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The pet industry is a booming market and with the increasing trend of pet ownership, the demand for dog products is on the rise. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, it is essential to stay informed about the latest dog essentials that are in demand in order to stay competitive in the market.

In this blog post, we will be discussing 15 must-have dog essentials for 2023 and providing information on why China is the best source for sourcing these products. Whether you’re a new business owner or looking to expand your product line, this guide will provide valuable information on the top dog essentials to sell online.

So let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview of Dog Essentials Product Business

Bringing home a new pet is always overwhelming, especially if it’s a dog. As there’s a famous saying, “a dog is man’s best friend,” therefore people love to have a dog in their life. 

While the idea of having a loyal four-legged creature around brings instant smiles to faces, on the other hand, it’s equally important to take care of them. That’s the reason dog owners spend wholeheartedly when it comes to dog essentials. According to research, the cost of bringing up a dog ranges somewhere between $480-$3,470 per annum.

This creates a lucrative opportunity for your upcoming dog essentials business. You can purchase all sorts of pet essentials in bulk from the wholesale market and list them on your online store. A wide range of puppy essentials is always in high demand, like dog food, leash, toys, etc. 

Selling them could be the most profitable niche in 2023―sounds impressive, right? But before commencing your business venture, it is imperative to have in-depth knowledge regarding this niche. Let’s start exploring it.

1) What are Dog Essential Products?

As discussed initially, adopting a dog means adding another number to the pack, which isn’t less than becoming a parent. People who own a dog consider them their best friends because dogs have a solid capacity to bond with humans. As a result, a dog is the most loyal social animal that will protect its owner and become its cause of happiness.

Similarly, humans still need to catch up when it comes to showing love for dogs. Dog owners are always ready to go the extra mile in bringing up their loyal friends, so people buy essential dog products for that purpose. There is a wide range of essential products necessary for the well-being of dogs, which includes,

a) Leash & Collar

a dog is bitting leash and Collar in its mouth

The first essential is a leash and collar, which are used for controlling, training, socializing, and identifying a dog. The owner must have control of the dog to prevent it from running into traffic or other similar threats.

Similarly, a dog requires training to learn obedience and basic commands, which is only possible through a leash as it works as a mode of communication. And above all, people can use a leash to go on a walk with their dogs.

b) Dog Food

Dog Food

The following dog essential product is dog food, made of high-quality ingredients for healthy growth. Dogs also require a balanced diet, like humans, which includes carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats. For that purpose, dog food is suggested because of its organic formation, free from all artificial additives.

Providing a clean diet to dogs can help them maintain good health and prevents obesity, nutritional deficiencies, and dental problems.

c) Toys

dog is playing with Toy

Toys are one of the most critical dogs essential products ever seen. Not only do kids require toys to prevent boredom, but dogs do too. Toys help dogs in their mental stimulation and help them have a good time eliminating all types of destructive behavior. Additionally, toys work as great trainers and exercise equipment to maintain good physical health.

d) Grooming Supplies

a woman is cutting the dog's hair

Maintaining dog hygiene is considered the top priority of dog owners; therefore, they buy grooming supplies, including shampoo, combs, clippers, and brushes.

Grooming supplies keep the dogs neat and tidy, which creates their appearance wonderful. Above all, grooming supplies helps dog relieves stress, as being pampered is always a delicate process.

2) What is the Scope of the Dog Products Business?

The global pet care market is predicted to reach $358.62 billion by 2027 which shows how lucrative this business is. As discussed above, dogs are often considered family members by many people, and there is a tremendous demand for dog essentials products worldwide. If you’re all set to start this business, you must be aware of its scope in detail.

A dog is one of the most frequent animals adopted as a pet globally; people adopt them because dogs are easy to bond with. A dog is one of the most loyal social animals that can easily adjust to humans, which is why 69 million households in the USA have a pet dog as compared to 45 million with cats.

This shows the significance of the dog products business shortly with the continuous increase in dog owners. The increase in the number of dog owners means an increase in demand for dog supplies.

And ultimately, this creates an opportunity for retailers to make money. Retailers can list dog products on their blogs and use SEO strategies to appear in the search results of dog owners. People looking for dog essentials will visit the source and view the products catalog online, and if they find what they’re looking for, they’ll buy instantly.

So the scope of the dog products business is high potential if retailers add the most demanded dog essentials.

3) Why Buy Dog Essential Products From China?

The success of an online business depends on where the retailer is sourcing products from. Although many manufacturing countries supply wholesale products to retailers worldwide, however, China stands on top.

China is the world’s biggest manufacturing country and the major supply chain source of the world’s economy. China manufactures all products at affordable prices, which is just what a retailer wants.

Here are a few reasons to buy from China for dog essentials products.

a) Affordable Price

China is the biggest manufacturer in the world and offers affordable prices to other countries. This is because of their in-house production that enables Chinese manufacturers to create products at low labor costs.

b) Products Availability

Dog essentials have a wide range, and retailers must list a maximum number of products. China is the only significant producer worldwide where retailers can get all dog essentials in bulk.

Product availability in China has always been higher than in any other country, so if retailers are looking for bulk quantity, they should head towards China.

c) High Quality


It’s a myth that China manufactures low-quality products, whereas China will only be considered a top manufacturing country if its products are high quality. In fact, the truth is China offers rare opportunities for high-quality products at a low price, which is why retailers should buy dog essentials from China.

Although there are never-ending reasons to buy from China, the reasons mentioned above are the most persuasive ones. Ultimately, the decision to buy wholesale products is the pure preference of an individual, but China offers something that nobody can, which is why you should buy from China.

Chapter 2. 15 Dog Essential Products You Must Know in 2023

Starting a dog-essential product business could be the most lucrative decision for your online venture, as the number of dog owners is increasing consistently.

Around 60 million households in the US have a dog which makes the demand for dog essentials inflow.

But for retailers, it is extremely important to know about the most demanding products, and to help you out; we’ve shortlisted 15 all-time dog essentials.

Please take a look at them.

1) Collar and Leash

Collar and Leash of a dog

After adopting a dog, the first thing to do is to put them on a collar and leash. Collars and leashes are therefore considered the most critical dog essentials because of their products cause. For instance, identifying dogs is very important to prevent them from getting lost.

A collar offers a tag holder where the owners can write the dog’s name, owner’s name, and address to help strangers safely bring their little fellas home.

Similarly, a leash helps a dog owner take control while training and socializing with people; hence retailers must know about it.

2) Dog Food

dog food in a bowl

Dog food is organically synthesized with natural ingredients to help a dog maintain good health. With that said, dog food is the following important product you must know about.

Just like humans, dogs also require a healthy diet with balanced nutrients, which include fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. For that purpose, vets suggest going for dog food which is the optimal choice for a healthy diet.

Healthy dog food helps maintain physical health and contributes significantly to a dog’s mental stimulation. Therefore, everyone must know about this dog essential for sure.

3) Food and Water Bowl

a dog is eating something from a bowl

The following dog essential you must know about is water and food bowl for dogs. You would’ve probably seen food bowls in homes where the dog resides. That’s because a dog bowl provides the dog with a designated place to eat a meal and drink water.

It enables owners to monitor food intake and keeps the home free from mess and spills.

So, retailers who are aspired to sell dog essentials online mustn’t forget to list food and water bowl in their catalog.

4) Dog Crate

Dog Crate

When adopted as a pet, animals, especially dogs, must be trained in basic ethics for their well-being; it all starts with crate training. Crate training confuses the dog to a small cage to familiarize them with a safe space.

Dogs are den-dwelling animals, and dog crates are the best den substitute for them; therefore, dog owners have them, and you must know about them. It is a portable dog essential and can be easily transported for vacation.

5) Dog Chews

Dog Chews

Dog chews are the following dog essentials you must know about. Although many people are unaware of dog chews, it is something you must know about. Dog chews are toys and treat made of rubber designed for dogs to chew.

Chewing is a healthy activity for dogs as it plays a significant role in their dental health, such as preventing gum diseases and tooth decay. And similarly, it reduces anxiety and stress, keeping the dogs entertained.

Therefore being a retailer, you must know about dog chews.

6) Baby Gate for Dogs

Baby Gate for Dogs

A baby gate is the following essential dog essential to know about. A baby gate confines a dog to a particular area of the home while enabling them to be a part of family activities.

It’s one of the most valuable products to prevent a dog from entering restricted areas of the home, like the bedroom and bathroom. Similarly, it keeps them from lurking around the house when you’re away and worried about your dog’s destructive behavior.

Baby gates can help a dog calm down its stress in certain situations, like a thunderstorm or when guests come over. The baby gate can be an excellent way to retreat themselves and feel safe.

7) Water Bottle for Dogs

Water Bottle for Dog

A water bottle is one of the best ways to ensure the dog remains hydrated. And with that said, it is the next important dog you must know about.

Dog owners who are always on the go with their pooch bring enough water for them; however, they don’t like to share their own bottles. Therefore, dog water bottles are always in demand because they have all the essential handy features.

The user has to squeeze the bottle to let the dog lap up, and once the dog is finished drinking water, simply release the bottle.

8) Dog Training Book Guide

Dog Training Book Guide

How do dog owners train their dogs? What exact strategies do they have to use for teaching basic ethics to a dog?

Parenting a dog requires adequate knowledge and information, which is found in training guides, which is why you must know about it. It comes with all the instructions to reinforce your dog’s training, such as basic ethics, poop training, and controlling them without a leash.

Therefore, dog book guides are always in high demand, so retailers must know about them.

9) Ear Treatment Products

Ear Treatment dog Product

Maintaining hygiene in dogs is another necessary activity among dog owners, which is why you must know about it. Anyone who owns a dog comes on a stage when their ear gets smelly and itchy.

It is crucial to treat it immediately; otherwise, it could get a severe infection and other ear diseases. With that said, ear treatment drops are highly demanded globally. The dog owner can treat their dogs whenever they feel like it. So for retailers, it is imperative to list helpful products on their online store.

10) Dog Brush with Cult

Dog Brush with Cult

Anyone who owns a dog knows the struggle of vacuuming hair off the furniture and carpet. Instead of vacuuming, dog owners prefer a dog grooming brush with the cult, which helps eliminate loose hair while brushing.

Such dog essentials are very productive, and people use them regularly to keep their dog’s coat debris and dirt free. Not only it removes unwanted hair, but it promotes healthy growth of hair; hence retailers must know about it.

This is one of the most demanded dog essentials globally, and for a successful online venture, retailers must know about it.

11) Dog Nail Clippers

Dog Nail Clipper

Speaking of hygiene, nail clippers are also the most critical dog essential you should know about. Long nails are never a good feel whether it’s a human or animal; it not only causes discomfort but can cause serious injuries while walking. Similarly, dogs can get hurt by getting caught on things and scratching dog owners.

That’s why a nail clipper is essential for dog grooming and healthy well-being.

As a retailer, your primary focus should be on products that create ease for people bringing up their dog, and nail clipper is one of them.

12) Dog Shampoo and Conditioners

Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Dog shampoo and conditioner are ideal for bathing dogs conveniently. Unlike regular shampoos, dog shampoos and conditioners are specifically designed considering the skin pH levels of dogs and coat types. This keeps the dog clean and tidy and prevents the skin from drying out and causing irritation.

Dog shampoo is specially formulated to control odor and keep the dog smelling clean and fresh.

Dog owners like to buy the best for their dogs; hence having in-depth knowledge about dog shampoo and conditioner is vital for you. Different dog breed suits different shampoos, so you must know about them.

13) Dog Poop Bags

Dog Poop Bags

Although this might not be the most glamorous purchase to make yet, it’s a necessity, and dog owners need them all the time. Bringing up a dog comes with great responsibility, which is one of the most difficult.

And to help with the trouble, poop bags are the most viable solution to dispose of dog feces. Retailers must know about these dog essentials that could grab regular customers for their online blog.

14) Food Storage Container

Food Storage Container

Food storage containers are the following dog essentials we have on our list that you should know about. Preserving dog food is a big trouble for dog owners because mice and bugs attack; therefore, they look for a reliable solution, and a food container works as a savior.

These food containers are made of heavy-duty plastic, which can easily hold up to 60 pounds and offer a spin-off lid. Offering such unique dog essentials can significantly increase your sales, so make sure you know about it.

15) Dog Toothpaste

Dog Toothpaste

Maintaining a dog’s oral health is as necessary as maintaining its other needs, and that’s why you must know about dog toothpaste. Dog toothpaste is specially formulated to support oral hygiene maintenance and breath freshening in your dog.

Given that dogs are likely to swallow toothpaste while brushing their teeth, the ingredients in dog toothpaste are chosen with this in mind.

You can offer several flavors of dog toothpaste on your blog, but before that, make sure you have a good idea about it.

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Chapter 3. Where to Buy Dog Essentials to Sell Online?

Now that you’ve learned a lot regarding dog essentials, it’s time to hunt wholesale sources for your online business. Although there are many wholesale channels available for your business, China stands on top.

China is the leading wholesale manufacturing country worldwide that sources products for businesses.

It is the only country where you can find all types of products, including clothing, electronics, auto parts, dog essentials, etc.

The biggest reason to choose Chinese manufacturers over others is their price. Chinese manufacturers and suppliers offer fair prices against bulk quantities, and this is something every retailer should know about.

Similarly, a wide range of products is only available at Chinese wholesale markets, which brings diversity to your business. With that said, this chapter will discuss Chinese sources to buy dog essentials in bulk and sell them online. Make sure to read till the end!

1) Top Online Sources to Buy Dog Essentials

While physical marketplaces are operating in China to buy dog essentials, however, the online marketplace has made it accessible for everyone globally. Now every retailer can get the most comprehensive range of dog essentials at affordable prices from Chinese vendors.

Here are the top online sources to purchase from.

a) Alibaba


One of the biggest online markets in the world, Alibaba offers a vast selection of goods from producers and wholesalers in China and other nations. Businesses and retailers can use the platform to buy goods directly from producers and wholesalers, saving money on production costs compared to buying from middlemen.

In addition to making it simple for retailers to find products, compare prices, and get in touch with suppliers, the platform can help them save time and effort compared to more conventional methods of purchasing goods.

The platform offered by Alibaba gives online sellers numerous opportunities to grow their businesses. It gives them access to the Chinese market, but it’s essential to exercise caution when choosing suppliers because some of these suppliers may have unethical business practices.

Additionally, it would help if you take caution when purchasing counterfeit goods because this problem can arise on the platform. Before placing a larger order, it is advised to investigate the supplier’s credentials thoroughly and order samples to evaluate the product’s quality.

b) Made in China

Made in China

The following website to buy dog essentials is Made in China, which offers B2B services. This online marketplace connects foreign customers with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

Electronics, machinery, chemicals, textiles, dog essentials, and many other products are available on the website. Additionally, it offers buyers resources and information like company directories and trade shows. Focus Technology Co., Ltd., a renowned B2B e-commerce firm headquartered in China, runs the website

Since its 1998 debut, the website has grown to rank among the top B2B marketplaces for Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. With a focus on small and medium-sized businesses, it provides services to clients from more than 190 countries and regions worldwide (SMEs).

For retailers, it offers a tremendous opportunity to buy products in bulk that are affordable and high quality.

Thousands of manufacturers and Chinese suppliers are available that you can connect to get dog essentials. Since the market is saturated, you’ll get a competitive price which can reduce further by bargaining. Their shipping modes are also quite efficient and make deliveries on an urgent basis, making it a good choice for retailers.


Let us introduce you to another source by Alibaba group. Chinese suppliers and manufacturers can connect with domestic and international customers on the online marketplace 1688. com. The website is run by Alibaba Group and primarily targets the Chinese market.

It offers various dog essentials such as dog food, grooming accessories, collars, leashes, and training accessories.

Although and are similar, focuses more on small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and wholesale buyers, while caters to larger companies and retail customers.

The website serves as a B2B marketplace where manufacturers can sell their goods directly to other companies. For retailers who are just starting out, this source can be proved fruitful for your online venture.

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2) Buy through a Sourcing Company

Chinese online marketplaces allow retailers to find the most viable source for their online store; however, it can be challenging. Retailers must conduct market research and strategies to land the optimal wholesale dealer. And while on research, many retailers land on fake suppliers and get scammed. So you need professional assistance with years of expertise.

If you’re starting out, you can buy dog essentials from a sourcing company like EJET to buy wholesale products on your behalf. Our sourcing company is comprised of professional marketers with years of expertise.

We know all ins and outs of Chinese marketplaces and can easily find an optimal solution for your online store. EJET will find reliable sources, negotiate on your behalf, and will be fully responsible for your business success.

So instead of spending time and money on finding wholesale sources, let EJET do the job while you focus on other essential matters like organizational operations, future decisions, etc. You can contact our sourcing consultant Sunny Qiu to know more about how we can help. Book your free consultation call today!


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Chapter 4. How to Avoid Scam while Sourcing Dog Essentials from China?


Sourcing dog essentials from China can benefit businesses looking to save costs and increase profits. However, there are some risks associated with sourcing products from this country, including the potential to be scammed.

This chapter will examine how to avoid scams while sourcing dog essentials from China.

1) Understanding the Potential Risks 


The most common type of scam in China involves counterfeit products and false promises from suppliers. While this is not necessarily the case with every supplier, it’s important to understand that some risks are associated with sourcing dog essentials from China. 

Another potential risk is that of delayed delivery. It’s not uncommon for deliveries to take longer than expected, especially with bulk orders. It’s important to understand this risk and ensure that your business can deal with potential delays to avoid any potential issues.

2) Learning about Chinese Market Regulations 

To successfully source from China, businesses must ensure that they are compliant with Chinese market regulations. Understanding the relevant requirements and procedures is important to avoid unforeseen problems.

Businesses may also recognize sourcing scams by knowing the rules and regulations. So it is essential to properly conduct research about different Chinese marketplaces and learn about their rules.

3) Finding a Reputable Supplier 

Finding a Reputable Supplier 

The first step in avoiding scams when sourcing dog essentials from China is to find a reputable supplier. This can be done by researching the supplier online and seeking out reviews or feedback from previous customers.

It’s also important to ensure that the supplier has a valid business license and is registered with relevant authorities.

When contacting suppliers, it’s important to ensure that the company representative is knowledgeable and can answer questions about their products. This will help to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate business.

4) Checking for Quality 

When sourcing from China, you should also be mindful of the quality of the products you are buying. Many Chinese suppliers may pass off counterfeit or low-grade items as authentic.

Before making a purchase, it is a good idea to ask for samples of the items you are interested in buying. This will allow you to evaluate the quality of the product before committing to a full order.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that the supplier has all the necessary certifications and safety tests for the items you buy.

5) Negotiating Terms 

Negotiating Terms 

Once you have identified a potential supplier, it’s important to ensure that you negotiate terms and conditions to protect yourself. This should include a detailed contract outlining the terms of delivery and payment and a warranty or guarantee for the product. 

It’s also important to ensure that the supplier is willing and able to provide samples of their products before agreeing to a bulk order. This will help to ensure that the product meets your standards and expectations. 

6) Conducting On-Site Visits 

a shop for dog essentials

An on-site visit to the supplier’s facility is also an important step in safely sourcing from China. This will show companies the supplier’s activities and improve their product quality.

On-site visits enable you to ask questions and feel comfortable with the provider before proceeding.

7) Payment Methods 

When sourcing dog essentials from China, it’s important to ensure that payments are made securely. Credit card payments are usually the safest option as they provide a secure payment method and protection in the event of a dispute. 

It’s also important to ensure that payment is made directly to the supplier rather than to a third party. This will help to reduce the risk of fraud and provide greater protection for your business.

8) Verifying Shipping Details 

When placing an order, it’s important to ensure that all shipping details are verified. This includes verifying the address of both the supplier and the customer and ensuring that shipping costs are clearly outlined in the contract. 

It’s also important to ensure that the supplier can provide tracking information and that the goods are properly insured in case of any damage.

Sourcing dog essentials from China can be a great way for businesses to save money and increase profits. However, it’s important to understand the potential risks and take steps to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable supplier.

Understanding the potential risks and taking steps to find a reliable supplier, verifying shipping details, and negotiating terms. This way businesses can ensure that they can safely source dog essentials from China and avoid being scammed.

Chapter 5: FAQs about Dog Essentials


1) How do I know if the Chinese supplier is reputable?

Researching a potential supplier is an important part of any sourcing project. Before working with a Chinese supplier, it is important to review their references or reviews online. You can also contact past customers to ask about their experiences. Joining a professional trade organization and verifying membership is another option to find a reliable supplier.

2) How long will it take to receive my order from China?

This depends on the type of product and shipping method you choose. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks for your order to arrive. If you’re concerned about delays, consider using express or air freight shipping services. Additionally, having a reliable and experienced supplier can help reduce the time it takes to receive your order. 

3) What factors should I consider when sourcing dog essentials from China?

When buying from China, consider product quality, pricing, delivery alternatives, payment terms, and customer service. Dog basics must also fulfill safety and regulatory criteria in importing and exporting countries. Finally, before ordering, check any contractual duties or limits.  

4) What are the requirements for sourcing Dog Essentials from China? 

When sourcing dog essentials from China, you must ensure that the products comply with relevant legislation. These include pet food regulations and other applicable standards. Additionally, you should ensure the supplier is reliable. You can request evidence of good manufacturing practices and quality control systems. It is also important to ensure the supplier has sufficient capacity for your order and a valid export license.

5) What other resources are available to help with sourcing from China?

There are a variety of resources available to help with sourcing from China. The US-China Business Council helps companies source from China. Global Sources may also assist customers to find trusted suppliers. Finally, Alibaba and Global Sources can help you compare suppliers and products.


This blog post aimed to provide e-commerce entrepreneurs with valuable information on the top dog essentials for 2023 and the reasons why China is the best place for sourcing these products.

By understanding the current market trends and the best products to sell, you will be well on your way to success in the pet industry. It’s important to note that this guide is not exhaustive, there are many other products available in the market. However, these 15 essentials are a great starting point to build a strong and profitable business.

We hope you found this blog post informative and helpful, and we encourage you to continue researching and staying informed about the latest trends in the pet industry. For any further assistance and help, you can contact us.