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EJET can Help You Efficiently Complete Quality Inspection in China



We perform a factory audit to help you reduce risks to a minimum to fulfill your request according to the standards you require.


The pre-production step made to ensure that your product will be manufactured exactly as your required specifications and requirement.


This is done when production is in full swing. On completion of 20-60%, we will randomly select units from these pieces for testing.


This step is usually undertaken when production is 90% and represents the last opportunity to take corrective action if required.


Container loading inspection is necessary to ensure that the goods received from suppliers meet the ordering requirements and quality.



Our laboratory testing services are designed to obtain any product certification required for your target market.

FAQ About China Inspection Agent

You have to complete your research on the best inspection companies available in China. Then you have to go and look at the reviews that people have posted on different social media platforms to have a better idea of their conduct and professionalism. You can look at their experience and their expertise when you try to find the best quality inspection company in China.

You can go through their website and see if they highlight most of the points that we have mentioned here in this article. If they take their work seriously, you would know it by looking at the interest that they show in inspecting a particular product in this scenario. You can go through their online platforms like Facebook, twitter etc., and get a better idea as to how long they have been in the market and how expert they are.

The standard quality inspection price depends on the inspection company and client’s requirements. But a general idea is around 200$ – 300$ per shipment. Usually they will use one day for inspection. If more days are needed, this cost can increase.

Yes, A sourcing company can provide inspection services so it is a better idea to take a complete package from them which is also cost effective. They have professionals that have been working day and night to make sure that they inspect the product in the right ways. These professionals know their work and no one can do product inspections better than these experts.

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China Inspection Agent : Ultimate Guide


Do you not consider working with an inspection agent in china?

Would you want your products delivered to you with defects?

This is a blog that would aid you in understanding the concept of inspection companies in China that are available to help you in many different ways.

Since many products that people import from China are ordered in bulk quantities, they need to have the right quality control. The China 3rd party inspection companies in China ensure that one would save up on resources such as money, time, and effort.

China 3rd party inspection companies are very helpful in making sure that all the products are in perfect condition; they are all checked before they can leave for their destination.

Any company importing goods would not like it if they are disappointed with the quality of the products they get. It is better to have an inspection company cater to their needs in this case then.

At the end of this blog, you would know a lot about:

  • The importance of China 3rd party inspection companies in China
  • The methods that they use to ensure customer satisfaction and timely deliveries
  • The reasons for using the services of China 3rd party inspection companies in China before they import products in bulk.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Why you need an inspection agent in china?

Chapter 2: Should I Hire an inspection agent in China or not?

Chapter 3: What Quality Inspection services the agent Includes?

Chapter 4: What are the costs of an inspection agent in China?

Chapter 5: List of Quality Inspection Companies in China

Chapter 1: Why you need an inspection agent in china?


-To ensure you get exactly what you ordered.

Quality inspections make sure that the product that you have ordered is exactly what you get. There are times it happens as people ordered products but the ones that they received did not meet the quality standards and so their shipment cost goes to a complete waste and company image is also ruined as they would have to refund all their customers that would be asking for an explanation on receiving a low-quality product.

That is the reason why people prefer the China 3rd party inspection company to inspect the products before they leave for their destination.

-Avoiding big monetary loss

We all are aware of how important it is to create and maintain a positive brand image in the eyes of the consumers, but all of it can go to waste if you have ordered products from outside the country and you get the shipment with products that fall short of the quality standards you asked for.

You would have to face a big monetary loss and so it is a good idea to have the China 3rd party inspection service, take over. The China 3rd party inspection company would ensure that the products that you have ordered are of low quality and that you shall work on improving them before the shipment leaves.

-Reduce no. of defective products

When the production takes place, mistakes are bound to happen as there can be an issue of understanding or just technical issues that can lead to low-quality products.

The China 3rd party inspection company should handle such situations since the defective products are to be discarded and not loaded on the shipment that has to reach the destination with other products. In this manner, the receiving country would not create a negative image of the company that they have taken the goods from. There will be fewer defective products to deal with in this case as well.

-Solve problems while goods are in China

Before the products leave China, they go through the China 3rd party inspection where they are inspected on all the grounds that the destination company has sent.

And once everything is clear post-production of the goods, and then the shipment is allowed to carry all those products to the destination country. Before that, everything needs to be checked so that when the shipment leaves, it consists of the exact products which have been ordered.

-Supplier may provide a High-Quality Sample but Low-Quality Bulk

    •   Products

There is a problem when people ask for samples and they are satisfied with the quality of those samples, but what if the actual product is nowhere near the good quality of the sample.

In this kind of scenario, the China 3rd party inspection services help out the companies that need an inspection done in China so that the product that they get is of good quality.

In order to make sure that the products that the clients receive are of the same quality as the sample was, quality inspections are necessary to help the client out in this scenario.

Chapter 2: Should I Hire an inspection agent in China or not


1. All-inclusive pricing for inspections

The China 3rd party inspection service in China would make sure that they inspect and have a good look at the products, before during, and after production to ensure a great quality product. In this way, they would be able to save a lot of time and risks as the entire if the customer deal with the China 3rd party inspection companies.

2. Physical visits by inspectors onsite

The China 3rd party inspection services have professionals that are sent to inspect the factory, suppliers, assembly lines, products etc., so that they can see the quality of the product and match it with the standards set in the deal. The sooner they catch an issue, the easier it is to be handled smartly.

It is because of this reason that the China 3rd party inspection services take an inspection report before and after production to be sure.

A physical visit is different that following up on call or video calls even, a physical visit ensures that you look into things that were not accessible through online platforms and you will be able to make out more of the whole process accordingly.

3. Detailed inspection reports

The China 3rd party inspection service in China is used to these kinds of inspections, so they create these inspection reports that they send to their clients. These reports provide detailed inspections procedures and results with the quality standards that both the inspection company and customer have agreed upon.


If everything is fine by then, the supplier is allowed to progress ahead, but in case of a problem, the inspector will stop the production until the problem is dealt with.

These reports help the client know what is happening at the production stage so that he can be calm knowing that there is someone looking out for him and making sure that the product that he receives is in perfect condition.

4. Minimization of risks before shipment

With the China 3rd party inspection service, you get to reduce the risk since you get to know about the problem in the quality of the product before it is shipped to the destination. In this way, you can avoid faulty products being shipped and not waste a lot of money and time on shipping.

It is risky when you do not inspect the quality of the product before shipment as you can end up sending products that are not in the requirement list set by the client. It can ruin your relationship with the client along with creating a bad image of your company too.

Chapter 3: What Quality Inspection services the agent Includes

1. Performing Supplier Audit

  •   Factory profile (General information)

You have to make sure that you have all the information you need about the supplier. You have to gather every document that you have exchanged and the deal that you have made with the supplier so that you can work accordingly. Along with that, you shall also have the information regarding the company that is shipping the product.

  •  Production process

You need to be aware of the production process that the supplier is following. It is necessary to be sure of that so that you get an idea of what kind of quality they are promising to the buyer and if they are working according to what they promised based on their production process.

  •  Facilities & Machinery

The China 3rd party inspection company will provide the buyer with the details regarding the machinery that the company is using to produce the goods.

The quality of a product mainly depends on the kind of machine that is producing it. It is therefore important to ensure that the environment around the production was according to the set standards or not.

The China 3rd party inspection company will look at the condition of the machines to be able to identify the problems if they were caused by the machines themselves during the production process.


  •  Organization’s Environment

The China 3rd party inspection company would see if the organization has the kind of environment which is safe for production. They look at the employees that were initially assigned to manage the production in that case, if they were working in the right manner or not.

Does the organization have the right and capable human resources or not, this is also checked during an inspection of the manufacturer.

  •  Production Capacity

China 3rd party inspection company inspects if the organization is set on the standards of quality that they promise. They see if the company has enough production capacity to be able to produce the number of products that are required by the buyer. They have to see if the company was able to properly store the products before shipment or not as well.

  • Quality assurance system & related certificates

The China 3rd party inspection company will confirm if the company has a quality management program and how it is fulfilling the requirements and making sure of the standards being met or not.

They have to see if there is a plan in case of emergency and all the required quality certifications required to ensure that product’s high standards.

2. Performing Mid Production Quality Inspection


  •  Quantity

The China 3rd party inspection company will ensure that they have the right quantity being produced. The contract signed by both the supplier and buyer would have the quantity of the products mentioned and so it will be checked to see if the right amount is being produced or not.

  • Workmanship

The people that are working at the site shall have the right skills to produce the goods. If a person does not have the training and education to produce goods, he is bound to make mistakes. And so that is why China 3rd party inspection company has to make sure of that too.

  • On-Site tests

The inspection tests carried out by the China 3rd party inspection company take place on-site so that the products are perfect when they are ready to be shipped. In case of any problems and defects, at this stage, all of them can be rectified by the suppliers before the goods leave China.


  • Product Specification

You have to ensure that the right product is being produced, there can be a mistake in understanding the requirements set by the other company and so the China 3rd party inspection company makes sure that the product specifications and standards are met accordingly.

Everything mentioned in the documents signed by both the parties have to be met for the product to be accepted by the client that is why these inspections are very helpful in dealing with these problems.


  •  Packing

There are times when companies forget to pack the products in the way that they had initially decided in the contract and after getting the product shipped, the buyer is not satisfied.

In these kinds of situations, the China 3rd party inspection company helps a lot as they tend to get the packing checked before the product leaves China so that when they reach the destination, they are all packed as per the agreement. In this way, a lot of time and resources are saved with the help of the destination companies.


  • Marking and Labeling

All of the products shall be marked right, there is no room for a mistake since the orders are huge and any mistake can lead to huge monetary losses for the buyer for that matter.

Marking and labeling also helps in recognizing the right consignment when it has to be loaded into the containers. The loading supervisors are able to find which cartons belong to a specific shipment; it makes the whole process a lot easier for everyone handling the post-production progress.

  • Client Special Requirement

If there are any special requirements by the buyer, they shall be worked upon creatively. These requirements make a bond between both the companies and so the supplier in China needs to be able to work accordingly so that their future dealings are permanent and they can work on long-term basis, once the buyer likes the first order that they receive.

It is not about just the one deal that is happening at the moment, every company would like to deal with the other company that ensures their high service standards.

  • Semi-finished product check

The China 3rd party inspection companies must make sure that the products are right before, in the middle, and at the end of the production process. It is to ensure that one would not have to handle the problems in the end only.

As we have mentioned earlier as well, it is better that the problems in the products are identified before it is shipped so that they can be corrected and not a lot of time and other resources are wasted in the process.


  • Raw materials check

The raw materials used in the production are directly linked to the kind of product that will be produced and so it is significant that the China 3rd party inspection companies also have a look at the quality of the raw materials that are used to make the product. It will ensure that the quality of the product would be of high standard.

If the quality of the raw materials is not up to the mark, one would have to change the raw materials altogether to ship a perfect consignment.

3. Performing Pre-Shipment Quality inspection

  • Confirming the Quantity of Products

When your product is ready to be shipped, before loading it into containers, the China 3rd party inspection company would have to make sure that they inspect the quantity of the products that are being shipped. It is to ensure that the right quantity is being sent to the buyer.

No one would like it if they have done everything right but they were not able to handle the quantity part of the shipping at the end of the day.

  • Product is produced as per client’s specifications

Before the product is shipped, you have to see if the product is according to the standards mentioned by the client in the contract. It will make sure that the products would impress the client.

In cases when the product is not according to how the client specified them, a supplier would have to make the desired changes, and then the products will be shipped or it would impact the relationship of both the companies negatively.

  • Testing of product’s function

If the product is such that would function in a specific way, the China 3rd party inspection company would have to look into the function of the product before it is shipped as well. It is very important to see that the product works fine and in the way that the client wants it to.

  • Products’ size inspection

It is also significant that a China 3rd party inspection company looks into the size of the product and see if it is specified and if it is, then the actual product has to be according to the product specifications that are mentioned in the contract.

If they are not, then the shipment would not leave China, rather the company would have to correct their mistake and run the process accordingly again.

4. Container Loading Inspection


  • Quantity and Assortment

There are times when companies tend to make a mistake and not load the right quantity of the products for shipment. Although they have made all the respective products, they forget to load them and categorize them accordingly.

In such times, the China 3rd party inspection is a great help since they make sure that the right quantity of the products is being loaded in the containers.

These containers are huge as they carry a huge number of shipments and so it is better to supervise the whole process. One can only do that with the help of the China 3rd party inspection company.

And in case fewer products are being loaded, the China 3rd party inspection will make sure that they take this issue up with the supplier and solve the problem being caused before the shipment leaves China.

  •  Correct products are being loaded

There are times when companies have loaded different consignments in opposite containers and a wrong shipment goes to both the destinations and so the China 3rd party inspection company makes sure that the right products are being loaded into the containers.

It is one of the benefits of the China 3rd party inspection companies that they are there from the start of production till the product is shipped and they make sure that the whole process goes smoothly and the quality of the products is not compromised at any point in time for that matter.

  • Condition of containers

It is also essential that the China 3rd party inspection companies consider how the container conditions are. We do not want anything to happen to the products mid-way and so the condition of the containers shall be perfect enough to carry and deliver the products in time.

There have been times when containers with bad conditions have delayed the delivery and then when they were delivered, the products got damaged either by water or handling of the container at the ports.


  • Condition of export cartons

The cartons that are used to send the shipment that carries the products have to be of good quality and strong to product the products inside.

The inspection company has to ensure the condition of the export cartons to be perfect before they load the products in it.

  •  Shipping Marks

The China 3rd party inspection will also ensure that the consignment has the shipping marks that highlight the weight and product’s information of the product inside it.

It also has stickers that differentiate them from fragile products so that it is handled in that way for that matter. These shipping marks are very important to make an amazing product consignment that would be handled with extra care if the products are marked fragile in that case.

  •  Supervising proper container loading

The professionals of the China 3rd party inspection companies make sure that they supervise the whole loading process so that in case of a mistake and dropping of the consignment, the products can be checked to see if they are fine, and only then they would be shipped to the client.

Without the supervisor, it would have been really hard to make sure that proper loading is being done following the standard practices at that very point too.


  • Delaying loading during bad weather

When it is bad weather, it is hard for the consignment to be loaded and so there are standard practices that are to be followed and so the China 3rd party inspection makes sure that they follow it to ensure safe loading of the consignment.

Chapter 4: What are the costs of an inspection agent in China?

There are no fixed costs of inspection because every company will have its own fee structure and standard. Some companies which follow very high standards in performing the inspection will surely charge high fee but they will also make a very detailed report for you.

However, other companies will create short reports with less information but will charge lower fee.

The fee mentioned below is just for reference and to give you an idea. The inspection fee will usually depend on how detailed inspection the client wants, how big the consignment and how many samples he is want to be inspected.

  • Product Inspection fee

$150-300 per man-day in China

  • Factory Audit fee

factory-audit- fee

$150-200 per man-day for Simple Factory Audit

$250-300 per man-day for extensive Factory Audit

  • Credit Audit fee

$100-200 per man-day

  • Social Audit fee

$200-300 per man-day

Chapter 5: List of Quality Inspection Companies in China

1.  EJET Sourcing company

It is one of the best sourcing companies in China; they have the best interest of their clients at heart and they make sure that they provide them with the best sourcing experience through their experts that they have hired.

You can be sure that EJET Sourcing Company is a supplier that would not let you worry once you have asked them to help you with sourcing activities and inspection.

EJET is in charge of sourcing products and along with that, they also handle the product inspection; it is a great thing to do. Many companies that source goods from China are excited to work with EJET Sourcing Company since they incorporate all these services into one package. You can sit back and relax while Ejet Sourcing Company handles the product inspection at the end of the day.

They have been fulfilling their promise and they help in making the supply chain of their clients better by the day. EJET sourcing company has been working hard to improve the profits and image of the companies that are working with them for a long time.

You can contact them on contact@ejet.com for any sourcing and inspection-related services and they will ensure a worry-free inspection experience for you.

2. SGS China 3rd party inspection

SGS.com has been providing the customers with inspection services and they have been on the China 3rd party inspection list for a long time now. They provide the best quality, the best outcome at a low price for that matter. All you have to do is consult them and then they would take over the matters of your company like it is their own.

They will ensure that they have the services done for you that you would not be able to do otherwise without their help. They work in China and Europe too and so you can contact them whenever you like.

3. V-Trust inspection in China

V-Trust believes that if people are spending a lot on sourcing and inspecting products, they shall be able to know for a fact as to what they shall expect to get from the shipment that they have ordered. They offer these inspection services so that people can be sure of the product that they will get from the company.

4.  Asia Quality Focus

Asia Quality Focus is a China 3rd party inspection company that looks out for the best quality control solutions so that they can serve their clients in a way that ensures a good quality product being shipped.

They have a vision where they offer their services in a way that they want to become a trusting partner through a team that has the best interest of their customers at heart.

5. QIMA (Formerly Asia Inspection)

QIMA is one of the companies that are trying their best to be able to improve the supply chain of certain companies and that too globally.

They are an intelligent platform that makes sure that they can create a place for everyone around them to be able to do the quality control and product inspection in Asia so that people are satisfied with the products that they receive in the shipment.

6. Bureau Veritas InSpec

Like other China 3rd party inspection companies, Bureau Veritas InSpec also looks forward to being able to provide such quality control to be able to reduce the costs of the clients.

It is in the favor of both the companies that an inspection company member supervises them and tells them what is right and what is wrong accordingly and solve any quality issues that arise.

7. Sofeast Limited 3rd party inspection

Sofeast Limited is one of the quality control companies that come under the China 3rd party inspection as they are controlling overseas suppliers too. They know how to manage quality and that is how they are overcoming the inspection issues.

They believe in being ethical and so they take care of the transparency and control in the supply chain as per their high standards.


With a complete guide that you have read right now, we can conclude that at times when companies source products from China, they shall hire China 3rd party inspection companies to be able to keep an eye on the whole production process. No one would like it if they receive a product that is not according to how they wanted it to be.

All the requirements and the standards shall be met and since you are not present at the site, you cannot manage everything first hand. They would send you inspection reports so that you are in a loop with them too.

These professionals take care of the production process from the beginning till the products are shipped to the client. They stay there and supervise the whole process so that there is no mistake and the product that the client receives is something that they would love at the end of the day too.

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