Do you need a reliable China warehouse or storage space for your business?

Are you interested in learning about how China warehouses work and the benefits of having a China warehouse?

China warehouses provide a secure place to store your goods in a protected and controlled environment. Many businesses including freight, import/export business, and logistics companies need Warehouse space in China to operate their business.

China warehouses provide various services including product storage, product delivery service, product distribution, product packaging and labeling, cargo consolidation, management of inventory, and custom clearance services.

Chinese warehouses are cost-effective and can be rented at a very affordable price. There is a wide range of warehouses available and you can easily find one that fulfills all your requirements.

This blog will guide you on how you can enhance your business’s efficiency through Chinese warehousing services.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Why do you need China Warehouse?

Chapter 2: 8 Main services provided by China Warehouse

Chapter 3: Tips to Choose the Right China Warehouse

Chapter 4: 5 Benefits of having a Warehouse in China

Chapter 5: How to find China Warehouse yourself?

Chapter 6: Common types of China Warehouses

Chapter 7: Popular bonded China warehouse in China

Chapter 8: Frequently Asked questionon China Warehouse

Chapter 1: Why do you need China Warehouse?


China’s manufacturing industry is rapidly growing and China produces and exports more manufactured goods than any other country. A warehouse is used to store raw materials or manufactured products before they are exported or distributed for sale.

Chinese warehouses are not only cost-effective and reliable they also provide a range of services including shipping products, 24/7 security, quality control, and many more. Getting a warehouse in China also helps in easy returns in case of any order errors and prevents delivery delays.

1. China Warehouses help you get a central storage location for your product

Chinese warehousing provides you a storage space where you can store all your production orders. All the orders can be shipped and stored at one central location.

It makes the quality control process much easier; it is easier to maintain, manage and organize quality control inspections when all the products are available at the same location.

2. Order processing will get much easier with China Warehouse

Warehouses in China make order processing and shipping considerably easy and optimized. Since all the goods are continuously monitored, it can be easily checked if a product is in stock or not.


A warehouse can also provide you tools and equipment needed to load and unload your orders. Warehouse facilitates easy order processing by providing effective inventory management, easy loading/unloading, fast shipping, and regular quality control.

3. China warehouse drastically improves product delivery time

The warehouse allows you to ready customer pre-orders and you can take the option of split shipments. You can also ship the products directly to your customers all over the world if you have a warehouse in China.

You won’t have to transport the products to your country first, and then to your customers; instead, you’ll be able to ship goods directly from China to your clients. This will save a lot of time and will speed up the delivery process.

4. China warehouse helps you to get complete control of Your Supply Chain through WMS

China Warehouses have a huge role in supply chain management and optimization. A warehouse management system is a software tool that is used for the effective management and storage of the goods in the warehouse.


Warehouse management system (WMS) is responsible to manage and monitor the supply chain process in a warehouse by shipping the products from the manufacturer to the warehouse and then delivering the products from the warehouse to customers.

Some warehouses also use technology to automate and speed up the supply chain process.

5. China Warehouse’s staff is experienced, knowledgeable and professionals

Staff in Chinese warehouses is well-trained, skilled, and experienced. They handle all the warehouse activities professionally.

They are experienced in loading/unloading shipments, packing orders, inventory management, and control, managing reports, operating equipment, and safe shipping, etc. By using a warehouse you can ensure that your products or goods are in safe hands.


6. Is it possible to get a China warehouse for free? How EJET Sourcing can help you with this

Some sourcing companies provide free warehousing for a limited period. If you choose their warehousing services you can enjoy all the perks without being charged for a certain period.

For instance, EJET Sourcing provides free 1 month storage if you take their source to delivery services.

EJET sourcing is a well-known and one of the best China’s sourcing companies. EJET also provides on-demand warehousing and consolidation services in China.

Their warehouses are located in multiple Chinese cities including Guangzhou, Shanghai, Yiwu, and Qingdao.

They offer a range of warehouse services including pickup and delivery, quality control, inventory management, short and long-term storage options, and many more.

Chapter 2: 8 Main services provided by China Warehouse


China Warehouses provides a variety of warehousing services to its customers. Here we have explained some of the most common services provided by Chinese warehouses.

1. China Warehouse collect the product from suppliers and consolidate the goods

Once the supplier has manufactured the goods, warehouse staff will collect your manufactured products from the factory and they will ship the products to the warehouse.

If you have ordered from multiple suppliers then their delivery dates may vary. The warehouse will collect the order from all the suppliers and will store the products in the warehouse.

Your warehouse is responsible to pick the products from each location and then store the goods in the warehouse for further inspection, order processing and fulfillment.

2. China warehouse manages the inventory status reports and tracking.

China warehouses use advanced technology to manage the inventory status report and order delivery tracking. With inventory management software, you can not only track the inventory in real-time and can also manage the warehouse inventory.


Some advanced inventory management software can also aid in the monitoring of sales and purchasing trends, among other things.

3. China warehouse provides facility of long-term or short-term product storage

China warehouses provide the facility to save your goods over the periods of weeks, months, or even years.

You can store your goods in the warehouse inventory for as long as you want, and the warehouse will be responsible for the complete security and safety of the goods.

You can easily process and ship the order whenever you want to deliver the goods to customers. Some Chinese warehouses also provide competitive prices and discounts in case of long-term product storage.

4. Regular Inspection of Product and Cargo to ensure product quality

Chinese warehouses regularly conduct product inspections and quality control procedures to ensure product quality.

After collecting or receiving the goods, it is important to double-check that the stock-keeping unit (SKU), product quantity, and shipping data are accurate.

It is also the time when quality and specifications of the products are checked.


Warehouse quality control staff cross-check the products and logistics before final delivery. Products go through multiple quality control checkpoints before shipping to ensure that product quality is not compromised in any way.

5. China warehouse provides facility of storing and moving dangerous cargo

Handling and storing dangerous cargo can be difficult and challenging as they require extra caution and professional handling.

Chinese warehousing provides the facility to handle dangerous cargo with extra care and takes all the precautionary measures that are needed to handle such products.

They have sections that are specifically made to store and move dangerous cargo. Chinese warehouses adhere to strict international regulations to ensure that dangerous cargo is stored, handled, and shipped safely, without causing harm to anyone.

6. China warehouse also provided container loading services

China warehouse provides the facility to load the products to containers for shipping. They provide container loading services for small to large shipments.


Chinese warehouses provide reliable and secure container loading services and don’t need to worry about moisture damage or any other such problems. The warehouse staff helps in loading the container in such a way that all the space is used efficiently to save the cost.

7. China warehouse takes care of Packaging and labeling of products

Warehouse staff packs the received products into envelopes and cartons, seal the packages and put labels on them. After weighing the products, products are packed into a suitable packaging or container.

Products Labels can have information on the shipping address and relevant invoice. They also help in getting the goods ready for Amazon FBA warehouses by putting the FNSKU labels on the products.

8. Security and safety of goods are guaranteed by China Warehouse


China warehouses guarantee the security and safety of the products. Once goods have been picked and brought to the warehouse the safety of the products is entirely the warehouse’s responsibility.

Warehouses have security cameras, alarm systems, inventory tracking, security on the entrance, and security Patrols to ensure the safety and security of goods within the warehouse. Extra security measures are taken while storing or dealing with high-value cargo.

Chapter 3: Tips to Choose the Right China Warehouse


Choosing the right warehouse can have a significant impact on your business. Here are a few important factors that you should keep in consideration while choosing the warehouse.

1. Look for an affordable and cost-effective option

Choose a warehouse service that is aligned with your budget. There are a lot of budget-friendly warehousing options in China. Do proper research and opt for a warehouse that provides all the services that you need for an affordable and budget-friendly price.

Compare the costs and services offered by various Chinese warehouses to find the best deal.

2. Consider the location of the China Warehouse

The location of the warehouse plays a very significant role and can impact your business. It is important to carefully select a central location that is located near your manufacturing site. The location of the warehouse will highly affect your profit and cost in a long run.


3. Select a China Warehouse that fulfills all your business needs

A warehouse can provide excellent services, but if it does not meet all of your business’s requirements, you will not be able to reap the full benefits. Carefully consider all your business needs and then select a warehouse that fulfills all your requirements.

As a business owner, you not only need a storage space for your goods, but also other services to help you with inventory management and shipping.

Chinese warehouses not only provide storage space they also provide a variety of other services that can assist you in managing your inventory.

4. Make sure the Warehouse is located in a city with a Seaport

If you choose a warehouse that is in a city with a seaport, it will give your business additional trade benefits. It also helps in easy and cost-effective shipping and easy loading and unloading. Most of the goods are transported by Sea therefore having a sea port in the same city can dramatically reduce the local shipping costs.

5. Make sure the Warehouse is properly sealed from Rains or Storms

Environmental factors can negatively affect your inventory if the warehouse does not have properly sealed commercial roofing to prevent any kind of leaking.

Before finalizing a warehouse make sure that they are perfectly sealed and protect from rains and other weather elements.

Let’s say you have electronics goods in the warehouse, any leakage of water can damage the goods very badly and completely destroy the whole shipment.

6. Select the Warehouse which has good Security Systems to monitor the goods

Choose a warehouse that has a reliable and advanced security system to ensure the safety of the products.

Do not compromise on the safety aspect of the warehouse to avoid any misfortunate situation in the future. Make sure that cameras are installed in all the important places and the whole warehouse is covered by the cameras.

Chapter 4: 4 Benefits of having a Warehouse in China


Chinese warehouses provide numerous benefits for your business. Following is the list of benefits that China warehouse offers.

1. China Warehouse can reduce business risk

Chinese warehouses take full responsibility for the stored goods. Once you get their services, the warehouse is solely responsible for the protection and safety of your items, as well as inventory management and quality control.

Taking warehouse service significantly reduces business risk as warehouse authorities take care of inventory management and other warehousing services on a professional level.

If the warehouse is insured then the warehouse’s insurance company will be entitled to pay for any kind of damage in case of fire, theft, or inventory damage.

2. Warehouse can help the business owner in financing

Warehouses can also indirectly help the business owner to get finances for their business. When a buyer stores their goods in the warehouse they receive a deposit slip from the warehouse.

The buyer also receives a document from the warehouse that is called a business owner warrant. The buyer can apply for certain loans or financial aid based on these documents.

Also, a business owner can borrow money using the supplies or goods in the warehouse as security.

3. China warehouse aids in fast shipping


Chinese warehousing can also help you to speed up the shipping process as the order can be delivered directly from the warehouse to the customer’s location.

The warehouse’s effective and optimized packaging and labeling process also aid in on-time delivery by reducing order processing time.

4. Order Replenishment gets faster through the China Warehouse

With China warehousing, you have a low risk of getting out of stock because you can easily get your stored inventory from the warehouse.

You won’t have to wait for the manufacturer or supplier to make the products because you’ll be able to ship your goods from a China warehouse whenever needed.

5. China Warehouse offer competitive storage rates

The cost of warehousing is a key source of concern for business owners because it has a significant impact on the overall budget. China warehouses not only offer a wide range of services, but they are also cost-effective.

There are a lot of budget friendly warehousing options available in China. There are thousands of warehouses in China which are available.

Especially after the Covid19 pandemic, the number of available warehouse have increased a lot and the cost has gone down. It is a good time to have a warehouse in China.

Chapter 5: How to find China Warehouse yourself?


Multiple resources can be used to find a suitable warehouse for your business. Here we have provided some effective methods to find a China warehouse yourself.

1. Find Local China Warehouse and Logistic Services by visiting China

There are a lot of affordable warehouse options in China in the local Market. You can find an inexpensive local warehouse service by visiting China yourself and exploring the market.

Simply go to wholesale markets and talk to the suppliers there and they can easily connect you with the warehouse people who can provide you warehouses on rent or provide some dedicated space in their own warehouse.

You can also do internet research on that city and identify the locations where the warehouses are located. Usually, in one place there are many warehouses located side by side.

2. Contact Chinese sourcing companies

In China, numerous sourcing companies provide efficient and dependable warehouse services. You can use their services, and your sourcing company will take care of the rest.

EJET Sourcing, for example provides 1 month free warehouse services if you take their total solution package.

3. Use an online platform like Alibaba to find China warehouse


There are some online platforms that you can use to find a reliable and cost-effective warehouse. has a range of China warehouse options on its e-commerce website. You can visit their website and choose a warehouse option according to your business requirements.

4. Use general google searches to find contacts for China warehouse

There is a lot of information available on the internet regarding China warehouses. You can simply use google search to search for available warehouses in the respective Chinese city.

After a quick google search, you will get the list of famous Chinese warehouses or sourcing companies that operate in that area.

Chapter 6: Common types of China Warehouses


There are various types of warehouses and they operate differently. Following are some common types of warehouses.

1. Public Warehouses

Public warehouses are for the general public and are generally owned by the state or semi-government. If a private company wants to start a public warehouse they need to get a license from the government.

The public can store their goods in a public warehouse at a very low cost. Small retailers or dealers use public warehouses to store their goods.

2. Government Warehouses

Government warehouses are owned and operated by the central government. Government bodies or private companies can use these warehouses to store goods. Government warehouses are very cheap and affordable but they require very extensive paperwork.

3. Bonded warehouses

Bonded warehouses are usually owned by government authorities or private agencies. Private agencies need to get a certificate from the government to operate a bonded warehouse.

They are usually used by importers for import activities. Products kept in bonded warehouses are ones on which taxes and duties are required to be paid.

4. Private warehouses

Private warehouses are owned, managed by manufacturers and distributors. Exporters, importers, retailers, and manufacturers use a private warehouse to store their goods. Private warehouses provide better control on storing and managing the goods.

Chapter 7: Popular bonded China warehouse in China


Here we have provided details of some popular bonded Chinese warehouses.

1. KLG ITM warehouse

KLG ITM warehouse is a popular and well-known Chinese warehouse. It was established in 2013 and it provides international transport and logistic services.

  • Major services

KLG ITM warehouse provides a wide range of services including warehousing, quality control, and inspection, supply chain management, transport and logistic services, freight forwarding, and many more.

  • Office Location

KLD ITM warehouse’s offices are located in multiple cities including Shanghai, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen, Chongqing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Qingdao.

  •  Head Office Address

Room 2102, No.568 Hengfeng Rd, Shanghai, China

2. Shanghai Jinhan International Logistics

It was founded back in 2003 and it is famous for sea and air import/export bookings. It offers logistic and freight forwarding services.

Shanghai Jinhan International Logistics has gained a lot of popularity over the past years and they work with some major companies including Rolls Royce Coca Cola and Honeywell.


  • Major services

Major services provided by Shanghai Jinhan International Logistics include logistics services, air and ocean freight, bonded warehousing, brokerage, and trucking

  • Office Location

Their office is located in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

  • Head Office Address

Plant 11, 353 North Riying Road, Waigaoqiao Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China

3. MOL Logistics and warehouse


MOL Logistics and warehouse was founded in 1960 and it is one of the largest warehousing operators that are located in 21 different locations in China alone.

  • Major services

MOL Logistics offers a wide range of services including logistics services, air and sea freight, and warehousing services.

  • Office Location

MOL Logistics and warehouse’s offices are located in many major cities. Some of them are Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen.

  • Head Office Address

6th Floor, Enterprise Centre TOWER 2, Kerry Everbright City, No. 209 Gonghe Road, Shanghai, China

4. UFL warehouse

UFL warehouse was established in 1968 and it is a well-known bonded warehouse. It is famous worldwide and operates in many countries. UFL is a reputed and licensed bonded warehouse operator that provides its services worldwide.

  • Major services

UFL provides many services including storage, customs clearance, shipping, and many more.

  • Office Location

UFL warehouse’s office is located in many cities including Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Suzhou.

  • Head Office Address

Hong Kong, Kowloon Bay, 21st Floor, Enterprise Square III

Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Question on China Warehouse


1. Do Chinese warehouses take responsibility if goods get damaged in the warehouse?

Yes, if you avail of the Chinese warehousing services and your goods get damaged in the warehouses due to some reasons then the warehouse authority will be liable for compensating for the damage. You can file a claim with the warehouse’s management for the damage.

2. How can I avail warehouse services in China?

There are many warehousing and sourcing companies that provide warehousing services in China. You can contact these sourcing companies to get warehouse services companies or you can find a local Chinese warehouse space by visiting China yourself.

3. Do Chinese warehouses use modern and innovative technology?

Yes, Chinese warehouses use modern technology to speed up, optimize and automate warehousing services. Software tools are used to track and monitor the inventory.

Advanced security methods and alarm systems are used to ensure warehouse security. Some popular warehouses even use warehouse robots to transfer or move the inventory in the warehouse.

4. Where can I find the cheapest warehouse storage in China?

Chinese warehouses provide warehousing services at a low and competitive price. You can find plenty of affordable warehouse options in China. Compare all the available options and select the one that provides desired services at the cheapest price.

5. Can I rent or buy a warehouse in China?

If you are a foreigner then the process of buying property in China can be complicated. Renting a warehouse is a far better option as it is more budget-friendly and the process of renting warehouse space is easy and simpler.


China warehouse provides a wide range of services including easy inventory management, picking and packing, order processing, labeling, and shipping.

Using a China warehousing service simplifies the entire supply chain process, making order processing and replenishment much easier and more straightforward for the business owner.

Chinese warehouses can be of different types and have different specifications. China warehousing has a lot of pros including better security, quality control, and faster shipping. There is no shortage of warehouse space in China and business owners can easily find a suitable and budget-friendly Chinese warehouse.