Do you want to know more details regarding the umbrella manufacturing companies?

Are you looking for reliable umbrella manufacturers in China for your business?

If you are selling umbrellas for your business and want custom-designed umbrellas then you can look for a manufacturer in China.

China manufacturer provides products that are reliable and cost-effective. You can contact various suppliers to find the manufacturer.

There are various types of umbrellas and they can be in different sizes, materials, colors, and shapes.

It is important to conduct a quality control process to ensure that the quality of the umbrella is up to the mark.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail how you can buy the umbrella from China’s whole market.

We will also discuss how you can find a China umbrella manufacturer to get umbrellas for your business.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Why should you prefer China’s umbrella manufacturer? What is the process of Umbrella manufacturing?

Chapter 2: Top umbrella manufacturing companies in China

Chapter 3: Marketplaces to find Umbrella manufacturers in China

Chapter 4: Types of umbrellas for your business

Chapter 5: FAQs About Umbrella Manufacturers In China

Chapter 1: Why should you prefer China’s umbrella manufacturer? What is the process of Umbrella manufacturing?

Why should you prefer China’s umbrella manufacturer

1. Choosing China manufacturer for your umbrella business

China is the largest country in the world. They are also the largest industrial manufacturers on the globe.

Their major manufacturing industries include electrical, electronic machinery, equipment, clothing, textiles footwear, and many others. China’s 46.8% GDP comes from manufacturing companies.

A large number of businessmen come to china for products and services. Umbrella manufacturing is one of those services.

If you are looking for a wholesale supplier of high-quality and fair-priced umbrellas, this blog will lead you to the best manufacturers of umbrellas in the country.

First, you must select which umbrella you want to manufacture. There are hundreds of types of umbrellas that you can choose from.

Some of the main variants are doorman umbrellas, travel-sized, fashion umbrellas, bubble umbrellas, folding, kids, rain, and parasol umbrellas.

After selecting the particular umbrella, it will be easier for you to select the Umbrella manufacturing company to manufacture your products. .

Narrow down the list of manufacturers and their details so you can compare these companies according to your needs and requirements.

You can compare the manufacturers by their prices, quality, and their past relations with the other businesses.

2. Providing sample and order confirmation

Samples are given to the customers so that they can get an idea regarding the quality and specifications of the final product. .

There are many umbrella manufacturing companies in china that give samples of their product before production.

Some companies take 5 to 6 days to make a sample and some take a week or above.

Once you have the sample you can check its quality to ensure that it meets all your requirements. If the product passes every requirement then you can place the order.

3. Inspecting material and fabric

Product specification, quality, and inspection

There are three main components from which we can make umbrellas.

  • Umbrella frame
  • Umbrella canopy fabric
  • Umbrella handle

We can use both metal and aluminum for the umbrella frame. In umbrella shafts, we can use metal, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass.

In umbrella canopy fabric we can use polyester, pongee, or nylon. For the handle, we can use plastic, wood, aluminum, and EVA.

If you want quicker delivery from any company so you can simply pick an existing umbrella design.

Umbrella fabric should be consistent and reliable that’s why manufacturers have strict running machines which ensure that there will be no damage and other defects.

4. Sewing, printing, and installing handles

  • Sewing

Once we have all the parts of the umbrella, it’s time to assemble them. Sewing is the most important part of manufacturing an umbrella because one wrong stitch can ruin the performance of the umbrella.

Umbrella factories use one-inch six or eight needles. When the sewing is completed manufacturers check the umbrella under the lightbox.

It is the type of box which have daylight and UV rays. This box is also used to check the consistency of the color. You can give your manufacturer sewing instructions as per your requirements.

  • Printing

The printing relies on your requirements and preference. However, the famous printing method is silkscreen printing. Most umbrella factories use this method. This is the durable method.

  • Installing handle

The handle is a very important component of the umbrella. The handle should be firm and easy to grip so the user can comfortably handle the umbrella in bad weather.

First, the model and color of the handle are selected and then the handle is fitted with the umbrella.

  • Packaging of the final product

Before the actual packing, the umbrellas are tagged so they can be traced by their number. It is the same as clothing stores do to their shirts and stuff.

The hanging tags have all the information about the umbrella so the client can use it for storage.

At this step they use sleeves, it protects the fiber in the umbrella from damage. After that, all umbrellas are packed in plastic bags and they are ready for shipping.

5. Is umbrella manufacturing a profitable business?

Umbrella is a necessity for every household and they help people with various weather conditions like rain, light snow, and sunshine.

Over the years, it has innovated, and there are now many different designs of umbrellas available.

People are protected from the sun and rain by umbrellas. The population is increasing and the need for umbrellas is rising day by day.

So, certainly, making umbrellas is a successful industry. China is the only country in the world that produces 92 percent of the world’s umbrellas.

You can estimate the need for this product globally based on these statistics…

6. How should the umbrella quality control process be carried out?

If you want high-quality umbrellas, you should evaluate the product’s quality to make sure you are fulfilling all of your clients’ needs.

The quality of the product will help you in the long run and provide you with a competitive edge in the market.

There are several quality control mechanisms that you can use to test the quality of the umbrella.

The quality of the umbrella can be judged by doing several types of testing including Water pressure test, Hydrostatic pressure test, UV Testing, Wind tunnel testing, Raining testing, and AOC test which is also known as Auto open and close testing.

You can also ask your vendor to perform these tests in the pre-production phase and share reports with you.

You can also hire a professional to carry out the inspection procedure and quality control process.

Chapter 2: Top umbrella manufacturing companies in China

1. Treasure garden inc.c/o Activa leis

Treasure garden inc.c/o Activa leis is a Chinese company it was established back in 1984.

It is known for its high-quality product, reliability, and handcrafted and custom-made umbrellas.

Its products are famous for versatile colors, high-quality fabrics, and unique designs. It also has showrooms where you can view the products.

It manufactures umbrellas accessories, patio umbrellas, and Patio umbrellas accessories. It has many major clients. It has around 179 total clients.

2. Yotrio group co.,ltd

Yotrio group co.,ltd is a Chinese company. It has four branches around the globe. Currently, its branches are in Paris, Los Angles, Cologne, and Linhai. They produce many products like chairs, tables, umbrellas, and chair zip.

They also have showrooms where you can view the product. Their top client is home depot the USA with 1394 orders. They get orders from all over the world. It has around 133 total clients.

3. Activa Leisure inc.

The founder of Activa Mr. Oliver Ma started the company in 1975. It is one of the top umbrella manufacturing companies in China.

It produces high-quality umbrellas. They are manufacturing different products like umbrellas and accessories, awnings, casting iron and aluminum, and plastic injection.

Their top client is Treasure Garden with 205 orders. They get orders from all over the world. It has around 65 total clients.

4. Jartex shanghai co.,ltd

This company was opened in 2004. It is a towel manufacturing company. They are also good at making umbrellas.

They are very good at production and make various products including fleece sheets, bedspreads, and blankets for bedding.

They use 100 percent polyester in their products. Their address is on behalf of jgr copa llc room 2205,no.2,lane 388, zhongjiang road,200062 shanghai china.

Their top client is JGR COPPA LLC with 1512 orders. It has around 17 total clients.

5. Zhejiang Teng Xin umbrella co.,ltd

They are specialized in manufacturing sun umbrellas, rain umbrellas, beach umbrellas, gift umbrellas, and children’s umbrellas. Their exports are grown to 16 million dollars.

They offer the best quality and continuously work on improving the product quality and customer experience.

Their products are mainly sold to the North American market and the middle east market as well as the European market.

They assure that they provide their customers the high-quality products. Their top client is ESSEX manufacturing with 219 orders. It has around 17 major clients

6. Zhangpu mingxin umbrella industrial

Zhangpu mingxin umbrella industrial is an umbrella manufacturing company in china. They produce top-quality umbrellas and deliver their product worldwide.

They also pay importance to customers’ requirements and demands. They have many famous clients and their top client is Sheridan Corp with 250 orders.

Zhangpu mingxin umbrella industrial has around 5 total clients.

7. Golden rain enterprise co., ltd.

Golden rain enterprise is a Chinese manufacturing company. They are producers of hats, umbrellas, scarves, and women’s accessories.

They use polyester and aluminum for the manufacturing of umbrellas. They have many major clients. Their top client is Sheridan Corp with 231 orders. It has around 3 total clients.

8. Susino(Jinjiang)umbrella co.,ltd


Susino(Jinjiang)umbrella co.,ltd is a Chinese manufacturing company.

The company claims that with 19 years of experience in umbrella manufacturing they have become the biggest umbrella exporter in China. They work with the USA, Europe, and South America.

Their products usually give good results because they perform quality control procedures and more than 40 QC do inspections before delivery.

Their top client is George R Chaby with 196 orders. It has around 22 total clients.

Chapter 3: Marketplaces to find Umbrella manufacturers in China

1. Made-In-China is a Chinese website that is well known for international trade. now has 40 million-plus product information from 27 industries. It provides different methods to search the product.

Made-in-China. com provides its users’ information regarding the location of the company its showrooms and the product. is verified by the world’s major inspection companies.

So visiting the website for business purposes is pretty much safe.

International buyers can check the supplier’s information online.

With time has become one of the leading websites for international trade.

  • How to place an order

There are 840 plus suppliers of umbrellas on For placement of your order, you have to click on the company title first.

Many umbrella companies are selling umbrellas on their platform. From there you can select your particular umbrella manufacturing company and then give them information about color, quantity, size, specifications, and other requirements.

In the end, give your email and click on send inquiry now. Now your order is placed.

  • How to find umbrella manufacturers

Many umbrella companies are selling umbrellas on If you know the company already you can search the company from the search bar.

When you click on the company name different types of umbrellas will be shown on your screen that the company owns.

  • Pros and cons of using to find umbrella manufacture
  • Pros of

Made-in-China .com is a major platform and it has the following main advantages:

  • You don’t have to visit every website for information because there is almost every Chinese umbrella company on the list of suppliers.
  • You can place your order from all over the world.
  • Cons of

Following are some disadvantages of

  • Communication difficulties
  • Complex logistics
  • Intellectual property risk

2. Alibaba

Alibaba for wholesale clothing in bulk was established in 1999. It is the leading wholesale website for purchasing and selling products globally.

It has millions of customers and suppliers around the world. With it has become easier to do business around the world. has millions of products in more than 40 different categories. You can communicate with suppliers from 190 plus countries via

  • How to place an order

First, you have to sign in on from your Gmail, Facebook, or LinkedIn account. Then from your account, you can select the particular umbrella you want to buy.

By clicking on the umbrella you have the option to either call your supplier or SMS your supplier. In this way, you can get the exact information about the product. Prices are also mentioned with the products.

You can then select and specify the size, color, quantity, quality, and other important information regarding the product.

Then enter the required details your order will be placed.

  • How to find umbrella manufacturers

There is a search bar on the top of you can simply search umbrellas over there or you can go to categories to explore various products and sellers.

You will find various sections there and you can visit the umbrellas section. There are 1 million-plus umbrella products are on

  • Pros and cons of using to find umbrella manufacture


  • com has a huge number of buyers and sellers from all over the world
  • com has a global expansion
  • com has a better business model


  • No control
  • Government interference

3. Global Sources

6.Global Sources is an international e-commerce website. It has 10 million-plus buyers all around the globe.

It was established back in 1995. It is a most trusted multi-channel B2B platform. You can find hundreds of umbrellas sellers on this website.

  • How to place an order

First click on the umbrella you want to buy. When you click on it they show the minimum quantity according to their stock select the quantity.

You can also check the seller’s details from which country he belongs to your portal number and when will your order be delivered. Select color quantity, quality, and size, then click on inquire now.

  • How to find umbrella manufacturers

Again go to the search bar and search for umbrellas. There are 240 plus umbrella sellers on And you can also go to the umbrella section by clicking on the categories.

  • Pros and cons of using to find umbrella manufacture


  1. com offers free registration and ease of use
  2. It also has a mobile app to facilitate user
  3. It has a large number of sellers to choose from


There are some unverified suppliers on as well. Make sure you only buy from the verified seller to avoid scams

Chapter 4: Types of umbrellas for your business

Types of umbrellas for your business

There are hundreds of types of umbrellas out there. The types of umbrella that you select depend on the need of your customers and your target market.

Different umbrellas serve different purposes and are used for different needs. Here is the list of commonly used umbrellas according to weather conditions.

1. Folding or compact umbrellas

Folding umbrellas can be folded 5 times. With five times folding it is easy to carry. People usually fold it only three times.

Because of their small size, you can also carry them within your bag and they are very easy to fold. These umbrellas are very travel friendly and you can easily carry them with you.

2. Inverted umbrella

The inverted umbrella is designed to open automatically. Its 48’’ arc protects you from rain. it closes reversibly. Its unique design keeps the wet side of the umbrella away from you.

it will protect your car from the rain from the wet umbrella. With this technique, you can carry your umbrella with no fear of being wet.

3. Umbrellas for kids

Kids’ umbrellas are usually smaller in size. They have different patterns on them so kids like them.

Designs can be butterflies rainbows, flowers, dragons, movie posters, and sports. These shafts are also shorter than other umbrellas and they are also lighter in weight so children can carry them easily. Kids get very happy when you buy them umbrellas.

4. Golf umbrella

Golf umbrella 30’’ arc protects the players from sunlight. The manufacturers build their handles straight so the golf players can carry them in their bags.

Because the golf players usually play in sunlight so they carry umbrellas with them.

5. Garden umbrella

Garden umbrellas are used in gardens to protect humans from sun heat and rain. The garden umbrellas are used for relaxation.

As market umbrellas are used for commercial use garden umbrellas are used for relaxation. The garden umbrellas are commonly square-shaped and they are bigger and they need a big pole to stand.

6. Parasols umbrellas

Parasols and umbrellas are used to protect oneself from sunlight. They are not designed for rain and they are not waterproof also.

They are bigger compared to traditional umbrellas. We recommend that you should lower your parasols when it’s raining. Nowadays this type of umbrella is not commonly used, their popularity ended in the 1930s.

7. Fishing umbrella

  Fishing umbrellas are widely used around lakes, ponds, and rivers. It fits on the boat with a special pole you just screw it tight in the position. It is handy and people use them when they go fishing.

Chapter 5: FAQs About Umbrella Manufacturers In China


1. Where can I find umbrella manufacturers in China?

There are a lot of platforms that can be used to find umbrella manufacturers in China.

You can find umbrella manufacturers via online B2B platforms like,, and many other popular platforms. You can also take the services of a China umbrella manufacturing factory.

Other than that you can use google to find reliable and affordable umbrella manufacturers in China.

2. What are the different umbrellas of umbrella?

There are many different types of umbrellas. Some commonly used umbrellas are Folding or compact umbrellas, kids umbrellas, regular umbrella, golf umbrellas, garden umbrellas, inverted umbrellas, etc.

3. Is the umbrella business profitable?

Yes, the umbrella is very commonly used and a necessity for a household. If you found a good umbrella manufacturer then it can help in making your business more profitable. You can read our blog to find more details.

4. Are China’s manufacturers reliable?

China has reliable manufacturers and they offer affordable and quality products for their customers.

5. What is meant by the umbrella quality control process?

The umbrella quality control process is carried out to verify the quality of the umbrella.

You can ask your manufacturer if they have a quality control process in place to verify product quality.


Above is the all information which a person is required to build an umbrella business in china. Starting an umbrella business can be a challenging task.

That’s why we provide the necessary information in this blog in detail that will help you with your umbrella business.

We have discussed why you should prefer China for umbrella manufacturing.

We have also provided information regarding the top umbrella manufacturing company in China.

We hope the above information will help you to start and manage your own umbrella business.