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Do you want to learn how to buy from AliExpress without getting into any scam?

Can you figure out the reliability of  a supplier by looking at the product reviews on

AliExpress has gained considerable attention because of the features and services it offers to both buyers & sellers. Many companies buy from AliExpress since Chinese suppliers provide high-quality products at lower costs than other markets. There are more than 20 million buyers on the platform on daily basis. This proves the popularity of Alibaba as a popular and well-trusted e-commerce website. 

AliExpress is, indeed, a safe platform. However, there are still a lot of scammers present on the website. The best way is to learn about the supplier’s reviews to avoid fraud.

In this guide, we will walk you through the complete guide about checking AliExpress reviews to buy items safely from this website. You will also be able to learn why AliExpress is an excellent platform for starting to buy from China.

Chapter 1: What are AliExpress Reviews and Why They Matter?

aliexpress reviews

Buyers on AliExpress provide their feedback about their purchase in the form of reviews. Each review consists of the opinions and satisfaction level of individual users. This information is valuable for the sellers as it helps them improve their product quality and service.

At the same time, it is also beneficial for potential customers who can use these reviews to assess the quality of products before making a purchase. 

There are many ways these buyer reviews can prove to be extremely helpful when you wish to buy something from AliExpress. Let’s discover some of the most important ways these reviews can be useful to you. 

1. AliExpress reviews show the authenticity and reliability of a supplier

While visiting AliExpress, hundreds of suppliers will come across your view claiming to be the ideal partner for your business. The question is, how will you know the truth?

The answer is to look for the AliExpress reviews left by the previous customers of that particular supplier. Reviews are located at the bottom of the supplier’s landing page. So please scroll down and check what his customers say about him.

AliExpress reviews show the authenticity and reliability of a supplier

In a nutshell, the feedback will reveal to you the supplier’s reliability and whether his service is good or not.

2. AliExpress reviews reveal the efficiency of customer service

Numerous factors are considered while selecting a supplier, and efficient customer service is one of them. A reliable supplier supports you before, during, and after the purchase to make you feel a great experience.

AliExpress reviews help to achieve that goal. Since reviews are not artificial, it is the expression of treatment customers get from suppliers. So if the suppliers offer efficient customer service, the customers will mention that in their review for sure.

3. AliExpress reviews show how the products look in real

It’s a common practice of fake suppliers to manipulate the audience by providing edited pictures with filters so that there product appears really attractive and high quality. In 2024 and the coming future, sellers can also create amazing product images using AI tools, shifting further away from how the items actually look. On delivery, the customer gets something else not near what they showed on site.

AliExpress reviews help you reveal the product’s authenticity. The customers confirm the product’s original status upon receiving, which ultimately helps you know the truth.

4. AliExpress reviews show a high percentage of on-time delivery

On-time delivery matters a lot in the success of your e-commerce business. Why? Because you have pending orders in the queue to be delivered by your supplier, it’s a nerve-wracking moment.

A reliable supplier always delivers the consignment within a given period, except for unseen delays like long shipping routes, custom clearance, and natural disasters (like Covid-19).

Otherwise, legit suppliers are always punctual in their deliveries, and you can ascertain it from the AliExpress reviews.

Chapter 2: How to Spot the Difference Between Genuine and Fake AliExpress Reviews?

Earlier in our article, we have talked about finding the legit supplier by observing his customer’s review. It will help significantly to many of you, but now we have another loophole here.

What if we tell you that suppliers present on AliExpress may contain fake reviews?

Shockingly, to create an excellent public reputation, some fake suppliers manipulate the visitors by representing their fake reviews.

While visiting a supplier’s profile, we sometimes come across some AliExpress reviews that are too good to be true. But then, later on, the reality appears differently.

However, don’t worry because there is a way to escape this trap. Let’s talk about how to spot the difference between genuine and fake AliExpress reviews.

1. Are all reviews on AliExpress fake?

It is essential to realize that not every supplier present on AliExpress contains fake reviews. AliExpress is a famous platform that became a success reason of many businessmen. However, the bad practice of fake suppliers is spoiling the name of AliExpress.

Are all reviews on AliExpress fake

Other than that, there is a list of legit suppliers available on AliExpress. These are the Gold suppliers authorized by AliExpress after clearing numerous assessments and quality checks. They are the go-to partners of successful businesses.

2. Can robots generate reviews to fool buyers?

Robot-generated reviews are not that difficult to observe, plus non-buyers cannot leave a review on AliExpress. In other words, robot-generated reviews cannot fool the buyers, and hence it’s an old trick.

Paid persons create fake reviews for sellers. There are plenty of review services available for ecommerce platforms.

Suppliers hire them to write an engaging review with a 5-star rating to manipulate genuine buyers about their legitimacy. But there are ways to spot the difference, which we will explain later in our article.

3. Can a supplier on AliExpress remove negative reviews from real customers?

liExpress remove negative reviews from real customers

E-commerce platforms like AliExpress work on the rule of transparency. The objective is to build trusted relations between buyers and sellers around the world. This is why many buyers trust their sellers blindly because of the transparency they get.

With that being said, a supplier cannot remove negative reviews from real customers on the platform of AliExpress. It helps future customers to know the unreliability of the seller. Further, a review is the only source of discovering the truth, so that can’t be removed.

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4. How to identify fake AliExpress reviews?

Now that we have talked about the instability of reviews available on AliExpress, it’s time to learn how to identify fake AliExpress reviews. Follow the given tips carefully.

How to identify fake AliExpress reviews

  • Check the supplier’s history on AliExpress& compare it to the reviews

The best way to discover reality is to check the background of the target seller. Check out his history on AliExpress and compare it to the reviews present below them.

Observe carefully if there is any pattern or repetition of reviews. If you find a similar review on the same product from a different seller, it’s a red flag then.

  • Contact customers who buy from the supplier if possible

The best way to believe the review is to contact the buyer. Try to contact the person that voted in favour of the supplier and ask them personally.

A genuine buyer will immediately give you a positive response, and a fake one will ignore, which is the hint for you.

  • There is something fake if a supplier has all 5-star reviews

There is something fake if a supplier has all 5-star reviews

If everything appears to be right, there is something wrong, and this is the case where you find all the 5-stars ratings on a seller’s profile. A genuine and trusted seller has an average of 4/5 stars rating.

That’s because nobody can satisfy every buyer who comes in whereas, the fake one will create an artificial stage to show everything is perfect.

  • Real reviews are not written in perfect language

Paid reviews are often generated through AI writing