Why don’t you consider China dropshipping suppliers? Trust me, it’s worth it!

Due to a low-risk level and ease of processing, dropshipping turned out to be a promising e-commerce business model for years. Without even stocking the merchandise yourself, you can sell goods to the consumer.

Presently, 33% of the global e-commerce industry adopts dropshipping as its online business model. As the biggest name among the top dropshipping suppliers in the world, in China, you can quickly get your e-commerce website up with little investment.

This article brings you a beneficial range of chapters that show you the reason why it is profitable to find the best China dropshipping suppliers, the best free dropshipping sites, how to handle problems of dropshipping, and much more.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Benefits of Choosing China Dropshipping Suppliers

Chapter 2: Best 18 China Dropshipping Suppliers for your business

Chapter 3: Steps to Choose Suitable Free Dropshipping Companies

Chapter 4: How to find Free China Dropshipping Suppliers

Chapter 5: Tips to look for China Dropshipping Suppliers

Chapter 6: How to Handle Problems while dealing with China Wholesale Suppliers

Chapter 7: FAQs About China Dropshipping Suppliers

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Benefits of Choosing China Dropshipping Suppliers


China has made massive economic success in the past 30 years. There have been dignified modifications into their conventional legal structures that regulate foreign trade in China. Consequently, China turned out to be an emerging business destination where entrepreneurs from the whole world love to invest in their startups.

Here are some benefits of working with China Dropshipping Suppliers:

1. Comparatively Low Price at China Dropshipping Suppliers

China has created its history in investing in large-scale manufacturing technologies and machinery. With an esteemed mass production and low labor cost, manufacturers in China are able to offer comparatively low prices and discounts on goods. Hence, Chinese free drop shipping sites are an ideal destiny for your online stores.

2. Improved Standards of Quality at Free Dropshipping Sites


China has brought drastic advancement in their production sector, involving the latest technology capabilities. This has made Chinese suppliers more focused on quality. Products manufactured in China can compete incredibly around the world in terms of quality.

3. Low Investment Needed for Dropshipping

If you choose China Dropshipping suppliers for your business model, luckily, you don’t have to spend money on warehouse management, forklifts, insurance policies, and inventory system.

Moreover, these suppliers are smart enough to manage your stocks, packing, and shipping procedures. Hence, you need not dedicate continuous attention to these procedures.

4. Huge Range of Products available at Free Dropshipping Sites


You can have access to millions of products at China wholesale markets. A number of retailers and wholesalers are a good-fit to work with for you. What’s more, they also provide free dropshipping companies channeling throughout the globe.

5. Favorable Location for Dropshipping

China is famous for its strategic position on the world map. Bordered by fourteen countries, it is located near Asian and European markets that are super active commercially. It is connected to other countries through land, air, marine transportation to offer immediate shipping around the world.

Chapter 2: Best 18 China Dropshipping Suppliers for your business

1. EJET Sourcing

EJET Sourcing is a big name when it comes to availing drop-ship services from China. It is counted among exceptionally good sourcing agents and companies in China.

Whatever the product is, EJET Sourcing will always be there to find you the best-matched supplier at a reasonable price.

They provide services including:

  • Supplier management
  • Product development
  • Product branding
  • Online sourcing
  • On-ground sourcing

Once you place an order through EJET Sourcing, it will follow up all the steps, making sure you receive right products by the right delivery.

Below are achievements of EJET Sourcing as a foremost drop-ship sourcing agent:

  • 15+ years’ experience
  • 100+ experienced staff
  • 2158 satisfied customers
  • 1546 containers per year
  • 3269 qualified suppliers
  • 25721 products sourced

So with EJET Sourcing, you can enhance your dropshipping experience.

2. AliExpress China Dropshipping Suppliers


Arguably the most famous dropshipping platform, AliExpress, links international buyers to small businesses in China, it belongs to Surprisingly, this platform prohibits Chinese buyers and non-Chinese sellers.

Some stores on this platform have little information hence, you have to look at its review and rating system. AliExpress offers buyer protection. Refunds can be made under some circumstances, such as, when shipped products are not received or the products you receive are totally different from what was purchased.

AliExpress does not offer returns, exchanges, and warranties. Major attributes of AliExpress can be summarized in this way:

  • Product Range: Above 100 million products are categorized into clothing, accessories, cellphones, laptops, jewelry, beauty, sports, homing, electronics, shoes, hobbies, luggage, bags, baby essentials, maternity essentials, health, and much more.
  • Payment: This drop ship wholesaler’s free website accepts MasterCard and Visa for payment. It does not accept PayPal. It offers buyer protection.
  • Required sales volume: No sales volume required. However, VIP membership is available in three tiers for buyers who have spent over $999 within 90 days.
  • Customer service: 24/7 live chat option with a help center is available. Email and contact numbers are not available.
  • Refund/return policy: No return policy and refund are offered under some circumstances.
  • International reach: AliExpress ships to 237 countries.

3. DHgate China Dropshipping Suppliers


DHgate links online buyers from the world to small and medium scale businesses in China. Though less than AliExpress, but this dropship wholesaler’s free website contains a huge range of products too. Major attributes of DHgate can be summarized in this way:

  • Product range: Above 30 million products are categorized into clothing, accessories, electronics, networking, computers, hobbies, beauty, health, toys, home, jewelry, auto, and much more.
  • Payment: This dropship wholesaler’s free website accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express. It offers buyer protection. This platform has an escrow system where payment is released to the seller only when a buyer receives the order.
  • Requires sales volume: No required sales volume. However, benefits like toll-free USA contact number for customer support is given to the higher membership buyers.
  • Customer service: 24/7 live chat option is available for customer service. Messaging system is available especially to handle disputes between a seller and the buyer. Email address, social media, and contact number are not available.
  • Return/Refund policy: No return policy available. A limited refund policy is available.
  • International reach: DHgate ships to 230 countries.



TOMTOP is a free membership dropshipping wholesalers and retailers website containing a big number of products related to electronics and gadgets. TOMTOP’s drop ship program has clear terms and conditions to consider before you get started with it.

It also offers additional benefits to wholesalers, hence, good for drop-shippers who look to work as wholesalers. It has warehouses in 9 countries. Major attributes of TOMTOP can be summarized in this way:

  • Product range: Above 1 million products are categorized into phone accessories, gaming, clothes, accessories, auto, homes, jewelry, garden, and much more.
  • Payment: This dropship wholesaler’s free website accepts MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and PayPal.
  • Required sales volume: No required sales volume but bigger sales volume offers buyers some discounts.
  • Return/Refund policy: Return or refund can be made within 45 days where the buyer pays for return shipping charges.
  • International reach: TOMTOP ships to 229 countries.

5. DealeXtreme


The main focus of DealeXtreme is on selling electronics and gadgets. Major attributes of DealeXtreme can be summarized in this way:

  • Product Range: Above 300,000 products are categorized into electronics, gadgets, toys, mobile accessories, sports and, much more.
  • Payment: This dropship wholesaler’s free website accepts MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa, and PayPal.
  • Customer Service: 24/7 live chat option is available for customer service. Messaging system is available. local phone number is also available for 5 countries.
  • Return/Refund policy: 5-day dead on arrival warranty is available. Products can be replaced within 90 days and can be repaired within 150 days.
  • International reach: DealeXtreme ships to 247 countries. Free shipment of products (except for purely power products) is offered to all countries.

6. LightInTheBox China Dropshipping Suppliers


LightInTheBox is another free membership drop shipping wholesalers and retailers website containing home, apparel, gadgets, and accessories. The best part is that it also sells customized wedding dresses. Major attributes of this website can be summarized in this way:

  • Product range: Above 370,000 products categorized into clothes, electronics, gadgets, home toys, and much more.
  • Payment: This dropship wholesaler’s free website accepts MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa, and PayPal.
  • Customer Service: 24/7 live chat option available for customer support, the email address provided for drop shipper,s and US address are also available.
  • Return/Refund Policy: Defective items have a 30-day warranty. Customized wedding dresses can be altered anytime (i.e. free lifetime service).
  • International reach: LightInTheBox ships to 238 countries.

7. Banggood


Banggoog initiated its business at eBay, selling mobile accessories and LED lights. Now then offer plenty of products under multiple categories. Major attributes of Banggood can be summarized in this way:

  • Product Range: Above 200,000 products are categorized into electronics, lights, gadgets, apparel, home, garden, and much more.
  • Payment: This dropship wholesaler’s free website accepts MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa, and PayPal.
  • Customer Service: 24/7 live chat option available for customer support. Chinese contact number, dedicated email address, and skype address are provided to dropshippers.
  • Return/Refund policy: return policy is available and refund depends upon the category.
  • International reach: Banggood ships to 239 countries.

8. Tmart China Dropshipping Suppliers


Tmart is another dropship wholesalers free site, selling 2,300+ products categorized majorly into computer accessories and electronics. Tmart offers its buyers additional benefits like watermark-free images and additional discounts. It allows the buyers to share reviews and tips regarding the products.

To let the US buyers enjoy a shorter delivery time of products present at their US warehouse, Tmart has created a separate page named Tmart Express. 15-hours live chat service is available and it ships to 199 countries.

9. PandaHall China Dropshipping Suppliers

Pandahall is famous for selling 30,000+ products that mainly focus upon jewelry and accessories e.g. earings, chains, beads, etc. It does not have a specific support center for dropshippers, neither they have special policies.


However, their customer support agents are reportedly available anytime they have been called for the help. It has refund policy of 30 days for damaged products and 7 days for non-damaged products. What’s more, PandaHall ships to 255 countries.

10. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is a dominant wholesale dropship supplier that ships to over 200 countries. It links manufacturers to suppliers and distributors and sells products at reasonable rates.

On purchase of a specific amount, Chinabrands give away CB points as rewards which can be used as cash on the next purchase.

11. Nichedropshipping


Nichedropshipping offers a free sourcing experience where suppliers sell their products under their own unique brand identity. It offers fast delivery of products, available at US warehouses, to US-based clients.

It facilitates brand packaging, white labeling, private labeling, integration, and inventory storage. Buyers can store their purchased products at their warehouses in the US and China.

12. Sourcingmap

Sourcingmap is one of the oldest free membership drop shipping wholesalers’ site. This website mainly focuses on home essentials which can hardly be found somewhere else.


For those people who use for dropshipping, they are provided free shipping service and secure payment service. And for those people who buy in bulk, they can save more.

For example, if you buy 2nd-5th items, you will have 15% OFF for the final payment, and up to 25% OFF on 6th+ items, save up to 50% if you buy more.

13. Tinydeal

Tinydeal is a Hong Kong-based wholesale company and a drop-ship program. The site is popular for low-cost electronics and gadgets. For example, you can find toys, cell phones and computer accessories, rechargeable batteries and chargers, and other novelty items in the website.

tinydeal-china-wholesale-supplier accepts two methods of payment, which are PayPal and Western Union. Tinydeal is also a power seller on eBay for its large and varied product range, competitive product pricing, as well as its draw-card feature of free airmail shipping on all orders ( upgradeable to Express Mail).

14. QuarkSCM

QuarkSCM has a wide range of high-quality products available at low prices. It runs above 150 logistic channels covering 200 countries where the shipment can be done.

Buying from,you can enjoy the benefits such as 1% to 4% dropship discount on the basic prices, 24-hours Shipping and Fast Delivery and much more.


15. Urbanload

Urbansole sells over 300 products associated with consumer goods and accessories. It also sells customized caps, mugs, shirts, etc. For those Urbansole Resellers, they can try to use Urbansole’s services free for the first 30 days.

This means If you have registered as a Free Account in Urbansole, click the “Create new store” button in main menu. After you create a new store go to all stores in “store menu” and select upgrade to “Reseller” or “Vip Store”.

This will direct you to paypal where you can set up an subscription with us through paypal. Your 30 days trial will then begin. You will not be charge any money until after the full 30 days. You can opt to cancel at anytime.

16. CJDropshipping


CJDropshipping sells more than 215,000 products. It is a complicated free membership drop shipping wholesalers’ website as it functions as both AliExpress and Oblero.

As a professional dropshipping company, they focus on the services like product sourcing, order processing and shipping.

CHDropshipping also provides Refund, Resend or Return services for some specific cases. For example, if your orders delayed or not receive, or you can provide evidence if your product damaged, etc. On these situations, you can ask the suppliers pay for damages.

17. Focalprice is a Focalprice that facilitates the sellers with their own special accounts, providing them discounts on a particular figures of sales.


wholesale7-china-wholesale-supplier specializes in fashionable clothing, dresses, jewelry, bags, and other trending accessories. It intends to provide the best dropshipping products and services worldwide.

Your orders will always be shipped in 24 hours, because they have large stock quantity of 10 million RMB, in addition to ensure the stability of supply.

Chapter 3: Steps to Choose Suitable Free Dropshipping Companies


1. Do Some Research on Free Dropshipping Companies

To choose the most suitable free membership wholesale drop shipping wholesalers’ company, thorough research is the first thing you need to do.

After deciding the products that would like to make part of your business model, look for some dropshipping suppliers who can fulfill your needs. You may need to dive deep into their service potential, delivery time, and quality of products.

2. Contact Best Free Dropshipping Sites

Contact the suppliers that you find suitable for your business and start developing good relations with them. Ask them regarding their services, strategies, achievements, procedures, and other must to have information.

Starting up with good relations with the suppliers, means you are going to have a trustworthy bond with them while doing business with them.


3. Check Technology of Best Free Dropshipping Sites

You may find many free drop shipping companies that have outdated websites. However, good suppliers tend to invest in their technology to smoothen the operations for their clients.

Functions like customizable data feeds, sufficient product catalog, and searchable history, etc. are key features of a good drop shipping website.

Some websites give you access to place orders through emails. It may sound like a little advantage, trust me, this option can let you enjoy placing the order. Every time you place it, you just have to send an email rather than doing phone calls outside your native country.

4. Order Sample From the China Dropshipping Suppliers

After you know the best-fit match suppliers for your business, ask them to deliver their samples. This will be the opportunity to test their product quality, delivery timing, packaging, and other drop shipping-related skills.

In addition to this, this step will let you understand how your own customers will experience your store. Isn’t it a good option to ask for samples from the suppliers?

5. Look at Competitor’s Suppliers


This step can be fruitful in terms of standing against your competitors in the market. If the supplier you choose is also working for any of your competitors’, then you can look at how the supplier offers them the services.

Else, find the China dropshipping suppliers that are working with your competitors and order them to find the level of service needed to stand in the competitive market.

6. Choose the Right Supplier

When researching for the suppliers you read reviews and analyze their rating. They may look good to work with. However, when you dig deep into their business, you may find them unsuitable for your e-commerce platform.

This may be due to the way they do business, the raw materials they use, or the way they deal with returns. Hence, before placing an order, you should talk to them to know their service quality and business strategy.

Although you have the freedom to leave working with any supplier who created problems for you, the loss it has already made can harm your business badly.

Chapter 4: How to find Free Dropshipping Suppliers


1. Visit Trade Exhibitions

Chinese suppliers participate in many trade shows that are held in the US, such as The International Consumer Electronics Show that takes place in Los Vegas. The trade exhibitions allow the visitors to speak to the suppliers directly.

You can have an insight into their services and company values. You will have a chance to learn more about production, capacity, and quality control measures.

East China and Canton Fair are famous trade shows that are held in China. These shows attract many suppliers who exhibit their products.

So if you try to visit 2 or 3 trade shows every year, it’s good for you to build relationships with some reliable suppliers. What’s more, you can check the most trending products in those exhibitions.

2. Search Free Membership Dropshipping Wholesalers Online


As mentioned in the previous chapter, you should do some research on Chinese dropshipping suppliers. Here are some things you can look at for the suppliers while searching for them online:

  • Their business license
  • Location of the company
  • Any other certifications
  • Ownership status
  • Contact number or email

Many suppliers post their products on some marketplace sites. However, you must use them with caution because some fake companies also post their products.

To be on the safer side, you may order a little number of products from them and analyze how the process runs. If all goes well as you expected then start doing business with them because they are legitimate suppliers.

3. Use Dropshipping Software

The idea to connect your retail store with famous Chinese e-commerce stores, such as AliExpress, is beneficial for your business. You can easily import the products in bulk and sell with a significant margin.

No doubt, choosing a reputable dropshipping software is key to a successful e-commerce platform. Reliable and reputable dropshipping software comes up with beneficial features for the users such as 24/7 contact support, discount packages on a certain amount of purchase, free delivery, etc.

Chapter 5: Tips to look for China Dropshipping Suppliers


1. Beware of Scams from fake dropshipping wholesalers

Beware of scams from fake dropshipping wholesalers! You are much likely to come across fake wholesalers even at best free dropshipping sites. There are some signs to spot these fake wholesalers.

For example, those fake wholesalers demand ongoing fees. It is an indication to beware of such suppliers. Reputable suppliers won’t ask you for this. Plus, the price is negotiated and decided before placing the order.

2. Expectation versus Reality about Dropship Wholesalers Free

Because you are dropshipping from China, so it can happen you come across some delivery troubles like damaged packaging, long time waiting, etc. Although suppliers work to manage everything, you may still get charged by the customs bureau for the duties and taxes.


You can also get products different from as described by the brand advertisement. These risks bring a difference between expectation and reality. This makes it tough for you to find the right supplier. The more carefully you search for the supplier, the more likely you are to achieve your business goals.

3. Inspect Everything you buy from free Dropshipping Companies

Just because other people experienced drop shipping good from free dropshipping companies, does not mean you’ll experience it in the same way. Keep doing the homework from your hand and evaluate the suppliers. Try to attain as much information as you can also about the company who will fulfill the order.

In some cases you can do only a little if there is any problem with the order, because the actual manufacturing company may be different from the dropshipping supplier.

After you receive your product, without wasting any time, test it for its quality. You should take multiple photos of each product to display on your products’ catalogue online.

Chapter 6: How to Handle Problems while dealing with China Wholesale Suppliers


1. Keep the Track of your Inventory

It is better for you to pay attention to the processes of dropshipping before you finalizing the contract. One part you should pay attention to is inventory management. You should ask for daily inventory reports from your suppliers. If your geographical location is far away from China, you can get the weekly reports.

2. Have more than one China Dropshipping Supplier

If your consumers love any of your products such that you don’t want the product to get out of stock anytime, then you should contact more than one supplier for a constant supply of that product.

Most of the time, more than one supplier contains products that are equal in quality and are similar enough. The idea of having more than one supplier is like having a backup in case your main supplier fails you.


All free membership wholesalers won’t offer you the same price. More chances are you get good discount packages from your main/regular supplier. Hence, relying more on alternate suppliers can make your work easier.

3. Know Return Policy in case of Receiving Damaged Item

You can sometimes receive a complaint like this from your consumers. Never get panic. Know the return and refund policies of your suppliers. Try to keep your return policies the same as your suppliers’. If your policies are much different from the suppliers’ policies, you are at fault.

Chapter 7: FAQs About China Dropshipping Suppliers


1. Can we dropship from China with no money?

One of the bonuses of dropshipping is it requires little or no money at all. Your third-party suppliers take the hassles of inventory management.

You just need to set up your online e-commerce store to sell your products to the consumers directly.
Your customers will buy the products from your online store. Your China dropshipping suppliers will process your order after completion of which you get your profit.

2. How long does it take to dropship from China to the US?

Dropshipping deliveries from China to the US normally take 10 to 20 days to arrive. However, the figure is not the same every time. It can be anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks.

3. How can we identify fake dropshipper?

You can spot the fake dropshipper by various indications, for example, they will probably charge you a monthly fee whereas, a reputable supplier won’t demand any monthly or ongoing fee.

Also, have a look at their selling process. A legitimate supplier won’t sell the goods directly to the consumers at inflated prices. In addition to this, a fake dropshipper will demand you a high pre-ordering fee (such as 40% to 50%).

4. Can we earn a handsome amount of money through dropshipping from China?

Profits generated through dropshipping of the products are usually low as compared to the retail store. However, once the business emerges, you can make a handsome amount by selling a large number of goods to your customers. No doubt, the low prices appeal to the customer.

5. Can we still dropship in 2021?

Of course, you can still dropship in 2021. In fact, millions of online stores are making handsome money through dropshipping.


Dropshipping is fun if you are good to go with it. Some effort, thorough research, and a little dedication can bring you reliable solutions to grow up your business by simply find the right China dropshipping suppliers.

Apart from it, you can contact any sourcing agent to help you out in this regard. EJET Sourcing understands your needs and is always there to share its vast experience and strategic skills to uplift your business. Feel free to contact the agents at EJET Sourcing for further assistance.