In the daytime, Cantonese leads a busy life at a rapid pace, and the nightlife in Guangzhou is colorful and exciting. Guangzhou night entertainment will not disappoint you. Be it the vibrant bar streets, creative theaters, or pearl river cruise, you will find different options here.

Here we make an extensive list of the Guangzhou night entertainment places that are bound to make your vacation a memorable one. Let’s explore the best places for fun and entertainment now!

1. Pearl River Cruise

The Pearl River, the largest river in southern China and the third-largest in China, measures 2129 kilometers (about 1243 miles) in length and covers an area of 453,690 square kilometers. Its name is said to be derived from a huge boulder in the river bed. The rock, with the name of ‘Sea Pearl’, is so round and smooth that it looks like a large and shining pearl.

The Pearl River was nominated as one of the Eight Sights of Guangzhou, and the best of Guangzhou night entertainment. There are ten bridges connecting the south and north banks of the Pearl River and Fangcun District. There are lots of star-grade hotels and commercial buildings skyscrapers standing on both banks of the river. When the night falls, both banks are lit brightly and joined occasionally by the bright moon hanging in the sky.

When traveling around Guangzhou, it is suggested that visitors take a night cruise travel from the west to the east elegantly on the Pearl River. Many visitors are impressed by the splendid night view of the river. Standing among the skyscrapers, you could have a lot of photo opportunities. Do not miss this gem in Guangzhou.


  • Passports are needed in purchasing tickets.
  • The disembark dock will be the same at Dashatou Dock.
  • If you book tickets online or through your travel agent, it is wise to take the ticket from the ticket office at least 30 mins before the ship departs.
  • The fares vary from 58 to 1380 CNY depending on your packages, such as deluxe sightseeing seats with quality coffee & snacks, ordinary seats, etc.
  • Children above 1.2m are required with an adult ticket.
  • During holidays or peak seasons, there is a slight rise in cost.

2. Guangzhou Opera House

The Guangzhou Opera House is a magnificent traditional Chinese opera with a capacity of 1804 guests. Inaugurated in 2010, the Guangzhou Opera House is the largest performing arts theatre in southern China and is among the top three biggest theatres in the entire nation. The glass-covered steel frame and the exposed granite structure give the building a unique look, much like two rocks washed ashore by the Pearl River.
With an area of seventy-thousand square meters, this majestic opera house looks stunning at night with all the luminaries. While the 1800-seater main auditorium has modern acoustics, the 400 seaters multi-purpose hall is for small-course performances, concerts, and opera.

Opening Hours: 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM. If you book on TripAdvisor, canceling at least 24 hours in advance before the show will ensure you a full refund.

Bus Route: take bus line 407 to stop Guangzhou Opera House West Gate

Address: 1 Zhujiang W Rd, Tianhe Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 510620

3. Chimelong International Circus

Chimelong International Circus is put on a show every day in Chimelong Tourist Resort. It is the first circus that uses live-action circus stages around the world. Chimelong International Circus has been the world’s largest and permanent circus, and has witnessed ten million guests since its opening in 2000.

The circus features more than 300 award-winning performers from over 20 countries in Asia, America, Europe and Africa, along with 500 animals of 40 different species.

Opening hours: 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (circus show starts from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.). You can get into the stage 1.5 hours in advance to wait for the start of the performance.

4. Guangzhou Pubs and Bars

At night, the bars are one of the busiest places. You may want to get a drink in a bar, and see what local people usually do at night. Life in Guangzhou is quite busy with work pressure. The bar is a good choice after a day’s work. We list some of the famous bar streets, such as Huaishi Road, Yanjiang Road, Bai’E Tan barstreet, etc.

a. Bai’E Tan Bar Street

The buildings in Bai’E Tan Bar Street are of the European classical architectural style. The continental designed houses and scenery is unique in the country. European style buildings, bell towers and water tower windmill make this place beautiful. Visitors could experience the unique view of Guangzhou here. The price of drinks here is much cheaper than other places. But it is a little bit far away from the central area, the public transport is not so convenient. Although Subway Line 1 can take you directly to the place, but if you come back to late to the downtown, it might not be very convenient.

b. Bar Street at Yanjiang Road

A lot of bars on the street are transformed by old buildings, which is quite distinctive. For example, the Flower Street 90 is located around the corner of South Liberation Road. Many years ago it was a deserted plant, and later through planning, you can enjoy the night into the open-air. Bars along the road features following the trend of fashion with advanced facilities and new games. The transport is very convenient and you can enjoy the fantastic Night View of the Pearl River.

c. Ba Ti Bar Street

Ba Ti Bar Street is close to the Brewery of the Pearl River, and across the Zhujiang New Town and Haixinsha Island. And it is near to Guangzhou Tower, consulates area of Asian countries, Pazhou International Exhibition Center.Here has the perfect combination of creative arts, beer culture and entertainment. It is sounding by beautiful Pearl River view, and neat to Zhujiang- Inbev International Beer Museum. In the daytime, you can bask in the sunshine with comfortable blowing wind, admire all kinds of creative arts exhibitions, and learn the beer culture. At night, you can enjoy fresh beer, attractive night view and cuisines from all over the world here.

d. Huaishi Road Bar Street

Location: Huaishi Road, Tianhe District, one of the best Guangzhou night entertainment, there are many bars from west to the east in Huaishi Road. The majority of people spending the night here are foreigners who work in this area, especially black people. At night in weekends, a large number of foreigners gather here, which make this place like a downtown district in western countries. When some important football matches in the year are held, some bars in the street will spare special area for those who love to watch the matches. The distinctive feature of this bar street is that almost all bars are separated blocks of garden villas.The above are recommended things to do at night in Guangzhou for your reference. Hope you enjoy your nightlife time in Guangzhou.

5. Guangzhou Massage Centers

a. Zutai Service Centre 足泰服务中心

Zutai provides foot massages at reasonable price. Their massages combine physical massage with medicine therapy, with some programs aimed at the treatment of maladies such as tiredness, inflammation and beriberi. They are well stocked with herbal extracts.

b. International Royal Spa and Diner 皇室国际美食水疗会

This luxurious spa in Nanyang Hotel in northeast Guangzhou makes every attempt to do it all. Along with medium to high level massages, they provide sauna, spa and a beauty salon, with a wide variety of freebies for customers. Their massage include Chinese, Japanese, Thai styles and a variety of oil massages. Head, shoulder, and foot massages are their most economical service at 58 RMB an hour.

c. Shengtaosha Leisure Club圣淘沙休闲阁

Shengtaosha offers Chinese massage and Thai sauna experience. Common freebies such as beverages and fruit are provided, and the prices certainly are friendly.

d. Blue Coast International Spa Club 蓝色海岸国际水会

In their own words, they are “decorous, clean and splendid”. Along with common varieties of massages, Blue Coast International Spa Club offers the “Mineral Stone” massage that classify it a good Guangzhou night entertainment, which will leave you reclining with rocks of varying temperatures all along your body and the masseuse working on your “acupoints”. This technique is expected to increase circulation and relieve muscle pain. Spa customers also get treated with food, movies, and a gym.