Door to Door Shipping

Want to receive your goods worry-freely at your doorstep?

Then you must try door-to-door shipping with little thinking of the transportation and customs clearance. Door-to-door shipping is a convenient service offered by freight forwarding companies. They do all the required paperwork and get it ready to be transported to the destination country.

If you want to receive goods directly at your address, you can choose an international door-to-door shipping service. The freight forwarder will deliver your goods directly to your home address or your warehouse address.

From this blog, you can learn about the steps involved in door-to-door shipping, its key advantages, methods of shipping, and all you need to know to avail of this service!

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Key Advantages of using Door to Door Shipping Service from China

Chapter 2: Things you need to Ensure in advance for Door to Door Shipping

Chapter 3: Incoterms you must know before Door-to-Door Shipping from China

Chapter 4: How International Door to Door Shipping Works? Step by Step Learning

Chapter 5: Shipping Methods of Door to Door Shipping Service

Chapter 6: Door to Door Shipping from China to Different Countries

Chapter 7: Factors Affecting Cost of Door to Door Shipping from China to your country

Chapter 8: FAQs regarding door to door shipping

Chapter 1: Key Advantages of using Door to Door Shipping Service from China

Some of the main advantages of door-to-door shipping are as follows:

1. You can enjoy a streamlined shipment experience

Importing goods from China to other regions is a complex and risky process. For example, if you are a first-time buyer, there is a huge risk that you can be scammed easily or your cargo gets misplaced.

Key Advantages of using Door to Door Shipping

Whereas the door-to-door shipping services involve insurance of your cargo. The freight forwarder will make sure that proper and complete paperwork is done. And your consignment is delivered to your doorstep in good condition.

2. It saves your effort and reduces the hassles of the shipment process

In this busy life, everyone needs a helping hand or some service that can offload their work burden. Door-to-door freight services are here to save us from all the effort and stress.

After you pay for the door-to-door shipping service, it is the agent’s responsibility to deliver your consignment to your desired country. They will get your job done for you and saves yourself from all the hassles of the shipping process.

3. Door to door shipping service saves your time

The International door-to-door freight is a real-time saver. In the importation business, ordering something from Alibaba or any other Chinese platform is the first step.

After placing an order, your cargo will take a long time to reach your port of destination. For example, if you are from Europe, you will take charge of your cargo’s process from China to your destination country. Whereas the door to door shipping will make sure that you receive your shipment on time.

Door to door shipping service saves your time

4. Door to door shipping service saves your money

When the goods are ready, the freight forwarder who provides door-to-door shipping service will pick up the goods. After that, they will finalize all the process from departure to destination.

Because the single freight forwarder in the whole process, you don’t need to pay several times, and it will cost you less money. Whereas in other shipment services, you need to contact different people to handle your process from start to end.

5. Door to door shipping is a simple and convenient process

Importing goods from China to your country sounds like a very difficult and complex process. Hell yeah, it is a complex process because it involves many different steps and large paperwork.

But the door-to-door services make it very easy and convenient, the shippers only need to place an order and the rest will be taken care of by shipment services.

6. Door to door shipping service offers a stress-free customs experience

Door to door shipping service offers a stress-free customs experience

When planning on importation business, there is one thing everyone hesitates about the most. That is customs authorities.

As we all know, the import and export business involves a lot of paperwork and custom declaration. But the international door to door shipping services make it very easy for the shippers.

The agent will take care of every paperwork and customs charge in China and your destination country on your behalf. Most people don’t have any idea about the prohibited goods to import, but the agent will also notify you to avoid buying such items as well.

Chapter 2: Things you need to Ensure in advance for Door to Door Shipping

International door-to-door shipping is a lengthy process. It involves many steps as well as many documents because you are importing goods from another country.

Before placing the order for your goods you need to prepare a bunch of papers for your importation business so that your process completes smoothly and with fewer troubles. Here are some of the documents you should have:

1. Import contracts with a door to a door shipping agent

When you are using a door-to-door shipping service for your products, you need to select a reliable forwarder. Because this process contains high risks of fraud, especially for a first-time buyer. Many freight forwarders will approach you with low rates than the average market rate to gain your trust.

Import contracts with a door to a door shipping agent

To avoid this scam, you need to make a proper contract with your shipping agent. An import contract will make sure that you are not being scammed, and those clauses in the contract are also helpful in the customs declaration of goods. They can also note down that who will be responsible for the damage or loss of your goods.

2. Shipping arrangement of door-to-door shipping

When a potential buyer shows interest in buying the product, they send an inquiry letter to the exporter and the process of shipping start from here. Door to door shipping process covers freight flow and all the documents from the country of origin to the country of destination.

The goods will be moved from exporter’s factory, then the door to door shipping forwarder will arrange everything for shipping till it reaches its final destination. During this progress, the forwarder is doing shipping arrangement. This whole process is operated by a single carrier, from packaging to delivery of the shipment.

Shipping arrangement of door-to-door shipping

3. Multimodal bill of lading must be included when several modes of transports are needed

Multimodal bill of lading (BOL) is a legal document specifically used for international door-to-door shipments. It is a detailed list that contains detailed required information of the packaging, supplier, and consignee. BOL specifies the quantity, destination, and type of the goods being carried.

BOL is the most important document in the shipping process. Without this receipt, you even cannot prove your ownership. It bounds the carrier to deliver your freight in good condition and somehow if goods are damaged, it may be required anytime for the claims to compensate.

Chapter 3: Incoterms you must know before Door-to-Door Shipping from China

Every 10 years, the incoterms are modified according to the global market. These incoterms are very important and play an important role in the door-to-door shipping service.

Incoterms you must know

Although door-to-door shipping service won’t require you to understand them in detail, knowing those incoterms in advance is still necessary to avoid scams. Several incoterms are mentioned below:

1. Ex-works

Ex-works is a term that while transporting the goods of consignees to their destination country, the supplier takes complete responsibility. After taking the delivery of goods from China, it’s their responsibility to take care of every involved liability whether it is insurance, customs clearance, transport dues and any other charges or paperwork.

2. Free Alongside Ship

Under this term, the seller will be only responsible to transport your goods to the port of loading from their warehouse or factory.

Right from the moment the cargo reaches the port, the buyer will take charge and complete responsibility for the cargo. This means that you will be responsible for every risk onwards. And you will bear the charges of every liability as well till the final destination.

3. Free Carrier

Free Carrier

The term free carrier (FCA) means that the supplier will only export the goods to the buyer. And for further delivery, the supplier needs to hand it over to the carrier which is specified by the buyer.

But if the specified place comes under the supplier’s business premises, the supplier will be also responsible for the loading of the cargo. Right from the moment the cargo is loaded or handed over to the carrier, the importer will be responsible for further loss and charges of everything including insurance, customs duties, transport cost, etc.

4. Free on Board

Free on Board (FOB) is an agreement between exporters and importers. Under this agreement, the exporter delivers the goods to the port, manages the loading of cargo, and takes care of customs clearance. Once the cargo is loaded, the importer will be further responsible for his or her cargo.

5. Cost and Freight

Under CFR, the responsibility of consignment is equally distributed between the supplier and the buyer. The transport of cargo to the port of origin and freight charges is paid by the supplier.

Once the goods are loaded to the desired carrier, now it’s the buyer’s responsibility to clear custom charges of their country. They need to pay for the transportation and insurance as well.

6. Cost, Insurance and Freight

Cost Insurance and Freight

This is the term that involves complete responsibility of the supplier till the cargo reaches the port of destination.

The supplier will deliver your goods to the desired port, load your goods in the carrier, pay for the insurance of your goods, and pay for the customs duties too. The responsibility shifts to the buyer once the cargo has arrived at the port of destination, and also any attendant charges are the part of buyer’s responsibility at that time.

Chapter 4: How International Door to Door Shipping Works? Step by Step Learning

International door-to-door shipping is a large process and before placing an order you need to know the complete process so this can help you understand the step-by-step process and requirements of all the documents.

1. Selecting a trustworthy freight forwarder to help door to door shipping

The first step is to select a trustworthy freight forwarder. There are many freight forwarders to offer you door-to-door service, but not everyone is reliable and authentic. While choosing a trustworthy freight forwarder, you need to make some considerations, and knowing their exact location and address is one of them.

How International Door to Door Shipping Works

For example, you are going to import goods from China to USA. First of all, you can ask whether they have offices in your country.

If they have offices in both countries, it will be easier for them to complete the mission because they understand each side very much. Of course, if the freight forwarder is very experienced, it would without problems.

You can also check if your forwarder is a member of an international association. In this way, they have a reputation to maintain and the membership is an indication of them being genuine.

2. Transportation of goods from supplier or manufacturer warehouse

After selecting a reliable forwarder, the rest of your shipping will be handled by your forwarder. From organizing to transportation of your goods to the destined carrier, all the things will be taken care of by your forwarder.

It’s up to them whether they transport your carrier by rail or by road. Whichever means they choose, they will pay for the transportation charges as well.

Transportation of goods from supplier or manufacturer warehouse

3. Packing and labeling of goods according to the requirements of customs

As your forwarder is handling your complete process, you need to make sure that they have every detail of your desired labeling and packaging. Your forwarder will use accurate packaging material according to your country of destination which is permitted by customs.

In this way, there will be fewer chances of your goods being overweight. Because the forwarder will use appropriate packaging according to your specifications.

Another requirement of the shipment is that the description of the goods should be in two different languages, such as Chinese and other is your native language.

4. Custom clearance activities using the documents that are required by the customs

After the packaging and labeling is complete, here comes the custom clearance. The buyer needs to provide the required documents to the forwarder for custom duties. If any of the documents is missing, it will lead to a lengthy process.

The documents required for clearance purpose involves a certificate of origin, conformity certificate of the goods and a special permit for special items before the importation process.

5. Selecting door freight method from China to your country

There are different shipping methods for door-to-door freight from China to your country i.e. air, ocean, road, and rail. The modes of shipments depend on several factors, be it the urgency of your cargo or the nature of goods.

If you are shipping goods to Europe, Russia, countries of Asia like Pakistan and India, one of the ideal and most convenient shipping methods are rail shipping. Because there is rail network which links China to other countries like Russia, Pakistan, and other countries in Europe.

Now the question is which shipping method will be more suitable for you? You don’t have to worry about that. Your forwarder will guide you according to the current situations and the destination of your country.

6. Loading imports from China to do door-to-door shipping

One of the most delicate aspects of your shipping is loading goods to a carrier. All the necessary precautions are required during the handling of goods. Because one slight mistake or carelessness can cause too much damage to your goods.

If your forwarder is reliable, they will make sure that your cargo is safe and damage-free while loading.

7. Customs clearance process at the port of the destination country

Customs clearance process at the port of the destination country

Your forwarder will clear all the customs charges when your cargo has arrived at the port of destination. At your destination country, all the required documents are necessary for customs clearance likewise in China.

If any of the document is missing, the customs authorities have right to charge your cargo with a heavy fine. Or they can keep your cargo on hold until you provide all the documents.

Before making a purchase, make sure your desired goods are permitted in your country. Somehow if you order some prohibited goods, make sure you have a legal permit of goods from legal authorities. If your freight forwarder is good enough in his work, he will save you from many troubles, and there is a high chance of faster custom clearance.

8. Unloading from the courier and handling your goods at the port of the destination country

Unloading cargo from the carrier in your destination country requires keen observation. Because a minor carelessness can result in distortion of your goods. If your goods face some damage during offloading, then it will affect the quality of your goods.

After offloading your cargo, your freight forwarder will again load your goods in another carrier. And they will transport your consignment to your premises. The forwarder can use a different type of transportation depending on your location.

9. Confirming the quality and quantity of goods, complete the payment

Confirming the quality and quantity of goods, complete the payment

Every importer has a different kind of contract with their forwarder. If your contract involves the offloading of your cargo at your premises, then the forwarder will offload your goods.

But before the goods are offloaded, the most important thing for you is that making sure the quality and quantity of your consignment. Otherwise you will take the loss if there are some issues of your goods. After checking both of the quality and quantity, the buyer will make payment.

Chapter 5: Shipping Methods of Door to Door Shipping Service


There are several shipping methods for importing goods from China. These methods are based on the sizes and types of the goods.

Here are some of the methods for door to door shipping you should know:

1. FCL Door to Door Shipping

FCL door-to-door shipping is mostly used to carry heavy goods like some machinery or vehicles. Through this shipping method, a 20ft or 40ft container is booked for only you and will carry only your goods. It means you don’t need to worry about the misplacement of your goods.

In this way, you can also minimize the risk of damage. Your goods will be organized and damaged free if you leave some space in the container and do not fill it.

2. LCL Door to Door Shipping

LCL door to door shipping is used for small to medium goods. It is also called “group age”. If a complete container is too much for your goods, then it is advisable to use the LCL shipping method. Because the supplier will merge your goods with other buyers.

Once the container arrived at the port of destination, it is the supplier’s responsibility to organize your goods and separate them from other cargo. Due to the stopovers for the unloading of other cargoes, LCL shipping service will take more time to ship your consignment as compared to FCL.

3. Courier Door to Door Shipping

Some people need samples of the products before investing a huge amount of money. However, others order essential goods which are in small quantity. For such cases, a courier shipping service is used. Such courier services mostly involve cargo planes.

These cargo planes are used for shipping small quantity items, which include FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, etc. With courier shipping services, you can only ship a limited amount of goods and goods will arrive faster too.

Courier Door to Door Shipping

4. Ocean Freight

Most probably ocean freights are used to import bulky goods to your desired country. For the reason that the items which you cannot ship via cargo plane, you can ship via ocean. It is an ideal shipping service to import and export goods from China, because it costs you less but takes more time.

So if you are going to order goods by ocean freight, you need to make sure that you have enough stock to save yourself from customer’s disappointments.

5. Rail Freight

The ideal shipping service to ship your goods to Asia, Europe, and Russia is rail freight. Because it is a much faster service as compared to ocean freight, but ocean freight costs you less than rail freight.

Whereas rail freight is very much cheaper than air freight. One of the most important advantages of rail freight is that you can ship any size of cargo to your destination countries, such as FCL, LCL, and OOG cargoes.

6. Air Freight

The fastest way to ship your goods across the border is through air freight service. There is a limit of weight for carrying goods by these cargo planes. There is also a limitation on types of cargo by air freight, which is only two types of cargoes can be shipped by air freight i.e. general cargo and special cargo.

  • General Cargo: Ornaments, pharmaceuticals and wristwatches.
  • Special Cargo: Live animals, hazardous goods, temperature, or danger control goods.

Chapter 6: Door to Door Shipping from China to Different Countries

Door to Door Shipping from China to Different Countries

A table is given below to show the different countries’ ports of arrival, estimated transit time, estimated shipping cost and online support service:

Port of Arrival Transit Time Shipping Cost Online Support
To North America USA: New York

Canada: Vancouver/Toronto

Mexico: Manzanillo

30-70 days From 1600$ to 1920$ 24/7
To Europe UK: Felixstowe

Germany: Hamburg

Italy: Genova

France: Le Havre

30-50 days From 800$ to 1450$ 24/7
To Russia Vladivostok/ Murmansk 30-50 days From 1500$ to 2000$ 24/7
To Middle East Qatar: Doha/ Ras Laffan

Saudi Arabia: Jubal Jeddah/ Riyadh

Egypt: Alexandria/Port Said/Damietta

25-30 days

Qatar: 1-3 days by air

Egypt: 3-7days by air

From 1770$ to 2450$ 24/7
To Africa Kenya: Mombasa

Nigeria: Lagos

Ghana: Tema

25-50 days

Nigeria: 5-7 days by  air

From 2100$ to 2650$ 24/7
To Australia Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne 20-30 days From 1000$ to 1400$ 24/7
To South America

To Southeast Asia

Brazil: Santos

Philippines: Manila

Singapore: Singapore

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh/ Haiphong

Indonesia: Jakarta

Malaysia:  Port Klang

25-40 days

5-20 days

From 2100$ to 2400$

From 800$ to 1500$


Chapter 7: Factors Affecting Cost of Door to Door Shipping from China to your country

Just to be clear, some factors affect the cost of door to door shipping. Mentioned below are some of them:

1. Distance between China and the destination country

Distance matters a lot in the delivery charges. For example, if your destination country is nearby China or the distance between the two countries is less then it will cost you less. But if you are from Africa or Europe, then the delivery charges will be high.

2. Shipping season also affects the cost of door to door shipping

The rates are very high during the peak seasons, because a large number of importers and shippers want to move their cargo to their destination country. Whereas rates are very low during the off-peak seasons, because during this season there are only a few people moving their cargo.

Due to the fewer number of importers, most of the shipping companies also lower their rates. Mostly the off-peak season in China starts from March to September.

3. Current fuel price in the global market

Current fuel price in the global market

As we all know, the fuel price change from time to time, and vehicles need fuel to run. So it’s an obvious fact that fuel prices will also affect the cost of delivery. Many shipping services will inform you before the rise and fall of fuel prices.

4. Terminal fees affect the cost of shipment

Every port has different terminals and their cost also varies from port to port. Before loading your cargo to the carrier, a terminal fee is required by the port authority that is paid by the supplier. So it also affects the cost of delivery.

5. The currency of trade affects the cost of door to door shipment

The trade currency is another factor that affects the shipping cost. As we all are aware of the fact that US Dollar is accepted globally. And it is relatively stable in the international market as compared to the other currency.

So it is advisable to use US Dollar while trading, or else you will likely pay more if your trading currency is weak as compared to the US Dollar.

Chapter 8: FAQs regarding door to door shipping

AQs regarding door to door shipping

1. Does door to door shipping from China cost you less?

No, door to door shipping is a bit expensive than the other shipping methods. But it is worth the money, because if you are a first-time buyer from China, you can be scammed or misplace your cargo.

With door to door shipping, you will make sure that you are saving your time and effort. And your consignment will be delivered to your premises.

2. Who will be responsible for paying my taxes and customs duties to do door to door shipping?

The buyer will pay for the custom charges and other taxes for their goods. But if they want their forwarder to take care of everything and have an understanding with them, the forwarder will pay customs duties for you and add the charges to your complete bill.

3. How much will a forwarder charge me for door to door shipping?

Several factors can affect the cost of your forwarder, include:

  • Services: Number of services you are taking from the forwarder.
  • Distance: Cost will vary from distance to distance. If the distance is longer from supplier to your location then the cost will be higher too.
  • Contract: the cost will vary on the type of contract with your forwarder.

Please keep in mind that most of the forwarders take a commission for offering their door to door services from China.

4. Will I be able to track my cargo?

Yes, of course, you will be able to track your cargo. Although the forwarder is responsible for your cargo but still, you have the ownership.

If you have chosen a reliable forwarder, they will provide you with a tracking system. You can track the cargo from the moment your cargo leaves the supplier warehouse till it reaches your premises.


We tried to cover most of every aspect of international door-to-door freight in this blog. And for making your business easier, choose EJET Sourcing as a reliable partner is a good choice for you. We will fulfill all the requirements of door to door shipping from China to anywhere in the world.

We strictly keep an eye on quality of products and all steps involved in door to door international shipping. We also keep you informing about the process so that you know exactly in what you are stepping your foot. Hope you have already understand why choose this service and how in detail.