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Do you want to source products from China for your business? If yes, you should look into hiring a China sourcing agent. A China sourcing agent acts as a bridge between the supplier and buyer. Hence, if you want to source from China, this guide is for you.

Sitting back home, looking for suppliers, ordering products, checking the quality of products, arranging shipment – there is just so much going on. Doing all of this can be very difficult even if you are present in China. Imagine if you are not even in the country.

Therefore, you need a China sourcing agent to help you with all these things. This blog will cover all you need to know about a sourcing agent along with the top 20 ones to hire.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: 5 Facts About China Sourcing Agent

China Sourcing Agent

Before getting into details, you should know the basic definitions and ideas regarding the topic. So, in this chapter, we will talk about what a sourcing agent is and what to expect.

1) What is a China Sourcing Agent?

china sourcing agent

Initially, a sourcing agent was a person who helped connect buyers with the appropriate suppliers. However, a sourcing agent is not limited to just helping you find a supplier. With time, the services that a sourcing agent provides have also changed.

Now, a sourcing agent provides diverse services like making an order, selecting the right supplier, dealing with the price, quality control and inspection, and following up the production process. Some more services include product testing and compliance, shipping, logistics, and much more.

Know all about a sourcing agent here.

2) What Does China Sourcing Mean?

China sourcing simply means that you are sourcing your products from China. For overseas importers (and domestic ones too) finding the best supplier is just as difficult as finding a pin in a haystack. There are hundreds and thousands of suppliers, manufacturers, sellers, and even trading companies. Moreover, some of them don’t even have an online presence. So, finding them can become difficult.

Some people don’t even realize that there is a difference between a manufacturer and a trading company. Know all about trading companies in this blog.

3) Difference Between a China Sourcing Agent and a China Sourcing Company

Generally, in the international market, the terms China sourcing agent and China sourcing company are used interchangeably. This can lead to some confusion too.

A China sourcing agent is not the same as a China sourcing company. Both have some differences and some similarities. However, they are two different entities.

A sourcing agent is a full-time person who helps you find the suppliers or products that you require. Mostly, a China sourcing agent works alone or with a partner. They operate from their house or have a small office somewhere.

The key is to look for a sourcing agent that has ample experience. Preferably go for someone who has experience working with a sourcing company or trading company. They have the most exposure and have a good network of suppliers already.

The best way to look for a China sourcing agent is to go online on some of the best freelancing websites. For instance, Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and others.

China Sourcing Agent, upwork agents

Remember, when we talk about a China sourcing agent, we will be talking about some of the top sourcing agents in the region. These will not be the very small-scale ones like freelancing agents who work for just one small buyer. On the contrary, we will be talking about agents and companies alike.

Another major difference between a sourcing agent and a China sourcing company is the number of people who are working. Simply put, when different sourcing agents come and work together, you will get a sourcing company or agency.

4) What Makes a China Sourcing Agent Similar to a China Sourcing Company?

As the name indicates, a sourcing agent can be an individual who will source goods for you. A sourcing company is also known as a sourcing agency. It is a team of people who work together