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Buy wholesale from china can be a minefield of complication and procedure. You have to go through selections of suppliers, negotiate contracts, arrange for collections and deliveries, warehouse inspections, and quality control.

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You will benefit from the competitive shipping rates that we provide to our partners, also we can work with your forwarder if you have one in China.

FAQ About Buying Wholesale from China

The most reliable and popular sites when buying from China are Alibaba, Ali Express, DH Gate, Global Source, Made in China, Yiwu go, and DX.

Products made in the United States cost 5%-10% more than their Chinese counterparts. And China is still 10-20% cheaper than major European countries. It is less expensive to make products in China due to low labor costs and labor abundance, so prices are lower as well.

First of all, it would be in your best interest to hire a sourcing agent or company as they can help find the lowest price goods and do price negotiation. Secondly, it is cheapest to ship via sea freight so consider that option for your shipment.

A sourcing agent can help you find products you need at a lower cost and at the right quality, and provide many services such as supply management, shipping management, quality control, and price negotiation, so this service is highly useful especially if you’re new to this business.

Hiring a customs broker is not a requirement, but highly recommended particularly for a new importer. They can help you draft, finalize and submit the required documents, as well as help with estimating your import duties, to get customs clearance.

Buying from China: Find Suppliers & Safety Tips


When it comes to finding the best products for many businesses, China is the first place to look to find goods with low cost, specifically for small businesses. Despite difficulties and complications in finding suppliers, delays in shipments, unexpected situations, and navigating through customs clearance, China is still one of the most important marketplaces for buying products.

In such a case then, it is important that you are following the proper ways of importing and doing adequate research on suppliers, market conditions, shipping options and have to the know-how of the legalities of import processes, before adding up products into your business.

Here we have compiled a complete guide for assisting you in buying directly from China, encompassing all the essential aspects and processes from finding suppliers to taking import precautions. Let’s get started!

Chapter 1:  Why Buying Wholesale from China?

In the 21st century, China is a rapidly emerging economy with a wide range and quantity of products that offer attractive price points, saving on all kinds of costs, and a huge variety of goods to choose from, among other things.

Hence, in recent years, buying products from China either for retail businesses or wholesale has become a booming industry that businesses from all over the world are increasingly interested in.

Here are a few factors that make buying wholesale from china a profitable and recurring experience for many businesses worldwide:

1. Considering Price When Buying Wholesale from China


When considering buying goods from China, it is imperative for any business to consider the price point as the most important aspect of the business. Prices for products in China are significantly lower than in the US, owing to a number of reasons. These include, among other things

  • Cheaper labor costs
  • Cheaper raw materials
  • Production in bulk
  • Less strict regulatory laws for manufacturing
  • Different import tax laws

Due to all these reasons, buying wholesale from china is very cheap, and it is even cheaper when buying in bulk from China.

What’s more, Owing to the lower prices, the costs of production, delivery, shipment, and customs clearance are also significantly lower in China, so you’ll save a lot when it comes to expenses.

2. Huge Variety of Products to Buy from China

The Chinese market is home to a wide range and variety of products based on their actual utility, like from electronics to textiles to toys to houseware, but there is also a wide range on designs, quality, prices, and durability of similar products. For example, there are various products in the Chinese market for bicycles. Same is the case for electronics and all other goods.


Since Chinese goods are cheaper, of good quality, and wide variety, buying wholesale from china and then selling those products in your local market can enhance your competitive streak as your products will be cheaper, of equal quality, and will offer many options to your customers. Hence, you can stay strong against your competitors.

3. Consider Flexibility When Buying Wholesale from China

Another important aspect to consider when buying wholesale from china is the flexibility offered in doing so. By this, we mean that in buying products from China, the suppliers are accommodating to changes in the product quantity, prices, and terms, etc.

For example, some big suppliers won’t care about small orders, but you can also find some small factories in China, and ask for dozens of goods, and start your low-cost business.

4. Higher Production Capacity

As one of the important symbols of China is “made in China”, several years ago, there still lots of foreigners considered the made-in-China products had worse quality.

Nowadays, with the huge market competitive pressure of China’s manufacturing industry, more and more Chinese factories bring different kinds of better-quality stuff to the market.


Due to this, we can see that “higher technology, higher quality and higher requirements” is used to describe made-in-China rather than the old saying “cheapest is the dearest”. This means that you can count on sufficient supplies with high quality for your required products and also on-time deliveries.

5. Tax Benefits

There is a range of tax benefits and exemptions on import taxes and customs duties when importing from China, so buyers can greatly benefit from those options especially when buying in bulk from China as a certain value threshold is crossed.


For example, China opened 6 new free trade zones in Yunnan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hebei and Heilongjiang. For those who want to buy from China, they can come to these places and enjoy tariff reduction and other preferential tax policies. Goods from these zones can import freely into overseas.

6. Access to Emerging Markets

Buying wholesale from china not only gives you access to emerging markets in China but also to those worldwide, which can rapidly expand the scope of your business.

Chapter 2: Challenges to Overcome When Buying wholesale from china


With the myriad of opportunities and profits that can come from buying wholesale from china, it is also inevitable that there will be some challenges as well in the whole process. Here we outline some of these challenges in detail:

1. Finding the Right Product to Buy from China

As we have already mentioned, products from China not only offer a wide range of products. So if one is buying wholesale from china, it is important to know which right product is for you, which can be quite difficult if you’re new to the task.

Products are differentiated on the basis of:

  • Price range 

Prices for each type of product can vary depending on the design, quality, demand, so it can be difficult to navigate through all of that.

  • Quality

Like prices, the quality of products can also differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. So you have to go through the different quality checks to find the right product.

  • Type of good

The type of products are important when buying wholesale from china; this entails that for some types of products like electronics, they will be readily available with all necessary data known, but for others, more thorough searching and investigation will be required.

  • Ease of accessibility

While products in China are highly accessible to businesses and consumers alike, sometimes this may not be the case for certain obscure or highly specific products, hence finding the right product can be difficult in that case.

2. How to Follow Up on the Details of the Buying Process


The idea of staying on top of the buying process in order to ensure smooth and efficient buying may seem daunting to new importers due to all the minute details involved in the process that one needs to stay vigilant about. Some of these things include:

  • Choosing the right supplier 

The task of where to buy the products from within China is difficult for new buyers. Because they need to navigate around potential suppliers, their credentials and previous records, in order to find the right partners for doing business with.

  • Other services 

Importers may need to look for sourcing companies and customs brokers in order to ensure a smooth process of buying wholesale from china. This may lead to further complexities.

  • Payment details

The payment details and contracts need to be sorted out; this can be challenging for newer importers.

  • Delivery services and shipping

After the production and packaging, one needs to stay on top of the delivery and shipping services that will transport the products from China.

  • Customs clearance 

The legalities, laws and rules of the customs department need to be met for all products that are imported. This may be hard to navigate through for new buyers.

3. Unexpected Situations When Buying Wholesale From China

As with any transactions in businesses, the possibility of unexpected situations exists when you’re buying wholesale from china.  These unexpected occurrences can be grouped as follows:

  • Market shocks

it is possible that the production unit faces some sort of market shock, either demand shocks or supply shocks, which can alter the production quantity and hence delay the process of buying products from China.

  • Quality issues

the likelihood of scams with regards to quality control is low however it is possible especially for beginners to fall into these traps.

4. Time-Consuming Process


When you are trying to sell some trending or seasonal products, the most terrifying thing is the process be delayed. Pay attention to the reviews of your suppliers, it can show you that whether your suppliers always be on-time preparing. Work with a credible company when your business can not be time-consuming at all.

The whole process of buying wholesale from china can be time-consuming if any of these situations occur:

  • Delays in production
  • Delay in delivery
  • Long customs clearance time

Chapter 3 How to Overcome Challenges While Buying wholesale from china?


The challenges in buying wholesale from china are there but it is possible to overcome these with a bit of research, planning ahead, and smart business choices. We present a detailed analysis of some of the things you need to keep in mind when buying wholesale from china.

1. Perform the Market Research Before buying wholesale from china

Before buying wholesale from china, it is important that the buyer thoroughly researches the market and how the dynamics of demand, supply and prices work for both the short and long term. This is to make sure that all necessary variables are considered before any orders are placed and payments are made.

The research should investigate all the conditions of the market that are relevant to the products that the buyer wants to buy, ranging from the quality to prices to production costs, as well as the supply and demand analysis. This will make sure that you make informed decisions and limit the possibility of being scammed or incurring losses.

2. Find the Right Products Before Buying wholesale from china


In order to find the right product when buying wholesale from china, the same important details should be considered from your perspective, as mentioned earlier. These are listed as follows:

  • Price range

In order to find the right products, you need to consider your budget constraints, that is, what is the price range that you are looking for. Then shortlisting the products will be easier from among the range of products.

  • Quality 

You need to know if what you are looking for demands very high quality or just average quality. Then decide accordingly from among the range of products differentiated by quality.

  • Type of good 

The type of products are important when buying wholesale from china; this entails that for some types of products, more thorough searching will be required while for others, not so much. Hence, you need to tailor your level of research and investigation accordingly.

  • Ease of accessibility 

while products in China are highly accessible to businesses and consumers alike, sometimes this may not be the case for certain obscure or highly specific products, hence finding the right product is contingent on that.

3. Ensure the Legal Requirements of the Goods You wish to buy from China


Below are some of the legal requirements you need to fulfill before buying wholesale from china:

  • 3.1 Customs Clearance

Before being delivered to you, the buyer, the shipment of the products go through the customs clearance process to clear the goods from any legal barriers, customs duties and paperwork.

For this, it is important that you prepare all the necessary paperwork and make arrangements for the legal requirements that need to be met.


  • 3.2 Illegal Items

Specifically, it is important to make sure that the products you are buying wholesale from china are not illegal in the country where you wish to import them. A thorough investigation into this matter at the customs departments should clear your doubts in that matter.

  • 3.3 Government Regulations

The Chinese government has regulations governing the import of goods. For importing products from China, there is no general import permit but you might need a visa to import certain goods from China from a federal agency.

  • 3.4 Special Licenses

Before buying goods from China, you need to get licensed from your state and be authorized to import and export.

4. Performing Supplier Research While buying Wholesale From China

In order to ensure that the right goods are delivered to you with the right quality, in the right quantity and at the right time, who you choose to work with really matters.


This means that when buying wholesale from china, you need to make the right choices when it comes to your suppliers and whether you want to work with just one or multiple suppliers.

This will greatly enhance ease of business and will save a lot of time and effort when buying wholesale from china.

This, again, requires that you do your research in the matter by looking at the credentials, previous records and customer satisfaction reports of various suppliers.

You can also ask around from more experienced importers to expand your information base. It is also equally important that you shortlist the suppliers that work specifically for your needs, with regards to production, prices, time schedules, etc.

5. Classify Your Products and Calculate the Landed Cost

One of the first things you need to do is to classify your products, that is, what kind of products you are buying wholesale from china. Doing this will help you in estimating the landed costs of the products.

A ‘landed cost’ refers to the final cost of products you are buying in addition to all associated costs of shipping and logistics required to get the goods delivered to your shipping address. If you are a business planning to import products, then you must have a good idea of each item’s actual landed cost.

In order to calculate the landed costs, the costs must be added up at several steps of production, shipping and delivery processes. The three main components of costs of products when they reach your doorstep are:

  • Product cost 

The actual cost of the products before being shipped (at market price times the quantity).

  • Shipping cost

The cost of shipping the goods to your address; depends on the type of shipping service chosen, distance, volume,.

Import duties and taxes

payment to be made at the customs; depends on the value of goods, freight costs, insurance, and any additional costs.

6. Negotiate Price and Payment Terms When Buying wholesale from china


In order to ensure that the goods you bought are of the right quality and quantity, and delivered on time, it is important to negotiate the terms of business with the suppliers in China.

These include terms of payments, price negotiations and quality assurance. This will also save you from incurring any avoidable losses and enable smooth transactions in the future.

  • 6.1 Price Negotiations

As a buyer, minimizing costs and maximizing profits is undoubtedly one of your main goals for the business. To achieve this, it is important that when buying wholesale from china, you negotiate the price you have to pay suppliers.

This is especially true if you are buying in bulk from China, as suppliers are more open to price reductions for a large volume of products.

  • 6.2 Payment Terms

Payment terms provide clear details about the scheduled payment on buying wholesale from China. Here are some major pointers in that regard:

  • -100% Advance:

Some suppliers require 100% advance payment. This option is only feasible for trusted and long-term suppliers. However, be wary of this approach when buying from new suppliers with whom you haven’t done business previously.

  • -30-70 Payment System:

Another option is the 30-70 payment system where you pay 30% of the price initially as a buyer; it is also feasible for business dealings with trusted buyers and allows for quality assurance, after which you pay the remaining 70%.

  • -0% Deposit:

After negotiations, if the terms and conditions are decided such that you will pay the total amount after shipment is delivered to you with 0% initial deposit, you are on the safe side.

7. Preparing for Shipping


After the production and terms of payments have been ticked off your checklist, the next step is to prepare for the shipping of the goods. Several factors need to be considered for this step:

  • 7.1 Understanding Which Shipping Method is Best for You

It is important that you consider which shipping method is best for you after buying wholesale from china i.e. sea, road, or air. This will depend on the product category, size and weight of the cargo, the quantity of the goods, the distance between an origin point and destination, etc. It will also depend on how quickly you need the cargo to be delivered.

  • 7.2 Understanding Differences Between Shipping by Sea, Air and Rail

You also need to know the differences between different shipping methods in order to make the right choice. Shipping by sea is often much less costly for large, heavy shipments, but the margin between air and ocean prices is also decreasing as shipment sizes decrease.

It also depends on the nature of the cargo and which shipping method it is suited to, for example, fragile and perishable goods are usually delivered by air, while larger and heavier cargo is delivered by sea. So plan accordingly.

  • 7.3 Choosing a Right Freight Forwarder Partner

It is very important to choose the right freight partner when preparing for shipping. Be clear about what your shipping and storage needs are and ensure that the forwarder meets your requirements by assessing the experience and credentials of the Forwarder.

  • 7.4 Documents Required for Shipping

For shipping your products, certain documents are required and it is important that you prepare these well in advance, these include:

  1. Performa Invoice.
  2. Packing List.
  3. Certificates of Origin.
  4. Shipper’s Letter of Instruction.
  5. Bills of Lading.
  6. Dangerous Goods Forms.
  7. Bank Draft.

Chapter 4. Find Chinese Suppliers through Online Platforms When Buying wholesale from china


There are several online platforms that are both reliable and safe from where buyers can find suppliers for their required products. Some of these are:

1. Alibaba 

Alibaba is the world’s largest business-to-business sourcing portal. Its headquarters is in Hangzhou and its slogan is “global trade starts here.”

It is one of the best well-known and reliable e-commerce websites in China, made up of mostly small businesses in China. So, you can purchase from different manufacturers and suppliers while buying from the Alibaba store.

Alibaba provides a wide range of products and suppliers because there are multiple manufacturers on this platform. So it is a great platform for new buyers who are just getting into this business as they have a wide range of products to choose from. Payment is also secure and reliable so risk of fraud is minimized.

2. Global Sources 

It has more than 45 years of experience in trading. The global source is a large marketplace, which helps more than 1.4 million international buyers, and supplies in more than 240 countries.

For Western buyers, it is a good choice as Global Source is vital in mobile electronics, fashion accessories, home and gift items. In addition, they have regular trade shows which are beneficial for new buyers as they help international companies in how to do sourcing in China with face-to-face meetings with trusted Chinese suppliers.

3. DH Gate 

DH Gate is an online marketplace that targets small volume buyers. In DH Gate, there are small trading and medium-sized trading companies.


Factories in DH Gate have a variety of goods, which gives an advantage to both wholesale and retail businesses. There are many products and items on DH gate to be good for buyers. DH Gate also includes an escrow service to protect you, and has a variety of payment methods.

4. Ali Express 

Ali Express was launched by Alibaba Group in 2010 as a marketplace for Chinese companies to sell to foreign buyers. Suppliers on Ali Express are both big and small sellers. Big sellers usually are large factories and large trading companies. Large amounts of goods are available at many price points.

Another category of suppliers on Ali Express is small sellers, who have just started their stores. So, these small sellers want to expand their own business by attracting a wide range of buyers, hence they sell their products at very cheap cost and sometimes even at zero profit, hence it is a good option for buyers.

5. 1688 

1688 is Alibaba in the Chinese language. It is owned by Alibaba and is known as an online directory of Chinese suppliers. The main difference between Alibaba and 1688 is to stock up with the domestic Chinese market.


It matters because regulatory laws in China compared to Germany, UK, the US and other western countries are less strict so that is why suppliers in 1688 tend to produce lower quality products with prices on the lower end.

The main issue with 1688 is that most of the suppliers don’t have export licenses. That means that they are legally not allowed to ship products outside of China.

So, for an export license, they have to make deals with an intermediary company. At that point then, costs and complexity are both added to the supply chain. So, it is not suitable for most businesses sourcing products to sell in the western marketplace.

6. Made in China 

Another option is Made in China. Suppliers of Made in China are generally large factories and large trading companies.

It is a solid wholesale marketplace. So, each product profit is not high, that is, low prices. At this marketplace, suppliers will advise you to ship the goods by sea or air. That’s why shipping takes a long time. Its delivery time is usually 15 to 25 days because it might reproduce the products due to products being out of stock.

In the USA and Europe, it can take up to 30 to 40 days to arrive. If you want quick delivery and can afford higher costs, you can ask the supplier to ship your goods by DHL, UPS or TNT. Separate orders may use other payment methods but for small payments, PayPal is mostly used.

Chapter 5: Consider Alibaba Trade Assurance While buying Wholesale From China


Alibaba Trade Assurance Payment system is a protection service that enables secure payment from the buyer to supplier.

1. How Alibaba Trade Assurance Works

Alibaba trade assurance payment mode works like a go-between person. The buyer sends the funds upon placing an order to a selected Alibaba bank account.

Alibaba releases the payment only if things are up to the mark, meet the quality standards and deadlines. In case the shipment is delayed or the products don’t comply with the promised quality, the buyer gets a refund.

2. Benefits of Using Alibaba Trade Assurance System

Alibaba Trade Assurance system is one of the best buyer security programs of its kind. One of the most challenging tasks for buyers is to successfully claim a refund, but Alibaba is helping and serving to save buyers from these losses.

When a buyer is sending money straight to the supplier’s bank account, there is no refund mechanism for the buyers. So, Alibaba comes in handy here and acts as a middleman between the buyer and supplier.

Alibaba Trade Assurance System protects your money and rights until you are satisfied with the products, and there is no issue of delays or denial.

3. Transaction Fee of Trade Assurance

While the Alibaba Trade Assurance service is free to use, there are transaction fees depending on the buyer’s payment mode. It charges as:

  • Credit Card: 2.95% of the order value
  • Western Union: US$4.9 to US$45
  • Telegraphic transfer: US$30 – US$50
  • Alibaba Pay Later: Free (US only)

4. How to Make a Contract with a Supplier for Alibaba Trade Assurance

The method is listed on the Trade Assurance User Guide on the Alibaba website. This process is summarized as follows:

First, find and negotiate with the supplier. Contact the supplier through the supplier trade assurance program by clicking on contact supplier or via Trade Manager after selecting the supplier to negotiate the key terms for your order, including on-time shipment and the product quality requirements.

Then request a contract with your supplier by asking for the contract draft or clicking on ‘start order’ and fill the order form. Next the supplier will make a contract that you need to confirm for further progress.

Check your order status and approve the contract in the section named as ‘Transactions & Logistics’. Here, you can either confirm or modify the contract; you can also choose to cancel it if you don’t like the terms.

Chapter 6 Why Consider Hiring a Sourcing Company When Buying wholesale from china

When buying wholesale from china, it is a wise option to consider hiring a sourcing company for the wide range of benefits it can offer you. Some of these are as follows:

1. More Experience in Sourcing Business

Sourcing companies have a lot of experience in the sourcing business and can help you with many stages of the process including:

  • supplier identification and verification
  • price negotiation
  • supply management
  • supply control management
  • quality control and product inspections
  • Logistics and shipping management.

2. Better Understanding of Local Culture and Language

Since the sourcing companies will be based in China, they will be well aware of the Chinese culture and language and can help you. As an outsider, to become more familiar with those things for future business opportunities.

The more well-aware you are of the local customs and language, the better the prospects for your business.

3. Better Negotiating Skills

If you are new to the business of buying wholesale from china, it is better to hire a sourcing company. As you observe and learn from the negotiation practices of the sourcing company, it can help you develop and polish your own negotiation skills, and prepare you for future buying when you start out on your own.

4. Bearing Risks on Your Behalf

Especially for first-timers, the sourcing companies can deal with the suppliers and shipping companies to prevent buyers from potential risks and losses. So for inexperienced buyers, this is a great option as they don’t have to bear the associated risks.

5. Flexible Payment Solutions

Sourcing companies can, on your behalf, negotiate flexible payment options for you as a buyer at each step of the process from the production to the supply to the shipping. This can mean that you don’t have to pay in advance or pay an initial deposit, depending on the terms that are decided.

6. Performing the Right Quality Control

Sourcing companies are adept and experienced in checking for and ensuring quality control in the right way, so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

They can do it for you at all stages of the process: pre-production inspection, process inspection, and pre-shipment inspection. So even if you miss something, you can rest assured the sourcing company will be there to check each and every quality control measure.

7. Providing You Peace of Mind

Sourcing companies can take care of a wide range of issues and minor and major details throughout the process as discussed above, so you can do business with peace of mind, which is most important for continued and sustained business practices.

As EJET have 15 years experience in sourcing, we can provide a safe and successful buying in China. If you have any questions or need buying service from China, contact EJET directly, we will help you to find high quality and profitable products.

Chapter 7: Things to Watch out For When Buying wholesale from china


Buyers must consider some essential factors and restrictions when buying wholesale from china, such as dealing with tariffs and restrictions, paying for goods, sourcing goods, finalizing delivery, arranging for shipment and ensuring products meet the specific region’s guidelines. A few important things to watch out for, when buying wholesale from china, are:

1. Pay Attention to Things That Are Red Flags

In order to avoid losses and delays, keep several things in mind with regards to suppliers and shipment services such as:

  • unnaturally low prices
  • agreement to ship in a very short time
  • failure to address certain requests
  • Unfamiliar clauses in agreements.

2. Avoid Scams

It is also equally important to steer clear of scams and fraudulent companies or personnel. Key indicators in that regard are:

  • Very new company
  • No verifiable credentials
  • Suspicious online data on websites
  • No client reviews
  • Company address and bank accounts do not exist.

3. Illegal Payment Channels

It is very important that you check and verify the security and legality of the payment channels used to transfer payments. As mentioned earlier Alibaba offers one of these secure and legal channels. Others include telegraphic transfer, escrow, sourcing agencies, PayPal and Western Union, etc.

4. Too Good to Be True

Any offers or claims from suppliers such that very short delivery or production times, or very low prices must be thoroughly investigated before agreeing on any payments and placing orders. These ‘too good to be true claims are oftentimes just scammed that you need to be vigilant about.


This article explored the various aspects and facets of the process of buying wholesale from china for the convenience and knowledge of the buyers. For various reasons such as low prices and costs, high flexibility, access to markets, and a wide range of products, buying wholesale from china is a profitable business.

In doing so, one may encounter obstacles such as finding the right products, scams, minute details, and shipping details which can be overcome by good business tactics and research, as well as hiring sourcing companies, choosing the right payment methods.

The wide range of internet services that make buying wholesale from china easier is also very helpful in this business. Overall, if one has done his research and employs the right tools, buying wholesale from china is a great and profitable venture, as well as an emerging market for these businesses. So take a leap of faith and start buying wholesale from china!

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