Quality Inspection


Losing the money because of the quality issues when buying from China? Most of the people are not certainly sure that how your goods will be look like before you open the container.
Ejet also provides independent quality inspection service even if you don't choose our package service.

What we can do for you?

1. Inspection Service

Supplier/factory audit

Immediately after the initial products are produced, before mass production begins, it is verified that everything meets specifications and will be adjusted where necessary.

During shipment inspection

During the production process we check how your product is being produced. Where necessary, adjustments can be made during this inspection, to ensure the quality and delivery time will meet the expectations.

Pre-shipment inspection

Obtaining a satisfactory sample does not guarantee the same quality for the entire batch. Before the goods are loaded and transported, they will be checked according to specifications drawn up beforehand to ensure that everything meets the quality requirements.

Container loading check.

Our experts will monitor your products while they are being loaded into the container to verify that you indeed get what you ordered. Additionally, we check constantly that everything is properly loaded, and the container is ultimately sealed by our experts.

2. Quality Assurance

Until now, No third-party inspection service company can guarantee your quality. EJET also provides quality assurance service. It means whoever the suppliers you choose, if there’s any quality problem, EJet will assume the responsibility for broken or damaged items as well as quantity shortages by offering credit back and refunds if required. We also assume responsibility in supplier related issues.

3. How we charge

Inspection service: 100$+traveling cost

Quality Assurance service: 2% value of the goods+100$/man day+ traveling cost.