Are you searching for a marketplace that sells almost every type of product as Yiwu wholesale market?

Do you want to buy a small number of products at wholesale prices?

Then visiting Yiwu wholesale market in China will be your best choice. Yiwu Wholesale Market is known as the biggest marketplace in the world, having 75,000 plus shops where you can find almost every kind of product you can think of.

The best thing about Yiwu wholesale market is that you can even buy a small number of commodities such as one or two cartons at wholesale prices. But first, you need to know the best methods for sourcing products from Yiwu Wholesale market to get the best product in hand.

In this guide, we are going to explain why you should choose Yiwu over other wholesale markets, and also some great tips for securely sourcing products.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: How Yiwu Wholesale Market Works?

Chapter 2:  What Challenges you can face when buying from Yiwu Wholesale Markets?

Chapter 3:  List of All Wholesale Markets That You Can Find in Yiwu

Chapter 4:  Layout of Yiwu International Trade City Wholesale Market with list of Products You can buy

Chapter 5:  Reasons to Buy from Yiwu Wholesale Markets in China?

Chapter 6: The Best Ways for Sourcing Products from Yiwu Wholesale Market

Chapter 7: How to Get Support from a Sourcing Agent in Yiwu Wholesale Market

Chapter 8: FAQs on Yiwu Wholesale Market

Chapter 1: How Yiwu Wholesale Market Works?


In today’s date, China has become the largest supplier of the world’s small commodities including electronic devices, wearables, tech gadgets, or anything you can imagine.

Similarly, Yiwu city is known as the paradise of China’s business and center of commodities. Let’s start understanding some details about Yiwu wholesale markets and how they work.

1. What and Where is Yiwu Wholesale Market?

Yiwu city is located in the center of Zhejiang Province, in China.  The Yiwu market is now divided into five districts, covering a big area of 4 million square meters and having 75000 booths.

There are many small commodity wholesale markets, specialized streets, and professional markets in Yiwu. In general, all these small commodity markets are referred to as Yiwu Wholesale markets.

Amongst all the other Yiwu wholesale markets, the biggest and most popular one is “International Trade City”.

Because its present position is similar to that of Futian Village in the past, so people commonly refer to “International Trade City” as “Futian Market,” or “Yiwu Wholesale Market”.

In terms of product classifications, the rest of the marketplaces and the Futian market complement each other.

Other marketplaces specialize in sectors that the Futian market lacks, such as machinery, manufacturing materials, and furniture, etc.

Other than these markets, specialized streets are also a major part of the wholesale business of Yiwu which we will discuss later in this article.


2. History of Yiwu Wholesale Market.

Great things do not happen in a day; the Yiwu market has a long history as well.

If you are not a history buff, you can skip this part, but, knowing more about the Yiwu market can help you grow your business there; better than ever, right? So, let’s get started!

Yiwu market’s history may have begun with a tradition. In this interior city with such poor farmland, there is a long tradition of trade.

Yiwu folks did everything they could to make their land richer to obtain more grain. As a result, they considered trading.

They exchanged chicken feathers for local brown sugar, which may be used as fertilizer. With this business practice, people in Yiwu started to gain better living & this led to the desire to have one’s marketplace.

Since 1982, when the first market was established, Yiwu has grown to have more than 20 famous wholesale markets spread throughout the city.

These markets are known as Yiwu International Trade City, Binwang market, Huangyuan market, and Furniture market. Aside from these markets, there are some specialized commerce Streets, such as the zipper market, car accessories market, jewelry market, and so on.

Today, the Yiwu market is covering a big area of 4 million square meters and having 75000 booths with 62000 operators.

You will find a collection of 16 sub-classes, more than 170 categories of thousands of single commodities, and more than 6,000 distributors.

The market now becomes a vessel for commodities, a window for knowledge, and a bridge for commerce.

3. Why Yiwu Wholesale Market is Famous for Small Commodities?


Yiwu is well-known for its traders, who are generally welcoming towards small buyers. This is the place to go if you want to buy ‘off-the-shelf’ products from China in small quantities.

However, you can still source the bulk quantity of products from the Yiwu wholesale market. You will find sellers who can rebrand or manufacture products under your logo and company name.

As a result, regardless of the size of your business, if you are searching to source products for resale at the best price possible. The Yiwu wholesale market is ideal for you.

4. What is the Best Time for visiting Yiwu City and the Yiwu Wholesale Market?

Are you planning to visit Yiwu city for exploring its wholesale markets and you are confused to decide the best for the visit?

Then we have got you covered!


Well, Yiwu wholesale markets remain open throughout the year which includes weekends as well.

But the best time for visiting would be the time of “trade fairs”, as you will find products at cheap prices.

Therefore, the best months for visiting Yiwu would be March to June and September to December.

5. Opening Hours of Yiwu Wholesale Market- A Complete Chart.


Yiwu Wholesale Market is open all year, but at different times based on the district. In general, most districts in YiWu markets are accessible from 8:30 a.m. to 18:00.

Here’s a table with the opening and closing times of Yiwu’s various market districts.

Chapter 2:  What Challenges you can face when buying from Yiwu Wholesale Markets?

As every coin has two sides, so has Yiwu Wholesale market!  You can indeed unlock unlimited opportunities of sourcing high-quality products at the best possible price from Yiwu wholesale markets.

However, you might encounter some challenges during the process.

Here are some challenges that might cause trouble for you when buying from Yiwu wholesale market.


1. Language Barriers as most suppliers speak Chinese

The very basic problem you are going to face is the communication barrier. The majority of the Chinese traders at the Yiwu wholesale market don’t speak English or any other foreign language.

You may have difficulty communicating with them unless you consider hiring a translator, which may cause you extra bucks.

2. Different Product Qualities from different suppliers

As we have mentioned above, you can find a wide variety of products at Yiwu wholesale markets.

There are thousands of suppliers selling thousands of different products with different qualities. Therefore, you might get confused while choosing the right product among many suppliers.


3. Difficult to go around the markets for first time

If you are visiting Yiwu for the very first time, then you might experience trouble getting to all wholesale markets in Yiwu.

Luckily, you can overcome this trouble by hiring a sourcing agent like EJET, as they will give you every detail you need to know about Yiwu wholesale market.

4. Suppliers may require RMB payments only

Unfortunately, Yiwu market traders only accept Yuan which is the official Chinese currency also known as RMB. Therefore, you will need to exchange your money in the local currency of Yiwu to get the deal done.


5. Shipment Issues

Another trouble you might face is shipment issues. At Yiwu, local suppliers will not handle shipping for you, and therefore; you need to select a reputable shipping provider on your own.

6. Supplier may not have the certificates that you may need

Most of the suppliers at the Yiwu wholesale market will not be able to provide you relevant certificates of the products.

Therefore, you should make a habit of asking for the certificates you need for the product to verify its quality and credibility.

Chapter 3:  List of All Wholesale Markets That You Can Find in Yiwu


If you are visiting Yiwu for the first time, you might get confused about finding the best marketplace for your desired product.

As Yiwu wholesale markets have a variety of outlets for various products in various marketplaces.

So, proper knowledge of each market can save your time finding the best product.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular wholesale markets that offer a variety of products:

1. Yiwu International Trade City – Futian Market

As we have discussed earlier, Yiwu International Trade City is known as the Futian market—one of the largest and most well-known markets of Yiwu among its other 10+ wholesale markets.

The market has more than 75,000 booths spread out over five districts, from District 1 to District 5.


The Futian market is famous for numerous product categories including toys, accessories & jewelry, art & craft, bags & suitcases, shawls & scarfs, small appliances, and so on.

Address: No.69, North Road, Chouzhou

Hours of operation: 8:00-17:30

2. International Production Material Market

The international production material market, unlike the Futian sector, focuses mostly on machinery and equipment.

It is also a source of lighting and leather goods. So, in this market, you will discover all of the materials you require for the manufacturing of other materials.

Address: No.1566, West Road Xuefeng


Product categories: 

F1:  Floral Accessories, Printing Raw Materials, Commercial Logistical Equipment, Commercial Electrical Appliances

F2: Food Processing Equipment, Weaving Machines, Power & Power, Injection Molding Machines, Printing & Packaging Machines, Generation Equipment, Cutting Tools

F3: Home Decorating Lights, Holiday Light, LED Accessories & Lights, Industrial Lighting Equipment, Outdoor Engineering Light

F4: Leather

3. Huangyuan Wholesale Clothing Market

It is situated in Xiu Hu, the most successful business district in the city. In addition, it is the biggest professional garments & clothing market in Zhejiang’s middle zone, complementing wholesale and retail.

Address: Intersection of Huangyuan Road & Jiangbin Bei Middle Road


Product categories: 

F1: Jeans, Pants

F2: Men’s Wear

F3: Women’s Wear

F4: Sweater, Shirt, Evening Dresses, Pajamas, Sports’ Wear, Women’s Clothing & Wedding

F5: Children’s Clothing

F6: Imported Korea Clothing City

4. Yiwu Wholesale Furniture Market

It is situated in Yiwu City’s western core. It is Yiwu City’s first large-scale professional furnishing market that has been approved by the government.

This is the latest furniture market in Zhejiang Province, facilitating with the biggest single scale, nicest environment, highest grade, and complete supporting facilities.

Address: No.1779, at Xicheng Road


Product categories: 

F1: Office Furniture, Civil Furniture

F2: Glass Furniture, Rattan Art, Sofa, Hardware, Software, Supporting Service Areas

F3: Children Suit, Modern Board

F4: Mahogany & Solid Wood Furniture, Classical Furniture, European Furniture

F5: Fine & Wonderful Space Management Furniture

F6: Decoration Design, Home Accessories Area, Business District

5. Yiwu Wholesale Digital Market

Instead of doing wholesale, it prefers to do retail for individual use. Shenzhen is a good place to go if you want to buy in bulk.

This is Yiwu’s main market, where you may find high-quality technological materials at reasonable prices.

Address:  No.238, Binwang Road.


Product categories: Brand Laptops, Assembled Computers, Projection Equipment, and so on.

6. Yiwu Wholesale Communication Market

This market is famous for all communication equipment and you will be able to get your desirable networking devices, radios, walkie-talkies, and cell phones, etc.

Address: No.211, Binwang Road

Product categories: Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones, etc.

7. Yiwu Wholesale Material Market

Yiwu’s material market has grown into a big-scale market for building decorative materials, as well as a distribution center for aluminum, ceramic items, as well as stones. There are around 350 booths here.

Address: No.199, Xicheng Road


Product categories: 4 Trading Areas for Stone, Lighting Hardware, Metal Materials, and Ceramics. Mainly engaged in Granite, Sanitary Ware, Glass, Aluminum, Lamps, Plastic Steel, Hardware, Sanitary Ware, Plumbing Pipe, and other 10 categories of goods.

8. Zhezhong Wholesale Timber Market

After a decade of cultivation and growth, it is currently the biggest and highest-grade timber distribution center in Zhejiang, with a three-level jump in size, design, and grade.

This is the location where you can buy various building materials such as wood or timber. You can utilize the wood for a variety of purposes, including flooring and other types of building.

Address: No.266, Xicheng Road

Product categories: Sawn Timber Processing & Log Trading

9. Chart of Yiwu Specialized Streets

Yiwu specialized streets are both a unique feature of Yiwu markets and an essential component of Yiwu business.

In the chart below, we’ve gathered and summarized all of the important specialized streets in Yiwu markets. When you walk along these, we believe you will find them to be quite wonderful.

Product Category Location of Specialized Street
Overstock Market
(Suitcases, Toys, Bags, Clothing, Shoes, Stationery, Etc.)
  •  Meihu stock street, North side of Wuyi Road
  • Wuai stock street, Southside of Wuai Road
Ornaments & accessories
  • Changchun ornament street 1-7, Gongren North Road,
  •  Jinfuyuan, Intersection of Chouzhou North Road & Chengbei Road.
Scarf Futian District 3, Intersection of Gongren North Road & Yinhai Road.
Underwear & Bra Lane 6, Huangyuan Road, Huangyuan Underwear & Bra Street
Eyeglasses Huangyuan eyeglasses street, Jiangbin Middle Road, No.190.
Furniture Zhanqian furniture street, Near Chengzhong North Road, No.247.
 Beauty products cosmetics street Binwang, No.238, Binwang Road
calendars, gifts, Culture, New Year pictures calendars Sunshine Community, Intersection of Zongze Road & Gongren North Road
Ceramic, Oil painting, Photo frame, Lighter, decorative painting, Cigarette set Near No.16, Zhaozhai Street 2
Leather Chengxin District 1, Futian Market, Chengxin Avenue, Opposite to Gate 67
Christmas goods No.601, Chouzhou North Road

Chapter 4:  Layout of Yiwu International Trade City Wholesale Market with list of Products You can buy

Yiwu International Trade City or Futian market is divided into five districts, each of which sells a distinct type of goods.

Before going to Yiwu wholesale market, you should know which district is suitable for you as per your product needs.

The main districts as well as the products available in each are listed below.

1. Yiwu International Trade City District 1


F1: Electric Toys, Annex Building (Ornaments, Toy, Craft), Common Toys, Flower Accessories, Inflatable Toys, Artificial Flower, Plush Toys.

F2: Hair Ornament, Ornament & Jewelry, Annex Building (Ornaments)

F3: Crystal & Porcelain, Crafts, Ornament Accessories, Picture Frames

F4: Taiwan Mall (Ornament, Flower, Craft), Factory Outlets (Flower, Toy, Ornament)

2. Yiwu International Trade City District East

F1: Jewelry Accessories

F2: Jewelry Accessories, Fashion Jewelry

F3: Fashion Jewelry

3. Yiwu International Trade City District 2


F1: Umbrella, Fujian Mall (Umbrellas), Bags & Suitcases, Rain Wear and Pack

F2: Hardware Accessories & Tools, Electric Products, Vehicles, Locks

F3: Flash Lights, Battery, Small Home Appliances, Nanhai Mall Guangdong, Sanitary & Kitchen Hardware, Watches & Clocks, Lamp

F4: Sichuan Mall, Anhui Mall, Electronics, Electric Appliances, Hongkong Mall, Bags & Suitcase, Korean Mall, Watches & Clocks

F5: Featured Products, Export Agencies

4. Yiwu International Trade City District 3


F1: Paper Articles, Eyeglasses, Inks & Pen

F2: Stationery & Office, Outdoor Products, Sports Products & Cultural

F3: Button & Zipper, Beauty Products & Cosmetics, Apparel Accessories

F4: Apparel Accessories with Factory Outlets, Beauty, Cultural & Sports with Factory Outlets, Cosmetics with Factory Outlets

F5: Picture Frames

5. Yiwu International Trade City District 4


F1: Socks

F2: Knitted Products, Earmuffs, Gloves, Daily Necessities, Hats

F3: Shoes, Towel, Tape & Sewing Thread, Tie

F4: Garments, Frame, Shoes, Shopping Center & Tourism, Daily Necessities, Accessories

F5: Shopping Center & Tourism

6. Yiwu International Trade City District 5


F1: Healthcare Products, Garments, Jewelry & Handcrafts, Daily Consumables, Food, African Products

F2: Chinese Knot, Beddings, DIY Handicraft

F3: Knitted Fabric, Needle, Curtain’s Cloth, Knitted Cloth

F4: Motorcycle Parts & Car, Auto Accessories, Car Necessities

Chapter 5:  Reasons to Buy from Yiwu Wholesale Markets in China?

It’s obvious to think why one should choose Yiwu wholesale market over other big markets in China. Well, let’s uncover the reasons in detail which make Yiwu better than the rest of the marketplaces.

1. Benefits To Buy from Yiwu Wholesale Market


Yiwu offers numerous advantages that will encourage you to buy products from this largest market. The following are the key reasons why you should buy from Yiwu.

  • Products Versatility in Yiwu Wholesale Market

The biggest benefit you can enjoy while buying from Yiwu wholesale market is the versatility of its products.

At Yiwu, you can explore almost every kind of product you can think of and that means you have much more options for choosing best product than any other market.

  • Affordable Products

Yiwu wholesale markets are most famous for their affordability because of a large number of suppliers offering the same categories of goods.

 If you are good at bargaining and make a bulk purchase, then you can easily get discounts from the sellers. The large number of suppliers also means high competition resulting in competitive prices for the buyers.

  • Presence of Many Sourcing Agents

 Another greater benefit you can have at Yiwu wholesale market is the presence of many Yiwu market agents.

Due to the guidance and assistance of agents, you can comfortably shop in the Yiwu market and can get high-quality goods at affordable rates.

Some agents can also assist you in translation because many local suppliers normally speak only Chinese.

  • Quick Delivery

At Yiwu wholesale market, many suppliers provide “Ready to Package” products because of the abundance of already available stocks.

So, you can quickly get your products delivered within no time. This also helps in buying ready stocks in low prices and low quantity.

2. Yiwu Wholesale Markets vs. Guangzhou Wholesale Market.


Yiwu wholesale market is in Yiwu, whereas Guangzhou wholesale market is in China’s Guangzhou city. Because of the Canton Fair, many people are familiar with the Guangzhou market.

The Yiwu wholesale market is ideal for buying a variety of products at affordable prices. However, at Guangzhou wholesale market, you can still buy some products at cheap prices but with industry clusters.

Guangzhou is a famous market for clothing, jewelry, and related items, whereas Yiwu offers much more categories of products and therefore, it is more versatile than any other market.

3. Yiwu Wholesale Markets vs. Ningbo Wholesale Market.

Ningbo is a big coastal city in China and that is the only factor giving it many advantages of export.

However, Ningbo doesn’t have any market and is useful for its port only. Contrary, Yiwu city has no port and it completely relies on the Ningbo port, which is around 200km away.

Yiwu Supplies many varieties of products to Ningbo, and you can easily get every kind of product in this market.

4. Yiwu Wholesale Markets vs. Shenzhen Wholesale Market.


Shenzhen is also another big coastal city of China and some international companies have established procurement offices in this city.

Shenzhen is only famous for its electronic products market, but if you want to explore other categories, then Yiwu is the place to go.

Yiwu supplies many products to Shenzhen as well. However, if you just want to buy electronic products then Shenzhen is the best place for you because all the suppliers are based in Shenzhen.

In Yiwu Wholesale Market, you can find suppliers selling electronics but Shenzhen will always have more variety.

5. Yiwu Wholesale Markets vs. Canton Fair


Canton Fair is a seasonal fair held in Guangzhou city, China, throughout the spring and fall seasons since 1957. At Canton Fair, you can get a variety of products at discounts but you will have to wait for those occasions.

However, after Covid19 pandemic in 2019, the offline Canton Fair is closed and it is being held only online.

On the other hand, Yiwu wholesale market is a year-round market that is open seven days a week and where trading is conducted every day. Think of it as a fair which is going on 365 days a year.

Only large importers can attend the Canton Fair, which has MOQs of thousands or tens of thousands of pieces or one complete container.

Contrary, in the Yiwu market, MOQs range from a few dozens to a few hundred and are welcoming for small buyers.

If we talk about the size of the market, then the Yiwu market has a significantly larger quantity of suppliers than Canton Fair. In the Yiwu market, there are about 75,000 booths.

Chapter 6: The Best Ways for Sourcing Products from Yiwu Wholesale Market


Well, now you have understood almost every detail about how Yiwu wholesale markets work and which wholesale market will serve you the best as per your desirable product category.

So, let’s start understanding the right strategies to get the best product in hand from Yiwu wholesale market.

1. Finding the Best Wholesale Suppliers – Use Yiwugo Website or App

Whether you buy directly from Yiwu’s market vendor or through the agent, we recommend that you should compare as many sellers as possible to find the best possible price.

In general, suppliers in the same product category are usually all located in the same market segment. What you need is only to go around them to discover comparable suppliers.


You can also look up all available suppliers’ information as well as a location in the market on the “Yiwugo” website or the “Yiwugo App”.

After you’ve found a few good suppliers online, go to their booths at the market to inspect their samples and inquire about pricing.

2. Communicating with Suppliers in Yiwu Wholesale Markets

Well at Yiwu wholesale market, you can face communication barriers while communicating with suppliers. This is because the majority of suppliers do not understand foreign languages such as English.


In this case, you can learn the Chinese language so that the suppliers can communicate with you, or simply hire a translator through appropriate referral channels to assist with communication. You can also use translation device to communicate with the supplier.

Apart from that, if you are sourcing products through an agent, then you can eliminate the need for a translator.

3. Dealing with Yiwu Wholesale Suppliers

If you’d like to source high-quality products at the best price, you must understand the process to deal with Yiwu market suppliers.

Certain important considerations must be made when dealing with Yiwu Market suppliers. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Choosing Suppliers in Specialized Categories

In the Yiwu market, there is a wide range of suppliers selling a variety of products. They get their products from other manufacturers, then they resell them. Very few of them are actual manufacturers.

To get the best deal done, choose suppliers who specialize in the category of goods and other stuff they offer.

  • Confirming Quality of Bulk Products is Same as Sample

One thing to keep in mind while buying from Yiwu markets is to emphasize to the seller that the quality of mass production must match the quality of samples.

Never assume that if you place the order based on a sample shown in the market, the quality of your product will be the same as the samples.

Otherwise, you can get a different quality of product from the samples. Therefore properly inspect the products before shipping.

  • Perform Hard Price Negotiations

The Yiwu market is known for its price bargaining. To obtain a good notion of prices, you should go to the market and talk to several vendors.

Once you’ve evaluated prices and have a clearer idea in mind. Now, you may speak with suppliers and bargain for the best prices.

Based on your negotiation skills sometimes you can even bring the price down by 50% or even more.

Chapter 7: How to Get Support from a Sourcing Agent in Yiwu Wholesale Market


If you’re buying wholesale items from China for the first time, then it will be hectic for you choosing products, entering a market with diverse cultural backgrounds, understanding their business tactics, managing payment methods & transportation, and lastly delivering the goods.

However, you can ease all these processes with the help of a sourcing agent like EJET.

1. Benefits of Working with Sourcing Agent like EJET in Yiwu

Sourcing agents, such as EJET, have the most up-to-date information on the Chinese market.

They will assist you in the complete process within a short amount of time and on a limited budget.

Here are some of the most significant advantages of working with Yiwu sourcing agents:

  • Supplier Sourcing

The Yiwu Sourcing agent will assist you in finding a good supplier who can match your purchasing needs.

The supplier will give you the best market price while also meeting your bulk quantity needs.

  • Sample Arrangement

Yiwu sourcing agents will also make arrangements with the supplier to deliver you a sample of the product you require.

Through the samples you would receive, you will be able to assess the quality of the products you wish to buy.

  • Shipping Arrangement


With Yiwu sourcing agents, you won’t have to be concerned about getting your cargo from Yiwu wholesale market to your final destination.

Yiwu agents will make sure you get the cargo you ordered from the suppliers. They will prepare all the documents for Shipping.

  • Inspection of Quality

Yiwu agents ensure that you are satisfied; they check the quality of the product by themselves. They make sure that products are of great quality before reaching the desired place.

Also you can request them to check the goods are various stages. Like when the production is started, after the goods are finished and also during the loading of the container. This ensures you get exactly the products that you required.

  • Free Warehousing Services


The best thing about Yiwu agency services is that they provide you free warehouse service for a period.

Also, they guarantee you that your products are safe at their warehouses. Some agents also help in consolidating the products from multiple suppliers as well as packaging and labeling them if you request them to do so.

2. How to Find Yiwu Sourcing Agent?

Now, you know all the benefits of having the services from Yiwu’s sourcing agents. Let us tell you that how you can hire the best and authentic agent to work with.

If you are visiting the Yiwu market from abroad and want to book a suitable agent in advance, then with Google, you can search “Yiwu Market Agent”. In this way, you will get the latest information of many suitable agents.


If you’ve already reached Yiwu, you’ll notice a lot of ads for Yiwu agents at the train station, airport, and even at the front desk of your hotel. After spending little time online, you can choose one of them.

Other than Google or physical advertisement, you can hire Yiwu’s agents through freelance websites such as Upwork and Fiverr.

Where individuals showcase their knowledge and provide services. For the best choice, try looking at Yiwu agent profiles, reviews from prior clients, and star ratings.

3. What is the Cost of Hiring Yiwu’s Sourcing Agent?

Well, the sourcing agent will help you in your business activities from the ground up of the product to the desired location.

As everything comes with a price, so you will be required to pay a fee for the agent’s services at the end of the entire process.

You will have to pay a minimal amount of 3% to 10% of the total amount of goods purchased as a fee to the agent.

Chapter 8: FAQs on Yiwu Wholesale Market

1. Are Factory Prices and Yiwu Wholesale Market Prices the Same?

Mostly the Yiwu Wholesale Market comprises of traders, those who buys from multiple manufacturers and resell to you.

However, you may come across some manufacturers who have shops in the wholesale markets as well. Sometimes these shops will have written Direct Factory Selling, means they are the factory store.

But 80% of the shops in wholesale markets in our experience will be trader but not manufacturers.

2. How to Solve Disputes in Yiwu Wholesale Market?


By contacting the appropriate authorities within the Yiwu wholesale market, you can resolve issues.

Yiwu wholesale market has a Market Arbitration Administration that is in charge of resolving various conflicts.

If you face any issue, it is important to contact the appropriate authorities with adequate evidence. Apart from that, with the assistance of the agents, you can reach an agreeable solution with the disputing parties.

The agents will help you in reaching a satisfactory agreement between the disputants.

3. How to Identify Replica and Fake Products in Yiwu Wholesale Market?

There is plenty of products available in the Yiwu wholesale market on different standards to make a selection. To identify the Replica and Fake products you need the presence of a proper assistant.

For this reason, you can easily find an agent who can assist you in finding the quality product with the best prices and quality.

4. How to Find a Translator in Yiwu Wholesale Market?

Finding a translator in Yiwu is not difficult. The following are some methods for finding translators in the Yiwu market:

  • Sourcing Agent: The simplest and most dependable option to hire a translator for your visit is through your sourcing agent.
  • Through Hotel: the hotel where you are staying can assist you in finding a suitable translator for your Yiwu market tour.
  • From Market: There is no need to be concerned if you have not yet arranged a translator. The Yiwu market is packed with translators, and you can easily discover them while wandering the streets and booths.

5. How Can We Verify Quality of Products in the Yiwu Wholesale Market?

It’s essential to inspect the goods you want to buy to confirm that they’re of good quality.

Through checking the quality assurance markings on a product is one good technique to determine the quality.

Also check if the manufacturer have any certifications ensuring the product is of high quality.

Aside from that, you can consider the cost of the products to determine whether or not they are of high quality. In this situation, the higher the commodity’s cost, the better the quality.


By coming towards the end, you have learned about how Yiwu wholesale markets actually work and how you can source products more securely and conveniently.

You have also learned how effortlessly you can hire genuine and trustworthy Yiwu agents based on your needs and begin the buying process from the world’s leading international trade market.

Allowing EJET to be your partner will remove all your doubts, and will lead you towards the path to success. Best wishes on your journey!