Yiwu Jewelry Market

Sep 2, 2016

Location: 2nd Floor, District 1 of China Yiwu market.

Opening hours: 09:00-17:00(GMT+08:00), 7×365, except a 15-day-close down during Spring Festival. 

Yiwu Jewelry Market is located on the second floor of the first district of Yiwu International Trade City. There are 7,000 shops involving fashion jewelries and hair accessories business, such as hair bonds, rings, hair clips, bracelets,necklaces, earrings with different materials and designs.

A shop usually has 16 square meters in space, keeping two or three assistants and displaying various samples. They are parts of Yiwu trade supply chain, it is regarded as a heaven by jewelry wholesalers who buy from China.

Most of the shops only keeps one single sample for every design. But sometimes some shops give free samples if the shop owners do think you will place an order. However, most shops prefer you buy samples first but then refund you the money by deducting your payment in the future order. It is very common that the buying price of a sample is much expensive than the wholesale price,but it is still cheaper than the retailing price. Depending on materials and labor costs, prices range from few cents to a few hundred dollars.

The minimum order quantity varies from dozens to hundreds. Some clients complained their trip without an interpreter to Yiwu Jewelry Market came across many unfriendly assistants, usually when their order is less than the minimum order quantity (MOQ).

As a China's import and export trade agent who offer Import and export one-stop service what we can do is being responsible of Yiwu market translation and guide. In fact, a Chinese communicates with another Chinese is much easier,even when your order is less than the minimum order quantity. Being a Chinese trade agency we also can source before you come and do quality control after you place the orders.

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