Are you a new businessman? looking for sourcing products from China?

Do you want to find the best sourcing agent in China to help you make your business successful?

Many people are discovering that sourcing agents may be the best way to get products and services in China.

For example, if you are looking for a manufacturer or factory in China, a sourcing agent will help you find them.

They will often handle all of the logistics involved with finding factories and they can even get transportation arranged.

This article has a list of the best 60 sourcing agents in China that US companies or worldwide should consider using to find vendors for their online business or for products that need making locally.

Table of Contents

 What is the China Sourcing Agent?

60 Best Sourcing Agent in China

Why Should You Use A China Sourcing Agency?

How EJET the Best Sourcing Agent in China will help you import from China

How to Find the best Sourcing Agent?

How to Avoid Fake sourcing agents in China

Pros and Cons of a sourcing agent in China

FAQs about China Sourcing Agents

What is a Sourcing Agent?

sourcing agent in china

Sourcing Agents in China are highly ranked sourcing companies that offer their services to people who want to source products from China.

They help their customers to find the best possible suppliers for their products, with the most qualified people on hand to help.

In this chapter, we will connect you with the leading sourcing agents, who can help your business get the best possible price for its products.

As a sourcing agent in China, EJET offers competitive sourcing services to our customers. we offer consulting, sourcing and selection services to our clients and other services, you only need to contact us for more details.

Our sourcing team ensure that they have sourced the best possible suppliers for their customers and made all the arrangements to get your products in the quickest possible time.

With an extensive network of Chinese sourcing agents, EJET has the ability to provide the best possible sourcing options for its customers.

We have a large database of Chinese suppliers who can offer you the best possible deals to meet your needs and standards.

EJET will handles the entire process of finding the best possible suppliers for your business.

We will also check the quality of the suppliers and have a thorough understanding of your products so that we can get your products in the quickest possible time and  help to build a stable relationship with you and other clients.

60 Best Sourcing Agent in China

best 60 sourcing agent in china

Company Name Services Location
EJET Sourcing Product Sourcing

Supplier Management

New Product Development

Product Branding

On Ground Sourcing

Quality Control

Amazon FBA Prep Service

Warehousing & Consolidation

Shipping & Distribution

Yiwu, Gunagzhou China
Leelinesourcing Product Sourcing

Quality Control

Amazon FBA



Wuhan, China
Jingsourcing Sourcing

Quality Inspection


Yiwu China
Supplyia product sourcing

quality Expert inspection

warehouse storage

product photography

customized services


Yiwu China
Amanda Yiwu Market Sourcing Services
Yiwu Market Research Report
OEM Manufacturing Services
Wholesale Online
Onsite Inspection Services
Taobao Agent Services
China Virtual Office
China Website Design
Yiwu, Shenzhen China
Tony Sourcing Various Toys Import

Single Toys Sourcing

Yiwu Toys Agent

Shantou Toys Agent

Toys Sell On Amazon

Yiwu China
sky larkline Product Sourcing
OEM Services
Quality control
Ecommerce Suppliers
Warehouse service
Market guide
Yiwu China
hunter sourcing Sourcing And Procurement

China Market Research

China Marketing

Data Analytics

Yiwu China
China Purchasing Agent Products Sourcing

FBA Services



Shenzhen China
Sourcing Bro Sourcing and purchase

Store your inventory

Ship order on time

Track your parcel

Shenzhen China
b2c sourcing Product Sourcing

Supplier Audit

Samples Forwarding

Samples Evaluation

Product Photography

FBA Prep

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Freight Forwarding

Ningbo, China
Iris international Supplier Sourcing

Product Development

Quality Control

Shipment Control

Hong Kong, China
Foshan sourcing Consultancy

Supplier Sourcing

Brand Building

Product Development

Quality Control


Shipment Control

Foshan, China
Dragon sourcing Procurement Intelligence

Procurement Outsourcing


Worldwide Offices
Imex sourcing Sourcing

Quality Control


Guangzhou &HongKong China
Qaizen group Supplier management

Market intelligence

Strategic sourcing

Shanghai, China
Golden shiny Market Guide

Order Tracking

Quality Control

Warehouse Facility

Container Loading

Customs Declaration


Yiwu China
Source in China Sourcing

Quality Control


Dongguan, China
Giolong OEM-ODM

Innovations showcase



Shanghai &Montreal, Canada
Arcadia Sourcing Sourcing

Quality Control


Hong Kong, China
China performance group China Sourcing Solution
Direct Buying From China
Product Development
Research Services
Quality Assurance
The Inside Team
Travel Assistance
New Jersey & Beijing, China
js-sourcing Sourcing

Audit & Inspection

Shipping / Freight

Shanghai, China
dtl-sourcing Purchasing

Supplier Management

Custom Manufacturing

Inspection/ Quality Control


Hong Kong, China
Fba china sourcing Supplier Research, Product Ideas & Selection
Sample Ordering
Quality Control
Amazon FBA
Hong Kong, China
maplesourcing Product Sourcing

Order Monitoring

Manufacturing Control

Quality Inspection

Shenzhen, China
Match sourcing Supplier Sourcing

Quality Inspection

Warehouse & Storage


Product Photography

Amazon FBA Prep


Fuzhou, China
china2west Supply chain management

Quality control services

Assembly & OEM Manufacturing

Product development

3PL Services in the US

3PL Services in China

China & US, UK
nicobargroup China Sourcing services Shanghai, China



Guangzhou, China
Biz shenzhen Supply chain management

Quality control services



India & Shanghai, China
Meeno Group Free Sourcing

Factory Audits

Factory & Market Guide

Manage Orders

Logistic Forwarder

Yiwu China



Hong Kong, China




Shanghai, China
linc sourcing Sourcing

Quality Control


Europe and China
easyimex Sourcing

Quality Control


Uk and China
mportdojo Supply chain management

Quality control services



Hong Kong, China
riwick Sourcing

Audit inspection

Ensure quality


Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Ancochina Quality Assurance

Sourcing Agents

Supply Chain

Us and China
Casino global sourcing China Sourcing services Hong Kong, China
Chick sourcing Sourcing Service

Purchasing Service

Quality Control

Sample Arrangement

Supplier Verification

Shenzhen China
Chinese-manufacturer Sourcing

Quality Control


China, Australia, UK
china division Order Fulfillment

Crowdfunding Projects

Amazon Order Fulfillment


Shenzhen China
penglight Sourcing

Quality Control


Shenzhen China
China direct sourcing Product Sourcing

Direct Purchasing

Custom Manufacturing

Supplier Management

Inspection Services

China import agents Inspection Services India
E-heng Sourcing

Quality Control


China importal Sourcing

Quality Control


Best china products Supply chain management

Quality control services



Bansar china Shipment Services Suzhou China
Sourcing arts Purchasing Consulting

Supplier Audit

One-stop Sourcing

Shenzhen China
guided imports Purchasing Consulting

Supplier Audit

Shipment Services

Suzhou China
freightos Shipment Services Suzhou China
nichedropshipping Dropshipping servcies Suzhou China
sourcingallies Sourcing

Quality Control


Suzhou China
China brands Product Sourcing

Direct Purchasing

Custom Manufacturing

Supplier Management

Inspection Services


Suzhou China
best chinese products Product Sourcing Suzhou China
justchinait Product Sourcing

Inspection Services

Suzhou China
Yiwu-market-guide Product Sourcing Suzhou China

Why Should You Use A China Sourcing Agency

There are many benefits to sourcing your products from China. With the economy being stronger and stronger, there is a higher demand for goods to be made in China.

Plus, there is also a huge supply of factories which means that you will have a variety of options to choose from that all make quality products.

To meet this demand, many companies are turning to China sourcing agencies.

A China sourcing agency will allow you to buy products at low rates and with fast shipping.

If you are not already sourcing your products through one, it’s time to consider it!

They’ll be able to help you find the right manufacturers who can meet all of your quality standards and budget needs.

If you aren’t sure where to start, look no further than our website, the first of its kind.

How Sourcing Agent in China will help you import from China

Importing from China is becoming more popular and more companies are choosing it to import their goods.

However, the process can be difficult and time-consuming. Sourcing Agent in China helps small or medium-size companies import from China and increase their profits, time to market, and quality control.

A sourcing agent in China is an essential part of your success. A sourcing agent can help you find factories, distributors and more suppliers to grow your business with less time and cost.

Also aid you in finding the best supplier for your needs so that you won’t have to worry about quality, price, or logistics.

There are many benefits to using a sourcing agent. These include reducing your risk of being taken advantage of by suppliers, as well as getting a little peace of mind in case your own supply chain doesn’t work out.

How to Find the best Sourcing Agent?

The first step to finding a sourcing agent is identifying what you need.

Whether it’s a product that your company will be manufacturing or a new service, there are many different aspects that need to be considered before the decision can be made.

Once you have a clear idea of what you need, your next step is finding the best agent for your business.

How to Avoid Fake sourcing agents in China

Many companies are feeling the struggle of trying to source from China, but not all sourcing agents in China are created equal.

Fake sourcing agents can be seen on sites like Alibaba or eBay and they charge significantly less than reputable sources because they don’t have the overhead costs.

The scammers will use the suppliers’ information and even sell their own designs as your own so that you’ll sign a long-term contract with them.

To avoid fake sourcing agents in China, it is crucial to work with well-known companies that people can trust.

Also make sure you ask for references before working with a supplier. If a reference is not provided, it is likely that the company is running a scam.

There are many factors to consider when finding a supplier for your product and sourcing agent.

You should be aware of how much money you need to spend on the sourcing agent, how close the company is located to your factory, and the experience of the sourcing agent.

Pro And Cons of a sourcing agent in China

More and more companies are looking to outsourcing their manufacturing in order to cut costs. This can be a very beneficial option, but it also comes with some risks.

One of the biggest risks is choosing the wrong sourcing agent, which could result in delays, quality issues, or even a product recall.

When you’re considering hiring a sourcing agent in China there are some important factors to consider such as experience level, reputation, time zones, and language skills.

A sourcing agent in China is the perfect solution for companies that need to get their products manufactured with just a few days of notice.

There are many benefits of using a sourcing agent in China but there are also cons to using one. A sourcing agent in China can provide more savings and shorter delivery & production times by reducing overhead costs

Agents make sure that your product is made to specifications and can help source different materials at an affordable price.

Some agents will even cover the cost of assembly needed after manufacturing, so you won’t have to worry about any upfront costs.

However, there are also many drawbacks to using these agents. Manufacturers will often have difficulty controlling quality because they cannot oversee the process.

Agents usually carry large inventories so they might not be able prove to be as flexible as some would hope.

FAQs about China Sourcing Agents

FAQs a

1. What to Require From Sourcing Agent in China?

There are many considerations to make before choosing a sourcing agent in China. But there are some requirements that you should know as well.

For example, they need to be able to negotiate with suppliers and consumers, handle the logistics and transportation of raw materials, deal with the paperwork and certification process, and promote your product to consumers.

2. How I make sure about my Sourcing Agent

As a sourcing agent in China, it is essential to have good relationships with your suppliers in order to get the best deals and product quality while staying within your budget.

You should ask the following questions from your sourcing agent before you sign anything:

1)What factories do they work with?
2)What are their training and experience levels?
3)How many employees does their factory have?
4)Is there a catch or any hidden fees involved?
5)Are there any safety issues with the factory that you should be aware of?

3. What is the sourcing process?

The sourcing process is a complex process that involves a lot of people.

It starts by focusing on the customer and understanding their needs to make sure the product meets them.

It then takes into account market trends and inventory levels.

It may include things like the design, development, and production of a product.

The process also has a chain of custody that ensures that the product is safe from tampering during every step along the way.

The goal is to ensure that the product gets to its destination as soon as possible, with minimal loss or damage during shipping.

4. How much does a sourcing agent charge their customers

Many sourcing agents find that they have to charge their customers a lot of money in order to make enough money to cover the cost of their services.

Sometimes, it is as high as 5%-10% or more as well as less. It makes it difficult for small businesses to afford these fees.

One way around this problem is by using a word press site and outsourcing your blog posts and other content.

To know more about how much EJET charges for it services, please don’t hesitate to send us here.


In conclusion, to find the right supplier, you will need to conduct in depth research on companies and different Sourcing agents that appear in the company’s website before contacting them.

Also, it is a good idea to get in touch with past clients to know what has been achieved and what their experience was like.

For more details about how to source products from China, please do not hesitate to contact us.