What are the best Canada dropshipping suppliers?

How can I look for the best product for my business in Canada?

The concept of dropshipping is increasing day by day. For the reason that the e-commerce businesses have found out that they can achieve economies of scale through this process, and it saves a lot of costs and helps in maintaining the quality as well.

If you are trying to sell the products in Canada, rather then buying from China, sourcing your best product from Canada dropshipping suppliers is a way easier and more effective.

To help our readers, we have made a comprehensive guide in order to let you know why you should select dropshipping suppliers in Canada, how to identify they are honest with their products. We have also mentioned the best suppliers you will find in Canada to source your products.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Best 15 Canada Dropshipping Suppliers for your business

Chapter 2: Why Select Canada Dropshipping Suppliers?

Chapter 3: How to Find Out that Canada Dropshipping Suppliers are Honest?

Chapter 4: Best 7 Websites to Find Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Chapter 5: Frequently Asked Questions About Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Chapter 1: Best 15 Canada Dropshipping Suppliers for your business

In this section of our guide, we will be discussing about the dropship suppliers in Canada. We are going to discuss fifteen major Canadian suppliers for dropshipping which will cover the sole suppliers as well as the websites from where you find these suppliers.


1.  Silverts – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Silverts is one of the best drop ship companies in Canada which started its operations in the year 1930.

Silverts proved itself to be the groundbreaker and visionary dropshipper in line of adaptive wear. The main operation of Silverts is to deal in the apparels and accessories specialized for elders  who find it difficult to dress themselves due to many reasons.

Their main products are related to clothing & footwear, handicap apparel, hospital apparel, etc.


As a Canadian drop shipper, Silverts provides services to those sellers in the limits of Canada, and  is the  lower 48 states of the United States other than, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Guam.

Other than dealing in adaptive apparels, Silverts offers some concessions for drop shipping orders, which are mentioned as below.

  • 25% discount off regular priced items
  • 30% discount over and above $5000 in sales

2. Sweetlegs – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Sweet legs is the Canadian drop shipper that emphasis on providing a wide range of collection containing unique leggings in terms of designs, sizes and the colors.

In addition, Sweetlegs also has to offer many other product categories such as accessories, like jewelry.

3. TeeHatch – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

TeeHatch is again the third-best drop shipper in Canada which was founded in the year 2016, is one of the first T-shirt drop shipping companies in Canada.

Their products are being shipped from their resident facility (production or warehouse) in Vancouver BC. to your customers in Canada, which is very convenient, saves a lot of cost of the sourcing company.


TeeHatch facilitates its customers in such a way that they can purchase from their medium without paying any once-a-month fee.

4. T-Print Canada – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

A sourcing individual can acquire as many categories of products, together with required apparel, embroidered hat, turbans, etc.

They want to buy those suitable products at a very low price compared to the market.

Other than this, your customers can also add required sayings, names, numbers quote, etc. to any design or apparel in your store.

Then the T-Print Canada will produce, print and ship the products within the defined time frame or if required the shipping in a short time, they cater that as well.

Above and beyond, the supplier will not bill you with any registration, sign-up fees, or re-occurring monthly payments for the customers’ ease.

5.  Kimmy Shop – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Kimmy Shop is one of the best Canada dropshippers, it deals in specialized products for infants and growing kids in toys. For example, building blocks and legos, bags, backpacks, luggage cases, and many more brand name goods together with Disney, TMNT, Marvel, Mattel, etc.


If you want to choose its dropshipping package with Kimmy Shop, you just have to give them a once-a-month subscription fee of $15. And you will have a 14-day trial version of the package on every renewal.

Also, it offers a 15% discount for the entire catalog including sale items for dropshippers who buy in bulk from the company. Other than this, they strictly prohibit their customers to sell their products on Amazon.

6. Coastal Contacts – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Coastal is a Canadian dropshipping company, who is called the master of eyewear and contact lenses manufacturers. Coastal provides a variety of glasses like sunglasses, branded frames, contact lenses, spectacles and much more to their customers.

There is one thing that may bother the buyer, they do not have any application that will directly integrate the supplier to your online store, you have to put all the pictures manually there.


7.  Grover Essentials Inc – Best Dropshipping Wholesale Suppliers Canada

Grover Essentials one of the best Canada dropshipping suppliers, it concentrates on selling products for the niche of home and decor, together with a great diversity of products related to bed and bath, etc.

Moreover, it has more than 200 retail stores all over Canada. Because of this, it always makes available free shipping service for their customers ordering from Canada and United States of America.

8. Prepac – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Prepac is one of the most efficacious designers, manufacturer and dropshipper of functional, fashionable and ready to assemble home furniture.

The company believes in maintaining a “Just in Time” furniture stocks. This helps them to deliver the product demanded in maximum 2 working days.


They can also make sure that inventory is always in hand to ship within the defined time frame.

Its ready to assemble product line includes bedroom furniture, home office furniture, living room furniture, media storage, audio video furniture, entryway furniture, and value storage.

9. DreamHug – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Dream hug is amongst the best Canada dropshipping suppliers, they emphases on providing their customers with therapy blankets that can comfort their anxiety.

As far as the shipping is concerned, the purchaser requires not to pay any monthly subscription fee, excepts the orders from certain regions including Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Those orders from these mentioned areas have an extra cut-rate of $9.99 for shipping.

Once the order is placed, all the Canadian orders are being handled from their Toronto warehouse and are shipping using Canadian post.

Once the order is shipped the customer will receive the tracking number through emails by which you can easily track your orders.

10. Nu Look Fashions – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Nu Look Fashions is a Canada dropshipping supplier that deals in the fashion and related industry. They do not work with extravagance products as BrandsGateway does.


But Nu Look Fashions focuses on non-branded products, and vend typically casual fashion for women.

Based in Toronto, Nu Look Fashions provides delivery services across Canada and the United States without any limitations.

11. Payless Medical – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

The Payless Medical is well-known Canada dropshipping supplier with a widespread choice of medical items. It has five warehouses in different cities in Canada.

According to these backups, Payless Medical makes sure that the prompt and fast delivery of its products can be done to any location in Canada.

Moreover, Payless Medical approves returns of their products in 30 days after purchasing. This policy is used for all the products apart from for sterilized items and products that were unlocked by the purchaser.

12. Grosche – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

If you really want to find some products related to selling coffee and tea ware, here is the best Canada dropshipping supplier that specializes solely in this niche of the industry, and it is being called Grosche.


We can say and vouch for it that Grosche is an ecologically responsible dealer. The company provides customers with the kitchen stuffs with a unique accent on coffee and tea accessories.

13. Weddingstar Inc. – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Weddingstar performs functions of dropshipping to more than 100 countries all across the world, including Canada.

For this reason, we make it to our list of best Canadian suppliers for dropshipping

Having experience of over thirty-five years in the industry, Weddingstar is now amongst the most dependable providers in Canada.

Furthermore, if your online store is concentrating on wedding ceremonies, parties, and festivities, its best collection of accessories, décor, and gifts becomes an exceptional choice for you.


14. Art of Where – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

Art of Where is yet another best dropshipping wholesale suppliers Canada, its area of expertise is vending on-demand printed items.

As the name is Art of Where, it is one of the dropshipping suppliers in Canada that can print your custom design and unique artwork on the products, including fabric, crockery, stationery, etc.

For example, if you want to print some special logo or paint in a carpet, you can work with Art of Where. Art of Where permits on-request printing of your creation and dropshipping in Canada.

15. FragranceNet – Best Canada Dropshipping Suppliers

FraranceNet is a dropshipping supplier in Canada that is focused only on beauty, it provides its customers with the fragrances, skincare, and hair care products of top-notch quality.

The FragranceNet has the stock of over 17,000 products and items, including new items under their umbrella on the daily basis.

Subsequently, by subscribing as a dropshipper on their website, you can avail tracked shipping in Canada under the name of your brand.

Chapter 2: Why Select Canada Dropshipping Suppliers?


If you are running an online store such as on Amazon and on eBay, you will cost much time to source and dropship from China your desired products. Most of the sellers go for the Chinese providers and dealers. But instead of giving you the leverage on cost, it increases your cost per unit.

Following are the reasons, we would give to convince you to dropship your products from Canada.

1. Reduced Shipping Time Period

If you chose to dropship your items from any other places in the world, they usually take a lot longer to reach.

Because what you need to face is the long distance between the countries, and also all the trade formalities from both sides of the countries that have to be complied with.

If you are referring to Canadian suppliers for dropshipping, it would take lesser time. First of all, it would be within the same boundaries.

Additionally, because of trading within the boundaries of a country, you can there be no extra compliance on the trade to make it take longer. Thus, you will save your as well as your customers’ time as well.


2. Save a lot of Extra Costs like import duties

As we have discussed above, while trading from an internal country, the trade policies will imply and such policies will require you to hire a freight agent, pay customs and duties, rent a warehouse, arrange delivery and so on. These expenses increase the cost per unit of the item you have sourced.

If you are trading with the Canada dropshipping suppliers, you will simply ignore these expenses and your cost per unit will be lesser and even if you include your profit margin to each unit.

Your selling price per unit will definitely be lesser than the already prevailing products in the market. Thus, you have an edge over competitive pricing.

3. It is Easy to Manage any Returns

If you are dealing with the Canada dropshipping suppliers, it is easier to manage the returns if the product you sourced is delivered wrong or it could be due to any other reasons as well. In short, it is easier because of being located in the same locality.

This is also the reason that those sellers who are out of their main market always find a local warehouse for managing their products.

If you can use less money to store your goods, and your own team can help with dealing those return and refund orders easily.

4. Import Restrictions and Policies are not applied


As strict import policies from different countries, especially the import tax, import duties, customs and other standard charges may apply.

And also, you don’t need to worry about whether the products are acceptable for Canadian laws or not, this reduces a lot of the issues comparing to import from other countries.

Because of that, your profit margin becomes lesser. If the products are being sourced locally, most of the suppliers ship the order in free shipping you eventually end up getting high profits and reduced costs.

5. Using Amazon and ebay, Instead of AliExpress and DHgate

You can easily use Amazon and eBay to find the supplier within the boundaries of your county to source your next best product. It is the main shopping websites in the country, and you don’t need to learn a lot about how to use them.

Because of that, it is easier to find the suppliers on such platforms, and you can even meet them, visit their production units or outlets to ensure quality. The costs of import duties, traveling fees, delivery fees and so on can be avoid in the end.

If you are trying to use those China-based websites like AliExpress and DHgate when you don’t know them well, this will cost you money and time. Even then you will not sure of the quality will be going to receive.

Chapter 3: How to Find Out that Canada Dropshipping Suppliers are Honest?

As discussed above, there are many advantages of doing your business with the Canada dropshipping suppliers but you should also know on what parameters you have to judge a supplier in order to find out that whether or not he is honest with his customer about his products.

Following is some of the aspects you should consider for evaluating your supplier:

1. They Charge no extra or hidden fee


If the supplier is asking you to pay some amount of monthly, annually, or per traction before even making a deal, and you are also been asked to do not purchase or send inquire in the evening. In this case, most probable the supplier is selling a defective or incompetent product.

It is nothing that you cannot trade with such suppliers but in that case, then you have to perform rigorous research so that you cannot get hurt.

2. They offer returns if you are not satisfied with the product

A trustworthy supplier is the one that offers its customers a return policy if they are not satisfied with the product due to any reason.

It shows that the main focus of such a supplier is a satisfied customer because they know if the customer is satisfied, he will come again and may also increase your business thru his word of mouth.

3. They provide complete assistance while sourcing a product from them

The hint of a trustable supplier is that he will take interest in giving you the best product he has. He will guide you through what he has to offer, he will suggest to you what are the current market trends, he will ensure you prompt delivery.

Chapter 4: Best 7 Websites to Find Canada Dropshipping Suppliers


Up in this blog, we have discussed the several suppliers from whom you can directly source your product.

In this section of the blog, we are going to look at the websites and platforms from where you can easily find a number of suppliers in your locality.

1. Spocket

Spocket is known as one of the best dropshipping marketplace and platform. According to the niche of the product and the locality, it works as a catalyst in connecting dropshipping businessmen to thousands of suppliers.


Spocket offers four pricing and subscription plans: Starter, Professional, Empire, and Unicorn! There are basically monthly and annual plans.

The image below shows the differences and benefits of the four monthly plans. Each monthly plan offers a free 14-day trial!

The following are its annual subscription plans:


  •  Pros

Following are the pros of using Spocket:

  • Screening on Canadian Dropshipper. You can easily sort your suppliers on the basis of “Ship from” and “Ship to” locations.
  • Testers of products and suppliers before binding. You can order items’ testers and samples to check the quality of the product.
  • Great integration options. Spocket can easily be integrated with e-commerce platforms for a smooth trade.
  • Branded invoicing. You can also get tracking and invoicing in your brand’s name.
  • Cons

Following are the cons of using Spocket:

  • Absence of personalized packing. If you want your dropshipping product and business with branding and packaging, Spocket can not made for you.
  • No direct seller chats. There is no option of chatting available; you cannot directly talk and negotiate with your dealer or seller.
  • How to connect it with your store?

You can connect Spocket with the following websites:

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Squarespace
  • Ecwid
  • Felex

2. Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands has been devoted towards providing its customers with the largest. It is one of the utmost complete encyclopedias of specialized dropshipping wholesale suppliers Canada.


The most appealing feature of worldwide trade is that they recurrently bring up-to-date their list with new, trustworthy, and dependable contractors.

There is just a one-time fee of $224 and then you can avail of the services throughout.

  • Pros

Following are the pros of the Worldwide Brands:

  • Extensive directory of suppliers: You will have access to a rigorously researched directory of suppliers in which you will all the dealers in all the niches
  • Top-notch customer support: They provide quality customer service to all of their users to ensure a smooth working experience.
  • Lifelong membership: It has lifelong membership to offer to its customers they keep on updating their supplier’s list for all of its users thus none of their directories becomes outdated.
  •  Caters refund policy: It also has a refund policy I the users are not satisfied with the service they provide.
  • Cons

Following are the cons of the Worldwide Brands:

  • Costly membership: Membership if this Canadian dropship supplier is quite expensive, costing around $224.
  • Up-sell: They persuade you to buy something along with the product you are going to the source by offering codes and discounts. People usually not like this type of up-selling technique.
  • Limited Extras: Members will not anything extra other than just a directory.
  • How to connect it with your store?

Since it is just a directory, you cannot connect to your supplier through it, thus, there is no need to integrate your online store with it.

3. SaleHoo


SaleHoo is a directory of product wholesalers that you can use to source products for your e-commerce site. They offer items from top brands like Disney, Samsung and Xbox.

  • Pros

Following are the pros of SaleHoo:

  • Customer Service: Salehoo customer support is available 24/7 to assist its customer whenever they need them.
  • Training: They also offer some basic training to their customer using troubleshooting techniques through videos.
  • No Hidden Fees: There is just a fee of $67 on a yearly basis; there are no further hidden charges other than these.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: They provide their customers with 60 days of trial session, if you do not like the service; you can get a 100% refund within the specified time.
  • Minimum order: Salehoo has the option of a low minimum order facility; you can order how much is needed by you. It does not force you to spend a hefty amount on the purchase.
  •  Cons:

Following are the cons of SaleHoo:

  • Marketplace fees: SaleHoo knows that the business individuals will source the product from them and sell it on Amazon or eBay for that purpose they are charging marketplace fees.
  • Branding: SaleHoo does not offer to brand to their customers.
  • The number of products listed: There are 1.6 million products listed on the website but there are some more platforms that has more than 15 million products
  • How to connect it with your store?

Following are the websites through which you can connect your SaleHoo:

4. Inventory Source


You can easily get an encyclopedia of dropshipping suppliers with in boundaries of Canada. However, before availing the service, it is mandatory for you to become an affiliate of the platform.

For that purpose, there are three types of price plans for its users to choose from in order to become a valid member on the platform.

  • Pros

Following are the pros of Inventory Source:

  • Flexible service: Other than just the supplier directory, there are other services available as such as store and order automation.
  • Vast range of products: There are more than 10 million products are available to be sourced
  • Order Automation: As you make a purchase from any supplier on your account, it automatically updates in your integrated store.
  • Free Account: there is a service of free account also available.
  • Cons

Following are the cons of Inventory Source:

  • Different fees for a different supplier: They charge a different fee for a different supplier which is the major turn off for its
  • Market research tools: In any of the pricing plans available on Inventory source there no tool available for market research.
  • How to connect it with your store?

You can connect Inventory Source to your Amazon and eBay store.

5. AliDropship


Usually, there are apps and websites that help the user to assist in sourcing their new best-selling product, but it is a google chrome extension that can be integrated with your store very easily just by paying the one-time fees of $89.

  • Pros

Following are the pros of Alidropship:

  • Easy to Install: It is very easy to install, it is web-based. You just have to install a website extension and it is enough.
  • Complete ownership: Alidropship operates on WordPress thus all the web pages you see are actually owned by it. Thus, your data will be secured there.
  • Multiple Store Management: Using Alidropship extension you can easily manage more than one stores very conveniently.
  • Product reviews: You will get product reviews under each product which helps in assessing the credibility of the supplier as well as you can judge that if such a particular item is in demand by the people in the market.
  •      Cons

Following are the cons of Alidropship:

  • Import List: Sometimes the import list is messed up when used with Woo commerce
  • Website interface: Its interface becomes very clunky at times and hangs
  • Tech Support: No tech support is available for assistance of the customers
  •  How to connect it with your store

Alidropships Chrome extension allows you to integrate your store easily with it and helps you to import your data directly to your store.

6. Syncee


As similar to Spocket, the Syncee has a database with several hundreds of dealers from various regions of Canada to offer to its users.

  • Pros

Following are the pros of Syncee:

  • If your business has less than 25 items, you are allowed to use Syncee for free!
  • Location-based filtering. Syncee allows you to filter your shippers as Canadian dropshippers
  • Directly chat with suppliers. Syncee offers a messaging tool, you can ask some important questions with this tool before joining with the supplier.
  • Automaticallyreceived the If you already worked with the supplier, and once your new orders can be sent directly to your dropshipping supplier.
  • Cons

Following are the cons of Syncee:

  • According to reviews on Syncee’s Shopify app, there are some reviews of Synee app shows that it is hard to circumnavigate their dashboard and set up at the start.
  • How to connect it with your store?

Syncee can only be connected with Shopify, BigCommerce, Ecwid, and a few other e-commerce platforms.

7. DropCommerce


DropCommerce focuses on suppliers of high quality and sustainable products. They have over 400 suppliers on their catalog, all of which are based in North America.

  • Pros

Following are the pros of DropCommerce:

  • In-app messaging system. There is a massaging system according to DropCommerce, you can openly send your massage to suppliers.
  • Fast shipping. They provide just 3-5 days shipping time.
  • Branded invoicing. There is a function provided by DropCommerce to help you for paying easier. You can add a special touch to your packages, for example, your brand’s logo can be set on the receipt.
  • Cons

Following are the pros of DropCommerce:

  • Partial features on low-priced plans. For example, automatic fulfillment is only available on the “Professional” plan.
  • Product pricing. The dropshipping products of DropCommerce are more expensive than some other websites. However, this makes sense considering they are high-quality and made in North America.
  • How to connect it with your store?

You can use it on Spotify and BigCommerce app.

Chapter 5: Frequently Asked Questions About Canada Dropshipping Suppliers


1. Is dropshipping legal in Canada?

Yes. Dropshipping is very much legal in Canada. Dropshipping is not anything more than trading things online, acquiring them from some other basis. There is nothing illegal about dropshipping in Canada.

Even big names such as Amazon permits dropshipping on their platform. If you are cautious with the “dropshipping” term, you can use “internet retailer” as an alternative.

2. How do I start a dropship business in Canada?

If you need to do Dropshipping in Canada, you must do research on the products you want to sell in the Canadian market.

In addition, you must choose a top quality supplier that ships from Canada or has warehouses in Canada or the United States. This way you can easily ship your items to any part of Canada in a shorter period of time.

You can seek help from this guide in selecting a distributor from Canada.

3. How do I find a dropshipping supplier in Canada?

Trading goods in Canada will require you to have excellent quality and outstanding customer service. Only by this, you can retain your customer, because in this era of technology, the customer knows what they need.

You just have to make sure that you have an idea about how to find the Canada dropshipping suppliers. Along with their specialized product while confirming which supplier is best for your dropshipping business.

4. What should you confirm with Canada dropshipping suppliers before working with them?

Before working with the Canada dropshipping suppliers, you must confirm the following things:

  • Payment terms
  • The minimum quantity of order
  • Is there any fee to be charged?
  • Do they have any policies on purchase returned?


Canada is one of the largest nations that trade in million in US dollars. Nowadays, people are shifting from traditional trading towards dropshipping because it saves a lot of costs, time, and effort.

Thus, it helps in running a profitable business, we created his comprehensive guide to help our valued readers.

Not only the best Canada dropshipping suppliers listed above you can select some of them to discuss with, but also you can check on how to buy from them and some other tips. Hopefully, this article will prove to be your greatest help.