Do you want to source high-quality items from China? Don’t know who are the best Chinese wholesale suppliers for your business?

If you search “Chinese suppliers” on the internet, you’ll soon discover that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of options. There are a lot of online websites where you’ll find Chinese suppliers. But it’s not as easy as it seems.

You need to be careful about the sites you visit as many scams and inadequate suppliers are available. Therefore, it can be hard to find suppliers that meet your demands.

But no worries at all!

Being a Chinese native sourcing company, we know all INS and outs of Chinese marketplaces. And to help you out, we’ll list a few websites and marketplaces that can help you find reliable Chinese Wholesale Suppliers.

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Chapter 1. What are the Types of Chinese Wholesale Suppliers?

chinese wholesale suppliers

Before we jump onto your primary question; how to find wholesale china suppliers, let’s first discuss the different types of Chinese wholesale suppliers are there.

So let’s get started!

1) Chinese Wholesale Manufacturers


Wholesale manufacturers in China refer to wholesale suppliers who produce their goods in bulk and sell them to retailers worldwide. They independently manufacture and supply the products directly to the consumers.

These suppliers sell their products cheaper than trading companies, but their MOQ is relatively higher. This way, they earn a considerable profit by performing distribution activities alone and also reduce their overhead expenses. However, such suppliers may or may not have English salespeople.

Not to mention, you can easily find some wholesale manufacturers having English sales assistants on Alibaba or Google. Many of these suppliers also have independent websites. Such suppliers often participate in exhibitions globally and interact with the customers.

On the contrary, the wholesale manufacturers not having English salespeople collaborate with sourcing agents and trading companies to sell their products. They usually sell the goods to foreigners at the lowest prices. Moreover, you cannot find them on any trading fairs or online selling marketplaces.

2) Trading Companies

China trading companies are businesses that deal with importing and exporting different products in China. Trading companies, also known as middlemen, help buyers from other countries to safely and hassle-freely procure Chinese products.

Trading companies usually affiliate with different goods manufacturing factories and develop good long-term relationships. They suggest consumers buy goods from their affiliated factories at economical rates.  The friendly relations of trading companies with factories can also benefit the suppliers in getting a small MOQ.

You can find various trading companies on Alibaba and other online selling platforms.

3) Sourcing Company or a Sourcing Agent

A sourcing company or a sourcing agent source low-cost products for the companies and individual customers. A China sourcing company takes orders from different retail companies and sources the required products from China. They undertake all the product features demanded by the customer and perform the sourcing services accordingly.

A sourcing company finds a reliable supplier for you, carries out the production follow-up, performs quality inspection, and makes all the necessary shipping arrangements. Moreover, Amazon sellers prefer high-profile sourcing agents and companies (such as as their representatives in China.

Therefore, hiring a sourcing company is a far better option for you to get out of the hustle and anxiety of finding reliable suppliers from China. So, sit back, relax and let the sourcing company do all this hard work for you.

4) Small Wholesaler or Dropshipper


Small wholesalers and drop shippers are the suppliers who sell products directly to the consumer at affordable prices. Such suppliers purchase products from different factories and dropship all those wholesale products to the customers.

You can find a drop shipper or a small wholesaler from renowned online selling websites like DhGate, AliExpress, etc.

As the drop shipper handles the products on your behalf, he may deliver low-quality products ruining your customer’s trust without even keeping your notice. Therefore, hiring a drop shipper or a small wholesaler may not be a better option if your customers demand high-quality products.

5) Wholesalers of Overstocks

Overstock products