Yiwu Wholesale Market

March 16, 2017

Having been awarded as the “largest small commodity wholesale market in the world”, Yiwu International Trade City, also known as Futian market, is located in the business hub of Yiwu City, which covers a total area of 32.68 square kilometers. The commodities here involve more than 400,000 goods in 4202 categories among 41 industries with more than 500,000 business stands, from which goods have been exported to over 219 countries and region. With a good reputation for cheap price, good quality and a wide variety of commodities, Futian Market has attracted more than 210 thousand daily visitors from home and abroad, among which, there are over 440 thousand overseas merchants come to Yiwu markets for purchasing goods every year.

 This huge market complex is divided into 5 districts and each district has various sections. Each section is a complete market in itself for specific products. The five districts are as follows:
1. International Trade City District 1: offers such products as artificial flowers and parts, toys, head ornament, jewelry, ceramic & crystals, frames, craft, tourism items, wedding and ceremony items, etc.
2. International Trade City District 2: offers such products as umbrellas, suitcases & bags, raincoat & poly bags, vehicles, hardware tools & fittings, electric items, locksets, watches & clocks, home appliances, telecommunication equipment, photographic supplies, hardware accessories, etc.
3. International Trade City District 3: offers such products as pens & ink, paper articles, office supplies & stationery, recreation sporting equipment, cosmetics, zippers & buttons & clothing accessories, mirrors & combs, etc.
4. International Trade City District 4: offers such products as socks, gloves and other knitting products, daily consumable items, sewing thread & tape, necktie, towels, wool yarn, lace, bar & underwear, belts, scarf, footwear, hosiery, etc.
5. International Trade City District 5: offers such products as bedding, knitting raw materials, dry goods, automobile appliance and accessories, etc.
Besides, there are also some other markets in Yiwu. Here I will give a short list of those markets.
1. Huangyuan Clothing Wholesale Market:
The market offers such products as men’s/women’s clothing, jeans, nightgown, sportswear, skirt, etc.
Address: Huangyuan Road, Xiuhu District, Yiwu.
2. Special Commercial Street:
①Stock Street: locates in Meihu, Wuai and Xiawa villiage.
②Accessories and Ornaments Street: mainly locates in Zhujiali, Changchun and Xingzhong Village.
③Huangyangmei Lightening and Construction Material Street
3. Yiwu International Production Materials Market
The market now has involved following industries: Flower Accessories, Commercial Logistics Equipment, Industrial Electrical Installation, Printing & Packaging Raw Materials, Plastic Particles,   Food Processing Machinery (hotel supplies), sewing equipment, tools, fasteners, weaving machine, injection molding machine, lamps, Leather Raw Materials and so on.
Address: The junction between Ring West Rd and Xuefeng West Rd, Yiwu.
4. Yiwu furniture market
Yiwu furniture market is the only government-approved large-scale professional furniture market in Yiwu which is a modern market with the largest scale, highest level, best environment and complete facilities. It offers products with different levels like ordinary household furniture; office furniture; sofa; modern panel furniture; bathroom, outdoor furniture, etc.
Address: No. 1779, Xicheng Road, Yiwu.
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