Are you looking for a low investment business to make money?

Do you know that dropshipping from China is the easiest way to start your business? If yes, then this blog will help you on how to dropship.

China has been producing more and more merging business opportunities these days. The number of merchandise imported from China is increasing rapidly with time. It has become a common practice to buy goods from China at an affordable rate and sell online on Amazon, Shopify, and eBay for higher prices.

Since China has become one of the largest exporting countries globally and specifically a trading partner in most Asian countries, it is with no doubt that most foreign investors and buyers are interested to grow their business and startups in China and drop the shipping business of China.

In this article, we will explain all that you need to know about dropshipping in China i.e. what is it?, how does it work?, how will it benefit your business?, and what are its drawbacks along with some referential companies and sites that provide the best dropshipping services in China.

Table of content
Chapter 1: What is Dropshipping?

Chapter 2: How do I start  Dropshipping from china?

Chapter 3: DropShipping from China

Chapter 4:  List of top Dropshipping online platforms In China

Chapter 5: Benefits of Dropshipping from China

Chapter 6: Downgrade of Dropshipping from China

Chapter 7: Myths Of Dropshipping from Chinese suppliers

Chapter 8:  FAQs about Dropshipping from China

Chapter 1: What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a streamlined setup of retail business or simply an order fulfillment method that does not require the seller to keep the products in stock. Instead, the seller gets the required products from the manufacturers and delivers them to the buyer.

This makes the seller a drop shipping entity acting as a third-party supplier and a facilitator between the manufacturers and the consumers.

Dropshipping is the most hassle-free entrepreneur startup. One just needs to build a platform where buyers can order their required products and you just need to arrange and ship those products to the buyers well on time and as specified by the buyers.


You’ll never need to worry about stocking the products, their packaging, and their delivery. Suppliers directly ship the product to the consumer for enabling this chain of business you got to get your profit. Thus, as explained above drop shipping is the most low-risk business startup.

2. How does Dropshipping from China works?

Most people reading this article may be questioning themselves if they would want the sourcing of their products and delivery to be entirely reliable and efficient? The answer is, yes. Everybody would want that.

Therefore, the best way to do so is by drop shipping from China. Yes, you read it absolutely right! China the economic giant has a vast range of drop shipping companies facilitating the consumers all around the globe through various services and deals they offer.

Dropshipping from China has become the most reliable and trustworthy way for the different businesses due to their work ethic, quality products, and on-time delivery.

Businesses usually wonder that how to make dropshipping work from China. Following are few points that one should keep in mind while drop shipping from China:

1. One should have minimal knowledge related to online technology services.

2. Have thorough research on drop shipping companies delivering the type of product you need in China. Pick wisely!

3. Keep in mind that most of the buyers have to deal with long shipping times. So, to avoid any delays in the process deal with the drop shipping company according to the terms and conditions related to the timely delivery and any refund in case the product does not delivers on-time.

4. Be unique! Don’t buy the same products as your competitors or even if they are the same least one can do is to work on different and attractive packings and descriptions of the products. For drop shipping from China, use your own images and descriptions of the products.

5. Handle the refunds and returns with the utmost care and be canny in this matter. Keep your eyes wide open on the profit trends.

6. Avoid certain niches and products. Look around and find the most saturated products and the most abundant products in the market and do avoid them.

7. Don’t forget to look for Chinese holidays while ordering from drop shipping sites.

8. Nobody can get rich within a day or so. Struggle and strive hard to get the best products to dropship from China. Provide the best customer care services you can to your buyers in the local market and look for the drop shipping company in China with the best customer care support and services.


3. How profitable is Dropshipping from China?

Dropshipping from China is highly saturated these days with tremendous competition in the international markets. Someone looking deeply in to drop shipping from china must be worried about the profits they will attain after getting their products delivered from China.

So, for folks worried about this aspect of dropshipping from china here is the good news for you that dropshipping from China is still profitable in 2021 because of the number of eCommerce activities taking place around the world.

It is not only money-making but thriving at the same time! In 2020, e-commerce and drop shipping profits have touched a benchmark of over $4 billion, which is a total of 7 % year on year upsurge for the last 10 years.

4. Pros of Dropshipping from China

Advantages of dropshipping from China are enlisted as follows:

1) Chinese dropshipping sites have a database of hundreds of millions of products. You’ll be hard-pressed to not find the product or article you’re looking for.

2) Initiating a dropshipping business with Chinese drop shippers is 100 percent free.

3) Other services charge hundreds of dollars in startup and monthly fees. A huge burden wards off for someone who is starting their business from scratch with minimal initial investments.
4) Profit margins are controlled solely by the consumer. Chinese prices are tremendously affordable and thus, allow an adequate profit.

5) Trending products can easily be bought from China as they know the trend of markets beforehand. When a product hype shows up, you can bet that you’ll be able to find it through Chinese drop shippers.

6) No minimum order requirements. Different from other dropshipping suppliers that have MOQ, dropshipping companies in China allow drop shippers to purchase only 1 item and have it shipped directly to their customers.

Chapter 2: How do I start Dropshipping from China?

Everybody needs to have thorough information before initiating any business. Here are a few guidelines that will help you understand how to begin drop shipping from China and what are the key elements that you always need to keep in mind.

1. Dropshipping process

Want to start a dropshipping business from China? Here are few simple steps to begin with:

-Select a selling channel. You can choose if you want to sell on websites like Ali Express which has its customer traffic or start to build your own store on any of the available Chinese sites.

– Do some researches and choose some niche products that you want to sell. Search for some reliable supplier that can take care of selling products for you.

– Import product from supplier site (Ali Express, Banggoo, etc.) to your store and start to sell, using a dropshipping tool for this purpose.

– When you get your order, and purchase a product from a supplier or ask the supplier to deliver it to the customer. If you have any cheap alternative to shipping the products, you can directly send items to your customer.

2. What products to sell In Dropshipping from China?

Following is the list of TOP 30 products that you can trade for dropshipping:


3. Dropshipping business ideas

Dropshipping is typically founded on desire buying. You market or promote a niche/product on social media platforms, usually through Facebook Ads, Instagram, and someone will procure or purchase it if they liked the product. As it is believed that anything can sell if displayed properly!

Following are some business ideas to boost your sales:

– Look for products that are under $15 and aesthetically attractive or valuable to the viewer. Examples include Keychains, stuffed toys, jewelry, smartphone covers, and pet products.


– Products that are intermittent and rare to find. These comprise products that are usually not available on the local market. You should know that buyers will double-check the price from Amazon or other known e-commerce stores.

So, sell products that are rare to find online.- Even if the price is a little high if the products are useful i.e. you can show that through your product videos, images and descriptions then people will surely and ultimately buy them.

Chapter 3: DropShipping from China


1. Why start a Dropshipping from China?

It’s simple. Because for the past decade, drop shipping from China has become the most mainstream online business plans of action around the globe, for almost all the countries.

Because of the modest and affordable trading, to purchase and transport merchandise from China to other countries, this has by far become the most easiest and reliable option for investors and businessmen.

If you want to start a quick business with minimal loss and risk, this is indeed the best option you should opt for. As it is cost-effective and there are fewer chances of going bank corrupt or losing so much in your investments since the customers have to do the tax and customs payment which saves a lot on your pocket.

And not to forget, trading in China has always been cheaper than compared to any other country around the world. So this could be the best business startup that you could consider for a good and quick money earning business.

2. Why Dropshipping Is better than wholesale In China?

Since China has a stunning, different web-based business platform where customers are the most exceptional on the planet. The customers are advance in a manner that they realize how to explore items to guarantee that they are getting the best quality for the value they pay.

Considering that dropshipping from China is a vastly improved alternative to wholesale when considering the Chinese eCommerce market, regardless of whether you are selling clothes, toys, or furniture.

Prior to putting so much effort into selling in the eCommerce business in China, it is rather best when you can test item varieties and costs to determine what your clients actually prefer.


And this comes as an advantage when you are dropshipping from China. As you don’t have to buy anything from a provider until a client purchases from you. This simply means no extra expense on leftover products that are no longer useful, like in wholesale.

Dropshipping likewise diminishes the expense of warehousing, and delivery to zero implying that you and your clients get more of an incentive for cash.Some of the reasons why dropshipping from China is better than wholesale are listed below:

• Dropshipping from China has low obstructions to section. It has no business experience prerequisites, and you don’t need to have a warehouse or know anything about warehousing management, packaging, and delivering. This means you can easily enter this industry whenever you wish to.

• Dropshipping from China requires less capital in the beginning. You don’t need to put a lot of cash in item stockpiling, transportation, and packaging, and you don’t need to stress over the deficiency of expenses because of the unreasonable stockpiling of products that can’t be sold.

• It is not difficult to scale up. You can pick the bulk of various kinds of items to put in your online inventory, available to be purchased. And you can easily put cash in publicizing to promote your items, gain traffic, and expand your sales and, therefore, your business.

• Dropshipping from China offers solid adaptability. It doesn’t have to manage item delivery, bundling, and different advances. It just requires a PC and a mobile phone to do your business at home. This business is especially appropriate for freelancers, part-timers, or housewives.

3. When to Dropship products from China?

Every time is the best time for dropshipping from China. There’s no specific day, season, or month. Dropshipping works just like usual shopping works. It depends on the seasonal occasions that come along through the year.

• Weather based

You could dropship in winters as people would be more inclined towards buying thick and wooly clothes, gloves, head caps, blankets, and so on. Same, when it’s the time of summer, more customers would prefer to buy cooling fans, portable air conditioners, etc. Likewise, in autumn, monsoon, and spring.

• Black Friday


This is the most perfect day to prepare your sales and drop shipping of the year, as you will have most on Black Friday. More and more people look forward to saving their pockets just to spend on dropped rates on every product in sales.

• Valentine’s day

Couples and lovers hold an entire year just to be more expressive on the lover’s day. It would be a great option to promote your drop shipping from China on your e-business stores about the relevant products and attract more customers. This means, more sales, more money!

• Mother’s day

Mother’s Day sales are the best deal-seekers! Whether you’re shopping for your mother or yourself, you can take advantage of a number of good deals from this special day and dropship products from clothing items to home goods — and special occasion gifts like frames, makeup, and so on.

.• Back to school

It’s that time of the year when children all over are returning to their classes. Let’s take advantage of this event as every child would need new note pads, backpacks, and clothes before their first day of class. You can dropship all sorts of stationery, clothes, and bags.

• Chinese new year

Dropship tons loads of toys, games, Christmas socks, decor, and other materials during mid-February and they would be bought the very next day. Chinese look for the best deals on the internet to buy presents for friends and families, and you could make use of this month the most.


4. Use Chinese suppliers that have US warehouses

Suppliers from China that deliver in the USA are a good option as it builds the satisfaction of your customers. Because the best warehouses are the built-in US and directly contacting the suppliers in charge of your product from the warehouse would support fast shipping and offers to dispatch choices.

The loyalty and satisfaction of your clients are vital for the development of any business. It is easy to build a devoted client when your dropshipping providers are from the US. It makes everything more solid and reliable to the client as they can rapidly contact and connect with them with respect to their packages.

5. Adopt A different business model

• Portfolio managing

Dropshipping websites like Amazon, eBay, and Whitewalls are easy to handle since the only thing that needs more attention there is the marketing of the stores there within. Since a significant number of these sites utilize paid traffic to advance their items, this could be a decent route for a portfolio director to move away from SEO, notwithstanding differentiating ceaselessly from just having AdSense and Amazon sites.

• Diverse strategies

The drop shippers that are dropshipping from China must have a few content websites regarding the product they are drop shipping, so they can add a drop shipping component to their personal websites which will advertise the top products benefitting their dropshipping business.

• Product flipping

Dropshipping from China has an incredible aspect as you can opt for various routes to keep on developing and improving your business. The most effortless way is to just source the product yourself if you want to flip a site for a greater return.

Chapter 4:  List of top Dropshipping online platforms In China


Some of the highly recommended online platforms in China are mentioned above that can help you start a good drop shipping business or buy from good drop shippers and Aliexpress.com is the best place to start dropshipping.

Working with reliable dropshipping suppliers from China who can offer quality services is a vital step in the success of your dropshipping business.

Chapter 5: Benefits of Dropshipping from China


1. No risk of money and stock

As we all know, to stock a warehouse, we need to spend a lot of cash-flows. But with dropshipping from China, you can kill the danger of straying into the red to begin your business. Rather than buying a heavy inventory and expecting that it gets sold, dropshipping comes with zero stock and promptly begins bringing in cash.And there is little to no risk since you won’t prebuy the products and keep them in your inventory. You can always purchase when you get an order from the client.

2. A Business easy to start

It is a simple and very easy business that anyone with not much knowledge and experience can start anytime. It does not require any deep understanding of trading, as it’s a simple process and requires no investment.

3. Diversifying the market

You can simply offer a more extensive variety of items and products that your business would want as to not be restricted to your products and category. And only with drop shipping from China, this is possible. You don’t need to stress over types of sizes and/or colors and where they will be kept. You just have to show them on your e-store and your supplier will manage the rest

.4. Dropshipping Is here to stay

Dropshipping from China has been in the business industry for almost a decade and is still in the field, growing rapidly around the globe. It’s almost a trend in the current era and this trend is not going away from the industry, anytime sooner.

5. Easier to be unique

You can dropship any product. Yes, it is entirely your choice and to remain classy and trendy, you can see for yourself what best suits your store and how is it going to make you unique from other sellers in the market.

6. Worldwide shipping

You are not restricted to only one country or nation. Your business can go international with the right products and marketing strategy. You have the liberty to ship your product anywhere in the globe and the right choice would be to ship to the countries that have higher currency rates than yours, which would benefit you in more profit.

Chapter 6: Downgrade of Dropshipping


1. Poor customer service In China

In other standard businesses, when clients complain about a certain something regarding the product, delivery time, shipment, or returning of the product, the seller assures and guarantees everything about the product themselves.

However, in drop shipping, you’re pretty much helpless before your provider — and you still have to face your customers with their shipment complaints while not knowing much about your product or having no control over fixing it.

This puts your business at risk and if something does go wrong at your end, it will end up putting a bad image about your business and poor reviews which will impact your business reputation.

2. Long shipping times

The shipment delivery is something you cannot control. It is inevitable. Drop shippers are always playing at luck and risk when it comes to customer service. Assuring your customers about product delivery and dealing calmly with their complaints, while you yourself have no control over the product delivery.

3. Complicated returns

This is one thing to look for before you begin your dropshipping business. As this is a serious matter of concern. The return policy is often a tough decision for most sellers in this sort of business model since you would be sourcing products from a random buyer and then selling it to your customer.

You cannot hold any guarantee regarding your not-so-yours product. And if your seller does not offer you the return policy, it is with no doubt, that you cannot offer it to your clients either.

4. More competition

The fact that drop shipping from China requires no funding to begin a drop shipping business makes it exceptionally popular among businessmen. Since everybody wants to start a business with no risk and investment, this becomes a good choice for almost every person and thus, you’re probably going to experience substantially more rivalry in this space than with a more customary, wholesaling eCommerce model.

Chapter 7: Myths Of Dropshipping from Chinese suppliers

1. Low-Quality products

This is truly a myth. There is no such thing as ‘low quality products specifically for drop shipping”. It totally depends upon the seller from who they choose to purchase the products.

The quality lies upon the drop shipper. If you opt for a very low budget product, it is obvious you would have to compromise on the quality. But the good part about dropshipping from China is that you get to buy in cheap and sell in more, with good quality. That is why China is highly recommended whenever you wish to start any sort of trading business.

2. It will lead to a suspended account

Yes. This is not a myth! Account suspension is real if you constantly are conning your customers with poor products and they are not satisfied with your service, they can simply report your account.


After a certain amount of reports, accounts do get suspended according to the policy of whatever platform you are using for your business.

3. Buyers will not buy from you

Yes and no. Buyers will definitely not buy from you when they see your account rating and reviews. But buyers will definitely buy from you if you are selling good products and are easily tackling your customers and their reviews by keeping the fair health of your account. If you can assure and satisfy your customers effortlessly, why wouldn’t they want to buy from you? It all depends upon your skills.

Chapter 8:  FAQs about Dropshipping from China


1. Is the manufacturer of many products a good manufacturer?

It depends upon the quality of the products that the manufacturer is producing. But mostly, manufacturers who produce bulk and various kinds of products have a good grip on their business and they would only risk producing more when their business is going smooth.

2. What are the shipment ways of the product from China?

There are three ways to ship your items from China: air courier, air freight, and sea freight. Air courier is simple for most people to understand. UPS, FedEx, and DHL are air courier services.

3. Why does Google have less information about manufacturers in China?

Google offers a wide variety of information regarding manufacturers in China but sometimes it feels like it is limited because Google has specific keywords that talk about the ‘manufacturers in China’, and not everyone is aware of those keywords.

4. Should I go to China to visit my manufacturer?

No, you don’t have to visit China to meet your manufacturer. Internet brings your manufacturer to you. Through their website and e-stores, you can almost find all the relevant information and discuss with them in person over calls, emails, and messages.


We have now understood what drop shipping is, how it is done, as well as what are the necessary things to keep in mind while starting a drop shipping from China business or purchasing from a drop shipper online. It has its pros and cons, but one can only decide if it is best for them to evaluate all the w