other collar has.

When it comes to premium leather dog collars, people have a misconception that they will be hard. On the contrary, they are very soft and give a buttery feeling to the skin. Refer to chapter 2 if you are looking for Chinese wholesale suppliers that have premium leather dog collars.

6) Tooled Leather Collars

tooled leather collar, leather dog collars

If you want to provide something different to the customers, you can opt for tooled leather collars. These are made with genuine leather but include a lasting, permanent design on them. Best of all, the design is all made by hand and is exclusive. Hence, you will hardly find two of the same kind in the market. This is what makes these collars a hit amongst dog owners. They have something unique and different for their canines! Sometimes, these collars are also painted to add a touch of color to them.

7) Personalized Leather Dog Collars

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Personalized leather collars are becoming more and more popular. These include the name of the dog like a name tag or a nameplate. Generally, information like the dog’s name, the name, address and phone number of the owner are all written on the nameplate. These collars have been seen to help many lost dogs find their home. In case the dog wanders off, the person who finds it can return it to the owner.

Secondly, it also makes the dog collar look unique. You can add anything you want as a customization. If you include customized/personalized dog leather collars, you charge a particular fee for providing that service.

8) Brass Studded Leather Dog Collar

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