Are you wondering what the DHGate reviews mean?

Are you looking for reliable sellers on DHGate?

All this and many more such queries regarding DHGate will be answered in this guide. Reviews are an important tool to check the authenticity of products and websites.

People who have had experiences with a website go ahead and write a review; that can be negative and positive depending on their experience.

The same is the case with DHGate. You will find more than a thousand reviews about the website.

But, what do these reviews mean? According to the different customer review on DHGate.com, people think the Dhgate site is not legit. This is not the case.

The customers review the seller they buy through. So, you need to be very careful while choosing a seller on this B2B platform. Read the guide to know how to avoid scammers and ensure you get a good supplier.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: What Are DHGate Reviews and What Do They Prove?

Chapter 2: How to Distinguish True DHGate Reviews from Fake Ones?

Chapter 3: Analysis of the DHGate Reviews about Suppliers?

Chapter 4: WhyDoes DHGate Have Negative Reviews?

Chapter 5: 7 Tips to Find an Authentic Seller on DHGate Website

Chapter 6: FAQs about DHGate Reviews

Chapter 1: What Are DHGate Reviews and What Do They Prove?


Ordering online is always a tricky business. You can never be sure that the product being displayed by the seller is authentic or not or whether the product being sold is of good quality or not.

So, does this mean you should not order online? Well, websites like DHGate have some of the best suppliers.

The trick is to check the reviews of people. The end-users always give honest and true feedback when the product is concerned.

The best way is to check the DHGate reviews and see for yourself what people have to say. Reviews show so much about a supplier/seller

1. They Prove Suppliers’ Authenticity and Reliability

If the supplier has a lot of good reviews, it means that he/she is reliable and trustworthy. The people who have ordered and used the product review it.

By reading the reviews, you get to know exactly what the plus and negatives of the supplier and the product are. Does the supplier live up to what he/she has promised or not.


2. They Prove How Quickly the Supplier Responds to the Messages of the Customers

By studying the supplier’s page in detail, you can see how quick the response time is. Usually, people tend to overlook this when looking at DHGate reviews.

The response time is the total time a supplier takes to respond to a query or message of the potential user.

A good response time means the supplier is interested in the buyers and looks forwards to developing a relationship with them. Usually, any response time less than 5 hours is a good figure to go for. The reviews tell you how soon the supplier responds.


3. They Show How Authentic the Pictures of the Goods Displayed on the Page Are

Online, it becomes a little difficult to see the authenticity of the pictures displayed by the suppliers on the DHGate website.

You can never be sure how the product looks in real. Generally, people look at the pictures and get an idea about the quality of the product.

The best way to know about how a real picture looks like is to check the reviews by people.  Most of them add pictures along the reviews to give an idea to others. Having a look at the pictures will immediately tell you about the quality of it.

4. They Show You How Authentic the Product Description Was

What better way to know about how true the product description than to buy it? But, this is not always the case.

The DHGate reviews can tell you a lot about how close the product is to the product description the seller has written on the DHGate website.

5. You Get to Know the on-Time Delivery Rate of the Supplier


The on-time delivery rate is the number of times the supplier on DHGate.com has delivered on the time promised. As expected, a good on-time delivery rate shows that the supplier delivers on the time they mention. This shows it is reliable and authentic.

The best suppliers are ones who have an on-time delivery rate of 90% or more. We don’t go for a 100% delivery rate as at times, delays are inevitable.

Chapter 2: How to Distinguish True DHGate Reviews from Fake Ones?

Not all reviews are true. Again, not all reviews are false. So, how are we going to distinguish a true review from the false one?


There are some tips you can follow to ensure that you know which ones are:

1. How to Know a True Review from a Fake One?

  • Check the Supplier’s History on DHGate and Tally It With the Reviews

Making a name on DHGate is not easy. Only looking at the reviews of the people in isolation is not a good idea.

You need to check the history of the supplier and tally it with the reviews of the people. If a supplier is just a few months old and has 90% positive reviews, there is a chance the reviews are fake.


It takes time to build trust and gain a clientage. It seldom happens that a supplier comes online and everyone starts buying from them and even leaving 5-star reviews.

The truth is that 5 out of 10 satisfied customers will leave a review. Unsatisfied customers almost always leave a review.

  • All Reviews Are 5-Star or 1-Star Means There Is Something Fake

Even the most established suppliers don’t have all 5-star reviews. That is very rare.  For instance, Lucyjewelry has more than 32,400 transactions along with a golden badge, but even it has a 97.7% positive review ratio. This means that not all reviews are 5-star.

When you see a supplier with 100% positive feedback and all 5-star reviews, there is something fishy and most of them might be fake. Similarly, a supplier/seller with all 1-star reviews is also not possible.

  • Try to Contact Some Old Customers of That Suppliers if Possible

A very important technique is to contact the old customers of the supplier whenever you can. Try to get your hands on a few or even one old customer.

Ask them how was their experience and how did it go? This will allow you to know if the reviews on the DHGate website about the supplier are real or not.

2. Are All Reviews on the Website Fake?

Saying that all the DHGate reviews are fake is wrong. Moreover, if studied closely, you will see that most of the bad reviews are either because of delay in shipment time .

Or because of the requirements not being understood clearly. Therefore, it is important to read and understand the reviews.

3. Is It Possible to Delete Reviews on DHGate by the Supplier?


The best thing about DHGate reviews is that the supplier can’t delete the reviews. In case there is a genuine reason for deleting the review, the seller needs to go ahead and contact the officials at DHGate to remove the review.

If they think the seller is right, they will remove the review, otherwise not.

Chapter 3: Analysis of the DHGate Reviews about Suppliers?

1. Positive Reviews about DHGate


A lot of people are happy with DHGate suppliers. Such suppliers always leave a detailed and positive review about DHGate on different forums as well as on the website. Some examples of good reviews on DHGate are:




2. Negative Reviews about DHGate



Just like positive reviews, some people leave negative DHGate reviews on different websites.

This is because either they are not happy with the quality of the product, the delivery time, the condition and so much more. Some of the negative reviews are as Above.

Chapter 4: Why Does DHGate Have Negative Reviews?

Have you ever wondered why DHGate has so many negative reviews? The website is very original and most of the suppliers are reliable and honest.

Then why is this that it is rated low almost everywhere? There are many reasons for this, some of which are discussed below.

1. Someone Had a Bad Experience with a Seller


All the reviews are personal. They are written by people who have bought the products from sellers and then leave a review for others.

Mostly, when people give feedback about the website, they are referring to some seller they had a bad experience with.

It is high time we realize the DHGate is a platform and they are not responsible for the way different sellers do business.

Yes, there are many guidelines and checks and balances in place, but having a bad experience with a seller does not mean that you go ahead and leave a negative review for the website on different forums. This is exactly what is happening.

2. Fake Products Available On DHGate


You will hardly find original brands selling on DHGate or any other e-commerce website. Big names like PRADA, GUCCI and many others don’t sell like this.

So, if you find a product like this, there is a big chance it is fake. People, who don’t realize this, end up buying it because fakes are at a much lower price.

Once they buy it and see how low the quality is, they leave a bad review. Proper research needs to be done before you buy a product from a seller on DHGate.

3. Bad Experience with Late Shipping Is Not Always the Suppliers Fault

Someone who gets a late shipment quickly jumps on the website and leaves a negative DHGate review and a negative review for the supplier.


Late shipping is not always because of the supplier. The following reasons can cause the shipments to be late:

  1. Long shipping routes
  2. Unexpected delays
  3. Custom clearance takes time
  4. Natural disaster

4. Refunds and Return Policy

With thousands and millions of transactions taking place daily on the DHGate website along with hundreds of refund and return request daily, processing them can take a little time.

The refund and return policy does not state that you will get it immediately as soon as you apply for one.

DHGate does a proper review of the requests that come their way. This is done to ensure there is an actual need for refunding or returning the product.

Even though this is mostly done within the promised timeframe, investigation can take longer. When their request is not met immediately, without realizing the sheer load of requests the website has, they go ahead and leave a negative review.


5. Buyers May Have Some Personal Grudge against the Supplier

Just like normal life, people take out personal grudges with the suppliers by leaving negative reviews. This is a very low thing to do and destroys the image of the supplier and brings down the rating. It is a very common thing.

Chapter 5: 7 Tips to Find an Authentic Seller on DHGate Website

The best thing about it is that it is possible to find an authentic seller on the DHGate website despite the DHGate reviews we see.

Keeping in mind the following points will not only allow you to be sure to navigate through the DHGate online store reviews to find a reliable seller.

1. Always Check the Seller Rating Before Talking to Them

Seller ratings are like the Holy Grail when it comes to reviews on DHGate com. Our advice is not to even consider a seller with a low rating. At least it should be average and even then you should proceed with caution.


Check the detailed seller rating like the picture shows above to ensure that the seller has good potential.

Once you are satisfied that the seller has a good rating, it is important to talk to them. By messaging the seller, you can also get to know the response time and how professional they are or are not. So much can be understood from just the first meeting.

2. Always Read the Reviews of the People on Different Forums as Well as Dhgate Website

Don’t just stick to and rely on DHGate com reviews which are displayed on the websites. It is important to do your homework well and see what others have to say on other forums about the website.

Doing this will make your decision more objective and help you understand the website better.

3. Try to Go for Suppliers That Are Selling Only One Category of Goods

It is mostly observed that people look for convenience. How many times have you thought about buying everything from the same seller?

Professional sellers don’t sell hundreds of different items. If you check the store on DHGate review of any big and successful supplier, you will see that they have only few categories of products which they are selling.

The stores that have many different goods categories are mostly the ones that have the largest number of dissatisfied customers.

They are not able to focus on one category and end up with lower quality. On the other hand, stores that only keep one goods category can focus on achieving excellence in that and providing the best quality out there in the market.

4. International Products Are Not Sold on DHGate and You Should Avoid Buying These

The suppliers on the DHGate website do not have original international products. If you find a supplier selling international products for a low price, it is most probably fake.

The reason for this is that it is a website where most of the buyers come to get the lowest price for the best quality. This is not possible when there are international and branded products. So, it is better to avoid it.

5. Do Not Buy Famous Brands as They Are More Likely to Be Fake


It is common knowledge that big brands like Gucci, Zara, Fendi, LV etc do not sell online on websites like DHGate and Alibaba.com.

They have their owns websites and sales channels. You can’t even search the name of most of them on these forums. Surprisingly, many of them can still be found with different suppliers.

If you order a famous branded product on DHGate, there is a 99% chance it is fake. Neither the quality nor the look of the product is going to be the same and you are in for a bad deal. So, it is better to avoid buying these international brands.

6. Check the Pictures Thoroughly on the Product Page

“A picture speaks a thousand words”, this is so true in the case of online buying. Reliable and authentic sellers have pictures of their products displayed on the product page.

These are as close to the real thing as a buyer can get. Studying these pictures thoroughly is very important.

If there are no pictures available on the page, ask the supplier for the pictures of the product. If they don’t agree, back off! This is a red flag and shows that the supplier is not reliable as he is not showing the buyer the product.

7. Talk and Ask Questions from the Suppliers and See if Knows About What He Is Selling


Once you are satisfied with all the parameters, it is a good idea to make a checklist of questions you would like to ask the seller. This has two main purposes.

First of all, you can clear your queries and questions. Secondly, you can get to know how much the supplier knows about the product he/she is selling.

Chapter 6: FAQs about DHGate Reviews

1. Is DHGate Legit and Safe to Buy?

Yes, if you talk solely about the website, DHGate is reliable, safe and legitimate for sure. The same can’t be said about the sellers on the website.

There are scammers as well as reliable and authentic ones. Choosing the right supplier is the key. Do keep in mind that DHgate do keep investigating such scams cases and remove the bad suppliers from the website.

2. Are the Reviews on DHGate Real or Fake?

You can find both real and fake DHGate reviews. Deciding which one is real or fake is the key. To do so, you can check the guide above as we have already included detailed steps on how to distinguish between a real and fake review.

3. How to Spot a Fake DHGate Review on the Website?


As you can see above, fake reviews are pretty easy to spot. Sellers with almost all 5-star or 1-star reviews are required to be checked more carefully.

Multiple reviews by the same person can also be fake. So, always look at all the reviews before making a decision.

4. How Can You Edit a DHGate Review on the Website of DHGate?

The buyer can delete or edit their DHGate review easily. These steps are explained as below:

  • Go to DHGate Help Center
  • Select “Account”
  • Choose “My Orders”
  • Click on “View All”
  • Go to the “Completed” orders
  • Edit or Delete, pick one

5. Is It Possible to Delete Your DHGate Review by the Supplier?

No, it is not possible to delete the DHGate review by the supplier. It does not work that way. If there is a problem, they can contact the DHGate help centre and only after proper investigation, the review will be deleted.


In a nutshell, DHGate is a legitimate and reliable site in itself. The reason we see so many negative reviews is that some of the sellers are fake on the website and this issue is present everywhere. The trick is to know how to distinguish real from fake.

Secure and safe buying from DHGate can only be possible if you read the DHGate reviews by different people and see what they have to say.

This is crucial as these are the people who have used the products and have experience with the supplier.

We hope that this blog will help you to have a safe buying experience on DHgate.