Furniture is something that everyone utilizes daily. Buildings, both commercial and residential, are outfitted to fulfill the needs of the people who visit them.

 Selling furniture in bulk to furniture stores is one approach for an entrepreneur to meet that need.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can establish your own wholesale furniture business.

Before diving into 7 steps to starting a furniture wholesale business online, we’ll provide some history on wholesale furniture firms and the furniture market.

To sum things up, we’ll talk about Why Wholesale Furniture Online?

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Furniture Suppliers from China

Chapter 2: 7 steps to start a furniture wholesale business online

Chapter 3: Why Wholesale furniture from China

Chapter 4: 5 Advice on Choosing the Right Catering Supplies

Chapter 5: Frequently Ask Questions About Furniture from China

Chapter 1: Furniture Suppliers from China

1. Al Aqili Furnishings

Chapter 1Furniture Suppliers from China

Al Aqili Furnishings is one of the top indoor furniture manufacturers across the Middle East. The family-owned company is a complete furniture business and includes one of the largest furniture brands and manufacturers with its catalogs.

Al Aqili Furnishings believe that in a world booming with opportunities, our customers require the most efficient interior solutions available to them anywhere in the world.

In pursuit of this dream, we continue to create mutually beneficial partnerships with our major companies, suppliers, and shareholders of corporations.

Setting higher business objectives each year, we will strive to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations, improve our services and products, and take all of our main divisions in the Middle East to new levels of success.

2. Fenabel Middle East

Portuguese furniture manufacturer and trader Fenabel supplies a wide range of creative and innovatively-designed furniture, focusing mainly on wooden and upholstered chairs and tables; Fenabel also produces bar furniture and benches.

Female is an expert in the design and manufacture of chairs, impressive pieces made of furniture with high quality and complexity.

Develop an original and modern design by blending all the skills, attention to detail, the latest production technologies, and constant improvement.

These qualities form the brand’s essence, created in Fenabel. It is aimed at an environment that is B2B in which all the small details are crucial.

The wood component with its unique characteristics and elegant design is the primary source of all collections featuring smooth and versatile designs and upholstered fabric that is specially selected to create a harmonious blend of furnishings and fashions brimming with a myriad of sensations and references to culture.

This is how Fenabel is aiming to alter the routine act of sitting into the form of a pure, elegant style that can be used as a private or in contracts.

3. OK Furniture

OK Furniture

The Sharjah-based tables and chairs manufacturer OK Furniture has a wide selection of furniture for restaurants, hotels and other businesses in the HORECA industry.

O.K Furniture pride of being the longest-running and most reliable manufacturer and dealer of tables, chairs, and office furniture across the globe.

With over forty years of experience and various showrooms across the United Arab Emirates and Italy, provide international customers with top quality and high-end service as well as customer service.

The secret to our achievement is a commitment to our customers. By leveraging our decades of working experience, we ensure that our clients’ projects are completed on time and within budget.

Client satisfaction and success to the following factors: High Quality: Delivering the highest-quality products is our specialization.

Oversee every aspect of the process, from selecting the material to manufacturing and distribution, with utmost care to ensure the consistency of product quality.

4. Gulf Interior Solutions

Gulf Interior Solutions specializes in turn-key furniture and fit-out solutions. The company has built an international network of suppliers and manufacturers of furniture and furniture, fixtures and fittings.

The company’s chief executive, Antony Gus, VP, Casualties, said it is difficult for customers to make sure what they’re buying is worth the cost when there seems to be a lack of guidelines in the market.

A top restaurant that opened just a few months is seeking tenders to supply its furniture made of wicker. Why? Because the synthetic wicker used was not sufficient in quality to be used in this local Gulf market which is extremely harsh in its climate.

In this instance, the buyer could not meet the requirements of its purchase due diligence. A life of one year is lower than what you can buy from the business’s clients. Also brought claims against the owner for damages to their clothes that were snagged by broken wicker pieces.

Cost-effectiveness, aesthetics of design, and maintenance aspects are just some of the aspects individuals should consider before decorating their commercial space.

In addition, changes in the furniture industry should be considered. Green furniture is also an element; however, what is the sustainability of furniture throughout the Middle East?

“As a manufacturer, we are implementing the concepts and ideas of the designer and are witnessing a greater awareness and actual specifications for more environmentally friendly products.

Endeavour to further enhance this by offering suggestions to improve the furniture’s appearance, design or cost (for example, making use of different materials or production methods),” said John McLennan, the managing director of Indigo Living.

He explained that furniture design is taking an updated look with more modern, contemporary and innovative designs being integrated.

There is a trend toward lighter fabrics, materials and colours; more sleek designs that are less extravagant initially, but McLennan believes, is better constructed in a more on-trend way. Another trend that appears to be growing in popularity is the French and retro styles.

Apart from distressing and creating vintage-looking furniture, French designs like the quatrefoils and fleur de Lys can be featured in various designs.

Colours and furniture designs generally follow the fashion runway’s trends.

Interior design expert Martyn Lawrence-Bullard says he’s frequently influenced by fashion and style in his designs.

“Whether it’s a new colour combination, a form that might inspire me to design the furniture or embroidery on a shirt that could be used to create a border for the edge of a chair or even the top edge of drapery, believe that interiors and fashion are inextricably linked and are a source of inspiration for both industries,” he said.

5. Burgess Furniture

British company Burgess Furniture has 50 years of experience providing high-end furniture for banquets, conference facilities, and dining.

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Chapter 2: 7 steps to start a furniture wholesale business online

furniture wholesale business

1. Study the industry

Starting a wholesale company is an immense undertaking, particularly in a field with high-priced products. We suggest doing your research thoroughly and researching both the furniture industry and wholesaling generally.

Your experience in these fields will undoubtedly help you gain an edge; even if you’re new to the business, you’ll be able to master the basics quickly.

Study the background of the market for wholesale furniture. Examine the past and present trends to aid you in preparing for various scenarios.

Also, make time to research seasonal influences on the wholesale furniture market. Although there’s the potential to earn money in the wholesale distribution of furniture, it’s crucial to be aware of the industry you are entering.

2. Identify Your Audience

As a furniture wholesaler, your target market is the businesses selling furniture to consumers. You will likely focus on furniture stores or general stores. You can also target stores with low-cost prices, high-end shops, or something else in between.

Given the number of businesses you could be targeting, it is crucial to be clear on the customers you’re serving. This will help you increase the visibility of your wholesale offerings and connect with customers who pay.

You can narrow your audience according to criteria, for example:

  • Geographical place
  • Monthly/quarterly/annual need for your service
  • Budget
  • Their intended public
  • Type of store (luxury/budget/general/etc.)

The more precise you can be about the people you’d like to serve, the more successful you are.

3. Choose a Product

Product Restrictions

After you’ve decided on the market you’ll target, it is time to decide what you can do to best serve them. As a wholesaler of furniture, there are several options you can choose to use for your products.

You can specialize in the type of furniture you are interested in or furniture designed for a specific area or room.

You could, for instance, make yourself the preferred company for sofas. To achieve this, you’d provide a variety of sofas.

You can decide on the fabric or design you wish, but you can also do everything. In addition, you could become the most sought-after supplier of sofas and furniture for the living space.

Instead of just selling couches, you can also sell sets that include Sectional sofas and love seats, coffee tables, TV stands or end tables.

There is a vast range of styles and types of furniture available; there are plenty of options. You can narrow your focus or go for a more general approach. It’s all about the goals you have set for yourself.

A key thing to remember when choosing your items is the expectation of high quality. Selling furniture to retailers with a budget has different expectations than those who sell to premium furniture stores.

The products you offer must reflect the budgets of your customer’s target market. You can offer quality products. However, higher-end items could be constructed of higher quality materials.

4. Follow up

Many wholesalers believe that the sale is complete once the goods are delivered, and the invoice is paid. This is, however, an error of grave proportions.

There’s plenty of value to keeping clients in the first place, as acquiring new clients is more costly. A successful wholesaler takes care of their clients, mainly after they’ve purchased.

Call within a few hours after the delivery of the order. Find out what the experience was like, and I would appreciate any feedback regarding the whole procedure. You should ensure that the customer is satisfied with the standard of the product.

Decide on the time until the customer has to replenish his stock. Be sure to follow up within that date. If you follow up and the customer isn’t keen to purchase again, consider offering incentives or repeat purchases to win the customer over and keep them as their primary option for an online retailer.

5. Look For Things To Sell

Although it is possible to set up an online storefront on B2B platforms and let sales naturally roll in, many wholesalers employ different sales and marketing methods to get the process rolling.

Some suggestions for increasing the sales of your furniture wholesale include:

  • Develop a more efficient buying process
  • Service to customers that is reliable
  • Help customers have a pleasant experience
  • Create strategic, compelling marketing campaigns
  • Encourage referrals and reorders by offering bonuses and incentives
  • Run promotions

It is essential to prioritize the management of sales pipelines so that closing rates stay good and your company expands. Find leaks and can prevent qualified leads from disappearing.

For one thing, big furniture purchases may be expensive. And leads might require nurturing to some extent in certain situations.

7. Set Up An Online Store

Online Store

Furniture is something everyone utilizes. Residential and commercial buildings are designed to accommodate the requirements of those who reside in these areas.

Because furniture is frequently utilized and the styles change frequently, the demand for furniture stays constant. As an entrepreneur, one way to supply the demand is to sell furniture in bulk to furniture stores.

8. Begin Selling

Although it is possible to set up an online storefront on B2B platforms and then let the sales naturally roll in, Wholesalers often employ different sales and marketing strategies to kick start the process.

It is essential to prioritize the management of your sales pipeline to ensure that your closing rates stay high and your business expands. Recognize leaks to be aware of how to stop the quality leads from slipping away.

Chapter 3: Why Wholesale furniture from China

1. Transparency of Price


For one thing, big furniture purchases may be expensive. Cost, and therefore leads might require nurturing at times. Establishing the cost is difficult if you aren’t familiar with what is available locally.

If you’re brand unfamiliar with international trade and are not aware of Chinese furniture’s actual cost, in most cases, it is the case that people attempt to profit from the situation and then charge higher prices when trading offline.

There isn’t a place for this kind of behaviour in buying online. Prices are set; regardless of whether you’re adept at trading or a novice in the field, it will display the same price.

This means that you are free of the risk of fraud that could occur when you use other transaction methods.

The Internet is by far the most reliable source for transparency in price. You can get a fair price for any product.

There are a lot of vendors on the internet. Each of them evaluates the product at the same price. You can quickly determine the actual cost of the product.

2. It Saves Time, Energy, and Money

Shopping at an area market, touching wood, and smelling the quality while considering other options are advantages of traditional methods of importing furniture from China.

But, if you’re working a full schedule, it’s challenging to make time to travel to China and then travel across the country, and then finding furniture can be a stressful task.

Thus, buying from websites is your ideal way to get out of these scenarios. It helps you save energy, money and time without leaving your home.

3. Delivery that is both quick and efficient

There are a variety of wholesalers online on the market and have to compete. Therefore, the company that delivers the furniture promptly and with well-packed packaging is highly regarded by retail stores.

This will ensure that you receive your furniture more quickly instead of having to go shopping and making import arrangements.

Customers choose their furniture providers according to their experiences. The delivery and packaging of goods are crucial to the customer’s preferences. Online providers must provide efficient delivery.

Because of this, they strive to provide more quickly. That’s why supplies for international shipping take just a few days to be shipped.

4. Access To A Large Furniture Collection

In China, there are a variety of markets specialized in various types of furniture. It is therefore impossible to visit every market and pick the furniture you’d like. But with the online stores, one can view the extensive furniture selection without leaving your chair.

In just a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to view all options available and the video and pictures will let you know about the item and customer reviews to help judge its value.

5. Drop Shipment Is Available

Wholesalers online also provide drop shipping services. This is an essential option if you’re in the business of furniture. It’s impossible to store the inventory by anticipating sales, and furniture takes up more space.

Drop shipping allows retailers to order the item only in the event of customer demand and immediately deliver the product. Therefore, as a retailer, you do not have to store many products in your warehouse and sit around waiting for buyers.

Chapter 4: 5 Advice on Choosing the Right Catering Supplies


1. Material

The first thing to consider is that it is essential to determine that you are sure that the kitchen equipment is constructed of high-quality elements.

The stainless commercial cookery equipment is durable and has low maintenance charges. They are a great option that can effortlessly cope with the hectic working hours of commercial kitchens.

Commercial kitchens are always busy, and some are operating for hours. You might need restaurant equipment that can withstand daily usage demands.

Are you looking to purchase new or used equipment for your restaurant? If you are purchasing new equipment, make sure to check the model and the brand.

It is possible to check the condition, age and the previous use of used restaurant equipment before purchasing. If they are new or used, appliances must be constructed of commercial-grade, genuine materials to ensure longevity in service.

Make sure you inspect the kitchen appliances for any structural or functional defects.

2. The Size

In addition to the quality, quantity is equally important. Contrary to the cooking appliances used at home, catering companies require more extensive equipment to handle the vast commercial demands.

Therefore, before purchasing the catering equipment, check the capacity of the equipment, and check that it can all be able to handle the massive demands of catering.

 The layout of the kitchen of your business can affect your workflow efficiency. You might need to locate food items that fit precisely within the specified dimensions of your kitchen.

It isn’t enjoyable to discover that the commercial oven you have purchased might not be able to fit into the plan of your floor. Make sure you have the tape measure before going to the store for restaurant supplies in Memphis.

3. Energy Efficiency


Appliances for cooking that are energy efficient will help you reduce the use of energy, and at the same time, you’re permitted to pay lower electric bills, which will help you save cash.

The majority of commercial kitchen appliances use a lot of energy. Restaurant equipment generally consumes more energy than the typical commercial building and six times as much as their domestic counterparts.

Selecting energy-efficient commercial kitchen appliances can reduce your home’s carbon footprint and bring you substantial savings in your financial expenses.

The US Department of Energy estimates that restaurant owners could save as much as 25% off their electricity bill by choosing appliances with Energy Star ratings.

4. Equipment made from poor-quality materials

Catering equipment made from poor-quality materials could compromise food safety and cause health problems for your customers. This will surely put your reputation in the field at risk.

Therefore, you must be cautious and select catering equipment constructed of high-quality materials which guarantee food security.

5. Price rate

The price of the catering equipment is also a factor. You can easily purchase quality catering equipment on the internet.

Select a trustworthy online retailer that offers the catering supplies you need in Sydney at reasonable prices. Every company you find will likely offer slightly different rates, which is perfectly normal.

You are responsible for researching the costs and contrasting them to find the companies that provide the most affordable options. Of course, you should never purchase based on this price; however, it doesn’t mean you should consider them a given also.

Chapter 5: Frequently Ask Questions About Furniture from China


1. What Does Factory Direct Sale Mean?

Suppose a customer purchases products straight from the maker and is known as buying directly from the factory and making an immediate purchase.

This option of buying directly from the factory was made more accessible during the 1990s through the rise of e-commerce and by the distribution of catalogs.

2. How Do I Buy Factory Direct?

The main benefit of buying directly is lower costs; whether you’re buying unfinished building materials from a factory directly or providing your clients with the option to buy from you or a third party.

3. Who Sells Products Directly To Customers?

Direct-to-consumer companies sell their products directly to their customers at the point of purchase without the assistance of wholesalers or retailers from third parties.

4. Can You Order Directly From the Manufacturer?

Contrary to popular opinion, buyers can’t order directly from the factory, but the purchase requires an authorized dealer. If you’re looking for a new car, you might discover that the dealer doesn’t stock the exact model you’re looking for.

5. How Do You Buy A Factory Price?

Total manufacturing price per unit (Direct materials + direct labor + manufacturing overhead)/number of units manufactured: ($2,600+$1408+$2230)/360.


A lot you can think of! This list is an easy reminder of the essential points you should know when looking for a new provider. After reading the article above, you’ll know what you need to know about exporting furniture to China. We’ve covered all issues you should be aware of.

This article is highly beneficial to you in your future purchases. Be sure to follow the guidelines above. This will allow you to generate substantial income. We hope that you enjoy this post.

To improve the sale of furniture further, follow these steps:

  • Include an email address and contact information on the owner of your seller on the online forum.
  • Advertise your furniture company online. The majority of people on Instagram are drawn to interior design. Make the most of these platforms.
  • You can collaborate with architects, interior design professionals and interior decorators. It’s an excellent method to increase your sales.
  • Offer coupons to your customers. Offer discounts to frequent customers. You will be able to attract lots of buyers by doing this.

The wholesale furniture industry is a fantastic source of revenue. It is not limited to making money from the kitchen. It will generate substantial money for you.

Wholesale from China is highly beneficial. China has a huge market that offers numerous furniture products. They can provide better quality furniture than the majority of foreign suppliers.

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