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Wholesale dog beds – this is a word people were not aware of a couple of decades ago. Generally, dogs would sleep with their owners or in a corner of the room on the carpet. In 2014, we can see that the number of people who searched for “beds for dogs” was very little. Comparatively, in the past few years, the search for dog beds has increased manifold. This clearly shows that people are becoming more conscious about where their dogs sleep!

Thus, it is an excellent idea to jump on the bandwagon and start a wholesale dog bed business. And, what better place to source wholesale dog beds than China? In this blog, we will talk about the 20 best dog beds that you can import from China. Moreover, we will also talk about what qualities to look for in a dog bed and how you can shortlist the best one.

Chapter 1: 7 Reasons to Invest in the Wholesale Dogs Beds Business 

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Surprisingly, the pet furniture market is growing at a projected rate of 5.8% from 2022 to 2027. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no effect on the sales of pet furniture. In fact, the sales of pet furniture increased. There are many reasons for this. Let’s look at them in detail.

1) Dogs Make up the Majority of the Pets

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Dogs make up the majority of the population of pets in the world. According to an estimate in 2018, 470 million dogs are kept as pets whereas cats make it to second place with 370 million cats.  This shows how many dogs are kept as pets. Hence, the demand for dog products is the largest in the world.

2) Comfort for You and the Pup

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Nothing can compare to that cosy, warm and secure feeling you get when your fur baby sleeps and cuddles with you. But, that can’t work out every day. You and your fur-bay both need your space from each other. Moreover, sleeping with a smaller dog is easier. You might want the puppy to feel secure with you. However, this can lead to behavioural issues later on. Once the dog grows up, it might not be able to sleep without you which can become a problem!

Therefore, it is important to train the dog to sleep in its bed from the start. You can keep the bed anywhere you like. Having some personal space is just as crucial for the dog as it is for you.

3) Dog Beds Can Help Save your Furniture

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Pet owners understand that it takes a minute for a clean dog to get dirty. You face the other side and wham, you see small, dirty paws all over the place. Not only this, drool, shedding and other things can add to the mess. However much you love your dogs, you must admit that they are not the tidiest and cleanest creatures.

The dog should know where it is allowed and where it is not. Having a dedicated dog bed will make sure that you save the rest of the furniture. Imagine the horror you face when you come home to dirty paw marks all over your new bedsheet or shredding all over the bedroom floor.

4) Excellent for Providing Support to Dog Joints

 It does not matter whether your god is old or young, the dog’s body is not made like ours. They have different body structures, joint placement and body contours. Our beds are generally very hard. These hard surfaces can be dangerous for the dog’s body once they grow up. As a result, this can lead to discomfort which can lead to a sleepless night. If that continues, it can lead to behavioral issues.

This issue has been addressed and wholesalers are coming up with orthopedic beds. For elderly dogs, many people prefer to go for an orthopaedic dog bed which allows the dog to sleep in peace.

5) Proper Insulation

Undoubtedly, the floor is not the most comfortable place to sleep. During winter, it can get very cold even with central heating. Even in summer, sleeping on the floor is not comfortable at all. The only solution to this problem is to have a dedicated dog bed for your pet. Mostly, dog beds also come with cooling pads. These are high-end, but perfect for dogs that have thick coats.

6) Easy to Clean and Maintain

washing dog bed, clean dog bed

However much we love them, cleaning after dogs is not easy. They are messy and can get all over the place. With dedicated dog beds, it is very easy to clean and maintain. You can find dog beds that can be washed in the washing machine. If not, the covers are easily washable.

Remember: Customers always look for convenience along with a good price. If the dog bed you are providing is not easy to wash and maintain, there is a fat chance that the customer will go looking somewhere else for a better alternative.

Chapter 2: 20 Best Dog Beds to Import from China

Now that we have established that wholesale dog beds are a good business to look into, your job doesn’t end here. Rather, this is where you will require expert help like ours. The best place to source wholesale dog beds is China, no other questions asked! There are many reasons for this. Firstly, China provides high quality with low prices as compared to the rest of the world. Secondly, they have established logistics and supply chain networks with great production capacity to mass produce. Thirdly, Chinese manufacturers and suppliers also provide the option of customization. Lastly, they have a variety of different products you can choose from. They don’t refrain from innovation and new ideas.

If you are still confused about why you should source dog beds from China, you can talk to our Sourcing Representative. She is here to help you out with any queries you have regarding wholesale dog beds. Just book a free consultation with her today and talk to her! 


1) Donut Shaped Dog Beds

When it comes to comfort and luxury, a donut-shaped bed is best for smaller and medium-sized dogs. The reason is, these dogs love to sleep curled up. Firstly, smaller dogs feel more secure when they curl up. Secondly, curling up gives extra warmth and support to the body. This is the same reason why smaller children love to cuddle. It provides security to them and they know someone is nearby.

donut beds, best wholesale dog beds

The best thing about a donut-shaped bed is the room it provides. Depending on the size of the bed, a dog can sleep in any position it wants it. It can curl up or even lie down straight. Moreover, dog owners can keep their dog’s favorite toys and accessories in the bed with them.

Remember: Don’t source donut beds that are too soft. Yes, the interior does need to be a little soft. Keep a keen eye out for the type of bedding.

2) Squishmallow Dog Beds

Squishmallow, best dog bed

Squishmallow is a brand that makes different stuffed toys. Nowadays, due to an increase in demand, they have expanded their range to include pet beds and many other products. If you are targeting middle and upper-class pet owners, it is important to include Squishmallow dog beds in your e-shop. They provide that luxury, comfort, support and aesthetic beauty dog owners are looking for.

What makes these beds attractive is the cool designs and colors. For wholesale dog beds, Squishmallow will surely be a good idea. Dogs love them as they are available in their favorite characters and colors too.

China is the best place to source these wholesale Squishmallow dog beds from. To know more about sourcing these beds, you can read our blog on Squishmallow Pet Beds – Where do I Find Them to Buy Wholesale?

3) Orthopedic Dog Beds

orthropedic dog bed,

If a dog is suffering from arthritis or dysplasia, orthopaedic foam is required for them. That particular dog can’t sleep on a normal dog bed. Not only is that uncomfortable, but it can also be very dangerous for its health. For dog parents, the investment is a small one when it comes to the health of the dog. Hence, if you market your product properly and select the right target market, you can make loads from it.

An orthopaedic dog bed gives more support to the dog. A good memory foam provides the right support to the pressure points and reduces pain.

Remember: Health is one thing that dog owners don’t compromise on. So, when it comes to an orthopaedic bed, they will not be looking for lower costs but rather for high quality. NEVER try to provide lower costs than the ones prevailing in the market until you can match or provide higher quality.

4) Pillow Dog Beds

One of the most popular and commonly found types of dog beds is the pillow dog bed. These come in all shapes and sizes. Additionally, these beds are excellent for all types of dogs be they little, medium or larger ones. Mostly, these beds have removable covers which is a reason for their popularity.

5) Crate Mats  

crate mats, beds, dog beds, wholesale bed

Some dogs love to sleep on flat surfaces. Dogs that are adopted or sleep on flatter surfaces most of the time are not comfortable sleeping on beds. For these dogs, people prefer getting crate mats that are placed in crate beds. These give the feeling of a flat surface minus the hardness.

One reason that makes these popular is that these dog beds are dual-purpose. These can be used as simple play mats or to provide a soft spot to play. Moving them around is also very easy, hence making them portable and excellent to take along wherever you go. Sourcing these from China will help you get the best price with the best quality. Lastly, they are washable, durable and affordable! All in all, one of the best options to have for a dog!

6) Elevated Dog Beds

elevated beds, dog beds

Generally, when we talk about wholesale dog beds to import, we think about normal pillow beds. Seldom do we think of elevated dog beds. But, when we look closely, elevated dog beds are excellent spaces to sleep on. In the summer, elevation helps keep the dog cool. Most households have wall-to-wall carpeting. Humans don’t feel that warm, but with the thick coat of fur that dogs have, even a little temperature rise can cause them discomfort.

In places where summers are harsher, dog owners keep elevated beds on cooler surfaces like concrete and tile to provide that cooling effect. With ample air circulation, the dog remains cool in the summer.

Remember: Elevated beds are the first option for bigger dogs, older dogs and dogs with mobility issues. Getting up and down an elevated dog bed allows the legs to remain pressure-free. Therefore, your target market can be this segment of larger and older dogs too! You can specifically market your wholesale dog beds on this point too!

7) Double Bed for Dogs

double dog bed, wholesale dog bed

With the limited space in homes nowadays, double beds are making a comeback. For dog owners that have multiple dogs, providing dedicated spaces for each dog for sleeping can become difficult. In this situation, the best beds to opt for are double beds. This allows people to save space and fit multiple dogs in the space of one.

What makes double beds stand out from larger beds for multiple dogs is that they still provide an individual space for each dog. Not all dogs like to share beds. Having its own space provides a sense of security and comfort to the dog.

8) Large Beds for Multiple Dogs

large wholesale dog bed

On the other hand, to target people who have larger dogs or multiple dogs, you can keep large beds in your e-store. The only downside some people think is that they are difficult to move around because of their size. But still, many people buy these beds.

9) Chew Proof Beds

dog ruining wholesale dog bed, bad dog

Everyone knows a dog or two who loves to chew. Literally, it can chew through anything. For such chewers, the best dog beds are chew-proof beds. Some materials to look out for are reinforced materials. For instance, Kevlar, PVC, canvas and corduroy. The dogs can chew and chew on these and still it will not have any effect on the bed. After all, no one wants the dog bed to look like what has happened to the one in this picture, do they?

Several Chinese wholesale dog bed suppliers will claim that they are providing chew-proof beds. Remember to ask your sourcing agent to properly check and cross-check the material to ensure you get the right product. You don’t want to claim something and not be able to provide that to your customers.

10) Kennel Dog Beds

tent bed

Dogs live in kennels. Even house pets that sleep inside the house are kept in kennels most of the day. This keeps the house clean and hygienic and that is the natural environment in which dogs live. Kennel dog beds are newer on the market and mostly cater to smaller breeds of dogs. These beds are very soft, cosy and comfortable. Moreover, they look super cute and chic.

11) Mattress Beds

mattress beds, wholesale dog beds

Just like the pillow dog beds, mattress dog beds are very common too. This is because of the convenience and simplicity they offer. These are good for lying straight on the floor without providing anything fancy. As these beds are on the simpler side, there is less risk involved in starting your business with these.

We always suggest starting your wholesale dog bed business with mattress beds if you want to play safe. The target market is huge as dog owners who are not keen on spending too much on beds can buy a couple of these in the long run. Secondly, you can source these dog beds at very affordable prices from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers and sell them for a margin. There is very little that can go wrong!

12) Box Dog Beds

Box beds are not closed like a box, rather they are open from one side. This allows the dogs to easily get in bed and come out of it without any hassle. These beds are simple and comfortable for the pups.

13) Curtain Dog Beds

curtain wholesale dog bed

When it comes to pampering their dogs, dog parents leave no stone unturned. If you want to make it big in the wholesale dog beds market and enter with style, go for curtain dog beds. There is a large segment of dog owners who treat their dogs just like family members. Surprisingly, young couples are even delaying having their babies so that they can keep giving proper attention to their dogs.

Hence, this market segment does not look at the price tag while making a purchase. For these people, buying luxurious beds is normal. So, if you want to target this segment, go for luxurious curtain dog beds.

14) LED Doggy Beds

LED beds, wholesale dog bed

Are you one of those entrepreneurs that want to provide something different to the market? Do you want to stand out from the competitors and make a name? If yes, LED or light-up doggy beds are the ones to include in your store. These beds are simple but elegant and cool. As you can see from the picture, they light up at night. Best of all, they are not very expensive as LED lighting is not a big investment.

15) Hard Beds for Dogs

A mistake that wholesale dog bed importers make is to look for soft and fluffy beds. This is a big NO when it comes to dog beds. Dogs are not meant to sleep on very soft surfaces. They need hard surfaces that can provide the proper support to their body. So, it is important to check that the bed has the right hardness for the canine.

16) Outdoor Dog Beds

outdoor beds, wholesale pet bed, dog bed wholesale

Some people like keeping their dogs outdoors. There is no harm in this either. For dog owners that prefer outdoor dog beds, none of the above 15 ones will be practical. In fact, canopy dog beds are excellent for any type of regular weather. In extreme weather, the canopy dog beds can easily be moved inside to protect the dogs from cold or heat.

17) Dog Tents

tents, dog bed, wholesale dog bed

People who keep dogs love to take them along with them on camping trips and trips downtown. Not everyone you visit is happy to keep a dog inside or allow it to roam around the premises. This is where dog tents come in handy. They are practical as you can keep them in the car trunk and take them out only when required. Secondly, they can easily be placed in the backyard of a house. Thirdly, on those camping trips, you can keep the canine secure by zipping up the tent.

18) Kennels

Even with the many different options available in the market, some people love the old-styled kennels for dogs. You can include kennels with soft mattresses for these people.

19) Modern Dog Beds

modern beds, pet beds, dog beds, wholesale dog beds

Nowadays, pet owners look for quality, price and minimalism. Not everyone likes fancy beds and the furniture and households are mostly becoming minimalistic. Therefore, pet owners like to have simple but modern dog beds for their canines. Therefore, it is a good idea to include simple yet modern designs like the ones in the picture above.

20) Water Proof Dog Beds

Waterproof dog beds are a life-saver when it comes to dogs drooling or playing around with water. With waterproof beds, there are no droll marks on the bed and that makes it look clean and tidy all the time. No one can wash the dog bed after every use. Therefore, it is a good idea to include waterproof beds or dog mattresses for the customers.

If you are still unsure and can’t decide on which dog bed to source from China, you can talk to our Sourcing Representative. She is here to help you out with everything. So, book a free consultation today and let her guide you in buying one of the 20 best dog beds from China. 


Chapter 3: 6 Qualities to Look for in a Dog Bed 

In chapter 2, we have talked about the top 20 dog beds you can find in the market. You can include one or more of these in your e-store while starting your wholesale dog bed business. But, there is a chance you don’t find the right dog bed for you. In this case, you should know what makes a dog bed good. Once you know what to look for in a dog bed, you will be able to source the best one easily.

When it comes to dog beds, 6 major qualities make a dog bed good for use. Keep in mind these and you can source a dog bed anytime.

1) Size of the Dog

dogs, majority pets

Undoubtedly, the first thing to keep in mind while sourcing a dog bed is the size of the dog. If you are a seller, you can’t cater to all sizes of dogs with one bed. Some dogs are big, some are small while some are heavy and some are light. The size of the dog will play a major role in determining what dog bed you buy. The kennel beds included in Chapter 2 are excellent for smaller and lighter dogs. But, for medium size and large dogs, they are not practical at all.

Similarly, the large beds are good for medium and larger dogs. But, not practical for smaller dogs. Small dogs can feel very uncomfortable in big beds where there is too much space to move around. It can be cold and insecure for them.

Remember: A good tip for consumers is to measure the dog’s size from the head to the tip of the tail and add 5 inches to it. This will give you the exact size of the bed. For dog bed sellers, it can give you a rough estimate of which bed is good for which sized dog.

2) Bed Design

Every dog has a different sleeping position as compared to the rest. Generalizing that bigger dogs sleep like this or smaller like this is not possible. Hence, it is important to keep in mind how a dog sleeps before purchasing a dog bed. If your dog loves to curl up and sleep, go for round or donut-shaped beds. These are structured such that the dogs can easily curl up and sleep cosily. If the dog likes having its space while sleeping and sprawling out, a rectangular or box bed is a good idea.

3) Dog Bed Filling

Check the filling of the dog bed. As mentioned earlier, very soft dog beds are not good. It is important to have a little support for the dog’s body. Good bed fillers to look out for are foal, poly fiberfill and polyfill. Remember, dogs that don’t need a lot of support can use these beds. On the contrary, if a dog is facing some health issues, it is important to go for memory foam or orthopedic dog beds.

Even though guerilla memory foams and high-density orthopedic foams are expensive, people don’t hesitate in spending on them. As for them, the health of the dog is not something that they can compromise on.

4) Dog Bed Material

dog beds

The material the dog bed is made up of plays a major role in its durability and longevity of the bed. You need to pick the right material keeping in mind where the dog bed will be placed. If you are focusing on outdoor dog beds, being waterproof is a must. Secondly, going for a roof or canopy will also be a good idea. For indoor beds, you can opt for softer materials. Moreover, it does not need to be waterproof too.

Remember: Whatever material you opt for, try to ensure that the bed or dog bed cover is washable. No one likes scrubbing the covers for hours to get the stains, hair and the smell out of it. Machine washable covers make particular dog beds more popular.

Check that the materials are not toxic or dangerous for the dogs. If you source low-quality wholesale dog beds, it can cause different skin problems and allergies for the dog. Furthermore, these problems can also be life-threatening. So, never compromise on the quality of the dog beds you are importing from China.

5) Accessories

Everyone loves an accessory or two. Providing something extra to the customers is always a great idea. If your target market lies in extreme weather areas, include extra cushioning or mattresses that allow air to flow through them. Some competitors are already providing wholesale dog beds that come with a cooling gel to keep the dogs cool in the summer.

Regardless of price tags, people don’t hesitate in appreciating these add-ons for their pets. At times, these are not luxuries, but necessities. For instance, absorbent pads are good for dogs that have a wetting problem. These can be dogs that have not been trained yet, or those that face some health issues. Having absorbent pads help keep the canine dry throughout the night and the rest of the bed clean.

6) Washability

washing beds

Imagine how boring it will be if you invest money in buying a dog bed and end up washing it after every few days. Cleaning a dog bed cover with hands is not easy. Neither can you get the stink out nor can you wash the bed as it washes in the washing machine. Secondly, people prefer convenience over a slash in prices. So, having a washable dog bed is the best you can give to the customers.

Chapter 4: 3 Reasons Why it is Important to Have a Good Dog Bed 

Why should you import from China

Lastly, the question to answer is whether dog beds are necessary. Honestly, it is very important to have a dog pet because of the following 3 reasons.

1) A Good Night’s Sleep Ensures Better Health

Generally, it is assumed that when a dog sleeps in the owner’s bed, it is beneficial for both. This is a misconception. According to studies, having a dog sleep in your bed can have adverse effects on your health. Therefore, it is important to have a separate sleeping space for the dogs for your health and the dogs.

2) Provides a Sense of Security and Individuality

Dogs are very sensitive animals. Even though a dog is very loyal and loving, it requires its personal space. Having an individual bed provides them with a sense of security and comfort. At the end of the day, the dog knows that the bed is where it can go and sleep alone.

3) Protect the Dog’s Spine

We don’t realize that human beds are not made for dogs. The spine of the dog is very different from ours. Hence, it is important to have the right bed for your dog if you want to protect its spine.

Chapter 5: FAQs Regarding the Best Wholesale Dog Beds 


1) What are Some of the Benefits of Having a Good Dog Bed?

When it comes to dog beds, there are many benefits both for the dog and dog owners. Firstly, these beds are specially designed keeping in mind the body structure, weight and preference of the dogs. Secondly, the dogs understand the concept of personal space through their beds. Thirdly, having a proper bed can save the dogs from various injuries. Lastly, you can save your furniture by having a dedicated dog bed for your canine.

2) From Where Can You Source the Best Wholesale Dog Beds From?

Hands down, China is the best country to source wholesale dog beds for your business. The reason is that Chinese suppliers and manufacturers provide high quality at affordable prices. Moreover, buyers worldwide are already sourcing dog beds from China.

3) Are Dogs Comfortable in Smaller or Bigger Beds?

The answer to this question can vary from dog to dog. Generally, dogs are not comfortable with smaller beds as they can cause suffocation and don’t leave room to move around. Dogs prefer beds that give them space to move if they want. For cuddlers, big beds are okay as they can always cuddle up when they like.

4) What is the Coolest Material that a Dog Bed Can be Made of?

Dog beds are made up of different materials. For instance, PVC, corduroy, cotton, silk etc. The coolest material that dog beds are made of is cotton. But, you need to ensure that the cotton you use is refined and has extra covering on it. If you go for light-quality cotton, the dog will chew easily through it and you can end up with cotton all over the house.

5) How Can I Ensure That I Don’t Get Scammed by Chinese Wholesalers?

To ensure that you don’t end up getting scammed by Chinese wholesalers even after you do your research, you should hire a Sourcing agent like Ejet Sourcing. Sourcing Agents/Companies are professionals who are in the field for many years. They have a lot of experience and know several Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. Moreover, they are physically present in China and can do different quality checks. Consequently, you will be sure that you are dealing with the best!


This blog covers in detail all you need to know about the best 20 dog beds to import from China. The list is enough if you are looking to make a purchase right away. If not, you can refer to chapters 3 and 4 to understand what makes a dog bed good.

If you are looking to source from the best Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, you can always message us at Ejet Sourcing. We are here to help and can help you with all your sourcing needs and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s connect today!