Are you planning to become an Amazon seller and looking for an Amazon agent?

Do you have any questions about the Pros and Cons of Amazon Agency?

This is related to the reasons that finding useful information is incredibly tough.

The Amazon agent is a software configuration and installed package information collector for Amazon EC2 instances.

In order to thoroughly examine the security of your target Amazon EC2 instances, you need install the Amazon Inspector agent on each of them, albeit it is not required in all cases.

We’ll go through for becoming an Amazon agent step by step in this guide. Let’s get started!

Table of Content

Chapter 1: What Is An Amazon Agent? How Do You Become An Amazon Agent?

Chapter 2: One-Stop Amazon FBA Prep Services for Amazon Sellers by EJET

Chapter 3: 6 Tips to Find the Right Product Sourcing Agent in China

Chapter4: Pros and Cons of Amazon Agency

Chapter 5: How to Become an Amazon Seller in 8 Simple Steps

Chapter 6: Frequently Ask Questions About Amazon FBA Agent

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Is An Amazon Agent? How Do You Become An Amazon Agent?

amazon agents

Amazon is one of the largest and the most popular online retailers with more than 150 million mobile users. People buy items on it either directly or through a third party.

Amazon provides users with broad categories of products that include household appliances, cosmetics, personal care products, and many more.  An important thing that most people do not know is that Amazon sells its line of technology products like the e-reader Kindle.

Amazon provides job opportunities to several people both physically and virtually. Amazon agent is one of the job roles it provides. Some of the common questions related to Amazon agents are addressed below.

1. Who is an Amazon agent?

An Amazon agent is a company who helps customers buy things from China and send them to Amazon warehouses. the Amazon agent always looks for the problems customers face and tries to provide effective solutions.

the company keeps a record of all the transactions and monitors customers’ Amazon needs.

An Amazon agent is a good communicator, problem-solver, and decision-maker. your agent must be highly professional, knows how to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and above all has a good understanding of products and services.

2. What are the perks of being an Amazon agent?

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces. Becoming an agent on Amazon has many perks. Some are listed below:

  1. You get decent pay.
  2. You can work part-time as well as full-time, according to your convenience. You have flexible working hours.
  3. Being an agent you have to interact with different people daily, it makes you more confident.
  4. The management team is always available to help you out. You learn and grow.
  5. If you buy a product, Amazon will offer you a discount on it.
  6. Amazon provides health insurance to its employees.

Everyone wants to work for an employer providing all these benefits. That is why Amazon is becoming one of the leading employers.

3. What services does Amazon agent provides?

An Amazon is a part of a customer service team where it provides:

  1. Timely delivery of products to the customers.
  2. Talk to customers via email, voice motes or call and handle their complaints.
  3. Solves customers’ problems they face on Amazon while purchasing a product such as returning a damaged product, tracking the product, etc.
  4. Helps the delivery man to reach the exact location to deliver the product.
  5. Navigate through customers’ accounts and monitor transactions.

Chapter 2: One-Stop Amazon FBA Prep Services for Amazon Sellers by EJET

amazon services

EJET has developed procedures as streamlined as possible for Amazon sellers. We have worked out a complete system to proceed with your orders in detailed steps.

Our well-organized service throughout the entire process surely will free your mind from any worries, here below are the best Amazon FBA services that we can provide to help make your Amazon business successful.


As an online seller on Amazon, you have to meet Amazon’s strict quality standards for prep. Inspection, Packaging, and Labeling of products require expertise, resources, manpower, and time. EJET provides all of this at a fraction of your cost.


We pay visits to factories to check the production capacity, certifications, and quality system. We make sure that products are laboratory tested and have all certifications required to import ensuring the quality of the product.


The Amazon Inventory requires very specialized packaging and labels. A slight mistake can lead your inventory to arrive in the wrong amazon warehouse incurring you more costs. We make sure all the barcodes, labeling on each package is done accurately.


Confirming the quality and quantity of goods, complete the payment

This is a crucial process before the goods are loaded and shipped to the destination. Our QC Manager carries out a detailed final inspection which will basically eliminate the risk of sending non-compliant products into the FBA warehouse.


We can consolidate orders from different suppliers, located all around China, into a full container load ready to be shipped by air or sea saving your shipping costs effectively.


We can bundle up your products collected from multiple suppliers into a customized box, at our facilities making them into a single shipment following Amazon’s requirement.


EJET provides tailored Amazon shipping solutions. Express, air freight, and sea freight all at the best rate! We have a wide selection of shipping routes as quick access all the way from China to the Amazon warehouse in any country.


We provide professional product photography by our in-house photographer, available for use in your Amazon listing. Perfect images are provided for Amazon listing.


Our expert logistics team will manage all the required documentation and procedures specifically for amazon. We can do LCL and FCL container loading and due to our bulk buying, we can provide competitive rates.


We provide air shipment through our 3rd party partners like DHL, Fedex, Aramex, UPS and Aircargo, ensuring you receive speedy delivery at the right Amazon warehouse.

Chapter 3: 6 Tips to Find the Right Product Sourcing Agent in China

What is China Product Sourcing

A sourcing agent is a person or a company that helps buyers to find the right supplier. Amazon is a competitive marketplace.

Finding the right sourcing agent in China is an arduous task. So, here I’m going to share with you 6 tips to find the right product sourcing agent in China.

1. Get Initial Product Info

If you want to buy a product, the first step will always be product research. Search for all the necessary basic information.

It includes product price on different online platforms operating in China, its quality, and where it is manufactured in China.

Once you know every minor detail of the product then share it with the agent. Tell him your requirements too.

Remember to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the sourcing agent beforehand.

2. Choose an Agent near Your Manufacturing Base

It is important to choose an agent that is near the manufacturing base. It will save you money as the transportation and travel cost will be low.

You’ll have to pay less as compared to a distant agent. Moreover, it will be easy for the agent to monitor the product quality.

3.    Fluent in both English and Chinese

Choose an agent who knows English and Chinese well. It will be easy for him to communicate with Chinese locals (suppliers) and foreigners (buyers).

4.    Conduct thorough interviews

Interviewing the sourcing agent is crucial. It helps you find the perfect match. Conduct online interviews to know more about the agent.

Ask questions related to their previous work experience, payment, visits to the manufacturing base, monitoring the product quality, etc. In short, ask questions from all angles to satisfy yourself.

5.    Professional References

Once you have chosen the right person, ask him for sharing his references for previous work. It will give you an idea about the professionalism in their work. There are chances that he might have sourced products before from Amazon to your country.

They would already know the packaging and shipping procedures. So, no extra input will be required which will save time and money.

6. Make an agreement with them

In business, keeping records and signing agreements are a must. So, after completing the entire above step, don’t forget to sign an agreement with the sourcing agent. It is a professional way to finalize a deal and will protect the interests of both parties.

Chapter4: Pros and Cons of Amazon Agency

Pros and cons of using CIP shipping incoterm

Now that you have gone through the above information, it’s important to highlight some pros and cons of Amazon Agency. So, stick with me to get more information.

1. Pros Of An Agency Partnership

· Being a brand your sovereignty is not compromised. You have full control of your entire inventory.

You will use your seller central account to sell the product on Amazon. Product display and marketing will be seen entirely by the brand itself. It means that the brand will retain complete ownership.

· If you are dealing with any issue, the agency partners will provide you with the solution.

They offer many services like customer services, case management, paid advertising, product marketing, etc. You can choose any according to the problem you are facing.

The best part is that users can use their services to sell your products.

· You have access to a well-trained and dedicated team all the time. You just need to share your problem with them. They provide you sales winning and growth-promoting strategies for Amazon.

· Agency partners have their proprietary software. This software helps in expanding and grooming your brand.

Once you become a part of an agency, you can take benefit from this software.

· By using an agency’s marketing tools, you can save money as they are incredibly expensive.

· It reduces the brand’s workload.

2. Cons Of An Agency Partnership


· The brand has to share its profit with the agency partners.

· Although the workload reduces by agency partnership it doesn’t offload your responsibilities completely as compared to a third-party seller.

· There are chances that you may not like the solution that the agency partners are providing. In such cases, disagreements can arise.

· If you suffer from a loss, you still have to pay the agency partners as you have used their services.

· Value-Added Tax (VAT) is your responsibility if you are working with an Amazon agency.

3. Is An Amazon Agency Partnership The Right Choice For You?

It depends upon your brand. Amazon agency partnership is a good choice if:

1.     The brand has enough budgets.

2.     It does not want immediate cash flow.

3.     The brand can deal with VAT and sales taxes.

4.     The brand wants more control and ownership.

5.     Larger margins are required.

But if the brand feels it does not fit on these points, it can opt for Amazon retailer. An Amazon retailer is an entity that buys products from the brand at wholesale prices and then sells them at a retail price on Amazon.

4. Should You Sell Yourself (without Partnership)?

Selling yourself directly to consumers is the goal of many brands. If you have a team of well-trained experts, budget, time, and resources then you should sell directly. But if the situation is the opposite then the partnership is a better option.

Chapter 5: How to Become an Amazon Seller in 8 Simple Steps

amazon seller

Becoming an Amazon seller is easy. But, to succeed in your business you would have to show dedication, hard work, and do a lot of research.

You have to keep yourself updated about the new features that Amazon launches.

You might be curious to know about the ways to become an Amazon seller. This section provides you with 8 simple steps to become an Amazon seller. So, let’s just get into it.

1. Find a Product to Sell On Amazon?

The first step of starting any business is finding a product. For becoming a seller, you have to decide wisely what you want to sell. For this purpose, do a lot of research about the product.

Look for the market trends, people’s interest, and their needs. Choose a product that is more demanding and has less competition.

Decide by considering all these points. Only then your business will be successful on Amazon.

Another important thing to consider before deciding on the product is the selling process. Commonly there are three selling processes.

a) Retail arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is a process in which an amazon seller buys a product from a retail store at discount. He then sells it on Amazon at a high rate.

In online arbitrage, this process is done online. It is a good start for freshers on Amazon.

b)  Private label

A selling process in which you buy a generic product in bulk amount from the manufacturers at a very cheap rate is known as private label.

Improvements are made to the product like adding your company’s logo and brand name. The product is then sold under your brand name.

c)  Wholesale

It is a selling method in which you buy a product at a wholesale rate. The product is bought in bulk amount from a major brand. You have to take prior permission for selling the product on Amazon.

In the wholesale method, unlike private labels, you have to sell the product under the major brand’s name. Use cannot sell it under your company’s name.

Then, according to your budget select any product that you are interested to sell on Amazon.

2. Open an Amazon Account

Amazon Account

The next step is opening a seller account on Amazon. Sign up with a valid E-mail. Once done, the next step setting up your account by providing the required information. It includes

· Name and address of your business

· Your contact number

· Bank account/ credit card number

· Information related to tax

· Legal name

Read Amazon’s terms and conditions before giving all your information. Then, tick the seller agreement and then click to yes to enter the billing information. You’ll manage your business through this account.

Remember while signing up, you’ll have to choose between an individual or professional account. The former option will restrict you to only 20 product categories.

Whereas, the latter account will provide you with 30 product categories, 10 more than an individual account. You can sell more than 40 products.

3. Choose Your Fulfillment Method

The storing, picking, packing and shipping responsibilities come under fulfillment.  Amazon offers you two methods of fulfillment, FBA, and FBM.

a) FBA

Under the FBA model, you have to send your products to the Amazon fulfillment center. When the customers will order a product, picking, packing, and shipping will be Amazon’s responsibility. It is a good model but an additional fee is required for these services.

b) FBM

In this model, you have to list your products on Amazon.  Product picking, packing, and shipping are your responsibility. Only you’ll be responsible for late shipping or damages.

Both the methods have their pros and cons which should be considered wisely

4. Create Your Amazon Listing

Amazon Listing

The product listing page tells the buyers about the products, like what is the product used for, why a buyer should buy it, what are the key characteristics of the product, what ingredients it contains, what’s its amount or dimension, etc.

For product listing, first, you’ll log into your seller central account. It gives buyers all the information that they want to know about the product.

After reading it, they buy a product. So, make sure everything is explained nicely and nothing gets skipped.

Remember that before you list products, Amazon will assign you a number known as, Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU).

You’ll get FNSKU only if you have a Universal Product Code (UPC). You have to get UPC for your products from the website of standard organizations. Once you get that, then Amazon will assign you FNSKU.

The product listing has the following elements:

a) Title

The most important element which catches the buyer’s attention is the title. Make sure it depicts the product’s overview. It should contain important keywords too.

b) Bullet points

Talk about important aspects of your product here.

c) Product description

Here you elaborate on the bullet points. Give more information about your product. Tell me about all its features.

d) Backend keywords

Buyers cannot see backend keywords because they do not appear on the live list. Include keywords that don’t fit in the main parts of the product listing. To gain more visibility, keywords in foreign languages are used.

e) Product images

You can add a maximum of nine images to the product listing. The first image is the hero image. It is a very important image because buyers first see this image in search results.

5. Locate a Manufacturer

Manufacturing Department of Shein

First, decide whether you want a local manufacturer or an oversee manufacturer. Then look for the following things in the manufacturer;

· Good communication

· Experience

· Helpful nature

· Reputation

· Your budget and affordability

Make a list of a few manufacturers. Research them. Conduct interviews and then choose a manufacturer. Don’t forget to check their quality assurance metrics like gold supplier memberships.

6. Order and Receive Your Order

Once manufacturers are finalized, you will place the order. Most manufacturers are from foreign countries. So also check the payment methods feasible for both of you. These are described below:

a) Bank transfer

In this method, you directly send the amount in the manufacturer’s bank out. But the risk is that you have to send the money before receiving your order. One of its benefits is that it requires fewer fees.

b) Credit card/Pay pal

Nowadays, it is the most common method used for sending money. It is safe, more reliable, and used almost all across the world.  One of the disadvantages of this method is that the fee is high.

c) Escrow service


Escrow service is a combination of bank transfer and credit card/pay pal. Alibaba offers this payment service. Once you confirm the receipt of your product, then Alibaba sends payments to the manufacturer. It means that Alibaba acts as a middleman.

What will be your product’s destination depends upon whether you choose FBA or FBM.

In the former case, the destination would be Amazon’s fulfillment center and the latter’s destination would be your doorsteps or the warehouse. In FBA, you have to inform Amazon before shipping.

7. Enhance Your Listing

Enhance your listing by SEO. It will rank your product and will bring more traffic to it. Use a keyword that defines your product most appropriately in the title.

It will increase the chances of your products catching consumers’ attention.

Use different websites for keyword research and tools that provide optimization scores. It aids in producing quality content that will sell your product.

8. Begin driving sales

You can start sales after completing the product listing process. But it’s not that much easy. For becoming into customer’s notice you have to either start pay-per-click (PPC) campaign or a product launch. Let me discuss both one by one.

a) PPC campaign

In a PPC campaign, when a customer searches for a product through browsing keywords, the ads of your products appear as sponsored content on Amazon.

With every click on your ads from by the customer, you have to pay some amount to Amazon. These ads make your brand visible to customers.

b) Product launch

In product launch, you have to sell a product at a discounted rate. Consequently, more people will purchase it and it will appear in top Amazon searches.

The higher it will rank on Amazon, the more traffic. As a result, the sales will also increase. In this way, your brand or product’s visibility increases.

These two ways are a good start for your business on Amazon.

Chapter 6: Frequently Ask Questions About Amazon FBA Agent


1. How to Set Up Amazon Connect?

If you want to set up Amazon Connect follow the following steps:

Step 1: The first step is to log in to the Amazon Connect Console.

Step 2: You have to create an Instance for keeping all the resources that are related to the contact center like voice notes, account information, and chat transcript.

Step 3: Next, you’ll set up phone numbers. Claim a phone number for voice-supported centers; you need to claim a phone number.

Whereas, Amazon Web Service can provide you with the phone number, or link your own number to Amazon connect.

Step 4: It requires the creation of a routing. You have to the best queues for operation. If the agent requires voice, chat, or task, you have to specify it for routing profiles.

Step 5: in the next step you have to create contact flows.

Step 6: This is the last step in which you just add users.

2. What Does Agent Status Mean?

The agent status means the availability of the agent. When the agent is available to deal with chats and calls, in the contact control panel (CCP) agent’s status is available to receive calls and respond to chats.

3. What Is ACW Timeout?

The ACW stands for After Call Work. It is a time you set for the agent to enter the data about contacts like calls while adding an agent to amazon connect.

The agent has to provide the details about the call within that time limit.

4. What Is AUX In Call Center?

AUX refers to auxiliary time. It is one of the agent’s statuses in which he is unavailable to deal with the incoming call. This allows him to do other activities other than attending calls about entering the data about the calls.

5. What Does ADH Mean In Call Center?

ADH stands for Average Delay to Handle. It is the time that an incoming call needs to come to the queue. In other words, it is the amount of time that you have to wait for the agent to answer your call.

6. How Do you Chat With Amazon Agent?

Through Amazon connect you can chat with an Amazon agent for business-related matters. While adding an agent to Amazon, add chat with the agent option in the routing profile. The agent can accept requests for a chat through CCP.

7. How Many Customer Service Agents Does Amazon Have?

The exact number of customer service agents cannot be told because it’s too enormous. Amazon has more than 130 countries in 16 different languages.

Considering this, it is not possible to give an exact number of customer service agents.


EJET provides exclusive Amazon FBA Prep services for Amazon Sellers, We help to locate the best suppliers, collecting products, inspecting, labeling, re-packing, bundling, and shipping to FBA Warehouses World Wide.

For more information about EJET services please don’t hesitate to contact us.