As we all know, China is the “Factory of the World” . It rules over as the biggest provider in the world with an ever-rising amount of industrial facilities and plants. While, finding reliable Chinese suppliers is not an easy task.

In this article, a comprehensive guide on finding satisfactory reliable Chinese suppliers will be given and if there is any problem with it, please contact us immediately.

EJET Sourcing will offer exclusive and professional help with the greatest passion and patience!

Table of Content

Chapter 1. Why You Should Source from China?

Chapter 2. Why Is It Difficult to Find Reliable Chinese Suppliers?

Chapter 3. How to Find Reliable Chinese Suppliers?

Chapter 4. What to Pay Attention to When Finding Chinese Suppliers?

Chapter 5. EJET Sourcing: Help You Find the Best Suppliers in China

Chapter 1. Why You Should Source from China?

Since the Chinese economy is in a rapid development period, the expenses of manufacturing are extremely low as compared to somewhere else in the world.

By sourcing your product legitimately from China, you’re ready to get amazingly low costs per unit and turn them around for a high benefit in your own nation.

Take Apple for instance. Apple was initially making iPhones at an expense of $40USD in collecting plants around the USA, be that as it may, they were managing productivity issues which made them lose cash.

They understood they expected to accomplish something in an unexpected and quick way so as to fulfill the need from clients and, obviously, to stay a gainful organization. Therefore, they turn to Chinese factories for help.


Joining hands with China, today, I would say is the need of the hour because it is a rapidly growing economy and different companies, be the little or huge, are running to exchange associations with China.

The list includes some giant names such as the nuclear aviation technology company BOEING, hardware manufacturers Dell, Smart gear producers Caterpillar, the food makers Krafts Foods.

China offers great opportunities to build edges and uplift production in low-cost production and high production capabilities.

Today, you see the “Made in China” slogan on almost all items including garments, furniture, and toys. China has worked hard on its production capabilities and assembling capacities. The advantages of working with Chinese suppliers include:

a. Low labor costs

Outsourcing to China gives you access to that factory’s low production costs without having to train the laborers, give access to a PC, or persevere through any of the multiple obstructs in employing locally. Wages are essentially lower in China and taking advantage of those reserve funds is as simple as building up an association with a factory.


b. Higher generation capability

China-based industries and enterprises produce products internationally and pay a major share to the world’s economy.

They have improved their manufacturing capacities and production capabilities and leveled up their game over a course of years.

Chinese suppliers are tried, tested, and well-experienced and they have been creating quality items for years now. Chinese know their game!

c. Better expansion & enhancement opportunities

Do you feel like extending your business and offer new products to step into the latest markets, yet you are unable to see that being conceivable through existing wholesalers? Sourcing to Chinese suppliers enables you to do this on-the-fly. You can grow and expand your productivity, just as offer your items to worldwide markets a lot simpler.

Chapter 2. Why Is It Difficult to Find Reliable Chinese Suppliers?

Finding reliable Chinese suppliers is a difficult stage in the purchasing process and many buyers always suffer from this issue.

a. You have to hunt for suitable organizations for your product

If you are attempting to work in a niche that is new to the market, you would want to offer as many item delicacies as possible and you would want to get your work done from a factory to deliver exactly what you want. Requesting a model and assessing the quality before you order in bulk is a smart decision.

b. Language barrier

In China, nobody can communicate in English in a little factory so this language barrier makes it difficult to communicate with reliable Chinese suppliers. Also, some little organizations collaborate normally with exchanging organizations to manage orders. In their viewpoint, it will be very costly and hard to construct an English promoting group for them.

Given defaulted language barriers between correspondences, these short-scale companies have no clue about distributing their item data on the English site and pursue the request. They know nothing about a remote exchange.

language barrier

c. Poor to no Internet marketing

With the quick advancement of the Internet, it is known to all that web-based marketing is a significant strategy to promote in present-day organizations.

On Google, it’s significantly more hard to be noticed and ranked higher than on Alibaba for business organizations as they should have their own English site and oversee SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). What’s more, they likewise need to build a profile on Facebook or LinkedIn to display their items to expand the likelihood of being noticed. Exchanging organizations are awesome at these delicate advertising aptitudes.

Due to this reason, a lot of little processing plants can’t be found by shippers even though they run their items on Alibaba. Factories don’t have much knowledge of patent and copyright.

d. Improper niche-sourcing

Certain topographical areas are related to specific items. It will be a decent decision for you to source genuine providers from the areas surely understood for the items you need.

Chapter 3. How to Find Reliable Chinese Suppliers?

China is a big country and finding reliable Chinese suppliers without keeping a few points in your mind is going to be a really tough job. People find the job so frustrating. Often times MOQ is insufficient. Sometimes the product might exceed your budget. Some Amazon sellers might have to face bad reviews because of the quality difference in the first and second batch of products because of the supplier’s fraud.

But this is not something you should lose your heart over. All you need to do before hiring a supplier is to do in-depth research and create your business model. Do a well-researched investigation on how your competitors are doing the job and prepare a similar business model. You have to evaluate the market of your item, set the niche with clarity in your mind, and estimate the required quantity of your very first product. This will help you make a better choice of a supplier that matches your needs well.

find reliable chinese suppliers in 2020

Here is how you will be able to find the best reliable Chinese suppliers for your business.

a. Online trade sites

The major benefit of online business sites .for example e-bay, Alibaba, Wish is that they guarantee an assorted variety of items. In other words, a seller’s shop has numerous sorts of items and stores a large variety of inventories.

Here enormous suppliers can buy and keep a huge stock of items and it saves them time and energy. Nonetheless, the amount of orders of small and large scale businessmen isn’t high, since during the underlying stages suppliers must try things out and assess their impact on the market for the items they are advertising. Every item will just need a modest quantity of stock to test the market.

All in all, for this situation, would it be advisable for you to legitimately visit the manufacturer for obtaining items? Absolutely not! The best approach is getting in touch with some online wholesalers and buys a few items to test the market. Date and Aliexpress are the ideal spots, to begin with.

Alibaba, for the most part, has a high MOQ. The purchase rate of an item should be in any event $1000 or more. For instance, in the event that you simply need to put in a request worth $300-$500 or less, trust me, most Alibaba suppliers won’t acknowledge such a little request. Regardless of whether you meet a couple of suppliers who are ready to work with you, you won’t get the statement you need. DHgate, Aliexpress, Alibaba, or some other free trade sites would be a smart decision.

alibaba online trade site

b. Fair and shows

This point is centered around traders who are needing a specific niche of items, for example, vehicle parts. In contrast to customer merchandise, this class of items needs specialization and expertise on different parameters, material, and so on to assess the quality. Notwithstanding that, every item has a few varieties which make it considerably overwhelming to examine the item and evaluate the market of the product. For this matter skill in that specific niche is significant.

Perhaps the most ideal approach to discover Chinese sellers is by going to the Canton Import And Export Fair. The Fair is held in Guangzhou, China two times in a year (Usually during the late may May and the start of November) and is one of the biggest sourcing fairs (if not the greatest) on the planet. It effectively excels any expo in the US and it’s huge to the point that they need to part it into 3 stages. The principal stage covers hardware, the subsequent stage covers consumer merchandise, gifts, and decorative items and the third stage covers materials, pieces of clothing, shoes, and office supplies.

To give you a thought of the extent of the fair, the Canton Fair is proportionate in size to 218 football fields. Insane right?

The best part about visiting the fairs is that it’s where suppliers and processing plant proprietors from all over Asia gather and you can without much of an effort discover a seller that either conveys your desired product or can make what you need to sell. Likewise, all sellers bring in the samples of their products so you can contact and feel all the product directions before focusing on a purchase. The greater part of the suppliers at the fair is accustomed to managing American and European organizations so they have the experience and framework to deliver items to any place you live.

canton fair to meet reliable chinese suppliers

c. Industry publications and meetings

The Chinese trade exchange affiliation is an extension for Sino-foreign exchange cooperation. The Chamber of Commerce likewise holds study tours by sorting out trade shows, industry meetings, and publications, and different trade practices to assist organizations with innovative items and products, and find business colleagues. Start using the “going out” methodology to construct your business.

For a more focused approach, there are various industry-specific fairs and industry meetings including HKTDC, Global Sources, MAGIC for design, CES for gadgets, Intersolar for sun oriented, Automechanika for cars and auto parts, and the list is on-going. This can be a snappy method to meet numerous significant suppliers by meeting up close and personal with them. You can check new patterns, items, and estimating the product market in this all-in-one across the board visit.

Note, in any case, that these, meetings are regularly organized more than once per year so you should better be prepared.

industry publications and meetings

d. Forum & social media

Modern Chinese manufacturers realize the significance of building a social media profile as it can assist them in reaching remote purchasers. In this manner, you can look by “industry + producer” on these two social media platforms to discover a manufacturer in China. Doing this may lead you to the profile of the manufacturer you are needing.

Rather than doing the main screening, you should go for a web-based option. Utilizing online platforms to find a satisfying Chinese supplier is an extremely incredible choice.

The main drawback is that you may not get to choose from numerous suppliers from these informal social media platforms. This is on the grounds that numerous Chinese suppliers still don’t have access to social media.

forum and social media to find chinese suppliers

e. Trips to China wholesale market

Two of the most celebrated regional wholesale marketplaces in China are the Yiwu Market and Shenzhen Electronics Market. They are a decent method to get a fast vibe for the products that are made locally.

Another beneficial thing about these commercial marketplaces is that they are available to people in general. This implies you can stroll around and contact and check the items out. It’s an extraordinary method to recognize items you may have missed on the web. Additionally, you can purchase as meager or as much as you’d like. Remember anyway that the vast majority of these sellers are go-betweens. The Yiwu wholesale marketplace is one of the biggest retail advertisements in China where you can discover a wide range of items at truly low costs.

Unlike China wholesale trade shows like Canton Fair or Global Sources which just happen two times every year, the Yiwu wholesale marketplace is open all through the year with the exception of certain Chinese festivals. What’s additionally unique is that the Yiwu is actually a spot where you can physically visit the merchandise and meet suppliers that are prepared to sell or deliver your desired products legitimately to your desired location.

At the end of the day, huge numbers of the merchandise are off the rack and prepared available to be purchased. As far as products are concerned, you can discover a lot of suppliers that sell common items like purses, materials, ornaments, watches at a truly low cost.

It’s likewise critical to take note of that the wholesalers at the Yiwu advertise are not makers. Rather, most vendors in the market are exchanging organizations or little retailers.

make a trip to china wholesale market

f. Sourcing companies

Finding an expert and solid partner to assist you with your importation in business is very normal. Particularly since the local experts have a better realization and idea of how to check the authenticity of the manufacturer in a local way.

They’ll have the option to assist you with determining the best manufacture in your industry and take you to the best supplier as well as give you some local business hacks. This sort of local, proficient sourcing company is precious. They can spare you a great deal of time and cash. is a sourcing company in China and it assists you in finding the most authentic manufacturers of your desired product in China as well as take you to the most proficient suppliers related to your field of interest. You can visit our official website and get access to the best-in-the-market suppliers and spare a lot of money, energy, and time without much of a stretch.

Chapter 4. What to Pay Attention to When Finding Reliable Chinese Suppliers?

Below, some tips on finding the best Chinese supplier will be given to help you solve problems during your searching.

a. Beware of scams

$100 for an iPhone X? This too great to even think about the offer is undoubtedly a trick. On the off chance that something doesn’t adjust to the rationale of the market, you should be increasingly cautious. In the acquisition of items of daily use, you don’t typically experience such silly things. For instance, you pay the cash to the supplier yet don’t get the product. Try not to stress! Most Chinese suppliers are currently doing real business.

Before submitting a request, you should make an in-depth analysis of the supplier from all perspectives prior to allowing them to send you sample products. In spite of the fact that you can’t totally keep away from the dangers, you should make a valiant effort to maintain a strategic distance from certain difficulties.

The difficulty that numerous trader experience is that the item quality of enormous products doesn’t coordinate the given samples. We EJET will offer you some guidance on conquering this issue.

reliable chinese suppliers

b. Communication

Time is all that matters and to save it a viable correspondence is necessary. In worldwide trade, correspondence and communication, for the most part, depends on Emails. In certain regions of Europe and America, the time difference is big, which may prompt postponed reactions. Utilizing a common communication medium can take care of this issue. Some Chinese suppliers may use Whatsapp or Skype, yet they probably won’t check the messages on time, while a few suppliers even don’t utilize them.

Language differences are also a major difficulty in finding Chinese suppliers. This will not only slow down your communication efficiency but also may cause unnecessary misunderstanding. You know, in international trade, a small mistake can also bring you a heavy blow. hem at all. However, if you seek help from us EJET, the problem of language differences can be easily solved. We have the most professional English speaking talents to serve as a powerful communication bridge between you and the suppliers.

c. Payment & Price

Suppliers with mastery in their field will, in general, grow quickly because of their relentless income. For organizations of any shape and size, income is the king and the deciding thing. This is particularly valid for online business organizations, for example, Amazon, and Shopify. Presently, how about we roughly figure out the cycle of capital turnover,

In the event that you need to develop your business from $100,000 per year to $1 million, it’s indispensable if suppliers can bolster you in finance. It will be testing to get their help at the outset. However, in the event that you reorder a similar item more than once, you can attempt to speak with your supplier and make progress towards a decent installment term.

A decent supplier can give you better installment terms. For the most part, there are three kinds of installment terms:

1) Wire Transfer (Pay 30% deposit before generation, pay 70% installment before shipment)

2) Wire Transfer ( Pay 30% deposit before generation, pay 70% parity installment before product lands at your national port)

3) LC and OA (Letter of credit and Open record)

payment and price you should be aware

d. Making product designs

In business, time management and exact information are precious. On the off chance that you are in the fashion business, you ought to consistently watch out for the new patterns and what items your rivals are selling. You should likewise step up and ask your supplier and talk to him about the latest market trends, and ask for recommendations for the best product designs. You need to get the most mainstream items just because to sell and gain more cash in any case. The supplier will keep on improving the item based on his clients’ demands. With everything taken into account, the data from your providers are likewise significant for your item designs.

e. Product quality

Quality Control is such a significant part of any manufacturing procedure. Regardless of whether it be from China or any other country in the world, it is surely one of the vital procedures that each item experiences.

QC (Quality Control) centers around reviewing the particulars and manufacturing procedures that your items will experience.

The principle thought behind having your items examined is to guarantee that they meet all the set necessities and to guarantee that you are not purchasing failure items. It dispenses with the danger of requesting an enormous number of flawed products.

There are three stages in the QC procedure, they are pre-production review, in-process examination, and pre-shipment examination. These means are not to be messed with if you need the final product of your item to be extraordinary.

product quality control

Illustration of quality control

f. Project duration supervision

During the project duration time of your first item, it’s implied that you should catch up during its manufacturing. All things considered, it is your brainchild and, this is the critical point in time.

This is the place where your inspection and follow-up abilities will come in exceptionally helpful. You doing this won’t just guarantee the quality of your product but minimize the delivery time also. A well-arranged and supervised item run will turn out the way you want it to be.

g. Transportation

Most purchasers have confronted postponed delivery date issues for their requests. Manufacturers in the USA, Europe, or Asia have confronted this issue and are probably going to face again later on. Numerous Chinese manufacturers still don’t have as requirements and a notoriety for being a German Manufacturer have for conveying the merchandise on schedule.

You don’t realize how important transportation proves to be in your business. Unnecessary delays might negatively affect your business. it is better to conduct a one-on-one discussion with your supplier about the delivery time and transportation and make sure that it doesn’t get late.

Chapter 5. EJET Sourcing: Help You Find the Best Reliable Chinese Suppliers in China

EJET is a sourcing company based in Yiwu and Guangzhou, China – the biggest China product trading and distribution centers, that offers you modified buying arrangements. We source, manage, and ship products sought after our buyers around the globe. Focusing on better exchanging we have been serving in excess of 1000 fulfilled clients from increasingly 50 nations.

Many a time it is difficult for a foreigner to work legitimately with a certified plant in China because of the language barrier and MOQ restrictions and so on. In the interim, there are heaps of ‘counterfeit’ manufacturing factories on the web, 90% of the providers you meet on the web or at nearby exchange fairs maybe just a typical exchange organization in China but you’re never mindful of it.

We, at Ejet, not only look into that matter but make sure that you don’t have to go through any fake suppliers and manufacturing factories. With years and years in experience and excellence in our field, We have been assisting our clients with everything that matters including Sourcing the best-in-the-field suppliers, designing and branding of your products, quality control, customized warehousing, and transportation services. We guarantee to provide you with the best possible solution to your problems and up-to-the-mark product designs.

We help you with business consultancy, our experts review the compliance programs and bring all risks and shortcomings into your notice which assist in better understanding of the trade requirements and provide prospects that help in the rapid growth of your business in China.