In the previous post, we talked about preparation before coming to Chinese Fairs. In this post, we will share 5 facts when attending Chinese fairs. We hope our post will help you with your fair visit. If you have any queries or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

1. Should I order directly in Fairs?

Nope, it would be better not to order when u are in the expo. All suppliers in their booth are quite busy to show their products, talk to the visitors, so they normally do orders and have time to sort out the fairs things when they are back at least one week later. You can make your order decisions to the suppliers after many comparisons and negotiations when they are back. Maybe you can find another surprised better prices after.

2. Are all China Trade Fairs free to Enter?

Yes, attending Chinese fairs is easy and free for register and buyer badge on their official online websites. And some costs happen when you “forget” to register and apply buyer badge online, and have to register in the fair registration center.
There is one useful tip — you can ask your hotel for help when u book the hotel when u have registered online but not yet get the buyer badge. All the hotel’s ups to 4 stars near the trading fair have buyer badges services at free cost, which can save your time and money.

3. Can I buy samples in trade shows?

Yes. You can buy samples you are interested in at the end of the expo. You will find a lot of exhibitors selling their samples before they pack on the last day of the show, many visitors coming to the exhibition center to buy their samples at a very competitive rate.

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4. How to do the QC inspections for your order placed in the fair before shipment?

The last step before shipping is to inspect the quality of your products ordered in the fairs. As you are not sure if the products finished same as samples showed in expo booth or as our requirements, and don’t want to spend a lot extra cost to fix after receiving products, and face some even more defects or damages which can not fix anymore, it is necessary to inspect the quality before shipment. To ensure the quality of all products ordered is not something that can be done just by seeing a few pictures or videos that your suppliers provide. When you are back home or do not have a representative office in China, you can usually get it done by hiring a 3rd party.
There are companies specialized in the quality inspection such as QIMA, V-trust, SGS, TUV, Intertek, and some other agents which are specified in quality inspections. You can check the inspection fee and process with these 3rd party for your QC inspections.
You can also find a sourcing agent to help u for inspections, which can be a sourcing company that you have worked with and trusted. Some well-developed sourcing companies like EJET sourcing is able to offer quality check service.

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5. How to ship products after Attending Chinese Fairs

After the hot and busy processes of checking products and order some bulky products in the expo, finally, we come to the last step to ship your products to your final destination. How to send your products to your destination? Which shipping method is suitable for your goods? What documents should you prepare for custom clearance?

Google your own experienced shipping forwarder in your locality who has a wide network with good clients services for the shipment of your products insures, and find the one who has branch offices in China and has full services ship from China any port to your add, and compares as many shipping forwarders as possible to find the best one with good rates. There is another easy way, asking your friend who is doing import business as well and introducing a reliable shipping forwarder to u to save time and expenses

Ask your supplier to introduce one good shipping forwarder for the shipment of your products which has completed good customer services with good rates.

If you still can not find a satisfying shipping forwarder or prices you find are pretty high, EJET Sourcing is a good choice for the shipment of your products.

It is our daily work to source and ship products for all our clients to different countries, especially ships to the North of America, EU countries, and southeast countries. We have experienced varies of issues during shipments, and can handle and prevent any problems during shipment properly. Click the button below to leave a message to us, and we will get back to you soon and quote you a shipping price for your reference.

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