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Are you looking for an e-commerce platform can provide competitive prices for your Chinese imports?

Do you know there is a Chinese website alternate to

Well, is the best solution for you. Owned by Alibaba group of companies, is a B2B online supplier having more than 50,000 companies and 120 million users.

It supplies the best quality products at a very low rate because it was first established for local buyers.

Today, the outside world is having eyes on due to its remarkable features. The suppliers have more responsiveness on and also there are far more products available on this website than on any other website.

The reason is that it is the native language of local manufacturers and traders which makes it easier for them to operate.

Let’s see in the blog how you can buy products from and what major challenges a foreigner will face when buying products from China using This blog will provide you solutions to all those challenges.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Why do Foreigners enjoy buying products from China?

Chapter 2: 11 Steps – How to buy products from (Chinese website) as a foreigner?

Chapter 3: 8 Steps – How to find the most reliable suppliers in

Chapter 4: What are the possible Challenges faced when buying from China?

Chapter 5:  What to Keep in Mind while Buying from China?

Chapter 6: How to Avoid Scams when buying online from China?

Chapter 7: Frequently asked questions about China

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why do Foreigners enjoy buying products from China?

There are a great number of online buying and selling companies working all around the world. The most famous among them is the Chinese Alibaba company for international users.

For domestic purposes, they introduced which provides cheaper rates and more product variety than Alibaba. So, the buyers of Alibaba move towards to get quality products at low prices. Some more factors of attractions are as follows;

1. Selling products with good quality and competitive pricing

selling-products is the China domestic trade marketplace where all the suppliers are Chinese, that’s why they sell the products in the accessible range, making the cost of product relatively affordable.

This is the reason that has become easier and cheaper to find the item per piece. Along with the cheaper rates of products, the buyers also consider the quality of the products.

In the above picture, you can also see that one product is being delivered by so many suppliers. So there is a lot of competition hence you can get more competitive pricing.

2. Reaching out to more products and product categories China is the marketplace where you can get a great number of products as it has all the local products.

These products are manufactured by the local suppliers which may include jewelry, furniture, tools, equipment, machines, home decorating materials, home improvement materials, electronics, digital devices like TV, laptop, mobile phones, etc. Hence you can find any type of product on this portal.

3. Getting products with low MOQ – Can even order 1 or 2 pieces

It is very important to know about MOQs when purchasing items from There are no restrictions for MOQ in this website instead these are explained in terms of wholesale business.

You can order any quantity of the item from because the suppliers did not set any specified rules in this regard.

There are certain conditions on which the MOQ is applicable;

  • MOQ for the single product: The order should be greater than the MOQ in this case.
  • Mostly, the sellers provide the quantity for the MOQ of the product.