amazon pallets

Are you looking forward to buying Amazon return pallets?

Well, the thing is Amazon is a large e-commerce store where a lot of customers buy products

. The number that Amazon sells every day is huge and that is all because of the services the store has to provide. Customers buy products from Amazon but, some return those back to

It’s true that free-return service is useful for attracting customers. However, sellers need to have a hand in the return process while some of them have no idea about how to do.

Then, they bought Amazon return pallets, and this will not only help in managing inventory, but also they can easily resell products and make profit.

In this blog, we are going to tell you how you can buy those pallets and start a business. What’s more, you can learn about this good business, and why people are getting a lot of profits in it. Let’s start talking.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Amazon Return Pallets – Do they Help in Business or Not?

Chapter 2: How to Buy Amazon Return Pallets?

Chapter 3:  Top 5 Websites You Can Buy Amazon Return Pallets from

Chapter 4: 4 Main Items in Amazon Pallets You Can Choose For Your Business

Chapter 5: Tips on Expanding Amazon Return Pallet Business

Chapter 6: Frequently Asked Question About Amazon Pallets

Chapter 1: Amazon Return Pallets – Do they Help in Business or Not?

The business of Amazon return pallets is getting a lot of attention. To help you in understanding what exactly is return pallets and how you can buy them, let’s talk about this topic.

1. What are Amazon return pallets?

Amazon Return Pallets Do they Help in Business or Not

Amazon has a lot of customers and they buy many things from the e-commerce giant. However, sometimes the customers return the product due to either they don’t like it or the product is not their type (size, color, or design).

Now Amazon does two things with this returned product. Either it repacks the item (If not damaged) and sells it again. The second thing they store the product in the form of pallets.

Once in a while, Amazon lists these pallets and place these pallets on bids. People who are into the business of Amazon pallets bid on the pallet and buy the ones they are looking for.

And, that is how Amazon pallets business is done. This has a lot of potentials if you know what you are doing. It can also become a good business if you are a drop shipper doing business on Amazon.

2. How to buy quality return pallets from Amazon?

The most important part of this business is doing research about the pallet that you want to buy.

The thing is most people jump right into buying cheap merchandise, then it leads towards losses in the business. So, getting all the information is essential in this business.

How to buy quality return pallets from Amazon

You should have a manifest that consists of all the items present in the pallet, the papers, and related information. In order to buy a quality pallet, we recommend you buy the pallet from a liquidation company.

These people have state-of-the-art management systems that will help you in buying a quality pallet.

They scan the UPC code of each item in the pallet. According to that, you can know what is present in the pallet. There are multiple liquidation companies working and we will talk about those in a bit.

3. Can Amazon return pallets help in the business?

Amazon places a lot of pallets on sale every year. By a lot, we mean that these pallets belong to every category. If you buy a quality Amazon pallet, it can give you a lot of profits. Any person can buy Amazon return pallets if they have all the information.

Suppose, you are doing a business of socks on Amazon. A pair of socks is costing you around $2-$3 dollars from your own supplier. If you buy a pallet from Amazon, a pair of socks will cost you around $1-$2 (because it has no value right now).

Can Amazon return pallets help in the business

The second advantage is that you will have more designs and colors. Because Amazon return pallets contain items from all socks sellers that are working within that area. The manifest will show you what kinds of items are there in the pallet.

If you have a tactical mind and know how to place the strategy, you can use that pallet, sort the items, repack them and sell them at a higher price. This way your customers will have the option of buying more designs and that will lead towards more profits.

Chapter 2: How to Buy Amazon Return Pallets?

Now that you have an idea about what Amazon return pallets are and how they work, let’s talk about another important chapter and that is how to buy Amazon return pallets.

How to Buy Amazon Return Pallets

1. Know about how to start selling Amazon return pallets?

The first that you need to know is that you will need an account for buying the Amazon return pallets. Register with any of the liquidation sites that are mentioned in this blog. You can buy any items that are on the list of those liquidation companies.

The person who is buying the pallets has to fill in a reselling certificate along with the registration form. Once, your account is registered, you will be able to bid on the pallets that are available on the list.

Remember, the reselling certificate is important and has to be presented along with the account details. If in case you don’t have that, it is recommended you get the information related to that certificate and act accordingly.

Some of the states or countries do not require you to get the reselling certificate. That is because these areas don’t collect the tax. So, if you are from these countries, then you are on the safe side.

2. Find out what is needed to start the business?

The thing is selling items from Amazon pallets is easy. However, it is important to know how these items are sold and what makes them less than the original cost.

Find out what is needed to start the business

These required items from Amazon are sold in many ways. For instance, you can buy them in the form of a truckload or pallet.

One important thing to remember is that these items are sold at a fixed rate. The second thing to remember is that the larger the order, the larger the discount.

We are not saying that you should buy the whole lot. The idea is that larger pallets have larger discounts. Now, it is in your judgment whether the product in those pallets will give the profits or not.

3. Know your costs and spending on Amazon return pallets

In this business, many new people make mistakes. For example, they don’t calculate the costs that are required for this business. However, if you don’t taken care of it properly, there will be much wastes of money.

When you are buying a pallet from an auction company, make sure that you are adding the shipping costs of sending you pallet. Secondly, take a note if these items require repacking or any alteration. If yes, write those costs also.

4. Find reputable sellers to buy Amazon return pallets

One of the most important steps is that you need to do is contacting an experienced and credible seller. See, the thing is Amazon pallets is a risky business.

 If you are not taking the precautions like finding a good seller, it can cost you a lot in terms of quality.

What you can do is that search for the seller and get an opinion from other online sellers. They might give you a deeper insight into what will happen.

We recommend you to use known liquidation sites that are mentioned in this blog. They are known for their services and there is little chance of scam if you use these sites. However, there is a chance of a scam, so do your research accordingly.

Chapter 3:  Top 5 Websites You Can Buy Amazon Return Pallets from

Moving towards the third chapter, it is the sites where you can buy Amazon pallets online. The sites mentioned here are the best of the best sites where the chances of scams are a bit low.

Top 5 Websites You Can Buy Amazon Return Pallets from

1. Amazon Liquidation Auctions

The first site that you can use is Amazon Liquidation Auctions. Back in the day, Amazon saw pallets can be very useful to the customers.

Then the company decided to merge with B-Stock to launch Amazon Liquidation Auctions. Now, the site has gained the title of B2B market of oversized merchandise where you can buy directly from Amazon itself.

The first step that you need to do is register your account with B-Stock. With that, you will be able to bid on the pallets. There is no fee imposed on the registered account. Right now, only people from the US can bid on B-Stock and can buy from Amazon.

If you are from Europe, there is an option to register at Amazon EU liquidation, and then you will be able to buy the pallets. Amazon is seeing this as a success and is planning to expand to other major markets.

Once you have bought the pallet, B-Stock will ask for additional information and will ship the pallet to your location.

2. BULQ 


The second option that EJET has for you is a company named BULQ. If you are not a fan of bidding and auction, then BULQ is the best site for you.

With BULQ, there is no need to put up a bid and then wait for it. It is just simple as adding the item to your cart and pay at the checkout.

Another important feature of BULQ is that it will give you an insight into what is actually in the pallet. This is not available in other liquidation sites.

So, if you are concerned that you will not get what you want, consider using BULQ.

However, there is a downside to BULQ, they don’t give out the information that whether the

products will be in working condition or not.

They can be broken, or non-functional. So, take BULQ into account if you are not buying any electronic item pallet.

3. DirectLiquidation 

Moving towards the third auction site, it is Direct Liquidation. The best feature about this site is that it is working with many high-end retailers including Amazon. Stores like Walmart, Target, and eBay are available on the site.

Another important feature of this website is that you can search using your own favorite stores. Let’s say that you want the pallets only from Amazon, just apply the filter and it will give you the products from that store.

Talking about the disadvantages of this website, there is very little information about the pallets and the items in it. Secondly, the images that are shown on the page are sometimes not what they are.

4. Liquidation 


Liquidation is another site like BULQ. However, the major difference between them is that Liquidation works using the bidding system.

That means that you have to register an account with the website and then you will be able to bid in the pallet.

Liquidation gives out very little detail about what is in the pallet. However, there is a hack to this. The images uploaded of the pallet can be used to check what kinds of items are there in the pallet. If you have a keen eye, then you are at an advantage here.

Liquidation is used by a lot of people, meaning that quality pallets get bid up beyond their actual price.

If you see a pallet that no one is bidding on, there is a chance that it can become a good deal. So, the idea is to keep updated with the site and act accordingly.

5. 888Lots 

The last website that you can use is 888 Lots. The deal about this site is that you can buy single products from the website.

There are no auctions, most of lots there are fixed price. As a buyer, you can negotiate the price of each lot with their sales representative.

888 Lots

Secondly, 888 Lots buy most of their inventory from Amazon. For that, they have added a calculator that shows whether the product will give profit or not.

Plus, their manifest is descriptive like BULQ and it will give you the details about what kind of items are present in the pallet.

Chapter 4: 4 Main Items in Amazon Pallets You Can Choose For Your Business

Let’s talk about the four main types of items that you can find on Amazon return pallets. Usually, the items mentioned in this chapter are the ones you find because they have the most demand in the market.

4 Main Items in Amazon Pallets You Can Choose For Your Business

1. High retail items in Amazon Pallets

The first category of items is the one that has high retail. By high retail items, we mean the ones that have been on the “Bestsellers” list of Amazon.

A lot of products found in this category have high demand, and they can of great profit margin if packed and sold again.

You can expect items in this type of pallet as books, popular water bottles, doormats, etc. However, there is a catch to this category.

The items available are in very low quantity. So, make sure that when you are buying this, you know how to sell these items in such a way that they give a good profit.

2. Clothing accessories

The second category of pallets is the one that contains clothing and clothing accessories. Amazon is a one-stop-shop for every person who wants to buy clothes.

As more customers enjoy that, Amazon has launched a service where you can try the clothes and have to pay in the 7 days.

High demand for clothes sometimes chances into clothes getting returned, that means there is no shortage of premium clothing line.

Clothing accessories

Most of the sellers tend to buy clothing pallets, for the reason that the items are easy to pack and they can give a good amount of profits. If you are lucky, you can even find designer or branded clothes in this pallet.

The items in this pallet category are mixed and contain products such as men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and kids/infant clothing. There is a chance that you will find bags, scarves, and belts.

3. Small products

The small products category contains items that have a small size and have lower weight. This type of pallet can become a huge business because each item is available in large quantities.

Talking about the items, you can find products such as glasses, small electronics, bags, and watches. This category is perfect for the ones who are new to the business and are running an online store.

That is because of the high count of each item. If you have time, then this is the one for you. Because high quantity means that it will take time to sort and list the items. Once done, it can give you huge profits.

4. Large products

The last category that you can find is tiered in large items. This type of pallet contains big items such as TV, furniture, large electronics, and other related merchandise.

Large products

This type of pallet is optimum for stores that have created brand awareness and have huge storage for storing these items.

These are some of the categories that are widely bought by a lot of people. Remember one thing when buying these, that is you need to pay the shipping costs.

With every category, the shipping cost is different and it can put a lot of effect on the business.

Chapter 5: Tips on Expanding Amazon Return Pallet Business

There is a need to create a strategy when reselling the items you took out from the Amazon return pallet. In this chapter, we are going to talk about that. So, let’s move forward.

1. Sort and bundle the items

When you buy a pallet, don’t expect the items to be sorted according to the category or everything is bundled together.

Let’s talk an example, suppose you are buying a pallet that contains a phone cover with the camera lens. Now, the thing is, in the pallet, the covers will be mixed with other designs and specs.

The lenses will be on the other side. What you have to do is sort the cover according to the color or spec. And then, create the bundle by placing the lens according to the cover dimension.

This is the most hectic task and can take a lot of time. So, the thing that you will need is patience. Take your time and do these tasks with accuracy so when you sell the item, you don’t get the complaint that anything is missing.

2. Repair the items if needed

Repair the items if needed

There is a chance that you will find the items broken (in case of electronics) or damaged (in case of clothing). What you have to do is sort these items out and send them for repair, so that they can be resold easily.

On a side note, this is one of the costs that new people in this business do not take into account.

And one more thing, if there is any repairing required, always buy the pallet that you can afford. If it is a large item, its repairing can cost more than the product itself.

You can also check if there are any specific logos on the items, make sure that those are printed back so that you can save the items from customs seizure.

3. Put in the important accessories

In the pallet, the items are placed according to the category. No one sees whether the accessories of that item are in the box or not.

For instance, let’s say that you are buying a pallet that contains power banks. Sometimes, these power banks do not contain the charging cable with them.

What you have to check is that whether the charging cable is in the box or not. If not, buy the charging cable and place it in the box. Like this, make sure that each accessory associated with the product is there and if not, you can adding that to the box.

4. Inspection of the items

Inspection of the items

One of the most important steps in this business is the inspection of the items. Once you have added the accessories, take a look and try to inspect the things. This will show you the key details. You can hire an inspection agency or can do it by yourself.

5. Repack the items

Once you have placed the accessories in the box and did the inspection. It is time to repack those items. If you are a private label brand, then you can use your own packaging.

Otherwise, you can use a simple card box for that. Just make sure that the packaging shows important labels and what is inside the box.

Chapter 6: Frequently Asked Question About Amazon Pallets

Tips on Expanding Amazon Return Pallet Business

1. Can Ibuy Amazon return pallet directly from Amazon?

Yes, you can buy the pallets directly from Amazon. Amazon has linked up with B-Stock and with that, they are targeting the customers who want to buy their returned inventory.

You have to sign up with B-Stock and provided relevant information to do the bidding and buying.

2. Is buying return pallets really worth it?

Buying the return pallets can give you a huge sum of profit provided you know what you are doing.

With the returned items, you have to create a specific strategy in order to resell the items. And we have mentioned how you can resell the items in the blog that will help you.

3. What documents are required for starting Amazon return pallet business?

There are no such documents required for buying Amazon return pallets.

However, one important document needed to set up the account on liquidation sites is reselling certificate. It is important and you have to get that if you want to create the account.

4. What kind of items are there in Amazon return pallets?

There are different categories of items present in Amazon pallets. These categories are defined as clothing, high retail, small (sunglasses, bags, small electronics), and large (TV, speakers, furniture).

You can do some researches to find out which item is the most suitable for you.


Buying an Amazon return pallet is a perfect way if you are looking to buy the items at a lower price. However, with a low price, comes more responsibilities.

For instance, you have to sort the items, create the list, put in the important accessories, and repack them.

Selling a return pallet is a time taking business, but it can give you a huge number of sales if you are doing it the right way.

EJET has compiled a guide that covers all details about the Amazon return pallet business. We hope this guide will help you in entering the reselling business.