Understanding Of Guangzhou

If you are buying from China, then you must come to Guangzhou. Guangzhou has the largest fair in China — the Canton Fair, and has a large number of wholesale markets, such as the Guangzhou furniture market, Guangzhou lighting market, and Guangzhou clothing market. You also like to see Guangzhou shopping places.


Situated on Pearl River Delta in southern China, Guangzhou has been an important trading port for 2000 years. In ancient times, Guangzhou was the starting point of Maritime Silk Road, and export goods to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Nowadays, Guangzhou has witnessed a rapid development in its industry and trade, and has become one of the largest export center and a must visit city in the World. In 2019, the foreign trade has reached a number of 140 billion USD in Guangzhou. Around 2.8 million foreigners visited Guangzhou and approximately 90,000 permanent foreign residents are living in Guangzhou.

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Guangzhou Guide

In Guangzhou, the center of the world’s manufacturing powerhouse, more and more foreigners are pouring in to fulfill their Chinese dream. Guangzhou has thus won the name of Capital of the Third World. Guangzhou is a city both appropriate for business and traveling. We firmly believe you will discover the wonderful life in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Guangdong Province is the most developed area and the manufacturing hub in China. Each city in Guangdong has its own pillar industry. You could get products at the best price from these wholesale markets.


Guangzhou Transportation

Guangzhou, together with HongKong and Shenzhen, is considered the top 5 metropolis in China. The transportation among these cities is the busiest in China, and you have plenty options to travel between them.


Shopping In Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a shopping paradise in Southern China, especially for cheap clothing and jewelry. There are a lot shopping streets or malls to go at night, such as, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Taikoo Hui, etc.


Guangzhou Cuisine

if you take a look at Guangzhou’s local cuisine, you’ll be amazed that the food is scrumptious that also deserves a food trip. There is a wide selection of refreshing and nutritious Guangzhou cuisines to be explored in Guangzhou ….


Guangzhou Hotel

Guangzhou is a global city that many international hotel group, such as Shangrila, Four seasons, Marriotts, Grand hyatt, or Chinese domestic hotel brands have chain hotels in Guangzhou. You will have a lot of choices here.


Guangzhou Fair

Canton Fair, held every spring and autumn in Guangzhou, is regarded as the largest and the most important trade Fair in China. It has become a must-attend event for both sellers and buyers across the world.


Guangzhou Weather

Guangzhou has won the name of Flower capital in China. The city is warm and humid all the year round with abundant rainfall and sufficient sunshine. Summer time is long with frequent thunderstorm, and winter time very shot.


Guangzhou Map

The urban city of Guangzhou is overwhelmingly huge. Without a guiding map at hand, you are very likely to get lost at the street. No matter you are here with business purpose or for traveling, Guangzhou map is a neccesity at hand.


Entertainment in Guangzhou

The urban city of Guangzhou is overwhelmingly huge. Without a guiding map at hand, you are very likely to get lost at the street, no matter you are here with business purpose or for traveling.

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Guangzhou Guide: Your Ultimate Complete Guide


Guangzhou city is one of the biggest cities located in the center of southern China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou New Airport is a major international airport in China. There are flights to all cities in China and some countries.

We listed below all the information you need to know about Guangzhou when you are planning to come to visit, the Guangzhou guide is the ultimate guide you need to guide your trip to China.

guangzhou city

Guangzhou has grown rapidly as the province’s financial, administrative and export hub, It is one of China’s most important export centers.

The Guangzhou Expressway is also well developed. The road stretches everywhere. The water transport system is also important, Port Huangpu is a large important port in the south of China.

Guangzhou Transportation

The city of Guangzhou offers various modes of transport, Plane, Bus, Taxi, subway.. to choose from.


It is about 28 kilometers from the city center where the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport located, it is among the top three busiest airports in China. It provides almost 123 connections, mostly national (86) between Canton and the main cities of China such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Xian.

plane transportation guangzhou

In addition, all major cities in the world can be reached within 15 hours. Its air network covers the countries of South and Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Burma, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia) while long-haul flights connect Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, and Lagos.

The bus

 more than 60 lines run in the various areas of the city and the periphery. This mode of transport is economical: count 2 yuan for the ticket, the bus is air-conditioned. The service is provided from 5.30 am to 6 pm some buses can be late until 12.00 or even 24/h service.


A taxi is a popular form of transportation in Guangzhou and all other cities around China. Nearly more than 3,000 vehicles crisscross the city. The prices are around 2.5 yuan the first kilometers and 2 yuan the following, but prices increase at night. Knowing a few words of Chinese is recommended, as most drivers do not speak English.


The metro network crosses a good part of Canton. The ticket price varies between 2 yuan and 12 yuan. Currently, lines 1 and 2 that cross the city center, from east to west and north to south, respectively, are most convenient for tourists.

Guangzhou Maps

Before traveling to Guangzhou city it is better that you take a look at the map of the city to see and have a clear idea about the city and the sites or market you are planning to visit to avoid wasting time and costs.

Guangzhou map

Guangzhou Weather

With lots of sun and rain during the year, Guangzhou is located in an area with a humid subtropical climate, without snowfall over the past hundred years. The long, wet and burning summer contrasts with mild sunny winters


From March to May, marks the beginning of the rainy season with precipitation, especially in April and May (bring a jacket in March and light clothing for this season).


The city has long hot weather and humid summer with an average temperature of 29 ° C from June to early October, and the hottest in July and August, with the highest temperatures reaching 30 ° C.


It is one of the special times of the year to visit Canton fair, fall begins in mid-October and ends in early December, it characterized by relatively sunny and cool weather with little rainfall.

weather rain

The average temperatures vary from month to month, in October between 20 ° C and 28 ° C, and between 16 ° C and 24 ° C are recorded in November while varying between 11 ° C and 20 ° C in December.


Mild, dry, and cold winter remain one of the best times of the year to visit the exhibition of Canton fair.

Guangzhou Hotels

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

hotels building

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou is one of the best hotels in Guangzhou and the world, Located in the city center with a modern accommodation that inspired by oriental cultures, it decorated in soothing tones, the hotel offers an indoor pool, 7 different restaurants with hot tubs and free Wi-Fi throughout.

Check here for more info

Park Hyatt Guangzhou

With an indoor pool, a gym, and a spa at the 63rd floor, Park Hyatt Guangzhou features an open-air rooftop bar on the 70th floor Located in the heart of Zhujiang New Town’s central business district, also Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the premises.

Check here for more info

White Swan Hotel

In the center of the historic district of Guangzhou, The White Swan Hotel welcomes you on Shamian Island in historic European style, along the Pearl River (Zhu Jiang) and It has a well-equipped gym, a spa salon, and an outdoor pool.

Check here for more info

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Guangzhou

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Guangzhou Located in Guangzhou city center, offers an outdoor pool, a wellness center, a fitness center, a solarium and soothing massage services.

Check here for more info

The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou

the Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou is a luxury destination in central south China that Located in the heart of the new city of Pearl River in the Tianhe district,.

Check here for more info

Guangzhou Restaurants

restaurants guangzhou

Binsheng Pinweiporc lacquered

The city has a lot of kinds of restaurants and Binsheng one is an old restaurant of Cantonese cuisine that ensures the quality and quantity of the food served including cold dishes, fried foods, or soups.

Wuxi Tea Lounge Restaurant

Whatever the environment, the food served in this restaurant vigorously remembers Hong Kong’s flavors. It is an authentic restaurant with a Hong Kong tea room.

Le Grand Frere Restaurant

Creamy or classic milk tea with high-quality service reflects an atmosphere similar to the financial markets, even the standard of food remains the same in Hong Kong.

Western cuisine restaurants

The very special menu combines harmonious western dishes and Chinese cuisine, making this restaurant distinctive and elegant with a simple atmosphere enjoying a reputation from Prime Minister Zhou Enlai who appreciates this Western cuisine.

The Olive Garden

the Jardin D’Olive specializes in French provincial cuisine, with an open-air garden surrounded by greenery, here is the best place where you can taste typical French cuisine, different dishes, different tastes, pizza with authentic French taste is highly recommended here.

Shopping In the City

shopping building guangzhou

Mariche of Antiquities of Xiguan

This market contains many shops valued by collectors. We sell everything from ceramic teapots to Tibetan blankets.

Address: 88 rue Wenchang Nan, Quartier Liwan

Qingping Market

Very popular with the local population, the Qingping market has hundreds of stores or food stalls, herbs, seafood but also birds, pets, flowers, and other plants for sale … The local population of the district neighbors shops for groceries at the market. It is worth spending a little time wandering around this market and visitors can observe the way the local people live on a daily basis. Prepare to discover places in poor health, animal abuse, and an abundant crowd.

Address: 92 rue Qingping, Quartier Liwan

Jade Street

Rue du Jade hosts thousands of small shops selling jade items. Foreigners may have difficulty finding this street.

Address: Changshou and Wenchang streets; close to the pedestrian street of Shangxiajiu. To get there, you can take metro line 1 and get off at Chang Shou street. You can also tell the taxi driver.

Yuansheng Artisans Street is the largest market for handicrafts made from ceramics or jade. Nearly a thousand stores offer quality crafts including Jingdezhen porcelain, pottery in dark red enamel from Yixing, Shoushan stones from Fujian, Burma jade and so on….

Address: Rue Wenchang Nord, Quartier Liwan

shopping guangzhou


Guangdong Province owes its reputation as an industrial and export region. One of China’s coastal cities open to foreign investment, Guangzhou has grown rapidly as the province’s financial, administrative and export hub. The latter is particularly known for its export-oriented industry and its electronic products. Visitors who want to buy inexpensive electronic equipment, clothing, computers, and thousands of other products will find this location ideal. It is one of China’s most important export centers, and in the major wholesale markets, you can see thousands of African businessmen buying from china. There are the best supermarkets in China and thousands of outlets for various products, so why not check out what’s available in Guangzhou and take it with you.

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