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Are you trying to find the best China-Sourcing company for sourcing your products? Do you think that a China sourcing agent alone will not be able to help you out?

If yes, this is the blog for you. In case you are on the lookout for someone to help you to source products from China, you should hire the services of a good China sourcing company. They are professionals who take a certain fee from you and provide a range of services from supplier search to negotiating and locking the best prices to shipment.

In this blog, we are going to cover everything you need to know about them. Moreover, we will include the top 5 China sourcing companies that are going to benefit you in every way. All you need to do is contact them and sit back and focus on your business and let them do all the work for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of a China Sourcing Company

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Before we go ahead and talk about the top China sourcing company that can help you with your sourcing needs, we will give you an overview of the term.

Many times, people use the terms China sourcing company and China sourcing agent. However, if you look in-depth, there are some minor differences. Because of these small differences, people use the term interchangeably.

So, it is important to understand what a China sourcing company is for your own knowledge.

1) What is a China Sourcing Company?

china sourcing company

A China sourcing company is a company that looks for suppliers and products for a particular client at the best quality available. Initially, a sourcing company was limited just to finding suppliers and products. Now, the services of the companies have expanded to include the entire sourcing process.

There are some companies that have contracts with specific suppliers. This type of China sourcing company does not keep the interest of the clients in mind but rather works for the manufacturers/suppliers they have contracts with.

Preferably, a China sourcing company provides you with sourcing and shipment services. For instance, product search, supplier search, quality inspection, sample collection etc. These are some basic services however some companies even offer warehousing, customs clearance, supplier verification and much more.

2) Difference between Sourcing and Procurement?

The biggest confusion people have while sourcing products is hiring a procurement agent instead of a sourcing agent. Additionally, people also get confused between procurement and purchasing. You can understand the difference between these two here.

Know how sourcing and procurement are different by watching this video.

In sourcing, you are creating sources which help you gather the supplies that your organization needs. On the contrary, procurement is concerned with only purchasing the supplies that an organization requires to carry out daily operations.

Sourcing includes finding suppliers, negotiating with them, getting samples, quality checks, quality inspections, custom clearance, freight forwarding and much more. on the other hand, procurement means only purchasing items.

3) Similarities between China Sourcing Company and China Sourcing Agent

A China sourcing agent and a China sourcing company are more or less the same things. The only difference between the two is the scale of operations that they can carry out.

Usually, a sourcing agent works alone or in partnership with another agent. However, a China sourcing company has a professional team of many sourcing agents working for them. Some of the big companies have a staff of more than 100 agents.

The services they offer are also the same. Know all about a China sourcing agent in our blog “China Sourcing Agent: Guide to Find the Best One for You

4) Difference Between a China Sourcing Company VS China Sourcing Agent

sourcing agent vs sourcing company
sourcing company

If you look for it closely, there is hardly any difference between a China sourcing agent and a China sourcing company. Firstly, a sourcing agent works alone and is not affiliated with any company or agency. Mostly, these are freelancers or people who have small offices from where they operate.

On the other hand, a China