Don’t know where to find the cheapest and best Guangzhou glasses wholesale market?

Are you exploring the world’s top markets to import eyewear products?

Let EJET help you to answer these questions! Technology emerged rapidly and so has the eyewear glasses. With so many shapes and colors, eyewear glasses have become a trending product of fashion and style.

In the competitive world, finding the finest wholesale glasses market may become troublesome and challenging. However, Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale market is the best market to import glasses from.

This article is an ultimate guide for entrepreneurs who seek awareness on eyeglases trade occurring at the world’s leading market- Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale market.

It discusses markets in Guangzhou, leading manufacturers of eyeglasses, and pricing trends at Guangzhou Glasses Market.

Table of Content

Chapter 1. Why Choose Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market?

Chapter 2: TOP 5 Glasses Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou

Chapter 3. Why Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market becomes the Best Choice for buyers?

Chapter 4: Best 10 Manufacturers in Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market

Chapter 5: Eyewear Production Process – from IDEA to PRODUCTION

Chapter 6: Eyewear Categories at Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market

Chapter 7: Common Mistakes while Buying from Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market

Chapter 8: FAQs About Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market

Chapter 1. Why Choose Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market?


1. Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market for Eyeglass Frames

Guangzhou is a primary wholesale market where a jaw-dropping variety of eyewear products is displayed.

A wide range of eyewear goods, from optical frames to 3D glasses compels worldwide buyers to rush to this market and get the latest items to fill the shelves of their stores. You can easily get different eyewear accessories in the market such as:

  • Optical frames
  • Anti-slip eyeglass ear grips hook
  • Spectacle frames
  • Eyeglass chain
  • Adjustable eyewear retainer strap
  • Lenses
  • Rimless frames
  • Eyeglass nose pads

2. Flawless Finish Quality of Glasses at Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market

The market is showcased with frames possessing a flawless finish quality. There are not only many famous manufacturers in the market, but also a lot of testing agencies nearby those eyeglasses market.

For those people who are unsure about the quality of the products, just ask for inspecting the samples, then you will relieve.


For those buyers who want to import good-look frames from Guangzhou glasses wholesale market, they also can find high-quality hand-made frames here.

This kind of frame has finely fixed hinges, smooth transitions between frame front and temple and many details to show how its construction quality is. This finely finished quality attracts many consumers around the globe.

3. Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market for Long-lasting Hinges

Hinges are the only moving part in the eyeglasses hence they are inserted meticulously within the frame. High-quality hinges are used in most of the frames to prolong their life.

Guangzhou manufacturers produce hinges by different metallic materials such as high nickel alloy, nickel-copper alloy, titanium. These materials help transitions of the eyeglasses become more stable and the frames can service for long life.

4. Attention to Detail is given at Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market


Accuracy is the key characteristic of the eyeglasses available at the Guangzhou wholesale market. Attention given to each detail separates good designs at other markets from exceptional designs in Guangzhou.

5. Crystal Clear Lenses available at Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market

Clarity is king! This is what skilled manufacturers of these eyewear products believe in too. They create a perfect recipe of crystal clear lenses, beginning with suitable ingredients.

The manufacturers use the latest optical technology. Along with the production of frames, the construction of lenses is also done with accuracy and precision.

Chapter 2: TOP 5 Glasses Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou


1. Guangzhou Optical City

Guangzhou Optical City is a hub of countless eyewear products. If you want to wholesale a striking collection of spectacle frames and glasses at a reasonable price, then Guangzhou Optical City is probably the right place.

Hundreds of dealers are selling artistic eyewear products every day. International buyers look at this market to wholesale frames that are trending in their countries.

Address: No.260, Renmin Zhong Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

2. Guangdong International Glasses Trade Center

Besides showcasing prescription and optical eyeglasses, Guangzhou International Glasses Trade Center speaks of style and fashion. The collection of spectacle frames and sunglasses is irresistible.

You can find appealing eyewear products following the latest trends in the fashion industry. The market is huge encompassing a wide range of eyewear goods that you’ll probably love to have at your stores.


Address: No.313, Guangfu Zhong Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Google Rating for Guangdong International Glasses Trade Center: 3.0

3. Xinjiang Glasses City

Xinjiang is another famous name of Guangzhou whole market where numerous retailers visit and get their desired eyewear goods. You can get many ideas for your retail stores. You can find the latest sunglasses, optical and spectacle frames at Xinjiang Glasses city.

Address: 250 Renmin Zhong Road, Guangzhou

Google Rating for Xinjiang Glasses City: 4.5

4. Yuehe International Optical Center at Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market

Every day hundreds of merchants meet customers’ demand at Yuehe International Optical Center. Customers with demand for colors, types, and the number of glasses and frames visit this market and purchase goods in bulk.


Address: No. 322, Renmin Zhong Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Google Rating for Yuehe International Optical Center: 3.7

5. Fortune Optical & Accessories at Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market

Fortune Optical Center is another big name in the wholesale eyewear market. You can get an advanced range of eyewear accessories from the market.

Address: No.11, Dade Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Chapter 3. Why Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market becomes the Best Choice for buyers?


1. Guangzhou Eyeglasses Cluster Competition makes quality getting better

China follows a trend of building factories in the same region to manufacture a range of identical products. Hundreds of eyewear factories congregate to form clusters.

Production of similar products occurring in the same region solves above 90% of supply chain problems. Pallet space and shared containers cut down the cost drastically; making the transport cost affordable, deliveries more frequent, and access to raw materials easier.

In this circumstance, the culture of fierce competition among these clusters makes the quality of eyewear at Guangzhou better. Customers demand inexpensive eyewear of exquisite quality.

2. There are Better Raw Materials than Other Countries to Make Good-quality Eyeglasses


The quality of eyewear depends upon its raw materials. Acetate is a significant raw material of the eyewear industry and is favored by most customers worldwide. China is one of the biggest acetate-producing countries.

Although the China acetate industry started late in 2004 with a frail foundation but the quick development it made is remarkable. It was not easy to get a large share in the global acetate market.

Nowadays, more than 50 domestic acetate enterprises are located in Guangzhou and Wenzhou. Jinyu, Jimei, Jinliang are topmost acetate enterprises that deliver a full range of colors.

They produce various types of eyewear acetate including tortoiseshell, blacking, osmosis, joint board, etc. they further produce monochrome and multi monochrome products that are used in frames legs, and brackets.

After making 20 years of development in the eyewear acetate industry, China is capable of producing acetate products that are better than other countries’ manufacturers.

This development has reduced the eyewear production cost of eyewear manufacturers. Hence, merchants at spectacle frame China market can buy goods at a desirable rate.

3. Impartial Third-party Eyewear Inspection Laboratory around the Market


Multiple third-party eyewear inspection laboratories located near Guangzhou glasses wholesale market makes it the first choice of buyers who are particular about the quality.

Global expertise and local inspectors such as ‘Inspect for Less’ give buyers an impartial and unbiased opinion on the quality of products.

They also provide guidance on how to maintain their quality. All the services are provided without the buyers needing to be physically there. Licensed quality control inspectors carry out their job in Guangzhou on the behalf of the buyers.

For those buyers who worried about the quality of eyewear goods they are going to purchase from China, they don’t need to be Quality Control experts anymore. Third-party inspectors use quality control inspection checklists to verify the quality of your goods.

4. Factory Audits to find the Best Match Manufacturer in the eyewear industry

Searching for a worthy optical and sunglasses factory in China can be troublesome especially when you don’t have boots on the ground.

First of all, shortlisting of manufacturers is highly recommended by people around you, especially those experienced wholesalers. Next, you need to conduct an audit where the following points should be covered:

  • Factories’ basic information
  • Legal employment
  • Social compliance
  • Machinery management
  • Engineering and quality management system
  • Product quality and inspection services
  • Process capabilities
  • Defective rates

For a new or physically absent buyer, this can be a difficult task. No worries! Allow EJET Sourcing to take all these responsibilities and get the job done on your behalf. We’ll choose the best match manufacturers for you.

5. Rising Demand in eyewear improved Quality of Products


China is a significant manufacturer of eyewear goods. One main reason for becoming a leading producer is that it has the largest potential consumers of the eyewear industry.

The country has a very high rate of myopia. Where the global average is only 30%, 50% of China’s population is affected by Myopia.

People of China are becoming more possessive about the protection of their eyes while choosing eyewear. Besides being concerned about their eyesight.

consumers are also showing interest in how they look. Spectacles and sunglasses are becoming an imperative part of their fashion. This increased demand for eyewear compels the manufacturers to give attention to quality.

Chapter 4: Best 10 Manufacturers in Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market


This section briefs information on major manufacturers in Guangzhou wholesale glasses market.

1. Carl Zeiss Vision (China) Ltd

Carl Zeiss Vision (China) Ltd is located in Guangzhou, China. It operates optical instruments businesses. The Company produces optical instruments, optical glasses, and more. Carl Zeiss Vision (China) also develops materials science technologies, manufactures glasses, and other products.

  • Company’s information:

Estimated no. of employees working at the company: 700

Total companies in the corporate family: 840

Contact number: +86-2087490088

Address: No.1389, West Jiufo Road, Luogang District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province


2. Guangzhou Gaoke Optical Lens Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Gaoke Optical Lens Co., Ltd produces different glass products, include optical glass, lenses and related products as well as eyewear.

  • Company’s information:

Estimated no. of employees working at the company: 60

Contact number: +86-2084975662

Address: No.188, Shinan Highway, Huangge Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

3. Guangzhou Chaoyu Optics Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Chaoyu Optical Glasses Co., Ltd. Founded in 1995 year, their main business are Spectacles and parts. It offers spectacles, sunglasses, spectacles parts, myopia glasses and so on.

  • Company’s information:

Estimated no. of employees working at the company: 1000

Contact number: +86-2086846457

Address: Zhenxing Village, Shiling Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

4. Guangzhou Huadu Zongrong Eyeglasses Industry Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Huadu Zongrong Eyeglasses Industry, Ltd is well-know for manufacturing optical eyeglasses, plastic products and also glasses wholesale.

  • Company’s information:

Estimated no. of employees working at the company: 250

Contact number: +86-2086911625

Address: W. New Area, National Hwy. 107, Shiling Town, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

5. Guangzhou Minglang Glasses Technology Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Minglang Glasses Technology Co., Ltd is founded in 1961, the company has been producing and selling high-quality and fashion eyewear. As a famous eyewear retailer, Minglang Glasses is the sales agent of more than 30 big brand from all over the world.

  • Company’s information:

Estimated no. of employees working at the company: 341

Total companies in the corporate family: 5614

Contact number: +86-2037190111

Address: Room C407-C408, Supporting Service Bldg., No. 8 Kesheng Rd., Guangzhou PSTP, No. 1633 Beitai Rd., Baiyun Dist., Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

6. Guangzhou Dachun Trade Co., Ltd. Dachun Spectacles Factory

Guangzhou Huadu District Shiling Shenghui Glasses Factory Founded in 1992 year, It is the Manufacturer Trader main business are spectacle. It produces sunglasses, children glasses, safety glasses, special spectacles for chauffeur, computer radiation protection spectacle, Polaroid glasses, ski spectacles, etc.

  • Company’s information:

Estimated no. of employees working at the company: less than 50

Contact number: 020-86966071, 86966072

Address: No. 9, Industrial 2 St., Sandong Ind. Park, Sandong Village, Xinhua Town, Huadu, Guangzhou, Guangdong


7. Guangzhou Li-Tien Optical Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Li-Tien Optical Co., Ltd is located in Guangzhou, it provides the magnifying spectacle and non-prescription sunglasses manufacturing to worldwide buyers.

  • Company’s information:

Estimated no. of employees working at the company: 30

Contact number: +86-2086987203

Address: 2nd Industrial Zone, Shiling Town, Huadu Dist., Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

8. Guangzhou Huadu Baiju Optical Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Huadu Baiju Optical Co., Ltd is one of the most famous eyewear manufacturers in Guangzhou. Baiju Optical provides not only eyeglasses manufacturing service, but also packages and warehouses are part of their services.

  • Company’s information:

Estimated no. of employees working at the company: 150

Contact number: +86-2086854774

Address: No.3, Hebin (W) Rd., Shiling Town, Huadu Dist., Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

9. Guangzhou Look Optical Industrial Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Look Optical Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, its main business is sunglasses, optical frame, presbyopic glasses, swimming goggles, and lens. If you need this product, you can contact them.

  • Company’s information:

Estimated no. of employees working at the company: 100

Contact number: +86-2082915721

Address: No. 4, Huangbian North Rd., Huangbian Village, Xinshi Town, Baiyun, Guangzhou, Guangdong

10. Guangzhou Xianda Glasses Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Xianda Glasses Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 year, it is the manufacturer that main business are glasses.

  • Company’s information:

Estimated no. of employees working at the company: 700

Contact number: +86-20-86029134, +86-20-86029654

Address: Pingsha Road Section, Xinshi Town, Xinguanghua Highway, Baiyun, Guangzhou, Guangdong

Chapter 5: Eyewear Production Process – from IDEA to PRODUCTION


1. Come up with an IDEA

Each pair of glasses has a story of style and craft. Many professionals of respective expertise meet one another to produce something more than just eyewear good. From original idea to final production, all the stages are given the interest to bring out sought-after glasses that are praised globally.

In the initial stages of creating new models, the common goal is to portray inspiration from the world to create fabulous results. These results intercept present trends. For the creation of eyewear products, experts look at fashion, design, and architecture.

2. Design and Prototyping

Designing is a crucial phase to obtain the results that reflect the brand’s iconic model. There is a collaboration between the designers’ team and licensor to draft possible models. These models are then sketched in line with the visual language to get the result that expresses production excellence.


After this, begins the prototyping phase. For each product, a physical prototype is made. Artisans work meticulously at this stage. After approval of the prototypes, technical drawings are made. Along with the technical drawings, fundamental guidelines for the quality control process are also passed.

3. Material and Production

Raw materials such as acetate, steel, plastic, etc. are chosen. As per budget and requirement, raw materials are reserved for respective eyewear products. Manufacturers strive for high quality.

Every eyewear model has its specification for acetate. Hence, various acetate sheets are prepared according to the required size, thickness, color, and composition. These sheets are cut into strips to make rods and fronts.

Metalcore is inserted into the acetate templates. Metal is brought to a very high temperature using special machines to perfectly insert it into the acetate.

After successful insertion of metal, the customization of templates is done as per the design. CNC machines let this job done. Next, details like logos are applied.


The templates get cleaned and polished. Then they are assembled with the front panels. Templates and front are milled using a semi-automatic machine.

Acetate frames, metal frames, finishing elements are essential components in the production of spectacle frames for China wholesale. For frames, materials vary from nickel to steel.

High-precision automatic machines are allotted to each sector like 5-axis machining hubs for milling of lens fronts. Expert artisans use technical equipment. They are skillful enough to bring each detail into distinctive elements of the manufactured glasses.

The production of a pair of glasses has 60 phases where skilled hands make sure that execution passes the quality control steps too.

Chapter 6: Eyewear Categories at Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market


1. Wholesale Optical Frames China

Guangzhou is populated with a mind-boggling range of optical frames. You have a choice to navigate between so many colors, materials, prices and features of optical frames.

There is a whole array of optical frames to look at be its metal frames, titanium, beta-titanium, memory, stainless steel, or aluminum. Each material frame possesses unique features to help you stand against different environmental conditions.

On average, optical frames like this will cost you US $ 9-12 per piece at Guangzhou wholesale optical frames in China.

2. Spectacle Frames China Wholesale

Need to pop up your store with a wide range of spectacle frames? Guangzhou wholesale market is the right choice.


An attractive, trendy, smart collection of spectacle frames is available in the leading market of Guangzhou. A wide range is available for all face types. On average, spectacle frames will cost you US $ 4.8-5.6 per piece at Guangzhou.

3. Sunglasses Wholesale Market

Sunglasses are a key choice for any eyewear store. Whether biking on a sunny day, skiing down a rigid mountain, or sunbathing on a tropical beach, sunglasses can be a protective layer between you and the harmful particles while letting you enjoy the moment at the same time.

How cannot sunglasses be a significant part of fashion? For years, sunglasses have played a vital role in the fashion industry. Guangzhou displays a beautiful range of sunglasses suitable for men, women, and children. On average, sunglasses like these will cost you US $ 3.99-4.88 per piece.

4. Computer Anti-Radiation Glasses


Computer anti-radiation glasses possess vacuum ion plating technology. This advanced weapon blocks electromagnetic radiations from entering into the eyes, hence, making it the choice for many people who use computers daily. On average, computer anti-radiation glasses will cost you US $ 2.78-3.45 per piece.

5. 3D Glasses

3D glasses are an amazing tool of technology that has changed the vision of cinemas today. On average, 3D glasses will cost you the US $ 0.064-0.07 per piece at Guangzhou.

6. Contact Lenses

You can get comfortable eye contact lenses from many companies. These natural colored circle contact lenses can be obtained with customized logo packaging. Here are some specifications of a common eye contact lens:


  • The base curve between 8.4mm and 8.7mm.
  • Luminosity is less than -9.00center thickness of 0.24mm.
  • The soft material of the lens.
  • Diameter between 13.8mm to 14.5mm.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.

On average, they will cost you US $1.7-2.8 per pair in Guangzhou wholesale market.

Chapter 7: Common Mistakes while Buying from Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market


International customers often encounter hurdles while buying glasses and frames from the Guangzhou market. Some of them are mentioned below:

1.Guangzhou glasses wholesale market poor suppliers

The selection of poor suppliers can do worse to your importing activities. Before you sign an agreement with the chosen supplier, do some research on the production process that he’s going to follow. You should know where he is going to get the raw material from.

Speak to some other importers who also import eyewear products like glasses and frames. Ensure that the supplier runs your eyewear accessories through all quality and inspection procedures.

2. Running after highly consumed eyewear products

Many importers search for goods that are highly consumed and are an essential part of fashion. It means, they choose to buy frames and sunglasses that are common in many markets.

Therefore, competition is high for highly consumed goods. You should also purchase other goods to stand against the tough market, rather than buying highly consumed products in bulk.

3. Taking eyes off of the low-valued eyewear

Many importers ignore low-valued eyewear goods and choose complex frames and accessories. Complex eyewear goods can include frames and glasses made from expensive materials or require many sub-parts.


For such complex goods, you may need to contact more than one sub-supplier. The probability of receiving low-quality products increases this way.

Therefore, it is recommended to not run after only high-valued glasses frames but also to purchase low-valued eyewear accessories. Low-valued goods can bring you a low margin of error.

4. Mass production going wrong

When you decide to import from China for the first time, you may get too excited to place an order through the first supplier you find.

You may rush ahead and pay the order for the mass production of glasses frames and accessories. This way many importers put themselves at risk of fraud. Beware of any supplier who demands a big percentage of payment upfront.

A good way to proceed without the fear of fraud is to keep a check on the supplier. You can do it even if you are engaged with any e-commerce supplier by conducting at least an informal background check.

5. Communication gaps

There are a number of suppliers at spectacle frames China wholesale market, Guangzhou, who do not speak the English language.

Likewise, they are unfamiliar with the languages of their neighboring countries. This creates a communication barrier between sellers and buyers. A good idea is to seek the help of a translator for effective communication and bargaining.

Chapter 8: FAQs About Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market


1. Does the production of sunglasses need certification and testing?

Production of sunglasses needs certification. You are required to get certificates as sunglasses and optical frames are medical products.

Testing and inspection are also necessary before you import goods from China. Following are some countries mentioned with their specific certifications needed before importing products:

  • Australia: AS/NZS 1067:2003 certification
  • EU: EN ISO 12312-1 certification
  • Russia: GOST Certification
  • US: FDA, Drop Ball Test
  • Germany: TUV Certification

2. How can I find a trusted supplier for eyewear in China?

First of all, you should understand your interest to know the right supplier. Guangzhou is a dominant hub of glasses where you can easily find excellent suppliers. You also can find the supplier by B2B platforms.

EJET Sourcing reduces your stress and connects you to reliable suppliers.

3. Which website is the best to buy eyewear from Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market?

Many websites suggest you order wholesale glasses from Guangzhou. Some popular names are Alibaba, Made-in-China, and, etc.

Alibaba is considered the best among many buyers as it provides security and is user-friendly. It is an easy-to-access platform with the help of which eyewear products are exported in bulk from the Guangzhou wholesale glasses market.

4. How can I make my eyewear brand?

With some effort and much devotion, you can make your own eyewear brand. You can import glasses, spectacles, optical frames, sunglasses in bulk from China.

Print your brand logos on the products you sell. What’s more, many eyeglasses manufacturers also provide customize your own glasses and can combine your logo with the products.

Wholesaling in bulk is helpful in terms of running your business smoothly. With smooth sourcing of eyewear goods through EJET Sourcing, you can set up your own brand name easily.


Now, you might have decided to grow your eyewear business by importing products from China. And according to above information for the Guangzhou eyeglasses market, you can have a clear understanding of how to import from the Guangzhou wholesale market.

If there are any other confusions, find a professional sourcing agent like EJET Sourcing. EJET Sourcing is a known sourcing company in China. Believe in us for carrying import activities on your behalf. We will take all the hassles and you’ll receive desired products within a short duration of time.