Many people are asking where is Yiwu, what Yiwu has and How to come to Largest trading city for small commodities in China?

Yiwu is located in the central part of Zhejiang Province, a province on the southeast coast of China.

It is 300 kilometers from Shanghai, the largest city in China, and 120 kilometers from Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province.

In this post, we will uncover the secrets about Yiwu city in the following chapters. Enjoy reading!

Table of content

Chapter 1: Where is Yiwu City?

Chapter 2: Why Yiwu City?

Chapter 3: How to come to Yiwu?

Chapter 4: What is Yiwu Wholesale Market?

Chapter 5: List of All Wholesale Markets in Yiwu

Chapter 6: Find the best Yiwu sourcing agent

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Question about Yiwu

Chapter 1: Where’s is Yiwu City?


Yiwu City, affiliated to Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, was called “Wushang” in ancient times.

Jinhua-Yiwu (Zhezhong), Hangzhou (North Zhejiang), Ningbo (East Zhejiang), and Wenzhou (South Zhejiang) are among the four regional central cities in Zhejiang.

The central part of Zhejiang Province is located in the east of Jinqu Basin, surrounded by mountains in the east, south and north.

It is 58.15 kilometers long from north to south and 44.41 kilometers wide from east to west, covering an area of ​​1105.46 square kilometers. As of 2019, the registered population of Yiwu City was 836,000, with a regional GDP of 142.11 billion yuan.

It has been awarded as China National Sanitary City, National Environmental Model City, China Excellent Tourism City, National Garden City, National Forest City, and Civilized Demonstration City in Zhejiang Province, etc.

Forbes released the ranking of the 10 richest county-level cities in China in 2013.

The first. Yiwu is the world’s largest small commodity distribution center, and has been identified as the world’s largest market by international authorities such as the United Nations and the World Bank.

Chapter 2: Why Yiwu City?


You may ask why do buyers love Yiwu markets and what makes it different?

In Yiwu markets, you can find practically anything you can see or imagine on earth. Of all the 500,000 varieties of products in the world identified by the UN, more than 300,000 varieties are available in the Yiwu markets.

Most of the sellers in the Yiwu market are factory direct, allowing you to enjoy very low factory prices.

Unlike Guangzhou or Dubai, where buyers are generally required to purchase container loads to receive favorable prices, the minimum quantity in Yiwu starts with just 1 carton, and you still receive the wholesale prices.

Yiwu market products are perfect for supermarkets or dollar stores. Yiwu is the best place to buy dollar store items and doll