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Who does not like decorating their home? People are always looking for home decor accessories to make their homes look nice are welcoming. This is why this market is a good option if you are looking to make profits. Home decor accessories have always been in demand and will stay in demand as long as homes exist.

If you are looking out for highly profitable products to sell, this blog is just for you. We have included the best 30 home decor products that you can sell in 2023. Moreover, we will also talk about where to source these products and how. So, read on to know more!

Chapter 1: 6 Reasons Why You Should Start A Home Decor Accessories Business

Why should you import from China

The home decor market has a global reach. Undoubtedly, people all over the world love decorating and beautifying their homes. In the USA alone, the home decor market is expected to reach an astonishing 202 billion dollars in 2024. When compared with the figures for 2019, it is a 20 percent growth.

As the figure shows, the growth has been consistent. Globally, the market is expected to close at 805.75 billion dollars in 2026 with a growth rate of 5%. The major reasons why we recommend starting a business of home decor items are discussed below.

1) Ever Green Industry

As mentioned earlier, the home decor accessories market is evergreen. People have been decorating their homes since the old civilizations. We can see that cavemen had beautiful drawings on the walls of their caves. Old pottery and other mud decorations have been found through excavation. This shows that the industry has been there since the man himself and will last forever. Trends come and go but the industry will stay!

2) Global Target Market

home decor items around the world, world wide market

The second advantage of entering this business is that the whole world is your market. Your target market can be just your locality or the entire country. For instance, Europeans love colorful and funky stuff. You will find that their homes are always full of color and designs. On the other hand, Americans are more monotone and prefer simpler things.

Therefore, you can easily choose the extent of the market you want to target. Some home decor stores like Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond and Wayfair have a global reach. Who knows that you might be giving them a run for their money in a few years, right?

3) Flexible Market

The market for home decor accessories is very flexible. People can have huge mansions or own one-bedroom apartments and still want to decorate their homes. However big or small the house is, people, love decorating it according to their tastes and budget. Some home decor items are found in every house. These include curtains, rugs, decoration pieces, clocks, mirrors, wall hangings etc.

People spend anything from a few dollars to thousands of dollars on these items. So, there is potential for new buyers to enter the market and make a profit

4) Ecommerce Marketplace

With eCommerce, it has become easy and safe to source products from all over the world. This allows sellers to get the lowest prices. For instance, Chinese suppliers provide goods at low prices and high quality to buyers. E-commerce websites like Alibaba, AliExpress, Chinabrands etc are all platforms where buyers and sellers come together to do business.

Note: Some scammers can easily fool even the most professional buyers. To avoid this, you can read our blog on what scams to avoid while importing from China.

5) Introduction of Smart Devices

home decor items

Undoubtedly, the introduction of smart devices has made the world a global village. People are connected from all corners of the world. This and the availability of goods and services on the internet has made life easier.

People prefer shopping online to going to shops and buying stuff. The biggest reason for this is secure online payments. Additionally, the variety of goods you can get online is nothing compared to the ones available nearby. For consumers, the world is their store and they can buy anything from anywhere.

6) Introduction of Dropshipping

Dropshipping has made doing business so much easier. With this business model, businesses don’t need to get into the headache of operating a warehouse or keeping inventory. As soon as they get an order, they forward it to the supplier/seller. The supplier/seller then sends the goods directly to the customers and handles all the returns on the behalf of the business.

This saves businesses from the hassle of being overstocked or understocked. If there is a sudden change in demand, you don’t need to discard the inventory or sell it off at a cheaper price.

Chapter 2: Best 30 Home Decor Accessories to Sell in 2023 

popular home decor accessories

When it comes to home decor accessories, the list is exhaustive. The products just don’t seem to end. With so many products to choose from, new business owners can get confused. In fact, choosing the right product is imperative to the success of your business. Some products like clocks, mirrors, wall hanging, curtains, cushions, rugs, etc are found in every household. The market for these is huge. Similarly, the competition is also huge.

Items like oil diffusers, humidifiers, crystal decoration pieces, and expensive chandeliers are not found in every house. So, these are also good products to get into. To clear this confusion for buyers, we have made a comprehensive list of 30 home decor accessories to sell in 2023. All of these items are sure to give you a profit. These include the hot items for 2023 and later.

We always advise you to start small. Even when expanding your business and adding items to the store, you need to be careful in selecting items. Don’t just randomly keep increasing your product range. Do proper market research and homework before launching a new product.

All the product pictures you can see have been taken from the Ejet Catalogue. If you want detailed catalogs, let us know. You can book a free consultation with our SR who can clear any questions and queries regarding your sourcing needs. 

Sunny Qiu

1) Wall Clock

Wall clocks are a home decor accessory that never goes out of fashion. In fact, people have multiple clocks in their houses, one for every room. Even though all our devices have time on them, still wall clocks have high demand. You can choose from several different styles. There are so many available in the market. The most popular and durable ones are made of wood, plastic, and even metal.

wall clock, home decor accessories

You need to see which market you are targeting. You can sell traditional wall clocks, engraved wooden ones, heavy metal ones or even minimalistic ones. It all depends on which you want to sell. There are so many designs to choose from.

2) Lamps

lamp series, home decor items, accessories

Another item you can’t go wrong with is lamps. Lamps are not restricted to table lamps only. You can sell floor lamps, table lamps, huge lamps that are placed in the sitting room, and small bedside tables. These are dual purposes. They provide light in places where ceiling light is not enough. Moreover, they are an excellent piece of decor in the house and can amp up the look of a room instantaneously.

3) Curtains

Curtains are a necessity if you are living in the city. It gives the house a sense of protection and privacy. People choose curtains that look good and also give them privacy from the outside world. There are so many options from the basic cotton ones to exquisite velvet and silk ones. Many people invest in getting aesthetically beautiful curtains that look good.

4) Flower Pots

flower pots, home decor items

Flower pots are used for both artificial as well as real flowers. They range from small table pots to bigger ones that can be kept on the floor. You can choose from hanging pots, plant stands and much more. Depending on your target market, the choice is vast. There are many materials to choose too. They can be from wooden ones to ceramic ones to crystal ones. If you want to sell fragile pots, be sure to choose the right freight forwarder that can ensure they don’t get damaged during shipping.

5) Wall Storage

wall storage

People focus on functionality as well as aesthetic beauty.  No one likes a messy house. That is why wall storages are a hot product in 2023. These offer storage capacity and can make your house look better. This is practical as well as functional.

You can offer something unique to the customers. Don’t just go for those square or rectangle storage hangings. You can sell cute ones with different shapes. There are so many ways wall storage can be used. They can be used as key holdings, towel holdings, bookshelves and even for small decoration pieces.

6) Wall Hangings

wall hangings, home decor accessories

Wall hangings are not limited to wall storage only. These specifically include hanging fabrics that look different from normal decorative items. Wall hangings give a very personal touch to a house. People usually get these hangings personalized. It can be a picture of their pet on a piece of fabric or something near and dear to you.

7) Candles

Candles are now found in the majority of houses. Candles add ambiance and beauty to a home refreshingly and uniquely. It has become increasingly popular in the past few years because it tingles the sense of smell of the people surrounding it. Moreover, it has been shown to have relaxing properties, especially scented ones. Therefore, the demand for candles has increased over the years.

8) Candle Holders

candle holder, home accessory, cute

You can deal in candle holders as these are one of the best home decor accessories. They are not very expensive and looked beautiful. Furthermore, they stop creating a mess with the candle wax. That is why people are willing to purchase these as a one-time investment. At Ejet, you can source beautiful pieces that will attract customers worldwide. From vintage stands to modern designs, there is a market for every design.

9) Vases

vase collection

Ceramic or concrete, metal or glass, there are a plethora of choices available in the market when it comes to vases. People use vases for many different decorative purposes. There are different styles, designs, and sizes available too. You can put artificial flowers, real flowers, or anything you want to in them.

Shipping services have become very vigilant and safe now. You can sell plastic, glass, or even crystal vases and be sure that your customers will get them in good shape.

10) Outdoor Lighting Decor

There are many outdoor lighting decor accessories you can sell. These include simple lights to elegant ones. There are special ones available for Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. Apart from these, you can sell normal ones too.

11) Photo Frames

Photos are one of the most personal items a person owns. You will hardly come across a house that does not have photos. Therefore, people love hanging photo frames in their houses. Hence, photo frames are one of the best home decor items you can choose. There are many options that you can provide to the customers.

12) Carpets

Carpets are also common items that are seen in almost every household. Nowadays, customers are becoming environmentally conscious. Eco-friendly and natural materials are being used in abundance. People love carpets made out of jute, wool, sisal and bamboo. These are some materials that you can look into. Otherwise, the traditional woolen carpet never loses its touch.

13) Blankets

home decor items

Blankets are not only used for covering oneself while sleeping. They are a new and innovative way of decorating your home. Blankets can be used as sofa covers and even as throws across chairs, beds, and tables. They are dual-purpose when used as throws across beds and sofas. They look good and can also be used as blankets.

14) Doormats

The doormat industry is at a boom. Doormats receive more than 3000 monthly searches n Google in a month. This shows that the market is huge and people are on the lookout for good-quality doormats. Doormats need to be cute and pretty but also functional.

The main reason people buy doormats is to keep the dirt and mud outside. So, make sure that you sell good quality mats so that your customers keep buying from you again and again.

15) Pillows

pillow case, home decor accessories

You will be amazed how easily you can change the entire look of a room just by adding or changing the pillows in your room. These are not normal pillows like the ones people use in bedrooms.

You can get into the accent pillows industry. Designers understand that pillows are not all fluff and comfortable. They can elevate any bench, hallway, living room, or bedroom.

16) Artificial Plants

artificial flower, home decor accessories

Not everyone can take the hassle of taking care of real floors and plants. We understand how important it is to have a little greenery in the house. Therefore, artificial plants are an excellent alternative. You can find very realistic ones in the market. Chinese suppliers are famous for providing high-quality artificial plants that look as good as the real ones.

17) Baskets

Baskets are another frequently found item in any household. They can be used as pieces of storage to keep your stuff in. Otherwise, they can also be used separately for decoration purposes solely.

Another use is that you can use fruit baskets or flower baskets as centerpieces at any table. People also use them widely to keep kids’ toys, books, and other items organized. One way or the other, baskets are a good item to include in your list of home decor accessories to sell this year.

18) Trays

Traditionally, trays were used only in the kitchen. This trend has changed and this can be seen with the increasing demand for trays as home decor accessories. Try to add catchy trays so that people can add them to their home entrance. They can also be used solely as decoration pieces in the center of coffee tables. Or, they can be used for more functional purposes such as serving trays.

19) Laundry Baskets

laundry basket, home decor accessories

Surprisingly, laundry baskets are making it big in the home decor accessory list for 2023. The reason is that they are needed in every household. You can include a range of different styles in your product list. Chinese suppliers provide some of the most unique styles for children, elders, and even theme-based laundry baskets.

20) Towels

Towels, especially hand towels are good home decor items. People hang them in the kitchen or dining room. People fold them in a contrasting manner; make swans or other decorative shapes from them.

21) Books

Books are an interesting item to sell. People show their interest in the books that they read. Over the years, books have become home decor accessories too. They look great on a bedside table, coffee table, bookshelf, wall storage, or any other surface imaginable.

Some people dedicate whole rooms and make them libraries or keep a small corner in a room to put and display their books.

22) Book Ends


Even though we have not been seeing book ends for quite some time, they are coming back in trend. They are functional and serve the purpose well. You can find many different options to pick from. There are simple, elegant ones as well as funky, cute ones. It depends on the target market.

23) Placemats and Coasters

Add placemats and coasters to your e-store. Just like the rest of the products mentioned above, these are functional as well as decorative also. People who love hosting dinners, lunches and parties, always want to decorate their tables in a different way that makes them stand out from the crowd.

24) Wall Art Stickers

The reason why interior decoration is on the rise is because of the convenience that the industry is offering to customers. People don’t need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to hire a designer to come and design an accent wall. Wall art stickers are an easy alternative.

All you need to do is apply the sticker to the wall. The best thing is that you can change them anytime you want. It looks just like you have a wall painting.

25) Mirrors

Mirrors are important parts of homes that we can’t overlook. Every room has a mirror. In fact, people place mirrors in the home entrance and dining rooms too. Now, you can find so many designs in the market.

The only thing you need to take care of being a seller is the quality of the mirror you are selling. The casing can be as solid as possible, but the mirror itself is a fragile product. Therefore, you need to be very careful when sourcing mirrors from someone.

Now, we will include some different and unique products in the list. These are perfect if you are looking to take advantage of offering something unique to the customers.

26) Salt and Pepper Shakers

salt and pepper shaker, home decor items

Salt and pepper shakers are a very unique item to add to home decor. They look very classy and elegant on any dining table. In fact, people are also adding these solely as decoration pieces to their tables and even bedside tables.

27) Wind Lanterns

Want something unique to offer to your customers? Go for wind lanterns. They are beautiful, they are exquisite and they are unique. You can provide minimalistic ones, vintage ones or even over-the-top ones. There is a demand for all types of wind lanterns. They increase the aesthetic beauty of any porch or backyard.

28) Pin Boards

Have you seen cute pinboards present in some houses? They add a dose of style to any home. Moreover, they also help in keeping things organized around the house. People are using pinboards to showcase their achievements, their family pictures and much more. So, they are good items to add to your store.

29) Figurines

Even though kids are known to play with figurines, they are also a popular home decor accessory. You can find figurines of animals, toys, famous actors and much more. See what the market demand is and include those figurines.

30) Cloud Lights

cloud lights, home decor accessories

We have saved the best item for the last. Cloud lights are an all-time favorite and are quickly gaining popularity. These are one of the most unique items that make head turns and gives a unique touch to the house. Mostly, cloud lights are placed in the bedroom but people can put them anywhere they feel like.

Chapter 3: 6 Tips to Ensure Your Home Decor Accessories Reach Customers Safely

B2B safety

Unlike other businesses, a major problem with home decor accessories is the fragility of the items. If you look at the list above alone, you will see that around half of the items mentioned in it are fragile. A misconception about fragile items is that they are made of breakable materials like glass. This is not true.

Fragile items are those that can be broken, bent, damaged, crushed or can change shape easily. Mirrors, wall clocks, pinboards, wind lanterns, mirrors, books and even laundry baskets can easily be broken and de-shaped. Therefore, the biggest challenge for business owners is to deliver these items safely all across the globe.

If you are not sure how to find the right method of packaging or a good shipping partner for your goods, you can always leave us a message and book our free consultation. Our Sales Representative will get back to you.

1) Choose the Correct Container

Do you need to pack the product in a box or a bag? Will it be small or big? Does it need to be heavyweight or light? These questions will help you pick the right container. Six-sided boxes are the best when it comes to packing fragile items. Usually, businesses confuse these with cardboard boxes but they are corrugated boxes.

Corrugate boxes come in many styles and shapes. You can pick the box that suits you depending on your budget, target audience and the product you sell.

2) Properly Use Bubble Wrapbubble wrap

It is very common to wrap items in bubble wrap. Many sellers think that throwing bubble wrap on any product will secure it. This is wrong. There is a proper way to wrap an object in bubble wrap.

  • First, tightly wrap the object with bubble wrap. Be sure to do it very well.
  • Second, wrap it in a few layers so it is done properly and nicely.
  • Third, place the bar code on the outside of the bubble wrap where it can be seen clearly. You don’t want to end up packing it perfectly and have someone else open it to scan the code.

3) Choose a Filling

It is important to choose the right inner filling. Even though boxes are durable and safe, the idea behind packing is that your product should not move from side to side. Hence, you need to fill the boxes with something to keep the goods in their place. Some options you can choose from include:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Geami wrap
  • Foam inserts
  • Corrugated inserts

4) Tape Correctly

tape, home decor items

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to tape a package well. A well-pated package might be the only difference between a damaged or safe shipment. Most of the packaging boxes need tape. In fact, only bubble mailers can seal themselves. All the other boxes need to be sealed properly.

The biggest mistake made while the packaging is to use duct tape, masking tape or even packing tape. Go for pressure-activated plastic tapes or opt for water-activated tapes. The best thing about pressure-activated tapes is that they are cheaper and can be customized in different prints and colors. For water-activated ones, you need to have proper tapping materials which can be a little expensive. They are good to meet the packaging needs of small and medium businesses.

Tape well and handsomely. It doesn’t matter if you think that you are overdoing it. You need to be sure that everything is secure and protected.

5) Double Box Items

If you are sending fragile items that are bound to break easily, consider double boxing them. You can never be too sure with picture frames, mirrors, crystal items and glass decor accessories. Firstly, you need to pack the first box normally. Next, place the first box in a second box.

Fill up the second box just like you did with the first box. Use the same filling or a different one, it is up to you. Keep on adding the filling until your second box is completely full of inner packing and your first box is completely covered.

6) Right Size Your Package

Packaging is not a cheap process. To be sure that your home decor accessories don’t get damaged during the shipping process, you need to be vigilant and spend some money. But, are you spending too much on the inner packing? Are the shipping costs getting out of budget? Do your items still shift and de-shape in the box? Well, it seems like you are missing something or doing something wrong.

Mostly, businesses use the wrong size box. They get a standard-size box made and use it for all products they offer. This is wrong. The boxes should only be 2 to 3 inches bigger than the product they contain. Therefore, you need to get customized packages.

Chapter 4: FAQs Regarding Home Decor Accessories 

1) From Which Country Can You Find Good Quality Home Decor Accessories for Sourcing?

If you are looking to start your business in home decor accessories, you can easily find some of the best ones from China. Chinese suppliers have unique, high quality, and good products that are available to the people are affordable prices. These products are durable and can last a long time. Moreover, you can source them for very cheap and sell them at a better price to make a higher profit margin.

2) Which Shipping Method Should You Choose to ensure that Customers get Your Products Safely?

When it comes to shipping methods, there are four main ones. You can ship products through sea, rail, air, and land freight. All these methods have their advantages. When it comes to being cheap, sea freight is the cheapest. When it comes to being safest, air freight is the safest. But, you need to keep your timeline, budget and product type in mind before picking a particular method.

3) How can you be sure that the Supplier is Reliable?

There are a few things that you need to be sure of before finalizing a deal with a supplier. You need to see that the supplier communicates properly and efficiently with you. If they are slow with their communication or seem uninterested, there is a big chance that they are not reliable. Secondly, always ask for samples. If a supplier disagrees with providing samples, it can mean that they don’t want to show you the quality of their products. Why would an honest and reliable supplier do that? So, you need to be careful.

4) How Many Products Should you Include in Your E-store?

Initially, we recommend including a limited number of products in your e-store. You can start with one product line and expand it later. For instance, you can start with pillows, cushions, cushion covers, etc. Once your business sets, you can expand it and include more items in your shop. This is the best way to grow. Go slow and keep on adding items.

5) What is the Best Way to Find a Supplier for your Home Decor Accessories?

There are many ways in which you can find a supplier. You can go online and search the e-commerce websites. You can also ask for referrals from people already in the business. Additionally, attending fairs and exhibitions also allows you to find suppliers. If you are unable to do any of these, you should hire a good sourcing agent/agency like Ejet Sourcing.


With a plethora of options in the market, starting a home decor accessories business seems difficult. Not only are there many product options but there are multiple sellers on the market selling the same products at more or less the same price. Hence, picking one can become difficult.

This guide will help you pick a profitable product for your home decor accessory business. Next, you can refer to our blog on How to Buy Home Décor Products from China to get an idea of the process.

So, if you are looking for a sourcing agent to help you in setting up your business or help to decide on a product, leave us a message today. We at Ejet Sourcing will help you in any way we can.