As China’s No.1 trade fair, the China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair.

The fair is a comprehensive international trading event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit categories, the largest buyer attendances, the broadest distributions of buyers’ countries and the greatest business turnover with the total export volume of 1412.6 billion dollars.

I am sure that you are already interested in this grant fair now, however, you are probably not familiar with the process of applying and visiting canton fair.

Now, let me show you how to apply for attending Canton Fair by 5 steps.

After reading this blog, if you still have questions, please feel free to consult us. We will provide you with the most professional and exclusive services to ensure your successful application for the Canton fair!

Chapter 1: Attending Canton Fair For Buyers

Up to the Canton Fair 2019, the accumulated export volume is about USD 1.3834 trillion and the total number of overseas buyers has reached 8.80 million.

This means a large number of buyers have found their satisfying products and suppliers through the Canton Fair. Want to be one of those lucky guys? Follow the N steps below, start your procurement in China right now!

Step1. Canton Fair Pre-apply buyer badge

Canton Fair Pre-apply buyer badge

First of all, register a new account on Buyer E-service Tool. Buyer E-service Tool (BEST) is a paperless multi-function free online service platform specially provided by Canton Fair for overseas buyers.

You need to complete the form to register for an official invitation letter and pre-register for your buyer’s badge.

In the form, you should provide account information, such as your name, country and region, passport number and email. Then you need to set a password and verify your email address.

Please pay attention, the name cannot be changed after registration. In order to successfully obtain the invitation letter for the visa and entry Card of the Fair, fill in the name on the personal identity document submitted. As a new buyer, you can even enjoy the Canton Fair services for free!

Step2. Canton Fair Get an invitation

The invitation letter of the Canton Fair is an important proof for overseas buyers to apply for visas to China, handle the check-in procedures and have free access to the fair as well.

a. Buyer E-service Tool

As a newcomer for Canton Fair, after you register a new account on BEST, you can apply for an invitation.

If you have already been to the fair before, you can log in with your username and password directly to get an invitation.

In addition, old buyers can send the recommendation letter to the new buyers through BEST, and the old buyers who take an active part in this activity will get rich prizes.

b. Canton Fair Call Centre, China Foreign Trade Centre

c. the Economic & Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Embassy of P.R. China in your region

d. Canton Fair Hong Kong Representative Office

e. The Chinese foreign trade corporations (enterprises) with whom you are business-related

f. By contacting overseas cooperative organizations of China Foreign Trade Centre

Step3. Apply for visa to Visit Canton Fair

You shall go to the Embassy or Consulate General of P.R.China to handle the entry visa formalities for China by presenting the invitation letter of the Canton Fair (the paper invitation or electronic invitation should indicate your name, nationality, company name and address). The details are as follows:

a. You are advised to apply for a visa to China in your own country or place of habitual residence before coming to China.

b. If there is no time for you to apply for a visa in Chinese overseas institutions and you enter China from Guangzhou port, you can apply for a port visa to Guangzhou port visa authorities.

During the Canton Fair, if you want to return to Guangzhou after leaving China, you can contact the Division of Aliens and Exit-Entry Administration of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau (Add: No.155 Jie Fang Nan Road, Guangzhou).

c. You may also entrust the visa application to China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Ltd. (Appointed Travel Agent of the Canton Fair), whose telephone is 852-2853 9113 and e-mail is

Step4. Canton Fair buyer card

First of all, you need to recognize that the Buyer Card is the only official admission for attending Canton Fair.

If you have got a Buyer Card, it is valid for multiple sessions of the Fair, which ensures your entrance to the fair directly and saves your time with an easy access.

If you forget to bring or lose it, re-application will cost you 200 RMB/card as service fee and the previous card will be invalid after re-application.

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A. How to register

Generally speaking, the peak time of registration is 9:30-12:00 am on April 15, April 23, May 1 (spring), October 15, October 23 and November 1 (fall). In order to save your time waiting in line, I will recommend three ways for you to register:

a. The best choice to get your First Free Buyer Card: Please pre-apply for the Buyer Card via Pre-apply Buyer Badge on Buyer E-service Tool before getting your card at the Overseas Buyers’ Registration Offices

b. Get your Buyer Card at appointed hotels in Guangzhou and nearby area.

c. Get your Buyer Card at Canton Fair Hong Kong Representative Office.

B. Where and when to register

a. Overseas Buyers’ Registration Offices in China Import and Export Fair Complex

Three Overseas Buyers’ Registration Offices set up in China Import and Export Fair Complex: west side of A zone, east side of B zone and 1F, Hall16 of C zone. Canton Fair is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn and every session is separated into 3 phases.

Phase I

Apr./Oct. 14, 10:30-18:00
Apr./Oct. 15-18, 8:30-18:00
Apr./Oct. 19, 8:30-16:00

Phase II

Apr./Oct. 23-26, 8:30-18:00
Apr./Oct. 27, 8:30-16:00

Phase III

In Spring: May 1-4, 8:30-18:00, May 5, 8:30-14:00
In Autumn: Oct. 31-Nov.3, 8:30-18:00, Nov. 4, 8:30-14:00

b. Overseas Buyers’ Registration Office in appointed hotels

Apply for Canton Fair

Phase I Apr. /Oct.14-17, 8:30-18:00

Phase II Apr. /Oct.22-24, 8:30-18:00

Phase III In Spring: Apr. 30-May 1, 8:30-18:00; May 2, 8:30-14:00

In Autumn: Oct. 30-31, 8:30-18:00; Nov.1, 8:30-14:00

c. Canton Fair Hong Kong Representative Office(

Address: Room 3106-3107, Office Tower, Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: 10am to 12:30pm & 2pm to 5pm on Monday to Friday; Closed on Saturday, Sunday and in Hong Kong Public Holidays

Tel: (852) 2877 1318


C. The brief flow chart of Overseas Buyers’ Registration Centers in the Fair Complex

D. Registration notice

Remember to take relevant certificates and materials with you when you register. Please refer to the form below for specific requirements.

Apply for Canton Fair


a. Valid overseas identity documents of individuals include: Passport, Hong Kong/Macao home-return permit, Taiwan compatriots travel certificate, Valid Chinese passport for overseas Chinese or an original Chinese passport with valid overseas work visa of more than one year.

b. The size of your recent ID photo is 5cm×4cm.

Step5. Enter the fair with the buyer card!

After getting your exclusive Buyer Card, you can enter the fair directly by swiping Buyer Card that allows you for attending canton fair.

The location of Canton Fair is at No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China). Remember to take good care of your Buyer Card, because it is not disposable and it can be used many times.

If you plan to attend the Canton fair in the future, you can use it directly into the venue. Hope you enjoy your visit to the Canton Fair and obtain satisfactory products!

Chapter 2: Attending Canton Fair For Sellers

Step1. Confirm details for application

A. Confirm your qualifications

All overseas enterprises that meet the requirements of Participation Provisions can apply for the exhibition.

The Canton Fair will follow the principle of giving priority to the counterpart of professional products, energy conservation and environmental protection products, high-tech products, industry-leading enterprises, regional enterprises with large trade deficit, and specially equipped booths.

a.Exhibitors should be the ones legally registered over 3 years (including 3 years) by eligible law in any country or region other than mainland China. You should provide a copy of the company registration certificate (stamped with the company seal) or other valid documents.

b.Exhibits should fall into “The Exhibits Category (International Pavilion) of China Import and Export Fair”.

c.Exhibits should be produced in any country or region other than mainland China and the copy of certificate of origin should be submitted.

B. Confirm exhibition time

Each session of Canton Fair will be divided into three phases. The time of each phase and the categories of products are listed below

Phase I  Apr./Oct. 15-19

Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Equipment, Vehicles & Spare Parts, Machinery, Hardware & Tools, Building Materials, Chemical Products, Energy Resources, International Pavilion

Phase II Apr./Oct. 23-27

Consumer Goods, Gifts, Home Decorations

Phase III May 1-4 and Oct. 31-Nov.3

Textiles & Garments, Shoes, Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, Recreation Products, Medicines, Medical Devices and Health Products, Food, International Pavilion

Step2. Inquiry & booth application

A. Inquiry

Contact with organizer online. The website is and you should fill in the form with your company name, contact, email, tel, industry, product, website, country/region, booth required, exhibition time and other messages.

B. Online registration and booth application

Log in Easy-Exhibitor System (new enterprise needs to register an account), fill in the company information, and apply for the booth.

You need to download and print the application form and the terms and conditions of the exhibition. After signing and stamping, send the scanned version and the business registration of your company and the certificate of origin (English version is preferred) of the main exhibits to the email address of the relevant person in charge of the organizer.

Apply for Canton Fair

Step3. Payment & apply for documents, invitation letter and visa

After the submission is approved by the organizer, the organizer will issue a payment notice.

You need to pay within 5 working days from your account in the name of the participating company as required in the payment notice. Only after the organizer receives the payment, you can be confirmed to attend the exhibition.

Then, you need to log in Easy-Exhibitor System to improve company information, product information, booth application information and any other information.

You can also apply for invitation letters and certificates online through this system (3 exhibitor certificates for each 9-square-meter booth).

After getting the invitation, you can apply for visa. You shall go to the the Embassy or Consulate General of P.R.China to handle the entry visa formalities for China by presenting the invitation letter of the Canton fair (the paper invitation or electronic invitation should indicate your name, nationality, company name and address).

Step4. Preparation for your booth

You need to prepare the goods transportation. Besides, if your booth is a clearing, you should contact with exhibition construction company who has passed special decoration exhibition qualification certification of Canton Fair and determine the booth design scheme.

Step5. Get documents & attend exhibitions

After getting your documents, you can enter the fair. You need to set up your booth ahead of time to make sure the buyer sees your product at its best. Hope you enjoy your exhibition at the Canton Fair and have a successful transaction!


I believe you already have a certain understanding of the process of applying for and visit Canton Fair. You only need to follow the above five steps step by step, you can successfully participate in the fair.

If you still have any questions, welcome to consult us at EJET Sourcing. We are ready to provide you with the most professional, enthusiastic, and patient help, to assist you to complete the application process and achieve your successful business trip to the Canton Fair!