How can buying the cheapest artificial flower wholesale help you elevate your business?

What are some advantages of using artificial flowers?

As start-up event designers, you might still be having a dilemma about whether to get real or artificial flowers.

While both can be stunning, only one matches the criteria for longevity and usability—fake flowers.

Artificial flowers are made of synthetic materials such as silk, plastic, clay, and many more. Despite being made artificially, they still represent the color and design of the real flower.

You will find people specialize in creating artificial designs and they sell it at a cheap flower market in China.

But what the market in China looks like? In this article, we will talk about:

  • Where to find artificial flower wholesale Manufacturers in China?
  • How to search artificial flower wholesale suppliers?
  • How to verify the quality of artificial flowers from a flower market near me?

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Where to Find Artificial Flower Wholesale Manufacturers in China

Chapter 2: Best 23 Artificial Flower Wholesale Manufacturers in China

Chapter 3: The Important Factors that Good Artificial Flower Wholesale Manufacturers should have

Chapter 4: What you Need to Know before Buy from China Artificial Flower Wholesale Market?

Chapter 5: What you Need to Know when Importing Artificial Flower Wholesale?

Chapter 6: FAQs About Artificial Flowers Wholesale Markets

Chapter 1: Where to Find Artificial Flower Wholesale Manufacturers in China


When looking for artificial flower wholesale, you should consider the material and the manufacturer’s location.

Many event designing experts recommend importing from China because there owns the largest market of artificial flowers.

For years, more and more manufacturers improve their products continuously. This is why many experts purchase artificial flowers wholesale from this country.

The best part is, you can find high-quality artificial flowers at an affordable price. Here’s how you can purchase artificial flowers from China.

1. Visit the Local Artificial flower wholesale market in China if possible

If you plan to go to China or you are already in China, you can visit wholesale markets in the country. Here are some of the most famous places to find premium-quality artificial flowers.

  • Yiwu International Trade City

Yiwu is the biggest manufacturing city of artificial flower wholesale in China. Yiwu market has over a thousand shops selling various artificial flowers and accessories.


You can find all kinds of high-quality artificial flowers at affordable prices at the first floor in 1st District of Yiwu International Trade City.

Some of their most purchased products include Calla lily, sunflower, lavender, rose, Gerbera, flowers mini scape, miniature bonsai, Ivy rattan, and many more.

Yiwu International Trade City exports to countries in the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Russia, and many more.

  • Baoding and Cangzhou in Hebei Province

Other markets you need to see are those from the cities in Hebei Province, such as Baoding and Cangzhou. Hebei artificial flower wholesale market offers the cheapest artificial flowers in the country.

This market has over a hundred producers and artificial flower wholesale suppliers. With their expertise, you can purchase artificial flowers wholesale at the lowest price.

  • Guangzhou and Dongguan in Guangdong Province


You can also visit the flower factories in Guangzhou and Dongguan. These 2 markets are inside Guangdong province, but you can find a lot of suppliers in these 2 cities.

Guangzhou has over 656 suppliers of artificial flower wholesale, while Dongguan has around 328 suppliers.

These manufacturers offer outstanding designs of artificial flowers and its accessories at an affordable price.

If you’re looking for a factory with a short lead time, choosing one supplier from Guangzhou artificial flower wholesale factories is the best choice for you.

And if you’re looking for manufacturers of big flowers, visit the Dongguan manufacturers to find one for various designs.

  • Other cities in China like Qingdao and Xiamen

Other places you can visit when you’re looking for artificial flower suppliers are Qingdao and Xiamen. In these areas, there are hundreds of artificial suppliers.

All are known for manufacturing high-quality artificial flower designs for indoor, outdoor, and event designing.

Some of the products they offer include bouquets, Christmas decors, artificial stem flowers, potted flowers, and greeneries. With years of experience, they guarantee outstanding quality at an affordable price.

2. Well-known Artificial Flower Wholesale Websites


If there is little chance for you to visit China directly, the other good choice for you is to find suppliers from reliable wholesale websites.

Here are some of the most famous artificial flower wholesale websites that offer easy and affordable methods for importing artificial flowers from China:

Site Pros Cons
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fast delivery
  • Responsive sellers
  • Affordable price
  • Problems with communication
  • Products may appear different than what is seen online.
  • Competes against brands like Wish, QVC, and Zazzle.
  • Greater brand recognition
  • Offers free shipping policies
Does not offer free return policies.
  • Offers custom-made products
  • Offers wholesale
  • Affordable prices
  • Increased control over packaging
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • One-stop shop option
  • Higher upfront costs
  • Reality may be different from what is seen online
  • Maximum order amount is needed for discounted pricing
  • Provides cheap products
  • Belongs to, safe buying with their facilities
  • The more you buy, the cheaper you get
  • Only Chinese version
  • Shipping fee is needed
  • Can only deliver to the places inside China

3. Attend Famous Fairs related to Artificial Flower Wholesale in China

  • China Import and Export Fair

Also known as the Canton Fair, this big-scale fair located in Guangzhou is well-known for its wide scope. People from all over the globe import products with the assistance of the China Import and Export Fair.

Although this sector does not specialize in manufacturing artificial flowers, they display cheap and high-quality artificial flowers in their exhibition area.

  • China Artificial Plants and Related Products Fair

This exhibition, located in Jinan, Shandong Province, offers the opportunity to contact artificial flower, wholesale suppliers.


With their assistance, designers and merchants can contact manufacturers as soon as the need comes. This helps reduce lead time and ensures timely delivery of wholesale artificial flowers.

  • Shanghai International Simulation Plant Flower and Accessories Expo

If you’re looking for the latest trends of artificial flower wholesale in the market, Shanghai International Simulation Plant Flower and Accessories Expo can offer the best assistance for you.

This fair focuses on continuous innovation to promote new methods, materials, and products the on artificial flowers. They base their improvements on changing and volatile markets, so the products will never go out of style.

Chapter 2: Best 23 Artificial Flower Wholesale Manufacturers in China

Here is some popular design of artificial flowers:

1. SG Silk Flower Limited


For over 20 years, this company has focused on producing artificial flowers and accessories. Aside from artificial flowers, they also offer affordable artificial grass, greenery, potted plants, and more.

It already has a team established in Europe, so if you’re from here, you can easily purchase artificial flower wholesale .

2. Guangdong Foshan Tongxin Artificial Flowers Co., Ltd

If you’re looking for a company that specializes in producing artificial silk flowers, especially single stem silk flowers, the FoshonTongxin Artificial Flowers Co., Ltd is your best choice.


This company has a production capacity of over 650,000 for silk flowers, single violet flowers, single roses, and single peonies. With their assistance, you can choose from thousands of designs and colors.

3. TH Artificial Flower Manufacturers

TH Artificial Flower Manufacturers, located in Yiwu City, is known for providing thousands of artificial flower varieties.

This company has striven by high and technologies supported by a professional team that aims to develop premium-quality artificial flowers and plants at an affordable price.TH-Artificial-Flower-Manufacturers

4.YEAHFLOWER Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd

Another manufacturer you can consider is YEAHFLOWER Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd, established in 2000 in Dongguan. This company is a leading manufacturer of artificial flowers and artificial plants in China.

Some of their products include artificial trees, bushes, dried flowers, single flowers, foliage garlands, potted flowers, and many more.

5.Yiwu Lucky Goods Handicraft Co., Ltd

Yiwu Lucky Goods Handicraft Co., Ltd has been operating for ten years. It is famous for its international trademark, shipping globally to various merchants.


In addition, this company is known for its outstanding handicrafts, from artificial flowers to flower stands that can be used in weddings and christenings.

These designs can also be used for indoor and outdoor design.

6. Guangdong Home of Arts Convergence Co., LTD

Guangzhou Songtao Artificial Tree Co., Ltd, established by Mr. Liang, was founded in 1998 in Guangzhou Province. This company covers approximately 3,000 square meters, comprising of around 500 staff.

Some of their products include artificial flowers, artificial plants, custom foliage, artificial trees, green walls, and many more.

7. Tianjin Goodrich Trade Co., Ltd

Tianjin Goodrich Trade is one of the most prominent artificial flower wholesale suppliers in China. They are known for creating their products using various materials.


The best part is that this establishment is near Xingang port, and your products will be shipped easily to your place.

8. Sharetrade

According to many event designers, Sharetrade is one of the best manufacturers of artificial flowers and its accessories.

With over 10 years of experience, this company is known for premium-quality products at affordable prices.

Other products they specialize in include, artificial plant walls, artificial ferns, and many more. All of which are ideal for home and office décor, event décor, and catering services.

9. Xiamen Jusfine Products Co., Limited

Another company you can visit is Xiamen Jusfine Products Co., Limited. They specialize in manufacturing decorations and accessories such as artificial fruits and berries, artificial flowers, and other artificial plants.


Located at Xiamen, this establishment occupies approximately 10,000 square meters with advanced technology systems and an expert team of salesmen.

With their assistance, you can find the decors you need for various settings and events.

10. Full Man Manufactory

Established in 2002, Full Man Manufactory locates in Guangxi, Guangdong Province. It is known as an artificial flower wholesale manufacturer and providing artificial plants for decorating homes and event places.

For over 10 years, they are sought by merchants from America and Europe because of their reliable service and affordable products.

11. Yiwu Kunming Artificial Flower Factory

Yiwu Kunming Artificial Flower Factory has been operating for more than 12 years in artificial flower wholesale accessories production.


They have professional and well-skilled manufacturers, those experts can provide various products from artificial flowers to artificial flower bouquets and other kinds of artificial accessories.

12. Guangzhou Shengjie Artificial Plants Ltd

Guangzhou Dongchu Sculpture Arts & Crafts., Ltd specializes in artificial plant production. This company has over 15 years of experience in artificial flower production.

This company is known for its complete range of products including artificial trees, artificial bonsai, artificial green walls, palm trees, and more.

Their establishment covers up to 6,000 square meters and has over 2000 employees.

13. Tianjin Super Star Technology Development Co., Ltd.

The main focus of Tianjin Super Star Technology Development Co., Ltd is silk flower production. Located in Tianjin, this company is one of the largest artificial flower productions in the area.

Tianjin-Super-Star-Technology-Development Co

They provide a wide array of artificial flowers, including rose, sunflower, tulip, orchid, and many more.

14. Guangzhou Qihao Artificial Flower Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Qihao Artificial Flower Co., Ltd has large plant with an area of 30,000 square metres comprised of over 500 employees.

They produce all kinds of artificial plants and artificial flowers. Merchants and clients are loyal to the company because of its favorable price, short lead time, and other notable qualities.

15. Guangzhou Songtao Artificial Tree Co., Ltd

Guangzhou SongTao Craft Artificial Tree Factory is one of the oldest established plants for manufacturing artificial flowers.

Founded in 1990, this company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing artificial plants.


This company is ideal if you are looking for indoor and outdoor applications. With over 30 years of experience, the company has established long-term relationships with customers all over the globe.

16. Qingdao Golden Handicraft Co., Ltd

This company specializes in designing, researching, and manufacturing artificial flowers and artificial plants.

Qingdao Golden Handicraft Co., Ltd makes sure that their products are timely and innovated to meet various market demands.

It’s probably the reason why merchants and designers opt for products made by this company.

17. Zhongshan Huicai Artificial Flower Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Huicai Artificial Flower Co., Ltd is known for manufacturing PU flowers, silk flowers, and other potted decorations.

They are recognized for providing quality products at affordable prices. Since 2013, most of their products have been exported to different countries.


And they have been establishing a loyal and professional relationship with various customers.

18. Yiwu E-Sun Flower Factory

Yiwu E-Sun Flower Factory is one of the oldest artificial flower wholesale manufacturers. Operating for at least ten years, they promote professionalism, which makes their product stand out from the rest.

This company is equipped with advanced tools and machinery, as well as expert designers, working in an efficient system.

Some of their products include sunflowers, fake or artificial flowers, artificial fruits, artificial plants, and more.

19. Creative and Innovation Crafts Quangzhou Co., Ltd

Founded in 2012, it is known for supplying decors and accessories to customers from all over the globe.

With a business concept of “Do it the best” and “Exceed Customer Expectations”, they promote continuous innovation and development.


This is why the designs are timely and new. Some of the products they offer include home decors such as artificial flowers, lawns, and garden accessories.

With their assistance, you can purchase high-quality products at competitive prices. No wonder the company captivated countless people worldwide.

20. Jinhua Shangmiao Handicraft Co., Ltd.

Jinhua Shangmiao Crafts Co., Ltd is one of the most famous producers of artificial flowers, artificial plants, artificial bonsai, and artificial succulents, among many others.

This company has a manufacturing workshop of 3000 square meters. And with an experienced professional team, they provide the best products at the best prices.

21. Dongguan Qianxu Technology Co., Limited

Established in 2015, the factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters of production lines. The company specializes in researching, producing, and selling high-quality artificial plants, artificial flowers, artificial bonsai, and many more.


Dongguan Qianxu Co promotes a “win-win cooperation and excellent quality”. They design cost-effective products to provide customers high quality and affordable decors.

This company is also known for exporting to South America, North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and many more.

22. Xiajin Qianqian Arts & Crafts Co., Limited

This company is one of the best artificial flower wholesale manufacturers in Shandong, Dezhou.

With ten years of experience, they have been committed to producing premium-quality and eco-friendly products such as artificial flowers and trees, Christmas wreaths, and many more.

Because of their reliable service, people worldwide patronize their products, specifically in the United States, Australia, Japan, and many more.

23. Zhejiang Inunion Import and Export Co., Ltd.

This company is established in 2014 with a registered capital of 10,000,000 RMB. They have been long committed to market segmentation, including artificial flowers, accessories, non-standard metal parts, and many more.

Since the company started its operations, they have planned to promote diversity and comprehensiveness in their products to promote a win-win situation between the company and the people.

Since then, they have been offering outstanding service to more than 100 countries, including Europe, America, and Japan.

Chapter 3: The Important Factors that Good Artificial Flower Wholesale Manufacturers should have


While planning to import synthetic flowers, there are various choices for you of wholesale artificial flowers in the market. However, not all of them are made with the ideal materials that promote quality.

Suppose you plan to use artificial flowers in your designing business. In that case, it is ideal that you invest in the best rather than buying products that will not last long.

The latter choice will be more expensive, considering many factors that affect the costs of importing artificial flowers wholesale.

This chapter will discuss some of the most important qualities that an artificial flower should have to guarantee its outstanding quality.

1. The good and qualified materials must be used by Artificial Flower Wholesale manufacturers

The materials used to make fake flowers play an important role in the quality of the flower. So, before you purchase products, make sure that the materials used are high quality and it should reflect on the end product.


The production of high-end artificial flowers is usually made of cotton, silk, rayon, and other premium materials. You can observe that these are not easily destroyed, and the colors, when added, do not easily fade.

When the parts of the flowers are assembled, these materials will blend easily with the stems and leaves as they give a flexible and vibrant appearance.

2. The manufacturing method of Artificial Flower Wholesale manufacturers is mature enough

The target of most manufacturers is innovation and cost-efficiency. How companies produce products also plays a role because it defines the product’s sturdiness, longevity, and overall quality. This is why you should consider the maturity of the production process.

While many producers prefer to manually create artificial flowers, it could be a tedious task, especially when looking to buy wholesale.

This is why the manufacturing should be mature so that companies can produce artificial flowers in bulk at a short lead time. Examples of artificial flower-making machines include injection machines, molding machines, and many more.

3. Unique designs made by Artificial Flower Wholesale manufacturers


There are thousands of manufacturers in China alone, and all of them study the basic designs of artificial flowers. To elevate your designing business, one of the most important factors to promote the quality of faux flowers is uniqueness.

This could refer to the uniqueness of materials, manufacturing, and colors. It could also include the uniqueness of the arrangement of flowers.

When looking for manufacturers, consider their methods of innovation. Ask how they are different from other sellers. This could be a starting point on elevating your event designing business.

Look at how they manufacture and arrange flowers and see what’s new compared to traditional arrangements. This way, you will find higher-quality artificial flowers to import.

Chapter 4: What you Need to Know before Buy from China Artificial Flower Wholesale Market?


1. Materials used to create artificial flowers in cheap flower markets

  • Silk flowers

Just as its name implies, silk flowers is the fake flower which made by silk. This kind of flowers originated centuries ago. Silk artificial flower is becoming more and more popular to use at events and weddings.

The quality of the silk flowers available has improved significantly over the years, and from a distance you will not be able to tell the difference. You can find silk flowers in Yiwu, Dongguan, and Guangzhou.

  • Polyester flowers

Polyester has been the main material for manufacturing artificial flowers since the 1970s. Most artificial flowers in the market nowadays are made of polyester fabric.


This material is also cheaper than silk, so that is why polyester has been the main material for manufacturing artificial flowers since 1970s. Polyester, on the other hand, those famous polyester flowers are mainly made in Guangzhou, Hebei, and Xiamen.

  • Plastic flowers

Another good-selling fake flower is plastic flower. Because of the original material’s price, plastic flower is one of the cheapest artificial flowers. But there are still some argument about plastic flower.

Because some organizations are appeal to the public that stop using plastic for protecting the environment.

Therefore, there are a lot of people all over the world saying that they won’t use plastic stuff any more. But due to the cheap price, some businessmen still need plastic flowers to cut their cost while buying. If you are looking for plastic artificial flowers, you can find them in Yiwu, Qingdao, and some cities in Shandong Province.

  • Fabric flowers

The fabric flower appears for decorating the clothing, workers made those fabric flowers by hand and add them on a shirts or dresses and other clothes.

You can buy fabric flower from Yiwu, Guangzhou, and Dongguan in China, those manufacturers can help you design the flower and produce it for you.

2. Process of manufacturing artificial flowers in a floral market near me


If you are wondering how artificial flowers are made, here’s a brief explanation.

  • Molding flower shape

The manufacturer will cut and press the fabrics and shape them into flowers. Then, the manufacturer will add the details in this process, such as the ruffles and wrinkles, using machines or tools.

  • Coloring the petals and leaves

Using a paintbrush or a paint machine, the manufacturer will add color to the petals and leaves.

  • Preparing the stems

The stems are usually made out of brass and iron wire, finished by painting it or injecting it with color.

  • Assembling the parts

The workers will gather all the parts of the flower then glue them together.

  • Packing

The manufacturers will then place them in their boxes and prepare them for shipment.

3. Advantages of buying artificial flower wholesale


  • Wholesale artificial flowers are hypoallergenic

Many people experience allergic reactions to real flowers. This is why many people opt for artificial flowers to avoid adverse reactions.

With these products, allergy sufferers have no problem getting near the decorations because they are hypoallergenic.

They get to enjoy the party without worrying about having a negative reaction.

  • The cheapest wholesale artificial flowers are long-lasting

Another reason why artificial flowers are recommended is they are long-lasting. They can be reused across various events.

With artificial flowers, you don’t have to worry about buying another set of decorations in the next years to come.

With proper maintenance, you can rest assured that artificial flowers wholesale will last for a long time.

  • Wholesale artificial flowers require low maintenance

Last but not least, artificial flowers do not require much maintenance. Real flowers need to be watered, and they should be put in optimal temperatures.

While artificial flowers only need cleaning. This should save you more time and effort in succeeding in your business.

4. Some Cost may be asked if you buy artificial flower wholesale

Aside from the main cost of the artificial flowers, you also need to pay the basic duty cost, which is around 10%. Then, you will pay additional charges, which will be accrued to the final duty.


The process of assessing additional costs will be under HTS, where they will compute the duties you need to pay when you import from China.

The duties you will be paying when you import products from China will reflect on the commercial invoice, which is one of the most important documents.

This includes the customs values, VAT, GST, and import taxes. So, before you ship artificial flowers wholesale, this is one of the most important aspects you need to accomplish.

5. Best-selling products in artificial flowers wholesale markets

  • Artificial Flower Plants

Each of these faux flowers will give the room a sense of natural appeal. These are fit for any occasion like wedding parties, home and garden decors, coffee house designs, and many more. They can even be used for multi-functional décor.


You can put them on porches, walkways, patios, and gardens. Rain or shine, these artificial flower plants will not wither, and they require little maintenance.

  • Artificial Bouquet Flowers

Countless people prefer buying wholesale artificial bouquet flowers because of their longevity. Many brides, birthday celebrators, and debutantes from different countries want to preserve their bouquets from their weddings.

Unfortunately, natural flowers will only allow them to store the bouquet for a few days. Buying artificial flower bouquets will allow people to preserve their bouquets as a token of their special day.

  • Artificial Spring Flower

These flowers give the appearance of a natural spring flower with their real and vibrant colors. These products are famous for their long-lasting beauty and low maintenance requirement.

Many people purchase spring flowers for multi-functional decorations. They can make centerpieces for various events like weddings and birthdays. You can also use these for designing your tables and countertops at home.

Other possible areas where you can put spring flowers are your garden, kitchen, bedroom, fence, and terrace. These can help brighten the ambiance to promote comfort and peace in the household.

  • Artificial Orchids Flower


These are for wall decorations, especially if you want to accentuate the theme of the place. These are used in designing events, designing shops and offices, including homes.

According to many designers, artificial orchids are great additions to offices and households because they make the environment look fresh. Plus, it can help accentuate the colors of countertops, tables, and walls.

  • Artificial Rose Flower

These are very common during Valentine’s Day when designers fill offices and establishments with roses.

These are also opted by couples for gifts because they are long-lasting and they require lower maintenance.

Other people also love buying wholesale artificial roses because of their multi-functional appeal. They can be used to design various events. Plus, they can be used as accessories in creating bridal gowns, corsets, centerpieces, bouquets, and many more.

Chapter 5: What you Need to Know when Importing Artificial Flower Wholesale?


After selecting artificial flowers as one of your business, what you need to do next is to consider how to import them and how to verify the good products to import, etc.

1. What artificial flower wholesale are you interested in?

We have introduced some popular categories of artificial flowers in the market, after that, you need to consider what you really need.

What kinds of artificial flowers and accessories do you want? And how are you going to use them? These are some of the questions you need to ask before you purchase products.

You need to make sure that the artificial flowers are exactly what you need for your business. Otherwise, you may end up buying decorations you don’t need.

Consider your clients, the nature of events, and the ideal materials used for the product. This should help you specify what you need to purchase in China.

2. How to Verify the Quality of artificial flowers from a flower market near me?

In verifying the quality of artificial flowers, make sure that the colors are not a mess. Sometimes, products are not dyed well, so they may affect the quality of your product.

You also need to consider the parts of the artificial flowers. Make sure that these are complete as some suppliers cut some parts and accessories to save space and costs.

Another thing you need to consider is the assembling of products. Always double-check if the flowers are glued together properly so they don’t fall apart when you use them.

Lastly, you also need to consider the packaging. This is important because artificial flowers are lightweight products that can easily be destroyed if too much pressure is applied.

As much as possible, communicate with the factory so they don’t cramp the flowers in one box to avoid deformation.

3. Possible problems you may face while importing from China artificial flower wholesale market

While there are no restrictions on importing artificial flowers from China, some problems can still arise. One of which is getting through the Chinese customs. There are papers you need to accomplish such as the bill of lading, invoice, and many more.

But once this is accomplished, shippers can easily bring the product to you.  But still, before you import from China to the country or region you’re about to sell or use these imported materials, make sure there has no laws or restrictions against artificial products.

4. What materials need to be handled when importing artificial flowers markets in China?


  • Bill of Lading

The bill of lading refers to the main freight document provided by the forwarder if you choose to have one. This is a receipt confirming that the company shipping the products have received them.

The bill of lading includes information about the shipping company, importing company, product type and quantity.

  • Commercial invoice

This is used to declare the customs value of specific products. It helps the personnel to calculate VAT, GST, import taxes, and duties. It also includes other pertinent details such as the product description, quantity, HS code, importer, unit value, and total value.

  • Certificate of origin

Next, the certificate of origin is needed to enjoy favorable, negotiable, and reduced charges. It includes details about the manufacturer, exporter, product description, transportation route as well as quantity.

  • Packing list

Lastly, the packing list includes the product list, the quantity, and the number of cartons included in the shipment of artificial products.

Chapter 6: FAQs About Artificial Flowers Wholesale Markets


1. Where can I find fake flowers?

You can find fake flowers or artificial flowers from various suppliers in China. Good-quality artificial flower wholesale suppliers are mainly from Guangzhou, Dongguan, Yiwu cities. You can also visit their websites to find the flowers you need at an affordable price.

2. What makes the best fake flowers?

The best artificial flowers usually made by advanced silk, but silk flowers are more expensive than fabric or plastic ones.

The high price means good quality, if you didn’t check closely, you won’t find out the differences between silk flowers and real flowers.

Some of the best artificial flowers include faux orchids, faux-French tulips, dried hydrangea, faux lotus flowers, and silk peonies.

3. Why are artificial flowers wholesale so expensive?

Artificial flowers are so expensive because of the process needed to create them. They need meticulous work during manufacturing.

Companies make sure that they use the best materials and equipment during production to make the artificial flowers resemble the real ones.

4. Can you Mix artificial and real flowers?

Yes, you can mix artificial flowers and real flowers on various occasions such as wedding displaces, home and office decors, and many more.

If you start with true-to-nature colors, the artificial flowers can blend seamlessly with natural flowers.


Seeing how advantageous artificial flowers are, there is no surprise that many people buy them. And based on their experiences, manufacturers in China are the best companies to purchase them from.

Aside from innovation, Chinese professionals also promote cost-efficiency, which means giving you the best product at the most affordable prices.

You can find various designs in the country, made from different materials. So, whatever you need, you can find it in manufacturing companies in China. What are you waiting for? Look for the artificial flowers you need today!