Are you planning to buy products from B2B sites like Alibaba or Dhgate?

Do you know which site is better for online shopping?

Nowadays, everyone is going for online shopping, all because of feasibility and productivity. However, new businesses that are looking to buy from Chinese suppliers don’t know where to start, especially if they are not in China.

The first site that comes into mind when talking about buying from China is Alibaba.  But, there is another Chinese e-commerce site and that is Dhgate.com. Dhgate offers amazing features that are outstanding when compared to Alibaba.

To help you understand both of the sites, EJET has compiled a guide that shows a complete comparison between both platforms. We have added important details like shipping methods, payment methods, or other features of each site that will help you in selecting the right one.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: DHgate vs Alibaba. How important are both sites?

Chapter 2: Pros/Cons of DHgate and Alibaba-Which one is for you?

Chapter 3: DHgate vs Alibaba-Side by Side comparison

Chapter 4: DHgate vs Alibaba- Best Free to use site comparison 

Chapter 5: DHgate vs Alibaba- Product comparison

Chapter 6: DHgate vs Alibaba- Payment options comparison

Chapter 7: DHgate vs Alibaba- Best shipping method comparison

Chapter 8: Dhgate vs Alibaba-Best returns/exchange policies comparison

Chapter 9: Dhgate vs Alibaba- Customer Support Comparison

Chapter 10: Frequently asked questions on DHgate vs Alibaba

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: DHgate vs Alibaba. How important are both sites?


When it comes to online shopping, Alibaba and Dhgate are both good sites with their own unique features. However, the question is which site is the best. In this chapter, we are going to talk about that so you can choose the site that best suits you for all your sourcing needs.

1. History of DHgate and Alibaba

DHgate was founded in Beijing back in august 2004 by Diane Wang. Since then it is providing its services to customers all over the world. “DH” in the name refers to Dunhuang city and this city was a strategic point in Silk Road.

DHgate refers to itself as an online Silk Road and there is a reason for that. This site provides millions of products that are present under one roof. If you are looking for cheap-priced products, then DHgate is the option for you as its own page says “Relax….You are not paying retail”.

The second site that is also in the minds of buyers is Alibaba. Alibaba was founded back in June 1999 in Hangzhou, China. The company provides B2B (Business to Business) sales services through a web portal.


Alibaba contains millions of suppliers that are selling their products through the platform. The reason Alibaba got so popular was that China has good ties with other countries and this enabled Alibaba to provide a successful trade among those countries.

Other than that, millions of buyers prefer Alibaba because it has secure payment methods that save them from scams.

2. Product Categories available on DHgate vs. Alibaba

When it comes to online shopping, every buyer wants to have millions of choices to choose from. And both of the sites know this and have their inventory filled with unlimited items.

Talking about Dhgate, from pins to shoes, jeans to shirts, automotive products to hair care, you can find any item here. Dhgate also has suppliers of products such as chemicals and pharmaceutical items. Here is what you can find on Dhgate.



  • Apparel
  • Baby, Kids & Maternity
  • Bags, Luggage & Accessories
  • Bags, Shoes & Accs
  • Cameras & Photo
  • Cell Phones & Accessories
  • Computers & Networking
  • Customized Bags
  • Dhtrading
  • Lights & Lighting
  • Musical Instruments
  • Electronics
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Fashion Collection
  • Food & Beverage
  • Games & Accessories
  • Hair Products
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Household Appliances
  • Jewelry

Moving towards Alibaba, there is literally anything that you can find on this website. As mentioned, Alibaba has international ties with other countries and that means its suppliers are dealing in any product.

Take a look at this that you can order a car from Alibaba and they will deliver it to you. The products that you can find here are.



  • Agriculture & Food
  • Apparel
  • Textiles & Accessories
  • Auto & Transportation
  • Bags, Shoes & Accessories
  • Health & Beauty
  • Medical Equipment
  • Electronics, Electrical Equipment, Components & Telecoms
  • Gifts, Sports & Toys
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home, Lights & Construction
  • Machinery, Industrial Parts & Tools
  • Metallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & Plastics
  • Packaging, Advertising & Office products

Keep in mind that these categories are not limited. Both Alibaba and Dhgate have subcategories of these categories. We have mentioned this so that you can have a general idea about what you can find on these sites.

3. Communication methods comparison between DHgate and Alibaba


When it comes to online buying, it is important that you can communicate effectively with the suppliers. That is where communication methods come in. So, the question is Dhgate vs Alibaba- which one has good communication methods.

Dhgate does not have that many communication methods. The methods it provides are

  • Chatting online
  • Sending the email

But, the advantage of using these methods is they are totally safe. There is no chance of leakage of personal information if you are chatting with a Dhgate seller.

Alibaba provides four different communication methods on its site. The methods are

  • Chat now
  • Start order
  • Get latest price
  • Contact supplier

Choosing “Get latest price” is the easiest option when you are contacting the supplier. But, the issue with that one is suppliers don’t give that much attention to this request. The second option “Start order”.


This is feasible if you have already contacted the supplier and have ordered products in the past. Chat now is another option that you can use but, with that, time zones can put in some issues. So, the best method is to “Contact supplier”. It is like you are sending the email.

If you are looking to get a quick reply, then Dhgate is the best option for you. The sellers from this site usually reply back within 24 hours. However, if there is no hurry and you are looking for more communication methods, then Alibaba is best suited for you.

4. Types of suppliers available on DHgate and Alibaba

Dhgate currently holds about 2.4 million suppliers. If you are a new seller, then Dhgate is a perfect site for you. That is because most of the sellers that are dealing here are from mid-sized factories.

This will help you in getting cheap prices. However, mind that some of these mid-sized factories get their products from large-scale factories. So, there is a chance that you will get a different item next time you order.

We are sure that you have seen sellers selling the same item but they have different prices on Alibaba. That is because Alibaba has almost 3 million suppliers. These suppliers are divided into small scale, mid-sized and large scale suppliers.


So, that is why you face the issue of different prices. Large-scale suppliers have a higher price when compared to the rest of the suppliers. Small-scale suppliers have the lowest prices but with them, there is a chance that you will get a low-quality item.

5. Buyer protection plans of DHgate and Alibaba

Another topic that we wanted to discuss on Dhgate vs Alibaba comparison is buyer protection plans. These protection plans help you from getting scammed so they are important.

Online shopping can become very risky if there is no buyer protection plan. Dhgate knows this and offers a buyer protection plan that will save you from losing your money. With this plan, you can get either get a partial refund or a full, depending on the case.

Alibaba is the king in terms of buyer protection plans. It has released its famous Trade Assurance program that keeps money in escrow and when you are satisfied with the product, you can select verify button and it will release the payment.

6. Extra features of DHgate and Alibaba


Everyone likes extra features and perks. Both of the sites have their own features that are unique in their own way. For example, Dhgate provides

  • Dropshipping
  • Convert prices into your home currency
  • Coupons
  • Change language

Alibaba also has features that will make your shopping experience a good memory

  • One request, multiple quotes option
  • Sellers’s discounts/coupons
  • Ready to ship products
  • Inspection services
  • Trade shows information

Chapter 2: Pros/Cons of DHgate and Alibaba-Which one is for you?


Both of the sites are best in their own way. For instance, DHgate is good for cheap price and replica products whereas Alibaba is for those who want to deal with large and multiple suppliers and for its trade assurance option.

In this chapter we are going to talk about the pros/cons of DHgate vs Alibaba. This little information will help you in getting a deep insight into each website.

1. DHgate Pros/Cons


  • Buyer’s coupon for new accounts

New customers can get up to 50% off on their purchases in form of coupons. They just have to sign up and they are good to go.

  • 24/7 customer service

DHgate offers amazing customer service that will help in clearing the issue regarding the product/supplier

  • Quick replies from supplier

On Dhgate suppliers usually, reply within 24 hours or less if they are online on chat and even on email.

  • Good for cheap products

Dhgate has mid-sized factories operating that provide cheap products that have good quality.


  • Replica products

If you are looking for original products, then Dhgate is not the site for you. Many suppliers here are working under a brand name but provide replica products. Just make sure the confirm that the product is original or replica before buying it.

  • Limited products

Yes, Dhgate has a wide range of products. However, it does not have a complete inventory. Some products lack here on this site such as extreme niche categories.

2. Alibaba Pros/Cons



  • Large inventory of products

You can browse from a wide range of products on Alibaba. They have clothing items, toys, electronics, and many more.

  • Coupons

Like Dhgate, Alibaba also offers coupons. In fact, sellers here also offer a seller’s discount that helps you in getting the lowest price possible.

  • Trade assurance

Alibaba is mainly used because it has a good buyers protection program called Trade Assurance. You can get your money refunded if there is an issue with the product.

  • RFQ Option

On Alibaba, you can use the option of request for quotation. You fill a form and provide all the details of the product that you are trying to find. Once the form is submitted, suppliers who have that product will contact you themselves and provide quotations.


  • Slow shipping

If you are looking for getting your hands on products quickly, then Alibaba is not an option for you you can check here sites like Alibaba.

  • False advertisements

Yes, Alibaba has verified suppliers. But, sometimes you don’t get what you ordered. The site is doing its best to keep you from scams. You also have to do complete research before ordering the product.

Chapter 3: DHgate vs Alibaba-Side by Side comparison


This table mentioned here will give you an overview of both DHgate vs Alibaba. The ratings are from out of 5 stars. We have calculated these stars based on the services each of the websites provides.

Dhgate.com (3.6) Scoring criteria Alibaba.com (3.8)
4.1 Brand popularity 4.2
3.2 Product authenticity 3.0
3.0 Best free to use platform 4.2
3.1 More range of products 4.4
3.5 Best Payment options 4.0
4.5 Best shipping method 3.0
4.0 Best exchange/return policies 4.0
4.5 Best Customer support 3.4

The ratings are just to give an overall idea. The thing is both of the sites have their own advantages and are best for users who are looking for specific items.

We have provided these scores based on our own experience and research. However, different users may have different experiences on both websites.

Overall the goal of the buyer is to find the best matched supplier and get the right products. We will encourage you to use both websites and try to find multiple suppliers and only after experiencing their services one can be sure of which supplier is most reliable.

Chapter 4: DHgate vs Alibaba- Best Free to use site comparison 

Let’s talk about the comparison between Alibaba vs DHgate and that is free to use website. Actually, people prefer sites that don’t require that difficult sign-up option to buy the product.

Both sites don’t have a free-to-use feature because you have to create an account. Here is what both sites have to offer.

1. How does DHgate site works?


When you reach the Dhgate site and try to order a product, it takes you to the page where you have to sign up and fill in the details. Now, there are two things that you can do here.

The first one is to create your own account and enter the details using email. The second is the use of social media to sign in. The platforms that are supported by Dhgate are:

  • Facebook
  • Google

Press on one of the buttons and it will take you to the social media page where you can allow it to sign in.

2. How does Alibaba site works?

Same as DHgate, you have to create an account when placing the order. Alibaba account works a little bit differently.

You have to verify your information. The same is the case with signing in using social media platform. Alibaba supports social media platforms to create the account:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

And there is also an option to create the account using email and phone number. But, you have to put in the verification code sent on email/number to register.

3. Best free to use site

If you ask us, the winner is Alibaba. Yes, we know that Alibaba has some extra steps. But, that is because of your own security. And, it has more sign-in options than Dhgate.

Chapter 5: DHgate vs Alibaba- Product comparison


Moving towards the next comparison and that is the product comparison of Dhgate vs Alibaba. We have given a list of some of the categories that both sites offer. Let’s talk about what you can find among these categories.

1. Products availability on DHgate

Dhgate has a limited supply of products but that does not mean it is not up to good. If you are looking for apparel items like jeans, shirts, shoes, scarves, skirts, then Dhgate is for you.

Similarly, you can also find electronic items like DVD players, MP3 players, gaming monitors, LCDs, washing machines, blenders, and mixers on the list. The site also deals in items like gardening products, lightning equipment, health, and beauty care, and toys.

2. Products availability on Alibaba

Alibaba has the biggest inventory of products and that is why a lot of users prefer this site. If you are looking for medical equipment, then Alibaba is for you.

If you want clothing, you can find it here. Similarly, Suppliers of packing/printing items, electronics, automobile parts, sports items, machinery, and construction material are also available here.

3. Best site to choose for products

Alibaba takes the advantage here and is the winner among Dhgate vs Alibaba product comparison. However, DHgate also have a large product variety and we suggest you to check on both sites and see where you can get the best rates.

Chapter 6: DHgate vs Alibaba- Payment options comparison


No one likes to lose money when paying for a product online. However, sometimes buyers do get scammed. To prevent that, online shopping sites offer secure payment methods. Let’s talk about which site has the best payment method.

1. Payment options on DHgate

Dhgate has some of the best payment methods. However, that all depends on the country you are from. It accepts a variety of cards such as Master Card, Visa, American Express, money brokers.

2. Payment options on Alibaba

Alibaba is widely used by a lot of buyers and that is all because of secure payment methods. At first, Alibaba has its own payment method called Alipay. Alipay is secure and safe to use. Other payment methods accepted by the giant are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit cards
  • Western Union
  • Trade Assurance

3. Which has the best payment option

If you are looking for a secure platform for paying the money, then Alibaba is the best site for you and that is because of Trade Assurance. We are not saying that Dhgate payment options are bad. If you trust the supplier, then Dhgate is a good site for you.

Chapter 7: DHgate vs Alibaba- Best shipping method comparison


In this chapter, we will talk about Alibaba and Dhgate shipping methods. Let’s see what shipping method both sites have to offer and which one has the best methods.

1. Shipping methods by Dhgate

Dhgate is a site that offers a variety of shipping methods. The site is linked with the world’s famous shipping companies that provide efficient and quick shipping. Plus, the site also has the option to track the product. The supported methods Dhgate has are

  • HK Post
  • DHL
  • EMS
  • FedEx
  • Post Link
  • Singapore Post
  • TNT
  • China Post

2. Shipping methods by Alibaba

If you are trying to get your hands on products from Alibaba as quickly as you can, you can select these of the following services

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • China Post

Sellers from Alibaba also send the products using third-party shipping companies. This enables them to send bulk products in one go.

3. Which one has better shipping methods?

There is no winner in this comparison. That is because both of the sites have their own advantages in terms of shipping. If you want fast shipping, then Dhgate is for you.

However, bulk shipping will cost you a lot on Dhgate. As for Alibaba, it is economical for bulk buying. As it have third-party shipping companies to ship out.

Chapter 8: Dhgate vs Alibaba-Best returns/exchange policies comparison


If you have ordered a product using online sites and haven’t received it yet. Or, the product is not what you ordered or is broken, what you will do. That is where returns/exchange policies come in. Let’s talk about the policies of Alibaba and Dhgate.

1. Exchange/Return Policies offered by Dhgate

DHgate offers a buyers protection system that helps you if you haven’t received the product or if the product is not what you ordered.

You open a dispute and let DHgate officials handle the work. If the points are in your favor, you will get a full or partial refund. The returns are possible if you meet these criteria.

  • A full refund (If you haven’t received the product)
  • A partial refund (If the items are not what you ordered)

You can keep the items and will get a partial refund and if you return the product, you will get a full refund

2. Exchange/Return Policies offered by Alibaba


Alibaba offers a trade assurance program that works differently than Dhgate. Here, when you receive a product, you get the option to open a dispute.

If the products are what you ordered, you press the verify button and Alibaba will release the payment to the supplier.

If the product is broken or not what you ordered, Alibaba will handle the case and will give the payment to you or the supplier based on facts and figures.

3. Which site has better policies

Alibaba has a more secure return policy system than Dhgate. However, the returns from Alibaba can take a lot of time. Plus, not all suppliers on Alibaba offer Trade assurance. This makes Dhgate more interesting because it offers buyers protection on every supplier.

Chapter 9: Dhgate vs Alibaba- Customer Support Comparison


Let’s talk about the chat and communication methods. Actually, this one is important because, in any business, successful communication is the key.

If you are not able to give clear requirements to Chinese suppliers or customer support, it can cost you the product. Here is what each of the sites has to offer

1. Chatting options of DHgate

DHgate is a simple yet powerful site. To maintain ease of use, the company has added only two communication methods. That is through the chat option or email. That is for both supplier and customer support. The best thing is you get a response in a very little time on DHgate.

2. Chatting options of Alibaba

Alibaba has four chat options when talking about suppliers. However, if you want to get the help of customer support, you can use email or can send them a message. They will reply back to you on your official email that is linked with the Alibaba account.

3. Best site in terms of customer support

Dhgate has a quick response time if we talk about the best customer support site. The site is very efficient in handling the queries of its users. If you can wait for the reply and time is not the issue, then Alibaba is also the option for you.

Chapter 10: Frequently asked questions on DHgate vs Alibaba


1. Does DHgate offers fake stuff?

DHgate does not sell fake stuff but has suppliers who are dealing with a copy of original stuff. This means that you will get the product but the quality of the product will be B-grade.

Make sure that you do not buy a copy product with a brand logo as this is illegal and you can lose money.

2. Alibaba or DHgate-Which one has best payment methods?

Alibaba has the best payment method compared to DHgate. That is because it has its own payment system called Alipay. Alipay is secure and safe to use. Plus, Alibaba has more payment options than DHgate.

However, Alipay can be used if you have a Chinese bank account. Therefore for foreign buyers, the best way is to use Alibaba Trade Assurance option.

3. How long does it take to ship order from DHgate?

DHgate offers many shipping methods and the time of shipping depends on the companies that are delivering your product.

Usually, DHgate can take from 3-15 days to deliver the product. The delivery time depends also on the availability of the stock as well as the location of the buyer.

4. Does Alibaba offer rewards and coupons?

Alibaba offers two types of discounts. One is in the form of coupons that you can redeem at the end of completing the order. The second discount is from the sellers. They can give you up to 40% off but that depends from seller to seller and also on your negotiating skills.

5. DHgate or Alibaba- Which one has best chat support?

If you want to deliver the requirements to the seller, the best site is Alibaba. It has multiple chat options. However, if you want to get a quick reply from the seller, then Dhgate is the site for you. Overall, both sites have a good chat support system.


Both of the sites have their own perks and advantages that make them stand out from the other one.

We hope that through this blog, you are able to understand the main differences of Dhgate vs Alibaba, enabling you to better understand that in what situation, you should use which website.

The comparisons contain information related to payment methods, product categories, and many more.

Thank you for reading and if you ever need any help with importing products from China, feel free to contact us and our sourcing specialist will take care of your sourcing needs.