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While searching on the internet for factories dealing with human and artificial hair, you will come across various hair suppliers. Before legal contracts, you should be fully aware of all crucial things related to the hair business and trade.

 If you want to get a small amount of hair, a hair supplier can serve the purpose, but if you’re going to get higher quantities, you will need to connect directly with a manufacturer, i.e., hair factory.

China is the best wholesale vendor of hair. This blog will also introduce you to the significant hair factories and their suppliers.

 Other topics of interest will be the process of sourcing hair from China, other essential things, and the FAQs about hair factories.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Basics about hair factories

Chapter 2: The 6 best hair factories and suppliers in China

Chapter 3: The step-by-step process of finding reliable hair factories in China

Chapter 4: The process of testing hair extensions

Chapter 5: FAQs about hair factories

Chapter 1: Basics about hair factories

hair factory

Before diving deep into the hair business and making any decisions, you must know some basic things about hair factories.

 This chapter will introduce you to the significance of Chinese hair factories, the difference between suppliers and manufacturers of hair extensions, and the sources of hair used in manufacturing.

1. Significance of buying hair from China

China is the global hub of exports and is famous for all kinds of products. In China, you can find electrical appliances, textile products, cosmetics, and hair extensions as well at wholesale rates.

 With regard to hair extensions, China is the largest producer and exporter of hair extensions. You can find Chinese hair in stock throughout the year, and these are never out of stock.

The Chinese hair market is significant because it deals in wholesale rates.

 Most hair extensions and beauty-linked businesses prefer buying hair from China because it provides them with a considerable profit margin.

Chinese hair factories keep on evolving with time according to trends to meet the demands of customers.

2. Hair suppliersv/s hair factories

When you step into the world market for getting hair extensions, you see two types of sellers; the hair factories and the hair suppliers.

The hair factories actively produce and sell the hair extensions, while the hair suppliers only sell the product without manufacturing it.

Both the hair factories and hair suppliers are equally popular among the masses.

On average, it is noticed that the people who want hair extensions in a colossal number prefer hair manufacturers/factories.

 People who want to buy hair extensions in fewer numbers only deal with the suppliers.

 Connecting with the factories can give you an extra margin of using customization options and wholesale buying rates.

-The source of Chinese hair production

The source of Chinese hair production

China is one of the biggest producers of hair extensions, and the hair donated by Chinese people is not enough to meet their needs.

 So, China imports hair from India and Cambodia etc. Sourcing of hair is a complex procedure that involves complete checking of the quality of hair and finding the best donors for creating long-lasting hair extensions.

The hair donors who live in villages tend to have thicker and stronger hair than the donors who live in cities.

This difference is due to the way of living of people. Most urban people apply shampoos with various chemical formulas, thus resulting in weaker hair.

 On the other hand, the rural people have a practice using oil on their hair to make them strong, long, and shiny.

Hair is sourced from both rural and urban populations to create a variety of hair extensions.

3. Pros and cons of buying hair extensions from China

Pros of sourcing Chinese hair extensions Cons of sourcing Chinese hair extensions
  • The Chinese hair extensions are sold at wholesale rates and give the buyers a considerable profit margin.
  • Chinese sellers source air from different donors, and thus you can find a variety of hair extensions.
  • Chinese hair never goes out of stock. You can buy hair and refill your inventories throughout the year.
  • Chinese hair manufacturers never compromise on the quality of hair. So, it is beneficial and trouble-free to buy and sell Chinese hair extensions.
  • Shipping costs of Chinese products are pretty low. You do not have to pay considerable amounts in the name of shipping and add extra expenses.
  • The guarantee time of Chinese hair is low.
  • Vietnamese hair is more reliable than Chinese hair for long-term use.
  • You may get both real and fake hair extensions from China.
  • So, your quality control department needs to be active enough to protect you from any misfortune.
  • The wigs imported from China lose hair strands easily and shortly after buying them.
  • Checking the quality of hair

4. Checking the quality of hair

Mostly the buyers are concerned about hair quality, and they are clueless about how to check it.

 There are many ways to administer the rate of hair extensions. In the first place, you should check the length of your hair.

A good quality extension has an equal length of hair strands, while a low-quality hair extension does not have unequal lengths.

You can use the burn test to check whether the hair is natural or synthetic. The hair extensions manufactured from organic origins give a pungent smell of being burnt.

Washing hair and checking for the smell to fade is another test. Synthetic wigs tend to retain the odor while original ones smell normal after a few washes.

 You can test the hair by taking a single strand out of an extension to be sure about the quality of the whole bundle of hair extensions.

5. Comparison of Chinese and Vietnamese hair extensions

Chinese and Vietnamese hair extensions are often compared because both are considered to be the best in the niche.

We have tried to reach Chinese and Vietnamese hair for you in the following table.

Chinese hair extensions Vietnamese hair extensions
Chinese hair is standard quality hair that is available in stock throughout the year. Vietnamese hair is high-quality hair that is not available in stock throughout the year.
The cost of Chinese hair extensions is low and affordable. The cost of Vietnamese hair extensions is low and affordable.
Chinese factories source hair from different countries to make hair extensions. Chinese factories do not import hair from other countries to make hair extensions; most of the hair is sourced locally.
You can get Chinese hair at a wholesale rate, and those can be used for almost five years. The expiry duration of Vietnamese hair is longer than Chinese hair.

Chapter 2: The 6 best hair factories and suppliers in China

The 6 best hair factories and suppliers in China

It is always easy to choose between different options when their comparison is available.

 In this chapter, we have presented you with a detailed comparison of seven top suppliers and manufacturers of hair in China, along with their brief introductions and features.

1. The Tedhair Hair Factory

The TedHair hair factory is a company that not only sells hair extensions but manufactures them as well.

 It has special packages for online sellers, salon owners, new businesses, online sellers, and wholesale buyers as well.

The TedHair hair factory aims to extend your hair and beauty businesses by providing you with reliable services.

 It sources hair of different origins like Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian Peruvian, etc.

The TedHair hair factory claims to provide 100% virgin hair and ships them from China to several locations around the world.

 There is no minimum order limit at The TedHair hair factory so that you can buy a bundle or several bundles according to your need without hesitation.

2. The Baco Hair Factory

2.The Baco Hair Factory

Baco Hair sells hair extensions at a wholesale rate and provides you with bundles of hair.

It is a factory primarily based in China and deals with lace frontals, lace wigs, and lace closures as well.

Baco Hair claims to sell 100% virgin hair. Human hair is sourced from different places and is put together in such a way that they look soft and natural. The pricing of hair bundles is very affordable.

You can connect with the vendor directly without involving the sourcing agent.

The target audience of bacon hair is beauty outlets, conventional and online hair sellers, hair companies, salons, and individual vendors.

3. The XBL Hair Factory

The XBL hair factory is a Chinese hair extensions factory that claims to have 25 years of experience in the production of Virgin hair wigs.

The factory does not limit itself to manufacturing and selling regular hair extensions but also produces hair accessories, lace wigs, closure wigs, etc.

The feature service of the XBL hair factory is free shipping and drop shipping.

 It provides customization options as well so that you can get your business logo, packaging, tags, and labels on the products.

The company claims to provide you with a competitive price and other services.

4. The Leis Hair Factory

The leis hair factory claims to have experience of 20 years in manufacturing and selling hair.

 It provides hair extensions sourced from different origins. You can find the following hair extensions at the Leis hair factory.

  • Indian hair extensions
  • Malaysian hair extensions
  • Peruvian hair extensions
  • Brazilian hair extensions
  • Ombre hair extensions

The factory is located in Guangdong, China, and provides 100% virgin hair to different parts of the world.

You can connect with the seller online as well to place orders and ask your queries.

5. The Kabeliu Hair Factory

5.The Kabeliu Hair Factory

The Kabeliu or KBL Hair Factory is a supplier of hair extensions that are initially based in China.

It provides hair extensions and other hair accessories at wholesale rates. The KBL Hair Factory has 13 years of experience in this field, with more than 50 tons of production capacity per month.

 It provides the buyers with 100% virgin hair that is unprocessed and natural. You can dye the extensions in any color of your choice, just like natural hair.

KBL hair Factory sources hair from humans and keeps their natural look by avoiding any chemical processing of the hair.

 According to the KBL hair factory, most of the hair donors are young girls under 18 years of age.

6. The Henan Fedu Industrial

The Henan Fedu Industrial is a manufacturer and supplier of hair extensions. It provides both virgin and Remy hair extensions.

The company has a research department that comes up with the designs and also a manufacturing unit, it is based in China, but the services are extended from China to various countries of the world.

The hair extensions are sold at a wholesale rate, and the prime audience of the company is small businesses.

 The company claims to have over 25 years of experience in the field. It proves

  • Chinese virgin and Remy hair extensions
  • European virgin and Remy hair extensions
  • Indian virgin and Remy hair extensions
  • Mongolian virgin and Remy hair extensions
  • Malaysian virgin and Remy hair extensions
  • Brazilian virgin and Remy hair extensions

The Henan Fedu industrials claims to deal with 100% human hair.

Chapter 3: The step-by-step process of finding reliable hair factories in China

The step-by-step process of finding reliable hair factory in China

It is not easy to source unique goods like hair extensions without a prior plan.

You should be aware of the whole process that helps you get the best hair for your business and clients.

 This chapter has tried to break the whole process into various steps for your comfort and understanding.

1. Google search

In the 21st century, Google is the first place to search for anything.

You can find anything on google, be it a manufacturer of hair extensions, a supplier, a sourcing agent, or a packing and shipping service.

The first step to start with the import of hair extensions will be to find yourself a manufacturer or supplier that can provide you best quality hair wigs at affordable rates.

You can also use google to know the existing rates of hair extensions and compare them with your potential sellers.

Using terms like “the best hair factory in China,” “the Chinese hair factory with affordable rates,” and “wholesale suppliers of hair extensions,” you will get tons of websites to skim through and find the best match.

2. Search on Alibaba and other e-commerce websites

The second place you can use to search for the suppliers and manufacturers of hair extensions can be online e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and Ali Express.

These websites are best for comparative study of pricing before deciding and signing any deal.

All these websites cover a massive range of products so that you can find all types of hair extensions from various providers, suppliers, and manufacturers here.

3. Customers reviews

Customer reviews are one of the most authentic ways to judge the quality of service a company provides.

Whenever you wish to check the actual experience with the pros and cons of a product without buying it, you should opt for customer reviews.

The reviews can be tricky to sense as real or fake, but they still give you a broader view of the picture.

You can get a clear idea about the features of a product by simply checking the star ratings and feedback.

 For example, if a person writes that the hair extension is easy to wash and reuse, you will know that you are providing money for some value.

4. Direct connection with the hair factory

There are many methods to get your hair extensions transported to you. All that varies among different sources is the price and effort you will have to put in.

Hiring a sourcing agent is one of the options that can assist you in souring hair.

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a supplier or a direct manufacturer of hair extensions.

Mostly the people who run huge businesses want to deal directly with a hair factory or the manufacturer of hair so that the extra costs can be cut and for the sake of customization options.

If you need the hair extensions in fewer numbers, you can connect with a supplier. So, for this, you will have to evaluate your needs yourself.

5. Negotiation and finalizing the deal

Negotiation is a critical factor in cost control while sourcing anything.

The final step in souring hair from your supplier will be settling the deal at a reasonable price. The Chinese suppliers and manufacturers are very flexible.

 The main reason for China being the trade hub is that it can provide you with good quality goods at a wholesale rate that is much lesser than the market rate.

Proper negotiation can bring your business a high-profit margin. Once you are done with the negotiation, you can finalize the deal with the formal paperwork.

 As soon as the paperwork is completed, you can start the actual shipping process.

Chapter 4: The process of testing hair extensions

The process of testing hair extensions

You cannot be irresponsible about the quality of hair extensions. Any mistake will lead to the loss of precious clients in the long run, which is not suitable for your business.

 Everybody wants the best quality hair from hair factories in China. For this purpose, we will introduce some methods to test your hair extension quality and tell if it meets the standard quality or not.

In this chapter, we have discussed the process of testing the quality of hair extensions so that you can do it by yourself.

1. Measuring the length of hair

Firstly, to check the length percentage, we must hold the hair extensions together from the roots and put the other hand at the bottom.

Now see the portion of how many strands of hair are the same in length. After doing this step, shake the hair extensions lightly and then twist them around to check if there is a loss of freed hair strands.

If there you find that the hair extensions have a lot of loss of hair stands, it means that your hair extension is not up to the mark because it has affected the thickness of hair extension, and as a result, the length of hair extension is also affected.

On the other, if there is minor loss of hair strands, then it means hair extensions can meet the higher quality demands.

The importance of testing length percentage is to ensure that your hair extension set is thick from top to bottom and to avoid having thinner hair extensions with noticeable gaps at the end.

2. The odor test of hair

The odor test of hair is the actual test to do. The simplest way to know if the hair extensions manufactured by wholesale hair factories in China have been exposed to hazardous and poisonous chemicals is to smell them.

  • A pungent and unpleasant smell indicates that chemicals have been applied to the hair extensions.
  • The fake hair extensions have an irritating and unusual fragrance, whereas if the scent does not fade even after multiple times of washing, it indicates that the hair is of low quality, and it is a waste of spending time and money on it.
  • Due to the foul smell, the customer is often disappointed and avoids using these low-quality hair extensions.

3. The wash test for hair

A Wash test is significant to ensure that the hair extensions from factories in China are free from hazardous chemicals, dye-free, and authentic.

Following are the small steps to differentiate whether they are real ones or fake ones.

  • Placed your hair extensions in clear water; if that water remains unchanged, it means hair extensions are natural with no chemicals and dyes.
  • This is a good sign; it indicates that the wholesale Chinese factory is dealing with genuinely virgin hair.
  • On the contrary, if the color of water changes, then it means that the hair contains hazardous chemicals that can create health problems. Such hair products are fake and not up to the mark.

3.The wash test for hair

4. The burn test for hair

This is a significant, foolproof and extreme way to test the quality of hair and to know for sure that Chinese hair factories use real or synthetic hairs for this.

  • Cut a small bundle of hair or pull a small strand out of the hair wig, which must be enough to see a difference while flaming.
  • Make sure to use a lighter or a candle and place the strand of hair above the flame.
  • If your hair extension lights up, chars or becomes molten at the end-it is synthetic or called fake, and it will smell like burnt plastic.
  • On the other hand, if your hair extensions continue to singe and burn upwards and you need to blow out the flame actively, then those hairs are real human hair. The original human hair will smell worse than the fake or synthetic ones.

Chapter 5: FAQs about hair factories


1. What is the rough estimated wholesale cost of hair?

The cost of hair extension varies with the quality and length of hair. Moreover, most Chinese hair factories deal with the large-scale wholesale production of hair.

 Buying hair extensions in larger quantities from such wholesalers is cheaper than buying them from a supplier.

The Chinese hair extensions are famous for having standard market quality and low costs.

One bundle of hair extensions might cost you around 8 USD, and these hair extensions have been useable for almost five years.

2. How can I avoid scams while buying hair extensions from China?

Scams are also getting advanced in this technology-forward world, so you need to take extra care every time you go for more significant investments.

Whenever you feel suspicious about a seller, you should insist on a video call. Never make complete payments before delivery, and if a seller urges you to do so, be extra careful.

Always ask the seller about the guarantee of the good while dealing and thoroughly check the complete paperwork.

Scammers tend to make unclear invoices and avoid giving good consultancy. If the seller disappears after payments, immediately report him.

3. Is importing hair extensions from Chinese factories a good decision?

Yes, importing hair from China is an excellent decision because of the affordable rates and standard market quality of goods.

The Chinese hair extensions are produced on a large scale and are always available in stock. Moreover, these hair products are top-rated among the masses.

The primary determinant of a successful business is the margin of profit over the retail price.

 The wholesale price of Chinese hair is meagre, which allows you to get maximum profit on the retail price.

4. Where do the hair factories get hair from?

The hair factories get their hair mostly from natural resources. Chinese hair is a mixture of hair from different origins like India, Singapore and other Asian countries, and Vietnamese hair is not sourced from different countries.

The source of hair also determines the quality of hair. Hair sourced from women living in the villages is better than those sourced from cities.

This is because of the natural practice of oiling hair and the use of organic products in the villages.

5. Choosing between Chinese and Vietnamese hair factories – which one is better for me?

Chinese hair is more commonly available in the market as they are produced on a large scale.

The pricing is also very affordable, but the usage time of Chinese hair extensions is less than that of Vietnamese hair extensions.

Vietnamese hair also has an advantage of pricing over Chinese hair extensions.

When starting off with a new business, it is recommended that you should prefer quality over anything else.

But if you already have a running business, then you would want to get a larger quantity of production for more sales.

Chinese hair can be the best option for you if your priority is low cost, bigger production hair which is always available in the stocks.

6. How to find the best wholesale hair factory in China?

Finding the best wholesale hair factory in China is not a difficult task.

Google is the first tool to approach the sellers, and you can take the deal forward by making sure the seller has a good client history.

The reviews of previous buyers can be of great help for new buyers.

Wrap up:

Hair exports, just like other cosmetic products, are gaining a lot of attention in recent times.

You can find many varieties of hair in the market and run a successful business while selling them.

China being the biggest exporter of hair extensions, is very crucial for the hair business.

The hair factories of China are famous for their quality and affordable rates.

In this blog, we have tried to introduce you to the best hair exporters in China and educate you about other important aspects of the hair business.

If any of your queries are unanswered, you can ask us at We will try to get back to you soon.