Are you searching all around for an Amazon warehouse location?

Do you want to know the locations of the nearest Amazon warehouse near you?

When you are doing an online business, it is important to know the different Amazon warehouse locations nearby. With the convenience Amazon FBA is giving to online buyers and sellers, it is important to know how it works.

Moreover, knowing about the nearest Amazon warehouses will help you save money by reducing costs.

In this article, you will get to know about the location of the Amazon warehouses worldwide.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: What is Amazon FBA?

Chapter 2: What Do We Need to Know About Amazon Warehouse Near Me?

Chapter 3: Different Methods to Find an Amazon Warehouse near Me

Chapter 4: List of Amazon Warehouses in the World

Chapter 5: FAQs About Amazon Warehouse near me

Chapter 1: What is Amazon FBA?

Just by reading the name, we can get to know that Amazon FBA must be a service offered by Amazon. But, what exactly is it?


1. What is Amazon FBA all about?

Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon FBA is a service offered for the ease of sellers by Amazon. The concept is very simple; Amazon ships while the seller sells. In short, sellers can easily automate their shipping services and further benefit from Amazon by automating their order fulfillment services.

Best of all, anyone can make use of the extensive and worldwide customer service network of Amazon to sell their product. The only thing the seller needs to take care of is to keep a check and balance on the inventory in the Amazon warehouse to ensure that Amazon has a product to dispatch when an order comes through.

Of course, for these services Amazon charges a fee. But, provided the fact that the seller does not need to do anything except keeping track on inventory, it is worth it. Even the returns and refunds are handled by Amazon. What more do you need?

2. How Does Amazon FBA Work?


Understanding the FBA process is very simple. You can break it down into two parts.

  1. Product Hunting: Search for a profitable product to sell on Amazon
  2. Product Selection: Select the product which you want to sell on Amazon.
  3.  Sourcing: Select from where you are going to source your product. For this, websites like Alibaba and Ali Express are a good option
  4. Send your product to Amazon: Now all you need to do is send the product to Amazon for FBA.

Once you have opted for Amazon FBA services, you hand over the responsibility of shipping, storing, delivery and even customer services to them. The working of FBA is as follows.

  1. Inventory: Firstly, you send the inventory to the Amazon Warehouse near you.
  2. Amazon fulfillment warehouses: Next, Amazon goes ahead and stores your products in its fulfillment warehouse. There are a number of Amazon warehouses in the world dedicated for FBA services.
  3. Customer places an order: Once this is all done and your inventory reaches the warehouse, you are in business. When someone places an order, things get into action.
  4. Order Packing and Delivery: When an order is placed, Amazon packs the order in the fulfilment warehouse and dispatches it for delivery.
  5. Customer Service: Seldom does it happen that you never get complaints about the products. At times, even if there is no complaint, customer services are mostly required. Amazon itself provides this service to the users.
  6. Returns and refunds: Amazon also provides services when it comes to returns and refunds. It is not the headache of the seller.

Can you see how much is the role of Amazon when it comes to Amazon FBA? Now, do you know why people prefer Amazon FBA over others?

3. Why Is It Important For You as a Seller?


If done right, you can make higher profits when it comes to online sale by leveraging the power of FBA. There is a catch: Your product needs to be profitable and you need to know how to do business. Only then will you make profits.

  1. By opting for Amazon FBA, you will be having a lot of time to spare as literally everything from packaging, shipping, delivery, returns and refunds is handled by Amazon itself.
  2. Secondly, you can gain from Amazon’s established and worldwide network of warehousesand logistics.
  3. No more worry about shipping and the formalities associated with it.
  4. When customers see the tag of Amazon on your product, their confidence level to make a purchase increases.

Chapter 2: What Do We Need to Know About Amazon Warehouse Near Me?


Are you wondering “How am I going to find an Amazon warehouse near me?” Before that, let’s see what these Amazon warehouses are.

1. What are Amazon Warehouses?

When we talk about Amazon Warehouse, people confuse it with Amazon fulfillment warehouse. An Amazon warehouse does not hold new items. Instead, it comes into play when an item is returned after being purchased from Amazon. Once a packaged item is returned, it passes through several different checks and balances.

After the checks, the package is characterized into different categories as follows:

  1. Like New
  2. Very Good
  3. Good
  4. Acceptable

On the other hand, the FBA warehouses are where sellers place their inventory which is sold to the customers. Not only are the products stored here, but Amazon workers themselves also find the products in the labyrinth of thousands of other products.

2. Why Do You Need to Know About the Amazon Warehouses Near Me?


As sellers, it is important to know where your inventory is going to be placed. But, you are not going to select it. Amazon itself decides where your inventory will be. You must know which Amazon warehouses are near you.

Sometimes it is helpful that if Amazon ships the inventory into the warehouse near you, it will cost you less money if you are shipping the goods within your city of if most of your customers are living in that same city where the Amazon warehouse is located with your products.

3. What Does It Mean if there are so Many Amazon Warehouses near Me?

If you look around and try to find the answer to “why are there so many Amazon warehouses near me?” you will see that there are many warehouses all over the world. The reason for this is simple; Amazon wants to facilitate the sellers and buyers.

By having a lot of warehouses all over the world, Amazon makes sure that they are closer to the customers. In this way, Amazon can provide faster and quicker service to the customers.

4. What Are the Advantages of Amazon Warehouses?


Amazon FBA warehouses have several advantages:

  • You don’t need to worry about storage, overseeing and organizing the products in the warehouse.
  • The highly established system of Amazon which includes robotics, inventory management and computer systems are top of the line. This means your products are safe and secure and in good hands.
  • Organized packaging and delivery options. The sheer size of the Amazon warehouses is so huge and with thousands of products being sold every day, they have the best packaging system. Not only is it quick and efficient it is also high-class.

Chapter 3: Different Methods to Find an Amazon Warehouse near Me

Most of the people we have come across are worried and think “can I find an Amazon warehouse near me?” There are a few simple and effective means to find them near you which are as follows:

1. Conduct Google Research


Without a doubt, you can find everything you want online. So, the first thing you should do is go and search on Google. There is ample information available. But, be sure to re-check and confirm it.

2. Go to

Amazon provides a list of FBA warehouses they have around the world. You can further search on the website in the seller central account and look for an Amazon warehouse near you.

3. Ask from Different Amazon Sellers Around You

Do you know someone who is already selling on Amazon? Is he/she opting from Amazon FBA? It can’t get better than this. Someone with experience will guide you better to find an Amazon warehouse near you.

4. Study the Blog Further

Our blog has detailed information about all the Amazon warehouses near you. So, if you are looking for an Amazon warehouse near me anywhere in the world, this blog is going to help you find one for sure.

5. Contact Amazon Help Team


Are you still worried about finding an Amazon warehouse?

You can always contact the Amazon help team. Amazon has one of the best customer services in the world. Therefore, you can always go ahead and have a chat with a customer service team member to clear your queries.

Chapter 4: List of Amazon Warehouses in the World

Amazon has fulfillment centers all over the world. This is why it has become an e-commerce giant over a few years. Some of these warehouses are so huge that they cover a space of a small football field.

Overall, Amazon has a worldwide capacity of approximately 166 million sq feet. This is JUST their distribution centers.

  • Amazon Warehouses near me in America

Amazon has the highest number of warehouses in America. It has almost 100 fulfillment centers in America alone.


1. Arizona Warehouses location

Warehouse Code County City Address
TUS2 Pima County Tucson 6701 S. Kolb Rd., Tucson, AZ 85756
TUS1 Maricopa County Phoenix 533 W Lower Buckeye Rd, Phoenix, Arizona, 85043
TFC1 Maricopa County Phoenix 5050 W. Mohave St. Phoenix, AZ 85043
PHX3 Maricopa County Phoenix 6835 W. Buckeye Rd. Phoenix, AZ, 85043
PHX5 Maricopa County Goodyear 16920 W. Commerce Dr. Goodyear, AZ, 85338
PHX6 Maricopa County Phoenix 4750 W. Mohave St. Phoenix, AZ, 85043
PHX7 Maricopa County Phoenix PHX8 – 800 N. 75th Ave Phoenix, AZ, 85043
PHX9 Maricopa County Tolleson 777 S 79th Ave, Tolleson, Arizona, 85353
SAZ1 Maricopa County Phoenix 3333 S 7th St., Phoenix, AZ 85040-1182

2. Alabama Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
BHM1 Bessemer 975 Powder Plant Rd, Bessemer – Waze

3. Colorado Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
DDV5 Aurora – Denver County 2889 Himalaya Drive, Aurora, Colorado, 80011
DEN3 Thornton – Adams County 14601 Grant Street Thornton CO 80023-6622
DEN2 Aurora – Adams County 24006 E. 19th Ave., Aurora, CO 80019-3705

4. California Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
FAT1 Fresno 3575 S Orange Ave, Fresno, CA 93725
BFL1 Bakersfield 1601 Petrol Road, Bakersfield, California, 93308
LAX9 Fontana 11263 Oleander Ave, Fontana, CA 92337
LGB1 Long Beach 2417 E. Carson St, Long Beach, California, 90810
LGB3 Eastvale 4590 Goodman Way, Building 1, Eastvale, CA 91752-5088
OAK3 Patterson 255 Park Center Drive Patterson, CA, 95363
OAK4/OAK6 Tracy 1555 N. Chrisman Rd. Tracy, CA, 95304
ONT9 Redlands 2125 W. San Bernardino Ave. Redlands, CA, 92374
ONT6/HLA3 Moreno Valley 24208 San Michele Rd. Moreno Valley, CA, 92551
ONT2/3/4/7 San Bernardino 1910 & 2020 E Central Ave. San Bernardino, CA, 92408
SMF3 Stockton 4723 S B Street, Stockton, California, 95215-9446
SMF1 Sacramento 4900 W Elkhorn Blvd, Metro Air Park, Sacramento, CA 95835-9505
SJC7 Tracy 188 Mountain House Pkwy, Tracy, CA 95391
SCK3 Manteca 3565 N Airport Way, Manteca, California 95336-8696

5. Connecticut Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
BDL3 North Haven 415 Washington Ave, Building 3, North Haven, CT 06473
BDL1 Windsor 200 Old Iron Ore Rd Windsor, CT 6095

6. Delaware Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
PHL1 New Castle  1 Centerpoint Blvd. New Castle, DE 19720
PHL3 New Castle 1600 Johnson Way, New Castle, DE 19720-8111
PHL7 / PHL9 Middletown 560 Merrimac Ave Middletown, DE 19709
PHL8 Middletown 560 Merrimac Ave Middletown, DE 19709

7. Florida Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
TPA1 Ruskin 3350 Laurel Ridge Ave. Ruskin, FL 33570
TPA1 /#LAL1 Lakeland 1760 County Line Rd. Lakeland, FL, 33811
JAX2 Jacksonville 12900 Pecan Park Rd., Jacksonville, FL  32218-2432
JAX3 Jacksonville 13333 103rd St. Cecil Commerce Center, Jacksonville, FL 32221-8686
MCO1 Orlando 12340 Boggy Creek Road, Orlando, FL 32824-6902

8. Illinois Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
HMW1 Wilmington 30260 Graaskamp Blvd, Wilmington, Illinois 60481
TPA1 /#LAL1 Lakeland 201 Emerald Dr, Joliet, IL 60433
JAX2 Jacksonville 1125 W Remington Blvd, Romeoville, IL 60446
JAX3 Jacksonville 6521 W Monee Manhattan Road, Monee, IL 60449
MDW8 Waukegan 1750 Bridge Dr, Waukegan, IL 60085-3004
MDW9 Aurora 2865 Duke Parkway, Aurora, IL 60502-9551

9. Indiana Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
IND1 Whitestown 4255 Anson Blvd. Whitestown, IN 46075
IND4/IND8 Indianapolis 710 South Girls School Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46214
IND2/#IND3 Plainfield 715 Airtech Pkwy. Plainfield, IN 46168
IND5 Plainfield 800 S Perry Rd Plainfield, IN 46168
IND7 Indianapolis 9101 Orly Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46241
PIN1 Indianapolis 6161 Decatur Blvd, Indianapolis, Indiana 46241

10. Kentucky Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
CVG1 Hebron 1155 Worldwide Blvd. Hebron, KY 41048
CVG3 Hebron 3680 Langley Dr. Hebron, KY 41048
CVG8 Florence 7968 Kentucky Dr, Suites 2-3, Florence, Kentucky 41042
IVSA Erlanger 4620 Olympic Blvd, Erlanger, Kentucky 41018

11. Kansas  Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
MKC4 Edgerton 19645 Waverly Rd., Edgerton, KS 66021-9588
MKC6 Windsor 6925 Riverview Ave., Kansas City, KS 66102

12. Michigan/ Massachusetts/ Maryland Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
DET1 Livonia 9000 Amrhein Rd., Livonia, MI 48150-1043
DET2 Shelby 50500 Mound Road, Shelby Township, MI 48317-1318
BOS7 Massachusetts 1180 Innovation Way, Fall River
HBA1 Aberdeen 1100 Woodley Rd, Aberdeen, Maryland 21001-4042
BWI2 Baltimore 2010 Broening Hwy. Baltimore, MD 21224 –
HSE1 Hagerstown 13905 Crayton Blvd, Hagerstown, Maryland 21742

13. Mississippi/ Minnesota/ Missouri Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
MEM2 Mississippi 191 Norfolk Southern Way, Chickasaw Trails Industrial Park Byhalia, Mississippi
MSP1 Minnesota 2601 4th Ave E, Shakopee, MN 55379
STL8 Missouri 4000 Premier Parkway, St. Peters, Missouri 63376

14. Nevada/ New Hampshire Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
RNO4 Reno 8000 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89506
RNO3 Sparks 555 Milan Dr, Sparks, Nevada 89434
LAS1 Henderson 12300 Bermuda Road, Henderson, Nevada 89044
LAS2 North Las Vegas 3837 Bay Lake Trail Suite 115, North Las Vegas, NV 89030-4434
BOS1 New Hampshire 10 State St Nashua, NH 03063

15. New Jersey Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
ACY1 Deptford 240 Mantua Grove Road, West Deptfort, NJ 08066-1731
ACY2 Burlington 1101 E. Pearl St., Burlington, NJ 08016-1934
TEB3 Logan Township 2651 Oldmans Creek Rd, Swedesboro, Logan Township, NJ 08085-4503
LGA9 Edison 2170 State Route 27, Edison, NJ 08817-3332
TEB6 Cranbury 22 Hightstown-Cranbury Station Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512-5007

16. North Carolina/ New York Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
CLT3 Reno 8000 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89506
CLT4 Sparks 555 Milan Dr, Sparks, Nevada 89434
JFK8/DYY6 Henderson 12300 Bermuda Road, Henderson, Nevada 89044
BUF5 North Las Vegas 3837 Bay Lake Trail Suite 115, North Las Vegas, NV 89030-4434

17.  Oklahoma/ Ohio/ Oregon Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
OKC1 Oklahoma 9201 S. Portland Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73159
CMH1 Etna 11903 National Rd SW, Etna, OH 43062
CMH2 Obetz 6050 Gateway Court, Obetz, OH 43125-9016 –
CMH3 Monroe 700 Gateway Blvd., Monroe, OH 45050-1848
CMH4 West Jefferson 1550 W Main St., West Jefferson, Ohio 43162
MDW6/HCM1 Lockbourne 3538 TradePort Ct, Building 2, Lockbourne, OH 43137
POH1 Obetz 3880 Groveport Road, Obetz, Ohio 43207
PDX6/HPD1 Portland 15000 N. Lombard St., Multnomah, Portland, Oregon 97203-6814

18. Pennsylvania Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
AVP1 Hazleton 550 Oak Ridge Road Hazleton, PA 18202
AVP6 Pittston 1 Commerce Rd., Pittston, PA 18640
ABE3 Breinigsville 650 Boulder Drive Breinigsville, PA 18031
ABE4 Easton 1610 Van Buren Rd., Easton, PA 18045-1707
ABE5 Harrisburg 6455 Allentown Boulevard Harrisburg, PA 17112
MDT1 Carlisle  2 Ames Drive, Carlisle, PA 17015

19. Texas Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
DAL3 Dallas 1301 Chalk Hill Road, Dallas, Texas 75211
DFW6 Coppell 940 W Bethel Road Coppell, TX 75019
DFW7 Fort Worth 700 Westport Parkway Fort Worth, TX 76177
PTX1 Lancaster 2101 Danieldate Road, Lancaster, Texas 75134

20. Virginia/ Utah Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
BWI4 Clear Brook 550 Oak Ridge Road Hazleton, PA 18202
RIC1 Petersburg 1 Commerce Rd., Pittston, PA 18640
RIC2 Chester 650 Boulder Drive Breinigsville, PA 18031
SLC1 Salt Lake City 1610 Van Buren Rd., Easton, PA 18045-1707
SLC3/HSL1 Salt Lake City 6455 Allentown Boulevard Harrisburg, PA 17112
SLC4 Salt Lake City  2 Ames Drive, Carlisle, PA 17015

21. Washington/ Wisconsin Warehouses location

Warehouse Code City Address
BFI1 Sumner 1800 140th Ave. E, Sumner, WA 98390
BFI3 Dupont 2700 Center Drive, Dupont, WA 98327
BFI4 Kent 21005 64th St., Kent, WA 98032-2423
GEG1 Spokane 10010 W Geiger Blvd., Spokane, Washington 9922
PWA1 Tacoma 2309 Milwaukee Way, Tacoma, Washington 98421
MKE1 Kenosha 3501 120th Ave. Kenosha, WI, 53144-7502
MKE2 Oak Creek 9700 South 13th Street, Oak Creek, Wisconsin 53154
  • Amazon Warehouse Near me in Canada

In Canada, there are several Amazon Warehouses that are working tirelessly to provide the highest quality to the customers.


Warehouse Code Address City Country
YYC1 293069 Colonel Roberts Way, Balzac, Alberta T0M 0E0 Calgary Canada
YVR2 450 Derwent Pl. Delta, BC V3M 5Y9 Annacis Island Canada
YVR3 109 Braid St, New Westminster, BC V3L 5H4 New Westminster Canada
YYZ3 7995 Winston Churchill Blvd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5Z4 Brampton Canada
YYZ1 6363 Millcreek Dr, Mississauga, ON L5N 1L8 Mississaug Canada
YYZ2 2750 Peddie Rd, Milton, ON L9T 0K1 Milton Canada
YOW1 5225 Boundary Road, Navan Ottawa, ON K4B 0L3 Ottawa Canada
YYZ4/YYZ6 8050 Heritage Rd., Brampton, Ontario L6Y 0C9 Brampton Canada
YVR4 4189 Salish Sea Way, Tsawwassen (Delta), British Columbia V4M 0B9 Tsawwassen Canada
YYZ9 900 Passmore Ave, Scarborough, ON M1X 0A1 Scarborough Canada
YYZ7 12724 Coleraine Dr, Bolton, ON L7E 3B1 Caledon Canada
  • Amazon Warehouse near me in Asia

Amazon has well-established warehouses in Asia also. This is why they cater to this market easily.  Some of the important Amazon warehouses near me in India and Japan are mentioned below.

1. Amazon Warehouse near me in India


Warehouse Code Address City
SAMB Gujrat Crystal Indus Logistics Park , National Highway 8th, Bhayla village, Survey No-78/79, Bawla Taluka, District Ahmedabad
SAMC Gujrat Plot No.22,Swastik Industrial Estate,Survey No.242,Village Sari,Taluka Sanand District,Ahmedaba
DEL3 Haryana Agson Global Logistics Park,Village Kishora, Main G.T.Road, Sonipat
DEL2 Haryana Unit No.1, Khewat/Khata No. 373/400, Mustatil No. 31, Kila No 14/2, Village Tauru, Mewat
BLR5 Karnataka 38-39, Soukya Road, Kacharakanahalli, Hoskote, Karnataka 560067, India
SBOB Maharashtra Shree Sai Dhara Complex, W/N. I-2, Opp RK petrol pump, Nr. Shagrila resorts, Mumbai Nasik highway, Kuksa (Borivali)
SBOE Maharashtra Sai Dhara Complex, Warehouse No I-1, Next to Shangrila Resort, Mumbai Nashik Highway
BOM1 Maharashtra Building A, F & H, Prathamesh Complex, Saravali Village,
SDEA New Delhi A-43, Ground Floor, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110044, India
SDEF New Delhi A-28, Block B, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Badarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110044, India
SDEE New Delhi A-28, Block B, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Badarpur
SATB Ludhiana H.B.No 212,situated in village katani kalan,sub ditrict sahnewal
SJAB Rajasthan Plot No. 128 Jhotwara Industrial Area Jaipur Rajasthan 302016
SCJA Tamil Nadu Central Warehouse No.2, Chinnasamynaidu Road, Siddhapudur,Coimbatore
MAA5 Chennai Central Warehouse, 1, Arcot Road, Virugambakkam, Chennai
HYD8 Hyderabad Survey no.99/1,Mamidipally Village,Shamshabad,Hyderabad-500409
SHYB Medchal A2 and B2, 14,14/part& 170,Somaram Village,Medchal

2. Amazon Warehouse near me in Japan


Warehouse Code Address City
TYO1 5-14-35 Ryoke Kawaguchi-shi Saitama, 332-8503 Saitama
NRT5 1-10-15 Minamidai Kawagoe-shi, Saitama, 350-1182 Saitama
FSZ1 4-5-1 Ogicho Odawara-shi, Kanagawa, 250-8560 Odawara
HND8 2970-3 Ishikawamachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, 192-8560 Hachioji
HND9 3-14-1 Kitamigata Takatsu, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, 213-8517 Kawasaki
NRT1 2-13-1 Shiohama Ichikawa-shi, Chiba, 272-0193 Ichikawa
TPF6 2-4-1 Matsuzakidai Inzai, Chiba, 270-1389 Inzai
HND3 2F 2-1-1 Kawajima Kawajimamachi Hiki-gun, Saitama, 350-0195 Kawajima
NRT2 2036 Kamitakano, Yachiyo-shi, Chiba, 276-8525 Yachiyo
TPF3 1-52-2 Amazon TPF3 Shibocho Takatsuki, Osaka, 569-0823 Takatsuki
KIX2 2-1-1 Midorigaoka Daito-shi, Osaka, 574-8531 Daito
KIX1 138-7 Chikkouyawatamachi Sakai-ku Sakai-shi, Osaka, 590-8589 Sakai
KIX4 4-435 Tsudou, Fujiidera-shi, Osaka, 583-8533 Fujudera
KIX3 2-1 Amazon KIX3 Matsushitacho Ibaraki-shi, Osaka, 567-8507 Ibaraki
NGO2 10-6 Asahigaoka, Tajimi-shi, Gifu, 507-8585 Tajimi
HSG1 3-1-3 Yayoigaoka Tosu-shi, Saga, 841-8505 Tosu
  • Amazon Warehouse near me in Europe

1. Amazon Warehouse near me in Italy


Warehouse Code Address City
XITD Amazon XITD – Geodis Logistics, Viale Maestri del Lavoro 990, 45031 Arquà Polesine Arquà Polesine
XITC Francolino di Carpiano, Moro, 4, 20080 Francolino di Carpiano (MI) Francolino di Carpiano
MXP5 Amazon EU Sarl c/o Amazon Italia Logistica Srl, Strada Dogana Po 2U, 29015 Castel San Giovanni Castel San Giovanni
FCO1 Amazon Italia Logistica S.R.L., Via della Meccanica, 4, 02032 Passo Corese Passo Corese
MXP3 Amazon Italia Logistica S.R.L., Via Rita Levi Montalcini, 2, 13100 Vercelli Vercelli

2. Amazon Warehouse near me in France


Warehouse Code Address City
XFRH 900 Rue Denis Papin, 77550 Moissy-Cramayel, Île-de-France Île-de-France
XFRG ZAC Moulin, 101 Le Chemin de Poupry, 45410 Artenay, Centre-Val de Loire Centre-Val de Loire
XFRF Avenue Louis Renault, ZAC du Val Bréon, Batiment 3, 77610 Châtres, Île-de-France Île-de-France
XFRE 91-135 Rue du Brisson, 38290, Satolas-et-Bonce, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Satolas
BVA1 Parc logistique de Lauwin-Planque 1, Rue Amazon Douai, 59553 Lauwin-Planque, Norde-Pas-de-Calais Norde-Pas-deCalais
LIS1 Distripôle Chalon, ZAC du Parc d’Activité du Val de Bourgogne,2 Tue Amazon Sevrey, 71100 Saône-et-LoireBurgundy Saône-et-Loire
MRS1 Building 2, Rue Joseph Garde, ZAC, Les Portes de Provence, 26200 Montelimar, Drôme Drôme
ORY1 Pôle 45, 1401 Rue du Champ Rouge, 45770 Saran, Loiret  Loiret

3. Amazon Warehouse near me in Spain


Warehouse Code Address City
BCN1 Amazon Spain Fulfillment, S.L., Avigunda De les Garrigues 6-8, 08820
El Prat de Llobregat,
BCN3 Amazon Fulfillment, S.L, Carrer Ferro, 12, 08755 Castellbisbal, Barcelona Barcelona
BCN2 Amazon Fulfillment, S.L., Carrer De La Vernada, 22, 08107 Martorelles Martorelles
MAD4 2Amazon EU Sarl C/O Amazon Fulfillment, S.L, Avenida De Astronomía, 24, 28830 San Fernando De Henares, Madrid Madrid
MAD5 Poligono de Los Vailanes, 28096 Madrid Madrid
XESB Avenida Del Rio Henares, 19208 Alovera, Guadalajara Guadalajara
XESA XPO Logistics, Avenida Río Henares, 16, 19208 Alovera, Guadalajara Guadalajara
XESC Kuehne & Nagel Warehouse, Amazon Deliveries, Avenida de las Puntas, 10, 43120 Constantí, Tarragona Tarragona

4. Amazon Warehouse near me in Poland


Warehouse Code Address City
WRO1 Amazon Fulfillment, Czekoladowa 1, 55-040 Bielany Wroclawskie Wrocław
WRO2 Amazon Fulfillment, Logistyczna 6, 55-040 Bielany Wroclawskie Wrocław
KTW1 Amazon Fulfillment sp. z o.o., Inwestycyjna 19, 41-208 Sosnowiec Sosnowiec
KTW1 Amazon Logistic Prague s.r.o., K Amazonu 235, 252-61 Dobrovíz Dobrovíz
PRG2 Amazon Fulfillment sp. z o.o., Kolbaskowo 156, 72-001 Kolbaskowo Kolbaskowo
SZZ1 Amazon Fulfillment , Poznanska 1d, 62-080 Sady Sady

5. Amazon Warehouse near me in Germany


Warehouse Code Address City
XDEU DHL Solutions GmbH, Barentsstrasse 24, 53881 Euskirchen Euskirchen
XDET Geodis Malsfeld NS 3PL, Bornwiese 1, 34323 Mansfeld Mansfeld
XDEJ Baur Versand GmbH & Co KG, Siegfried-Lapawa-Straße 1, 96242 Sonnefeld Sonnefeld
XDEI Geodis Logistics Deutschland GmbH Niederlassung Hamburg, Bei der Lehmkuhle 2, 21629 Neu Wulmstorf-Mienenbuettel Neu Wulmstorf
XDEH Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG Betriebsstätte Rennerod, Industriegebiet Alsberg, 56477 Rennerod Rennerod
XDEB DHL Logistik-Center Ludwigsau, Im Fuldatal 2, 36251 Ludwigsau OT Mecklar Ludwigsau
STR1 Amazon Pforzheim GmbH, Amazonstrasse 1 (A8 Exit 44 Pforzheim Nord direction Bretten), 75177 Pforzheim Pforzheim
MUC3 Amazon Distribution GmbH, Amazonstrasse 1 Zeppelinstrasse 2, 86836 Graben Graben
LEJ2 Amazon Distribution GmbH, Imaging Operations, Friedrichshafner Straße 72a, 04357 Leipzig Leipzig
LEJ1 Amazon Distribution GmbH, Amazonstrasse1, 04347 Leipzig Leipzig
HAM2 Amazon Logistik Winsen GmbH, Borgwardstrasse 10, 21423 Winsen an der Luhe Winsen an der
FRA3 Amazon Logistik GmbH, Amazonstrasse 1 / Obere Kühnbach, 36251 Bad Hersfeld Bad Hersfeld
FRA1 Amazon Logistik GmbH, Am, Schloss Eichhof 1, 36251 Bad Hersfeld Bad Hersfeld
EDE5 Amazon Logistik Werne GmbH, Wahrbrink 23, 59368 Werne Werne
EDE4 Amazon Logistik Werne GmbH, Wahrbrink 25, 59368 Werne Werne
DUS2 Amazon Fulfillment GmbH, Amazonstrasse 1 / Alte Landstrasse, 47495 Rheinberg Rheinberg
DTM1 Amazon Logistik Werne GmbH, Carl-Zeiss-Straße 3, 59368 Werne Werne
DTM2 Amazon Logistik Dortmund GmbH, Kaltbandstraße 4, 44145 Dortmund Dortmund
CGN1 Amazon Koblenz GmbH, Amazonstrasse 1 / Industriepark A61, 56330 Kobern-Gondorf Kobern-Gondorf
BER6 Amazon Logistik AF München GmbH, Am Borsigturm 100, 13507 Berlin Berlin
BER3 Amazon Brieselang GmbH, Havellandstr. 5, 14656 Brieselang Brieselang

6. Amazon Warehouse near me in Czech

Warehouse Code Address City
PRG1 Amazon Logistic Pargue s.r.o, U Trati 216, 25261 Dobrovíz, CZ Dobrovíz, CZ
PRG2 K Amazonu 245, 25261 Dobrovíz, CZ Dobrovíz, CZ

7. Amazon Warehouse near me in United Kingdom


Warehouse Code City CityAddress
BHX1 Staffordshire tower business park, Power Station Rd, Rugeley WS15 1LX, United Kingdom
BHX3 Daventry 4 Royal Oak Way N, Daventry NN11 8QL, United Kingdom
BHX2 Coalville LE67 1GQ Ellistown, Coalville, UK
CWL1 Swansea Fford Amazon, SA1 8QX Crymlyn Burrows, Swansea, UK
EUK5 Peterborough Unit 1, KIngston Park, Flaxley Rd, Peterborough PE2 9EN, United Kingdom
EDA4 Dunfermline Amazon Way, Dunfermline KY11 8ST, United Kingdom
GLA1 Gourock 1 Cloch Rd, Faulds Park Rd, Gourock PA19 1BQ, UK
LBA2 Doncaster Unit 1, Iport Avenue, DN11 0BG New Rossington, Doncaster, UK
LBA1 Doncaster Balby Carr Bank, DN4 5JS Balby, Doncaster, UK
LCY1 Twelvetrees Crescent Amazon London – Goods In, Unit B – Prologis Park, Twelvetrees Crescent, E3 3JG London, UK
LCY2 Essex Amazon Distribution Depot, Unit 2, London Distribution Park, Windrush Road, RM18 7AN Tilbury, UK
LTN4 Bedfordshire Boscombe Rd, Dunstable LU5 4RW, United Kingdom
LTN2 Hemel Hempstead Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead HP2 7LF, United Kingdom
LTN1 Bedford Marston Gate Distribution Centre, Badgers Rise, Ridgmont MK43 0ZA, United Kingdom
MAN1 Manchester Manchester Airport, 6 Sunbank Ln, Altrincham M90 5AA, United Kingdom
MAN2 Cheshire 1 Orion Blvd, Great Sankey, Burtonwood, Warrington WA5 3XA, United Kingdom
XUKK Birmingham Kuehne & Nagel, Merlin Park II, Wood Lane, B249QJ Birmingham, UK
XUKD Northamptonshir XPO Logistics UK, Unit A Daventry Distribution Centre, Royal Oak Way North, NN11 8LR
XUKC Wellingborough Yusen Logistics UK Vendorflex, Rutherford Drive, Park Farm South, NN8 6AQ Wellingborough, UK
XUKA Cheshire DHL Preston Brook (XUKA), Aston Lane North,Whitehouse Industrial Estate, WA7 3BN Runcorn, Cheshire, UK

8. Amazon Warehouse near me in Australia

Warehouse Code City Address
MEL1 Victoria 29 National Dr, Dandenong South, Australia
BWU1 Moorebank 23 Centenary Ave, Moorebank NSW 2170, Australia
PER2 Perth 60 Paltridge Road, Perth Airport, WA 6105
XAU2 Moorebank Unit 2A, 5 Helles Avenue, Moorebank, NWS 2170
BNE1 Lytton 42-52 Export Street, Lytton, QLD 4178

Chapter 5: FAQ About Amazon Warehouse near me


  • Is it easy to find the Amazon Warehouse locations online?

Yes. You can easily find this information online. Visit Amazon website, Google searches or use our blog in which we have compiled all the Amazon warehouses locations near you.

  • Is it possible that my shipment gets lost in an Amazon warehouse near me?

It is very rare for Amazon to lose an entire shipment. It has not been heard of any incident when Amazon lost an entire order. It only loses an average of 51 boxes in a year.

  • Can we trust the different Amazon warehouse deals?

Yes. Because they go through proper inspection process and are labelled fit for you, going for Amazon warehouse deals is a good idea.

  • Is it possible to return items to an Amazon Warehouse near me?

You can’t directly walk into an Amazon warehouse and return items. It needs to be done through their customer care on their website.

  • Does Amazon have stolen package protection?

In case your package gets stolen, Amazon has you protected through the A-Z guarantee protection. You can file a complaint using Amazon seller account and Amazon will take care of the rest.


As you can see, Amazon is operating all over the World. The reason why you come across so many Amazon warehouses near you is the sheer commitment and dedication of Amazon to serve its customers every day. Having a wide network of warehouses, they ensure that customers from all over the world get their packages in the least amount of time.

Amazon warehouses are excellent for e-commerce sellers and they have already revolutionized the world of E-commerce.

We hope this blog will be useful for you to find all the Amazon warehouse locations and act accordingly with your Amazon Business.