Worried about the quality of products purchased without firsthand experience? Tired of communicating with overseas suppliers only by emails and calls? Eager to know more about the latest industry news? Come to the Canton Fair in China!

As a practitioner committed to international trade, I’m sure you have heard of the Canton fair, which is held every spring and autumn in Guangzhou, China. Why the Canton Fair can be regarded as China’s No.1 trade fair? Why it is a must-attend event for both sellers and buyers? Below, 5 reasons will be given and through this blog, you will deeply realize the importance of coming to Guangzhou for Canton Fair.

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1. Authority Guarantee – highest level fair

Canton Fair is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and undertaken by China Foreign Trade Center. At the opening ceremony of the 120th Canton fair in October 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang gave instructions.

Due to the authority of Canton Fair, the approvals of applications for exhibitors and buyers are very strict, which greatly ensure the safety of all the trade activities during the exhibition. You can meet with 48 trading delegations, which are composed of more than 20,000 of China’s best foreign trade enterprises with good credibility and sound financial capabilities.

2. The largest scale fair in China with the most complete exhibit varieties

Taking the 126th Canton Fair held in autumn of 2019 as an example, there were 60,676 booths and the total exhibition area reached 1,185,000 square meters. The ranges of products on display included almost everything you can imagine, which were electronics & household electrical appliances, lighting equipment, vehicles & spare parts machinery, hardware & tools, textiles & garments, etc. 25,000 export exhibitors and 642 import exhibitors from 214 countries and regions came to Canton Fair. Therefore, you can find all the ideal products you want at the fair.

If you’re starting a business or looking for new opportunities, come to the Canton Fair! Whether it’s food, clothes, heavy machinery, cosmetics, furniture, or anything else, you’ll find something you can do business with.

3. At the forefront: Newest & hottest products

There are new product launch events in every field in the exhibition. Through them, you can know about the latest products and newest technology in your industry, and if you take the lead, you have a good chance of making huge profits.

In addition, during the Canton Fair, forums and seminars of various fields will be held regularly. Representatives from all industries will be invited to jointly interpret the trends and countermeasures, and provide authoritative foresight and feasible suggestions.

As a buyer, attending these meetings is helpful in gaining the latest industry information and to guide your purchasing.

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4. Test products personally

If you have not tested a product by yourself, whether there is quite detailed introduction or not, it is difficult to make a buying decision. It’s never been easier to test a product face to face.

Canton Fair is the china top fair in terms of exhibition scale, hardware facilities, and exhibition service. Since the 105th session, enterprises and brands shows are displayed on the central platform of the exhibition hall where it is spacious enough to accomodate large number of visitors. In the shows, you can experience the product so that you can feel its quality, craft and function. if you have any question about products, you can directly consult the sellers, which will help you figure out the products and improve your purchasing efficiency.

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5. Meet the direct manufacturers

There are a large amount of exhibitors in the same industry at the Canton Fair, so you can shop around to find the most cost-effective products to purchase. Secondly, we all know that attending an exhibition is very expensive and time consuming. If you’re a detail-oriented buyer, you can infer a lot from how often suppliers show up, the size of their booths, the quality of their staffs and so on. In addition, you can have direct face-to-face communication with the supplier, which helps you to know about your supplier more comprehensively and deeply. At this point, the trust between you will increase rapidly, so you can even find a long-term through just one attendance of Canton Fair.

Beside, when you decide to come to China for the Canton Fair, you must not miss this great opportunity to visit suppliers and their factories. For example, in Guangdong Province, there are numerous factories in furniture, lighting, shoes, textiles, jewellry, electronics and other industries. Through site visit, you can gain much information of the suppliers from the size of the factory, the quality of the workers, manufacturing craft, machinery and equipment.

Of course, you can turn to us for any kind of help. With over twelve years of sourcing experience and excellent translation skills, we have unique skills in communicating with suppliers and we will do our best to ensure that you find a satisfactory supplier.

There is no doubt that the ultimate goals of sellers are to sell their products and make profits. Up to the 126th session, the accumulated export volume has amounted to about USD 1.3834 trillion, which means that numerous buyers have bought satisfactory products and found reliable suppliers through the Canton Fair. Therefore, as a buyer, the Canton Fair is a grand event not to miss. Don’t hesitate, and come to Guangdong, China!

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