China home decor

You’re in luck if you enjoy Asian culture and interior design. We’ve discussed some wonderful Chinese home decor items in this article. They will unquestionably “transfer” your guests to China right away.

Chinese people take great pride in incorporating their culture into their furniture and home design. While some employ extremely striking ornaments, others like more understated ones. You should learn about its fantastic qualities because of this.

Here are some images of stunning homes that have Chinese influences. The ornaments are widely used and well-known. Take a look at this in 2020, Chinese home decoration items sales were almost 5000 Billion Yuan.

They will undoubtedly motivate you to travel to other stunning Asian nations. Let’s enjoy them in all our glory!

Chapter 1: Delightful Chinese Home Decorations You Will Love

Simply filling a space with objects you enjoy is interior decorating. Some people place such a high value on their home’s appearance that they hire a qualified interior designer to help them select furniture, wall coverings, decorations, rugs, and other items.

So what exactly is home décor? Home decoration is shortened to home decor. The art of making your home look pleasant is known as home décor. It refers to the decorative elements that are employed to enhance the beauty and visual appeal of a house. Instead, decoration or decor is the aesthetic enhancement of a room or living space via the use of attractive or fashionable products that coordinate with the color schemes of the existing environment.

1) Chinese Living Room Décor

Chinese Living Room Décor

Although it’s difficult to determine the exact way of life of a nation with such a rich and lengthy illustrious time as China, several images are immediately triggered when you close your eyes and envision the typical Chinese interior.

The sleek surfaces of dark painted woods with dim lighting, ornamental lanterns, expertly crafted screens, and furniture, and color palettes that mix typically warm neutrals and intense, saturated shades of red (considered the most fortunate color in Chinese cultural practices) Golds, blacks and golds.

The interior design representing East

It’s a timeless representation of an interior from the East, A design concept derived from the thousands of decades of Chinese tradition and the evolution of decorating that can be traced back as early as 1000 BC. Although it’s difficult to determine the specific design of a nation with such a long and rich background as China, A few images pop up when you shut your eyes and envision an everyday Chinese interior.

The sleek surfaces of dark wooden surfaces, lacquer, gently lit ornamental lanterns, screens, and furniture with latticework and color palettes often blend warm neutrals with vivid, vibrant black, red, and gold.

The traditional depiction of the oriental home

This is a true representation of the traditional depiction of an oriental home and the design style that comes from thousands of years of Chinese design and culture dating back to 1000 BC. The most important thing about this is the fact it is that Chinese living spaces have been infused with a sense of harmony, exquisite craftsmanship, and design, as well as the use of color and length.

As you can see, this living space has walls of taupe. They provide a serene atmosphere in the blink of an eye. Additionally, a skylight lets more light into the room. The fireplace and wood flooring make the entire area more comfortable. Additionally, the off-white sofas give the room a modern look. The wooden wall décor and tables give off an Asian style. Furthermore, the classic Chinese armoire is also available in red. The color alone screams luck and happiness.

2) Vintage Chinese Home Decorations

Vintage Chinese Home Decorations ideas

The living area is the most stunning area of the house in Makena House. It has soft green walls. They instantly create a tranquil ambiance, and the furniture pieces appear neat and comfortable. Wood tones of wheat and medium bring a sense of peace. The umbrella chandelier catches all attention. The flooring lamps and wooden containers on high side tables add oriental vibes to the room.

Utilize Chinese home decor styles of design to make your home appear similar to China homes. For instance, Feng Shui is a practice that is designed to bring harmony to your home by using elements like light, color, and furniture placement.

Similarly, traditional Chinese home decor furnishings can help create a genuine atmosphere. It is crucial to be attentive to the tiny details that will capture the essence of an authentic Chinese interior. Traditional lanterns, scroll paintings, and porcelain vases are only a few things that can create a home with a unique style. It is easy to transform your living area into a stunning space without much effort.

3) Living Room with Chinese Prints

Living Room with Chinese Prints ideas

We love our favorite Chinese living room style. The white walls and ceiling make the room airy and light. The wood molding tables, doors, and other furniture also radiate unbeatable warmth. They create a feeling of relaxation too. The living room could appear basic because of the furniture pieces. However, the huge prints and red pots add Chinese elements to the space. The house plants spruce all over the place.

Chinese style interiors

Asian design is integrally associated with a zen-like environment Chinese-style interiors can often create this feeling of harmony by mixing different styles from across the continent. For example, Japanese and Chinese interior design elements often merge with the delicate character of traditional Japanese style, contrasting against the archetypal majesty of Chinese aesthetics.

The most important thing to note is that Chinese living spaces are brimming with harmony, elegant decoration, craftsmanship, and the control of space and color. A common misconception is that Chinese interior designs lack bright and vibrant colors; however, the opposite is true. The only bright accent colors that make a statement in an uncluttered neutral background are appropriate for the Asian-themed home. The Oriental style incorporates the gorgeous blooms of cherry blossoms in pink, stunning reds, and pretty purples.

The colors are necessary if you want to decorate your home in the Chinese style. A carefully arranged, subtle dark color is the ideal choice for those looking for an element of mystery. Another visually appealing option is to make a great living space by mixing the soft neutral background with vibrant golden tones. Gold is a trendy and elegant look to your room.

4) Modern Chinese Living Room

Modern Chinese Living Room ideas

It is no doubt that this living space will impress all. The massive windows let in amazing views of the outdoors. The wooden flooring and accent wall provide a warm ambiance to the room. Additionally, the room has both a living and dining room. The artwork framed, the area rug and the throw pillows are red. They immediately brighten the interior. Table lamps in gold give the table a luxurious appearance. The pendant light highlights the dining space, and indoor plants give the room a natural look.

If you’re seeking an Asian flair in designing your space, You can’t be wrong with Chinese influences. Chinese design is concerned with creating the feeling of harmony and balance in an area. This can be achieved using natural colors, muted hues, and simple designs. Furniture and decor are usually uniform, creating visual interest without cluttering. Lighting is also an important aspect of Chinese interior decoration style because it can set moods and create the mood for the whole space.

In the case of Asian-styled interior design, term balance will be a frequent reference. This particular characteristic of design from the oriental world can’t be understated. You require the ideal balance of colors but also things and textures surrounding your home.

Think about adding the glass barrier, stone decoration, wood floors, bamboo blinds, and a few natural surfaces to your interior decorating ideas. Make use of Shoji and folding screens adorned with intricately detailed artwork in historical or mythological themes.

5) Chic Chinese Home Decorations

In addition, natural textures and materials create a feeling of tranquillity. In addition, windows let daylight flood into the indoor space. The bamboo sideboard, window shades, and wall decorations bring Asian elements to the living area. Pillows with vibrant colors pop against the chairs and brown sofas. The ceiling and the area rug bring the room together. Water is another great way to welcome Chinese style effortlessly and with ease when creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Feng Shui Concept

By Feng Shui, the sound of flowing water is tranquil and soothing, and a great waterfall can be an attractive feature in the entryway, living room, or garden. Ponds that reflect are wonderful additions with a noticeable relaxing impact. Koi ponds are an ideal option for people looking to include an element of water that is energetic and lively. Water features can be used to create water flow and are spectacular sculptures that make the room’s focal point.

6) Red Chinese Home Decorations

Red Chinese Home Decorations ideas

The light white ceiling and walls give off a soaring feeling. They help make this Asian living space appear bigger and airier. Wood floors create a warm ambiance instantly, while downlights light up the room in the evening. Garland, pot, bowl, flowers, and throw pillows are red. These Chinese home decors symbolize energy and also prosperity. The silver-colored mirror and porcelain vase bring a great feeling into the living room.

Chapter 2: Chinese New Year Home Decor Ideas

Chinese new year home decor usually has red colors and lucky images that bring forwards their tradition and beliefs. The preparations start on new years eve, from roads to homes all are filled with colors and decorations. Here are the top 5 lovely Chinese new year home decor ideas.

1) Gold Ingots

It is traditional to have a family offer the gift of gold and red candle during the Chinese New Year. One of the significance of this combination of colors is to wish family members luck. The red color signifies luck and luck, while the gold color symbolizes prosperity.

2) Door Couplets

Most Chinese families put the set of couples on their doors during the month of the Chinese New Year. This is an expression of gratitude and good wishes. This ornament is connected to diverse subjects in the Chinese New Year, including the springtime season.

3) Red and Gold Candles

It is a tradition for families to light the gift of a candle of gold and red during the Chinese New Year. One meaning of this color combination is to wish family members the best of luck. Red is a symbol of luck, and the gold color symbolizes prosperity.

4) Kumquat Trees

The kumquat trees represent prosperity and prosperity in Chinese culture. In celebrations like the Chinese New Year celebrations, families are seen displaying and eating them to accept good fortune for the next year. Chinese architecture and decor can be anything from modest and, at times, extravagant to subdued and exciting with a vibrant and textural look and always mindful.

The trends of this region have evolved, but there’s always room for exploring the style of the past. This article focuses on two contemporary Chinese homes which draw inspiration from traditional designs, mixing classic and modern elegantly and refreshingly. The homes are the creations of designers based in China to create new projects in the region. If you’re considering introducing Asian style in your home, the beautiful pair of interiors will surely delight you.

5) Zodiac Calendar

The zodiac calendar is a celebration of the change of seasons and the beginning of the New Year in Chinese tradition. The start of the New Year is celebrated with festivals and customs. The zodiac calendar is an integral element of Chinese New Year celebrations, which are held in the latter half of January or at the beginning of February.

Calendar decor

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Chapter 3: Chinese antique furniture and Asian-inspired home décor

Chinese antique furniture and Asian-inspired home decor have been leading the traditional home decor industry for over 20 years. Here is the collection of leading home decor styles and items that is the face of the Chinese home decor industry.

1) China Collection

A renowned old and antique furniture retailer in Singapore, China Collection has provided Singaporeans with beautiful and stylish interiors for over 20 years. The furniture store specializes in pieces of furniture from China Collection, which is located in the North of China, offering a variety of Asian-inspired furniture and furniture and home accessories.

Antique Collection

The diverse collection of antiques, original antique furniture, and accessories for the home is a huge hit, like their elegant shop house, with its vibrant Peranakan architectural style with stained-glass windows. The building is spread over two floors. A huge selection of antique 19th-century Elmwood cabinets, painted sideboards, trunks, chairs, and altar tables.

Antique Sideboards

China Collection’s knowledgeable store manager Doug Lockett is a passionate expert in Northern Chinese country antiques and selects his collection to amaze every time! Are they eyeing China Collections’ antique sideboards? Built-in wood, these have original artworks reflecting the typical home of a Northern Chinese family circa late 19th through the early and mid 20th century. They could be as old as 100 years old!

China collection,singapor

Wooden smaller pieces and sidepieces

Are you looking for smaller pieces or stunning centerpieces for your living space? In China Collection, you’ll also get a wide selection of contemporary accessories, including antique maps, lamps, tables, chairs, bench seats, ceramic jars, and bronze rain drums. For that perfect pop of color, think about their most popular signature jade and silk tassels!

We love that their shop is always changing, with new items arriving regularly. You’ll be able to find it filled with fresh ideas, articles, and decorating ideas.

If you require assistance choosing China Collection’s interior stylist in-house can help you make your choices and give valuable decorating suggestions.

It doesn’t matter if you shop on the internet or visit their beautiful Joo Chiat store, where you’ll find a vast range of Chinese antique furniture to suit your preferences! China Collection even offers international delivery to customers who live outside of the United States.

2) LIMS Legacy

These are some furniture shops in Singapore for those searching for Chinese antique furniture or interior decor that is Asian-inspired.  As with all style influences, Chinese interior decoration can be accomplished in the minimalist or maximalist style. There are, however, three key steps that can guide your plan in a (far) southeast direction. The question is then the amount of pressure on your pedal and the amount to increase the volume.

In the end, how blatant or subtle would you like the oriental design to rule your home? Remember, even if you employ all three combinations, your plan may still fall more in the tranquil part of Chinese design.

Zen Philosophy

Senses of calm immediately in your home, a clear way to follow throughout the space, a sense of freedom, and everything with an immediate feeling of belonging are all attributes of the zen philosophy.

Feng Shui Concept

The concept of Feng Shui is often the first encounter people have with Chinese interior design, which is where energy flows are channeled into creating a sense of harmony in an area. It’s often described as the art of placing where the placement and arrangement of objects in an area optimize the “chi” (energy).

Order and balance are at the roots of Chinese culture; therefore, allow these concepts to be among your room’s most important.

LIMS Legacy

3) Just Anthony

Stools are common in oriental furniture sets, and among the most well-known styles is the barrel-style Chinese home decor gardening stool.  Chinese people were using these for outdoor areas.

Landscaping and Courtyards

Many Chinese homes put a lot of emphasis on landscaping and the courtyard or garden. People started moving these items inside when it became impossible. If the park was visible, the garden stool advancing inside the house was a method of creating an interconnector between the inside and the outside.

Stools designs

Through the time of the Song Dynasty, these stools were frequently used indoors and out as seating and also as side tables. Today, they are accessible in design carved from wood in the same way that the classic garden stool was built from glazed stone or porcelain that was thought more appropriate for interiors. Lattice work isn’t unusual in stool designs too.

Just Anthony is Chinese antique furniture and accessories shop in Singapore. Like the Chinese traders in earlier times, the staff regularly goes to China to search for unique pieces and thus bring the Chinese traditions to you. Everything from sideboards, cabinet consoles, chests, and cabinets to stools, chairs, tables, lamps made of ceramic, Chinese equipment, and more.

Bedroom decor

Are you looking for all the attention in the bedroom? It’s a must! Late 19th Century Canopy Bed from Shanxi province in China is the ideal focal point! Other noteworthy pieces of furniture include an old sideboard painted from Gansu, China, approximately 60-80 years old, and an Antique Chinese Wedding Cabinet from Zhejiang province, China, about 100-120 years old.

Furniture pieces

In addition to the furniture pieces, they also have other decorative objects like figurines, boxes, baskets, door panels, pots, and even an antique Cantonese carving transformed into a mirror. Create a Chinese-inspired space by incorporating a few of just Anthony’s contemporary Chinese ceramics. You’ll find it in this antique furniture store if you’re looking for an elegant and simple ceramic decoration or one with a complex style.

4) Woody Antique House

Chinese Woody Antique House

Just Anthony is Chinese antique furniture and accessories shop in Singapore. Like the Chinese traders in earlier times, the staff regularly visits China to search for unique pieces and thus bring the Chinese traditions to you. There are all kinds of cabinets, sideboards, consoles, chests, and cabinets to stools, chairs, tables, lamps made of ceramic, Chinese equipment, and others.

Are you looking for all the attention in your room? The Late 19th Century Canopy Bed from Shanxi province in China is the perfect focal point! Other furniture pieces worth mentioning include an old sideboard painted from Gansu, China, approximately 60-80 years old, and an Antique Chinese Wedding Cabinet from Zhejiang province, China, about 100-120 years old.

Apart from furnishings, you can also find decorative objects such as figurines, boxes, baskets, doors, panels, pots, and even an antique Cantonese carving transformed into a mirror. You can create a Chinese-inspired home by adding a few of the items listed above.

Anthony’s modern Chinese ceramics. If you’re looking for an easy but elegant ceramic piece or one that has a beautiful design, you will find it in this furniture store with antiques.

5) Emperor’s Attic

Famous for their ability to source some of the most exquisite furniture traditionally made by hand at Emperor’s Attic, you can find an array of Chinese home decor antique pieces and antique furniture and interior decor. The team selects each item individually and authenticates each piece to ensure its condition, age, and material. This means that each furniture piece and home decor is distinctive in design, colour, and appearance. There are no two identical pieces!

Emperor’s Attic collaboration with Northern China

Emperor’s Attic collaborates with a few reliable vendors based in Northern China to bring these precious items to Singapore. These items are long-lasting and can be a perfect decorating partner. Imperfection makes up the tale and its charms like any other antique or handmade item. If you have a specific item in your mind, they will assist you in finding the item you want. Although Japanese in its origin, this Marie Kondo effect is a pan-Asian design.

Thus, putting things in order and keeping things in your home that you are using for an intention and purpose is the traditional Chinese practice that has resulted in the highest level in the trend to declutter. In a Chinese-style home, there is hardly any accumulation of unwanted objects, as they are believed to deplete the space and those in them of their energy.

Chinese Emperor’s Attic

6) Natural Material Home decor

Other Chinese home decor design concepts are based on using natural materials; the trend is wide-reaching and is a major part of the international commentary on interior design. The Chinese approach is about protecting the natural environment, honoring nature, and recognizing the positive impact the use of natural resources has on the well-being of a person. When we bring outdoors, nature is a factor that allows us to relax from the hustle and bustle of our lives, such as wooden furniture, rugs made of natural fibers, or using stones as beautiful objects and spiritually grounded.

Another trend that has emerged in the Chinese interior design style is the screen-based partitioning of the space. Because in the last few years, there’s been an erupting shift to open-plan living, we’ve slowly been reverting to the appeal of a broken plan.

Separated rooms allow us to divide our space into cozy areas and zones of activity. The Chinese practice of using screens with decorative designs in your room to separate the space is used to create large holes in our homes to reflect the contemporary Chinese interior design style.

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Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is the best home decor?

If you’re in search of a reliable supplier of home decor, then consider Leeline. We are Leeline. They provide clients with the top 10 most trustworthy suppliers from China and the US’s top 10 most reliable brands. “Visit our website” to join with them and enjoy amazing deals.

2) What is trending in home decor 2020?

Experts say that the fashion in 2020 will be to pick one or more elements, such as Kitchen wall units, islands for kitchens, and base cabinets in bright shades. It is now the time to make all your desires come true since there’s a wide choice in markets.

3) What colors are trending in home decor?

The colors of forest green, ocean blue, and earth tones are becoming popular in the present. Experts advise that bright and bright shades are also likely to be part of the upcoming fashions.

4) What should I decorate my room with?

The colors of forest green, ocean blue, and earth tones are becoming popular in the present. Experts advise that bright and bright shades are also likely to be part of the upcoming fashions.

5) What are the new colors for 2020?

Modern interior design first appeared back in the 19th century. This interior design technique is a new approach if you are looking for something that is sleek and minimalistic. Modernism, in its most basic form, is a carefree way of living. Designers kept the décor simple and focused on industrial elements as a result.

The interior design project expert needs to have substantial expertise working in the construction industry. On the other side, interior decoration or decorating is the equipping of space with lovely or stylish items.

The 2020 colors are new and include:

  • Heron white
  • Crystalline
  • Wings of a windmill
  • Buxton Blue
  • Golden straw
  • Thunder
  • Cushing green


The terrible monster terrorized villages every year. It would consume everything, including people and mosquitoes. The people eventually understood that the monster appeared once every 365 days to wreak havoc before vanishing back into the woodlands.

The villagers made the decision to prepare a feast and dine in front of the ancestors on that day in order to seek protection. After sheltering in this manner for years, a young person had the brilliant idea to use firecrackers to permanently scare the monster away.

This is the story behind how Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, came to be. The Christmas decorations are usually bright and noisy since the goal was to frighten Nian away and stop him from returning.

On the surface, what we refer to as a “design style” is a collection of specific color schemes, typefaces, and compositional techniques. On a deeper level, however, design styles typically bring with them a set of guidelines for what the purposes of design are as well as methods for achieving those purposes.

Understanding how people behave and using that knowledge to create practical places inside of buildings is the art and science of interior design. Chinese home decor is when you embellish an area with stylish or lovely objects. In other words, decorators may not design, but interior designers may.