Are you planning to buy Amazon Prime membership?

Do you have an idea about what are the advantages and prices of Amazon Prime membership?

Nowadays, customers want a quick and safe online shopping experience. Amazon, the e-commerce giant, is providing both with the help of its Amazon Prime service.

Amazon Prime is a service released by Amazon itself so that its customers can get the most out of the Amazon company.

The Prime membership allows several outstanding features like fast delivery, streaming services, and discounts. Plus, this service has a lot more benefits than you can think of.

EJET has compiled a guide that contains the relevant information related to Amazon and Amazon Prime. We have also added a dedicated section of FAQs that contains relevant information. Let’s start discussing this service.

Chapter 1:  Amazon Prime – What is it?

Chapter 2: Is Amazon Prime UK worth the fee?

Chapter 3: What Kind of Resources are Included in Amazon Prime UK?

Chapter 4:  Main Features of Amazon Prime Delivery Service

Chapter 5: FAQs About Amazon Prime

Chapter 1:  Amazon Prime – What is it?

1. What is Amazon Prime? How much does it costs?

If you are a user of Amazon and buy things from the E-commerce giant from time to time, then there is a need for you to buy the Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon-Prime -What-is-it

We can say that Amazon Prime is a loyalty type of program for people who prefer online shopping rather than the traditional shopping method.

Amazon Prime is a membership that offers a variety of features to the people who have bought the membership. With this membership, you will have an access to a number of benefits that normal shoppers do not have.

Of course, the membership is not free. You have to pay a certain amount monthly or yearly (depends on the membership type). The subscription is divided into three main categories:

  • Monthly Subscription (£7.99)

The first membership that you can get is a monthly subscription and it will cost you around 7.99 pounds. With this, you will have an access to every Amazon Prime feature.

  • Yearly Subscription (£79)

If you are not a fan of monthly subscriptions, Amazon offers you the ability to pay for a whole year. This is cheaper than the monthly version as you can get a discount.

  • Student Subscription (£39)

The last type of membership is specifically for students. With a fee of 39 pounds per year, students can get all the features that all regular Prime customers get. For this type, you have to show proof that you are a student.

2. What you don’t get included with Amazon Prime?

Yes, there are a lot of benefits that you will get if you buy an Amazon UK membership. However, there are some things that you will not get.

You have to pay an extra fee for using these features. Here is what you will not get with the Amazon Prime membership.

  • Amazon Music

The first and most desired feature of Amazon Prime is Amazon Music. However, you will not get this service with Prime membership. There is an extra fee of £7.99 a month that you have to pay.


  • Amazon Channel

Like Amazon Music, Amazon Channel also works the same. It is not included in the Prime membership. If you are willing to pay a certain fee for Amazon Channel, you will get access to channels like Discovery and Eurosports.

  • Kindle Unlimited

Another feature that does not come free with Amazon Prime UK membership is Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited costs an additional £7.99 a month for all Prime users.

  • Audible Books

Lastly, you will get an option to scroll through audiobooks in the Amazon Prime app. However, you still need an additional membership worth £7.99 a month to download those audiobooks.

3. Price comparison without Amazon Prime membership

Let’s talk about what you are missing if you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership. First of all, let’s cover delivery fees and charges.

The first rule of free delivery is if your order is less than £20, then you are not eligible for free delivery.

price comparison without Amazon Prime membership

Secondly, Amazon will charge you up to £5 for no rush delivery and one-day delivery. If you have an Amazon Prime UK membership, you can get these services for free.

Talking about the products and discounts. With Amazon Prime, users can get a 20% flat discount on baby products. Some prime sellers offer credit (up to 70%) that you can use to get a discount.

Then, on the prime day sale, the discounts are up to 50%. There is no fixed amount on discounts because each item varies from country to country and seller to seller.

4. What are the benefits of using Amazon Prime?

There are plenty of benefits of getting an Amazon Prime UK membership. And due to these benefits, a lot of people tend to buy this.

You may think that Amazon Prime benefits are only related to shopping. You are wrong. This is more to this.

We will talk about these benefits in detail in the later chapter. However, in the meantime, take a look at the overview of those services you can get as an Amazon Prime member.

  • Prime Video
  • Prime Music
  • Prime reading
  • Amazon First Reads
  • Prime Early access
  • Member exclusive discount

Amazon Prime member

These are some of the benefits and features you will get. The above mentioned are the ones that are used by a lot of members. There are more outstanding perks that we will talk about in the later chapters.

5. What are the disadvantages of Amazon Prime?

There are no direct disadvantages of Amazon Prime. Think of this as a mind game that Amazon is playing with you. Let’s explain that to you.

Whenever you buy a product from an online retail store, you first look at the price of the product. We all know that Amazon Prime offers a lot of discounts.

These discounts end up you buying more and more from Amazon. If there were no discounts, you would have probably bought a single shirt.

Secondly, Amazon Prime offers same-day delivery to its members. Now, this is another mind game. Amazon knows that customers won’t wait long enough for their product.

Amazon loops you in by offering you same-day delivery and you will buy more and more items due to that.

And, that is how Amazon Prime has its own disadvantages. However, some may consider these good points because it all depends on the perspective of every human being.

Chapter 2: Is Amazon Prime UK worth the fee?

Is Amazon Prime UK worth the fee

Now, the question that comes into mind is “is giving 7.99 pounds/month or 79 pounds/year worth it?” This chapter contains all the information related to whether you should go for an Amazon Prime membership or not. Let’s move forward.

1. 50% discount if you’re are a student or EBT customer

As mentioned above, if you are a student, you can get a discount on the Amazon Prime membership. Almost 60% of Amazon customers are college students and to provide them with the advantage, Amazon offers this.

If you have access to the .edu email, you can get yourself registered and have a discount of almost 50%. The same is the case if you are an EBT customer.

50% discount if you’re are a student or EBT customer

2. Massive discounts for members during the Amazon Prime Day

The second feature that is loved by all Amazon Prime UK members is massive discounts on Prime day. From time to time, Amazon UK held Prime day that can be accessed by Amazon Prime members.

The products here are listed at outstanding discounted prices. To be clear, only Amazon Prime members have access to this sale.

3. Outstanding video and audio streaming

utstanding video and audio streaming

We are sure that you have seen the logo “Amazon Original” when you are watching that movie. Well, the thing is Amazon Original is a part of Amazon Prime Video.

Whenever you get the membership of Amazon Prime, Amazon Video and Audio subscription automatically comes with the membership.

A lot of movies and the latest songs are available on this service. However, to get the most out of the video/audio service, you have to pay an additional fee so that you can rent out the media.

4. Unlimited cloud storage

One thing that is loved by a lot of Amazon Prime customers is that you get access to Amazon cloud storage. As a standard, you will get free cloud storage with an Amazon Prime membership. This is enough to store almost 2000 photos and over 800 songs.

unlimited cloud storage

However, if that is not enough for you, you can upgrade that storage by paying a little fee.

5. Easy to share Prime benefits

Another most important feature of Amazon Prime is that you can share your benefits with other family members. For instance, you can share features like

  • Prime shipping
  • Prime Now
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Amazon Prime Reading and Amazon First Reads.
  • Amazon Photos.
  • Prime Early Access to Amazon Lightning Deals.
  • Prime-exclusive pricing on Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Amazon Kids+ subscriptions

6. Option to try clothes before buying them

This is one of the most absurd features but it is there. Amazon Prime customers have the leverage of trying clothing items before actually buying them.

Download a new book every month

Yes, you heard it right. You can order the clothes for a try-on and the courier service will send them to you.

You can then try the clothing and if you are satisfied, you can pay for the items that you want to keep. Amazon store has a variety of clothing sellers available and you can take the advantage of trying clothes using Amazon Prime membership.

7. Reduced shipping costs

In the business of online shopping, the most daunting thing is paying for the delivery and shipping. It is present in every shopper and it will be there. Amazon knows this issue and offers some relief by using Amazon Prime UK membership.

We told you about the same-day delivery. Well, Amazon’s monthly/yearly subscription covers those charges.

To give you a price comparison, if a seller offers same-day delivery, he/she will charge you an additional 2 pounds. With a subscription, there is no need to pay that.

Secondly, some Amazon Prime sellers also offer discounts on shipping on certain items. That can also save you extra money. To be clear, these perks are only available on Prime membership.

8. Various shipping methods to choose

In terms of delivery and shipping, Amazon spares no expenses. The Prime members have a variety of shipping methods to choose from.

To be clear, we are talking about shipping methods, not shipping ways. Amazon uses its own delivery service and sometimes third-party delivery partners to deliver the product. Talking about the methods, here are these.

Shipping methods 1

Shipping methods 2

  • One-Day Shipping
  • Two-Day Shipping
  • One-Day Shipping
  • Same-Day Delivery
  • Prime Now Delivery
  • Whole Foods Delivery
  • Prime Pantry Delivery
  • AmazonFresh Delivery
  • Amazon Hub Locker Delivery
  • Key by Amazon Delivery
  • Subscribe and Save Delivery
  • Release-Date Delivery
  • Amazon Day Delivery
  • No-Rush Shipping
  • Onetime Password Delivery
  • Saturday Shipping
  • Scout Delivery
  • Prime Air Deliver (In Testing Phase)

Chapter 3: What Kind of Resources are Included in Amazon Prime UK?

What Kind of Resources are Included in Amazon Prime UK

Now, let’s talk about the resources that you will get when you buy an Amazon Prime membership. The features that you will get have been discussed in the previous chapter. This is solely related to the resources that you will get.

1. Unlimited streaming of Videos and Photos

One of the first things that you will get is Amazon video and audio streaming. Now, the thing is there is a limit to the resource that you will get when you buy an Amazon Prime membership.

For instance, first, let’s talk about video streaming. If you have an account, then you can stream up to three videos at the same time. In simple words, three of your family members can view watch different videos on their devices.

unlimited streaming of Videos and Photos

Talking about audio streaming, with the same account, over 6 different family members can stream the music at the same time. There is no limit to streaming the songs or Gbs. However, the limit is 6 devices on a single account.

2. Get a discounted Amazon Music Unlimited monthly/annual plan

If you are a fan of music, then Amazon Music is the best option for you. That is because it comes free with Amazon Prime. There are over 70 million songs available and those are free from ads.

In the above chapters, we wrote that you have to pay an additional 7.99 pounds for the music service. However, you can get that discount by going for the Echo-only service or there is an option to buy a student membership.

3. Download a new book every month

Download a new book every month

Amazon Prime does not come with books. You have to pay for that in the form of an additional fee. However, if you have bought a membership, you have the leverage of getting a new book every month and that book is free of cost.

The downside is, you don’t have a lot of options when talking about free books but, it also has some amazing books available.

4. 7 days to try on clothing, shoes and other items for free

One of the most prominent features of Amazon Prime membership is that you can try out the clothes without paying for them. Well, that does not mean that you keep the clothes till the end of the year and then return them. There is a limit and that limit is 7 days.

After the possession of clothes, you have 7 days and in those days, you have to pay for that. If not, Amazon will deduct the money after the limit has been reached.

5. Discount for buying as a Prime Student

As students, the things that are needed the most are college essentials, video games, bags, and clothing items. if you are a student and have student membership of Amazon Prime, you are on leverage.

That is because students can get huge discounts on college items and games that. The limit is these deals are only available on student-related items.

6. Save 20% on buying baby supplies with Amazon Family

save 20% on buying baby supplies with Amazon Family

The feature that we missed on purpose in the above chapter was the Amazon family. You will get it with the Amazon Prime membership.

The reason we didn’t discuss it above was that it is not used by everyone. If you have kids, then it is for you and you can make the most out of the feature.

With Amazon Family, you can get discounts on baby products such as nappies, milk items, vitamins, and other baby-related accessories. However, there is a limit. The maximum discount that you can get is 20%.

7. One adult member of your household can enjoy discounts with Amazon Household

Amazon Household is basically a feature that allows you to share Prime benefits with your family members. You and your family have to link the accounts to the household feature in order to enjoy the features.

If you are the payee of the Amazon account, then you will be considered the household of that account.

The thing is you can get massive discounts (Up to 50%) if you have a household account. Note that the limit to this resource is “Only one person in the family can enjoy this feature”.

8. Extra perks Amazon Prime UK has to offer

These are some of the additional perks that you will get with an Amazon Prime membership.

  • Free 30 days trial

free 30 days trial

If you are new to Amazon Prime, you can get a free 30 days trial of the service. Just sign up and start using the account. Amazon will deduct the membership fee after 30 days. In the meantime, if you are not satisfied, you can cancel the subscription.

  • Massive discounts on Prime day sale

Secondly, Amazon has a Prime Day sale once a year where each product is listed at amazing discounts. This feature is only accessible to Prime users. You can get a good deal with the Prime day sale.

  • Early Access to Lightning deals

Amazon is a wide platform and due to the customer movement, the stocks become very limited.

However, if you have a Prime account, you can take the advantage of lightning deals. These deals show up to Prime users 30 minutes before the regular users.

  • Instant video streaming

Instant video streaming

Amazon video offers VOD (Video on Demand) and by using this, you can get instant video streaming. Just tell Amazon what you are looking for and it will do the rest.

  • Promotional credits and coupons

One of the best features of Amazon is that you have a chance to get promotional credit and discount vouchers and that is all available with Amazon Prime. Prime sellers offer up to 70% in the form of discount coupons that you can use if you buy from them again.

Chapter 4:  Main Features of Amazon Prime Delivery Service

Main Features of Amazon Prime Delivery Service

The reason many people get Amazon Prime membership is that they get the option of free and fast delivery. There are plenty of options available for delivery. All that depends on your budget.

However, for free delivery, you have to make sure that your total bill is above £20. If you have an Amazon membership, you will be free from that £20 limit.

Let’s talk about some of the best delivery service features of Amazon that are widely used by a lot of people.

1. Unlimited Free One Day Delivery

As a normal buyer on Amazon, if you are planning to get the item the very next day from Amazon, you will have to pay £5.99 for that. Moreover, it can also take up to two days depending on the size of the product.

On the other hand, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you don’t have to pay that £5.99 fee. To be clear, with Amazon Prime, it can also take up to two days because of the size and weight of the product.

2. Unlimited Same-Day (Evening Delivery)

The same-day delivery option is only available to Amazon Prime customers. Meaning, only Amazon Prime members have the option to place the order in the morning and get the product later that evening. It is completely free.

But not all the sellers on Amazon provide same-day delivery, the limit is only selected sellers and items have the option of same-day delivery. Check through the “product detail” part on the specific product’s page, you will get the answer.

3. No-Rush Delivery

The third most used Amazon delivery method is No-rush delivery. If you are a customer who does not care about the delivery time and regularly shops from the same seller, then this deal is for you.

No rush delivery will cost you for free if you are a prime customer (£4.49 for the regular customer) and it will take up to 5 business days. However, it gives you promotional credit that you can use later.

Chapter 5: FAQs About Amazon Prime


1. Is Amazon Prime UK worth it in 2021?

Amazon Prime UK is worth it even in 2021 because it has a lot of features to offer. for instance, you can get Prime video/audio. Then there is free delivery.

Moreover, you also get promotional discounts and coupons. All these together, make it a good deal for any type of online shopper.

2. How much do you need for Amazon Prime membership?

Amazon Prime membership is divided into three main categories. These categories are:

  • Monthly membership (£7.99 per month)
  • Yearly membership (£79 per year)
  • Student membership (£39 per year)

If you are a student, then the student option is best for you. If not, then we recommend you to go for the yearly membership.

3. Can you cancel your Amazon Prime membership?

Yes, there is always an option to cancel out your Amazon Prime membership. Just visit your account and select the membership method. From there, select cancel membership and it will remove the membership from your account.

4. What comes free with an Amazon Prime membership?

There are plenty of features that come free with an Amazon Prime membership. For example, you can get a free 30-day trial, Amazon household account, Amazon loud storage, lightning deals, one free book every month, Amazon whole foods deal and 20% discount on baby products.


Amazon Prime is one of the most used services all over the world. That is all because of the features and perks it has to offer.

The usage of Prime membership entirely depends on person to person. That is because some use it for shipping discounts and delivery. While others use it for streaming purposes.

However, if you are planning to buy an Amazon Prime membership, we recommend you to go for it because there are plenty of advantages.

This blog contains all relevant information about Amazon Prime UK. Each and every perk is explained thoroughly so that you can understand it better.