China ranks first among countries with a high population density and occupies an important position in industrial and commercial activity at the global level, as Chinese goods are widely spread all over the world, and Guangzhou is one of the most famous Chinese cities that export these commodities.

Guangzhou is distinguished as one of the most famous commercial cities among buyers and importers in China, similar to other cities, Yiwu, and Shenzhen as an example, where there is a huge amount of commercial goods at low cost and very cheap prices.

In this city, a lot of Chinese wholesale markets, some of them are among the largest wholesale markets for small and varied goods in the world, and among these markets, we mention: the furniture market, this market specializes in selling different types of furniture to meet all needs, as it is characterized by the ideal marketing environment and services for importers, which attracts a huge number of buyers overseas.

To make sourcing these markets safer and easier, we have listed the best sourcing agents in Guangzhou below:

Table of Content

Chapter 1: EJET Sourcing Company
Chapter 2: Guangzhou Sourcing Agent
Chapter 3: Fami Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou
Chapter 4: China Sourcelink Company
Chapter 5: Tanny Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou
Chapter 6: ShangJin Sourcing Agent
Chapter 7: Amanda Intl Group Company
Chapter 8: Langdi Entreprise Limited
Chapter 9: Guangzhou John Sourcing Agent
Chapter 10: Gender Group Guangzhou Sourcing
Chapter 11: Goal running Sourcing Agent
Chapter 12: Vita Sino Guangzhou Sourcing Company
Chapter 13: Bling sourcing  Agent
Chapter 14: Sermondo Sourcing Company
Chapter 15: Leeline Sourcing Agent
Chapter 16: FAQs about Guangzhou agent

Chapter 1: EJET sourcing company

EJET Sourcing was established in 2005 and have 2 offices both in Yiwu and Guangzhou, However, within 13 years, it expanded its reach throughout Asia. Therefore, the company is a respected sourcing agent in Yiwu and Guangzhou both with positive feedbacks from the company’s online and offline customers.

As the sourcing agent in Yiwu, EJET Sourcing offers full stop services and solutions to help buyers and importers to handle all aspects of sourcing products in Guangzhou or all over China.

EJET Sourcing can act as your partner in China and chain manager by overseeing a large number of factories and assisting with product design, raw material sourcing, and production process planning.

Services Provided:

*Sourcing From Guangzhou

*Product Development including:

-Trending Product Service

-Amazon FBA Service

-Quality Control and Inspection

-Customize Products  Service


-Shipping From China

*Trade Assurance

*Extra Services

*Supply Chain Management

Chapter 2: Guangzhou sourcing agent

Guangzhou Agent was established more than a decade ago to be one of the leading sourcing agents in Guangzhou providing efficient, high-quality comprehensive solutions and services to customers. Since the birth of Guangzhou Agent in 2009, it has continued to work closely with a large group of customers than ever before in the world, which has enhanced the quality and reduced the manufacturing costs in the process.

guangzhou sourcing agent

Their main goal is to help small businesses. Medium and large customers of all sizes benefit from the tremendous potential of China’s risk-free manufacturing industry and remove the burden of product searches in China sourcing, negotiations … etc.

Services Provided:

*Supplier Sourcing & Due Diligence

*Private Label Development and Manufacturing

*Sustainable Fashion Development & Manufacturing

*Inspection and Quality Control

*Shipping from China is easier than you thought Worldwide Shipping Solutions

*Private Label Drop Shipping

*Amazon FBA Seller Services

*Create OEM  and handle trademarks

*Intellectual Property & Legal Support

*Guided Factory & Fair Tours

Chapter 3: Fami sourcing agent in Guangzhou

As one of the leading sourcing agents in Guangzhou China, Fami Sourcing designs customized supply chain services and solutions for everyone who wants to start purchasing and importing products from China, Fami source products, control the production and delivery of goods ordered by clients all over the world.

fami-sourcing agent in guangzhou

if you are an Online Sellers who sell items on Amazon, eBay, Shopify making a profitable online business is not easy with the huge competition in the field for that Fami will help you to handle the hassle of importing from China and make the process very easy step by step.

if you are a Startup brand, the company will help you to build up your own brand with private labeling to turn your ideas into reality.

Services Provided:

*Product Sourcing Service

*Manufacturer Verification

*Production Follow-Up

*Order Consolidation

*Quality Control Service

*Amazon FBA Prep Service

*Warehousing and Storage

*Shipping and Delivery

*Custom Packaging and Package Design

*Local Business Guide and Extra Services

Chapter 4: China sourcelink company

China Sourcelink is established as a global supplier of supply chain solutions in the position of clients looking seeking to buy and import products from china.

As a leading company in supply chain management, the company plays three important and distinct roles in the supply chain for our customers: Sourcing from manufacturers, Quality control, and inspector and shipment.

cnsourcelink guangzhou agent

With extensive experience in a wide range from sourcing to shipping, China Sourcelink offers different services as below that meet your specific needs through their global presence.

Services Provided:

*Sourcing and Procurement

*Contract Manufacturing

*OEM/ODM services

*Logistics and Freight Forwarding

*Warehouse and Fulfillment

Chapter 5: Tanny sourcing agent in Guangzhou

As a Chinese Guangzhou Sourcing Agent, Tanndy Ltd was established in 2006 in Guangzhou China and provides a one-stop solution for buyers who want to source, buy, inspect, consolidate, and ship from China, the company aims to help importers to buy from China easy and safe.

tanndy sourcing agent in gunagzhou

The company can also do other services like machinery, prefab houses, a T-shirt … etc, the main concept of Tanndy as a sourcing agent in Guangzhou is to help customers purchase from manufacturers in order to reduce costs and at the same time protect on behalf of clients.

Services Provided:

*Sourcing & Buying Service

*Building Materials Buying

*Following orders

*Quality control and Inspection



*Guangzhou Local Guide

*Shipping from China

Chapter 6: ShangJin sourcing agent

ShangJin Sourcing agent in Guangzhou is a service company in china for sourcing good products, find the right suppliers, guide clients in the market, arrange to purchase, and wholesale buying with shipping service to the final destination.

shangjin sourcing agen guangzhou

The company has 2 offices in Guangzhou and Ningbo, this improves the serviceability of the ShangJin sourcing agent to guide buyers for purchasing wholesale products in different markets either in Guangzhou or other markets over China.

Services Provided:

*Sourcing Service

*Quality Control Service


* Shipping

*Custom Clearance Assistant

Chapter 7: Amanda Intl Group company

As one of the sourcing agents in China, Amanda also has an office in Guangzhou as an agent, with more than 10 years of experience in the field, Amanda INTL Group can provide you the best stop solutions and services that can help you sourcing from Guangzhou markets and all over China with the affordable prices.

amanda sourcing agent in guangzhou

Because the company serves overseas importers and buyers  Amanda’s staff has multiple language translators to offer and assist clients with different nationalities  ​​to guide them and communicate in the market to make the sourcing and buying process easier.

Services Provided:

*Sourcing products

*Guide in Guangzhou Markets

*Follow your orders

*Quality Control


*Extra Service

Chapter 8: Langdi Enterprise Limited

On August 12, 2008, LANGDI ENTERPRISE LIMITED was founded as a sourcing company based in Hongkong, it has an operational office in Guangzhou, China to be a door to the Chinese market.

langdi sourcing agents in guangzhou

With a professional and experienced team, the company can assist you in sourcing and buying from China to meet your needs, the company clients are from Europe, America, Middle East, Asia, and the Middle East.

LANGDI ENTERPRISE LIMITED aims to help buyers to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that looking to reduce the costs of their products by outsourcing from China.

Services Provided:

*Factory evaluation

*Quality control

*Factory inspection

*Sourcing inspection

*Shipping and logistics

Chapter 9: Guangzhou John sourcing agent

Guangzhou John is one of China’s sourcing agent company located in Guangzhou and aims to help small companies to source products from China, it guarantees the quality of items that clients source at the lowest costs.

The company’s mission is to grow with clients to achieve a profitable partnership and to help its clients succeed in business in the short and long term.

jhon trade gunagzhou

The company always and diligently works to expand the services that are offering and product categories of the company, hoping to meet the different needs and requirements of customers, Guangzhou Jhon Offers sourcing and logistics solutions that can assist clients to buy and import from China easily.

Services Provided:

*Sourcing Items

*Factory Audit

* logistics solutions

Chapter 10: Guangzhou sourcing company

Guangzhou sourcing is an international agent procurement office, located in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province. Through their multinational team, the company provides the Western understanding and business culture, while on the ground in China to ensure your demands are met and fit your needs.

guangzhou sourcing agents

With multiple spoken languages: English, German, Dutch, Chinese, and Cantonese, which enables the company to be the bridge between your operation and the manufacturer/suppliers.

Services Provided:

*Full Sourcing Solution

*Procurement Management for Construction Projects

*Hospitality Supply Procurement

*Procurement Consultancy

*Quality Managementl

*Shipping and Logistic

Chapter 11: Goal running sourcing agent

GoalRunning is one of the Chinese sourcing agents in Guangzhou that offers one full stop service and solutions for buyers to source and import products from China.

The company is a local team that can guide you in Guangzhou markets and help you to source and finds the right products that fit your needs.

goalrunning sourcing agent guangzhou

Because of years of experience in the field, they will handle and follow your order processing, quality inspection, shipment process, and develop new reliable suppliers.

they also support eBay, Amazon, Wish, or other platforms if you are an online seller, the company can help you find the best deals in Guangzhou, both for B2B and B2C business.

Services Provided:

*Sourcing service

*Quality Inspection Service

*Factory Audit

*Market Guide

*Shipment arrangement

Chapter 12: Vita Sino Guangzhou sourcing agent

Owned by Chinese and European owners, Vita Sino was registered in Hong Kong in 2011 and is headquartered in Guangzhou to help and assist overseas clients in Mainland China since 2005.

vitasino sourcing agent guangzhou

The company has excellent knowledge of Guangzhou wholesale markets, which can help customers to source and buy in these markets easily and safely, the goal is always to make sure you get the best help possible that customers can get to avoid any problems and make a successful business in China.

Services Provided:

*Sourcing and Factory inspection

*Service Purchase



*Inspection and Quality Control

*Logistics and Shipping

Chapter 13: Bling sourcing agent

Blingsourcing as a professional sourcing agent in Guangzhou China, it aims to help you find the right suppliers, the right price, follow-up production, ensure the quality of your items, and arrange to ship to your country to make the importing from China easier.

Once the company receives your product requirements,  their sourcing team will help you sourcing products and get the manufacturer’s best price and best quality that respect your inquiry.

blingsourcing agent guangzhou

If you are looking to make your product idea real, the company can help you customize the product which turns your ideas into reality, also you can get your samples if you need to check the quality and make sure that is the right product you are looking for.

Services Provided:

*Product Sourcing




*Order Follow Up

*Quality Inspection


Chapter 14: Sermondo sourcing company

If you are an online seller on Amazon or any other platform, Sermondo can help you to find the best and most experienced service providers from all over the world to build and expand your eCommerce business successfully.

semondo sourcing agent guangzhou

As we all believe that e-commerce is the future and an opportunity that every online seller who takes their business seriously, must find a reliable sourcing agent and Sermondo is one of them.

Services Provided:


*Quality Checks

*Warehousing and Storage

*AMZ Consulting

*FBA Prep

*Trademark Registration


*Other Services

Chapter 15: Leeline sourcing agent

As one of the sourcing agents in China, Leelinesourcing has offices in Yiwu and Guangzhou, the company is registered in Hong Kong in 2009, and started to provide sourcing services for small and medium-sized businesses.

LeelineSourcing services fully cover everything that any buyer and importer need to obtain from Guangzhou or all of China. With an experienced team, the company can source the right products that you may be looking for that meet your needs.

leelinesourcing agent guangzhou

Their agents have great knowledge and experience within the Guangzhou markets or any market in China and using the right method as well as find the right supplier that can offer the right product.

Services Provided:

*Amazon Seller Facilities

* Product Acquisition

*Brand Label

*Quality Inspections

* Packaging Service

* Product Pictures



Although there are many sourcing agents in Guangzhou to help new buyers and importers buy from China, it is imperative to determine what type of products you are looking for first, what suitable agent could be your partner during the buying process to avoid any problems that may arise during the process.
For this source, EJET Sourcing offers you a comprehensive solution that can help you source The easiest and most secure way to make your business successful.

Chapter 16: FAQs about Guangzhou agent

guangzhou city

1. Where is Guangzhou City?

Guangzhou city is one of the cities in the east of the Asian continent, specifically in the south-central part of China, and administratively affiliated to Guangdong Province, and it is located on the Pearl River, one hundred and twenty kilometers from the northwestern side of Hong Kong, and a hundred and forty-five kilometers from the side.

It is bordered by the northern and northwestern sides by Qingyuan, on the western and southwestern sides of Foshan, on the eastern side by Huizhou, on the northeastern side by Zhaoqing, and on the southeastern side by Dongguan, and the total area of ​​the city reaches seven thousand four hundred and thirty-four square kilometers. More than thirteen million people live in the city.

What is a Sourcing Agent Company?

Why Do You Need  Sourcing Agents?

What Services Do Guangzhou Agents Offer to Clients?

How Much is Guangzhou Agent Sourcing Commission?

How do You Identify a Good Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou?

How do I find a Reliable Sourcing agent in Guangzhou?

Are There Benefits Dealing With Guangzhou Sourcing Agents?

How EJET Sourcing Makes Sourcing From Guangzhou Easier?

Why Can EJET be My  Guangzhou Sourcing Agent?

What Distinguishes Guangzhou From Other Cities?

Why Should I Choose EJET Sourcing Instead of Other Agents in Guangzhou?

Guangzhou Wholesale Markets to Source Products From 

2. What is a Sourcing Agent Company?

A Sourcing company agent assists overseas companies that are seeking of sourcing products in China and supplies at low prices so they can save money on production, this means that the sourcing agent is responsible for finding good quality products that fit clients’ requirements and specifications.

what is sourcing agent

Not only that, but also the sourcing agent can provide many services that depend on the customer’s needs, such as product sourcing, factory audit, production follow-up, integration, quality control, and inspection, market guide, Amazon service, logistics, and other additional services. It can help and expand your business.

3. Why Do You Need Sourcing Agents?

Sourcing agents in Yiwu, Guangzhou, or Across China plays an important role in international procurement activities. Whether it is a large, medium, or small company, individual buyers or partners, there are a lot of issues that must be dealt with in order to reduce the waste of time and costs. Hence, hiring a qualified sourcing agent is a very beneficial decision and great importance for your business. Here some tips to know when you deal with an agent in China.

Did you encounter any difficulties when importing products from China?

A sourcing agent will be the right decision for any new buyers to import from China, hire an agent in Guangzhou will help you to overcome all these problems that may cost your money and time.

Delivery date delayed due to the inability of the factory to complete the order on time or the difference in quality from the sample examined before placing the order?

Sometimes you have signed a contract with your supplier which may be a company or manufacturer and is ready to receive your order, after receiving the order and finish the production, you may get bad news at the last moment when you discover that some important certificates required for import are missing, the design you want is not the same as other specifications may not be The same that was agreed upon.

-The buying agent is on the same side as the buyer

An agent assists you in finding the right market to source your products from, the right factory that can supply your items, negotiating the price on your behalf before placing the order, conduct quality control and inspections during and after production.

– You will be tricked by suppliers in the production process if you do not control and inspect

If you have a local sourcing agent that can assist you with the inspection process before, during, and after the production process. such as checking the qualifications of suppliers and factories, Make sure how much the supplier is reliable and worth work to be your partner,  determine the actual bank account before paying the order, control the production progress after ordering, make reports about each phase of production and handle the shipping step in the end.

-Chinese agents know better than foreigners

It will save the cost of communication time, otherwise, if you are not Chinese, you will waste your time and money in communication differently, and sometimes it can cost you dearly when the supplier does not understand the details and specifications well. of your product.

In most cases, many factories in China do not speak  English or other foreign languages which will make Communication between foreign buyers and the factory very difficult. Although some factories have their own overseas trade department, they can not get the buyer’s requirements duo to unqualified workers and language level.

-The Sourcing agent can handle different orders at one time with different suppliers

The order production process contains a lot of things that need to be confirmed and dealt with in a timely manner, and if you do not solve it in time, it may be a big problem and affect your order which also affects your business with an agent, it is more convenient and speeds up communication because there is no time difference Between the agent and the supplier or the manufacturer.

4. What Services Do Guangzhou Agents Offer to Clients?

-Assist you to find suppliers and factories who provide the best prices

Sourcing from china means looking for items, many buyers choose an online platform where can easily find their suppliers such as Alibaba wholesale website. But finding out which supplies can offer excellent quality services including prices, product quality, fast shipping.

However, sourcing agents as local people know better than foreigners who seek to find their right products, they will help you find a lot of factories and suppliers that are not available

guangzhou sourcing services

-Follow up the production process to avoid any issues and save time

You may already have an existing list containing a lot of good and reliable suppliers that you trust, but this does not mean that everything will be great, as sometimes there are many obstacles related to the production process. Too many overseas companies based outside of China, following up with their suppliers and making sure production is on schedule always become overwhelming because of distance.

In addition, the information provided may also be unreliable, which will cost you dearly and may affect all of your activities, so it’s important that You interact with your supplier and factory to communicate the details of your items before and during the production.

-Quality control and inspection before, during, and after production

Choosing an agent in China to do a quality inspection is more like you are present on-site because the agent will be your representative and do what it must on your behalf, during and after the production process, your representative agent will check the factory to see if the products produced as the contract and meet the quality standards and requirements.

After the goods are produced ready to be sent, your agent can check and control the quality for the second time before any shipment process to make sure everything and avoid any issues.

Inspection during production can help you identify any quality problems or order deviations so that you can contact the factory and correct problems before final production and get finished products exactly match your requests.

-Shipping Process

shipping from china

Many certificates and documents are required when it comes to exporting, Depending on the products you are shipping, your agent will inform you and handle all also will choose the best shipping method depends on your products and the weight( sea freight or air freight).

5. How Much is Guangzhou Agent Sourcing Commission? 

If you choose EJET Sourcing, you will pay around 3-5% of total sales, depending on the product. At this price, you will have nothing to do, except to wait for your goods.

Transparent & flexible pricing is what every importer hopes to get when finding a reliable sourcing agent in China and there no one better more than EJET Sourcing, we will support your business EJET offers many options that meet your needs, With no upfront fees,  you can start your sourcing with us free.

Check more details about Fees and Pricing.

6. How do You Identify a Good Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou?

Many importers are looking always to find and work with reliable and good agents that provide good services and respect the contract but how can you judge an agent if good or not?

You can use these points to judge the sourcing agents you are working with:

     1.1 Good Communication:

The best sourcing agents are always fluent in both spoken and written English which will make the communication with you more easily as well as understand the details of your requests which will assist to develop a good partnership in the future.

On the other hand, if your agent’s English is poor, they will take time to communicate your order details over and over again until they well understand your request.

     1.2 Understand buyers need

After knowing English, the second essential point is how to understand the buyer’s need and for the buying agent to quickly understand the exact requirements of clients.

Some products are complicated and need to customize the material a bit or modify some parts, the right agent should be able to understand what the buyer is looking for with details so that they can send the same message to the supplier or factory that will provide the articles.

      1.3 knowledge of products and knowledge of markets where can source these products

Based on your product requirements, you can choose the agent that can suit your needs, some agents specialize in the type of products and categories and some can get generic products, more the agent specializes and have adequate product knowledge more it will be easy to source and find.

But in general, the knowledge and experience of the sourcing agent in the trade should at least match that of the customer’s needs so that they can understand the customers’ requirements, which makes sourcing easier and successful in China no matter what the agent is specialize sourcing agent or general.

With 13 years in sourcing products in Yiwu, Guangzhou, and all over China, In this case, EJET Sourcing specializes in supplying all types of products juts tell us your request and let our team do the rest for you.

     1.4 Good experience in the shipping process

Good sourcing agents should have a good knowledge of international transport in all of its forms( sea freight, air freight..) to choose the right shipment method also should have knowledge about the legal and administrative aspects when exporting from china. This includes the export process, certificate, and document requirements …

7. How Do I Find a Reliable Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou?

There are many ways to find your sourcing agent in Guangzhou, but the best way is to search the internet, and here are a few places you can consider.

       1.1 Finding Guangzhou agents at a fair

Going to trade fairs to find supply companies in Guanzghou is also a good solution besides searching for Chinese sourcing agents online no fair is more famous and it could be a more suitable place than Canton Fairs, Hong Kong Fairs, and Yiwu International Fair.

canton fair in guangzhou

For large businesses, fairs are more suitable places for finding a sourcing agent than any other location, and if you’re only a small or medium-sized business, searching online may be the best way, but shows and fairs can not be the best place to search in.

       1.2 Google

there is no better search engine than, you can search through it, just type the sourcing agent in Guangzhou, then browse the search results.

Many sourcing agent websites will appear and your next task will be to filter the results and choose the most reliable one because not all agents that will appear on Google are reliable.

To choose reliable agents you need to rate their websites one by one and check the date of creating the company, team numbers, client reviews..etc.

The best sourcing agents should have years of experience in overseas trade and sourcing in markets.

For EJET Sourcing, we have more than 13 years of experience in the filed and have a trained and experienced team that can help you to buy and import from china easily for more details you can check our team.

      1.3 Alibaba

Alibaba is another online place to look for sourcing agents, the platform is known to have a large number of sourcing agents who offer their services online to help buyers source their products with low commissions. However, it is difficult to estimate the quality of their services if there no reviews or testimonials.

alibaba sourcing

The risk of getting defective or low-quality products from online platforms is always very high, so caution is required and verification is very necessary before any step.

     1.4 Upwork

Upwork is an independent website where you can find independent sourcing agents who can do the sourcing to help you find suppliers or factories in China.

upwork online sourcing agent

Most agents are freelance workers who are not companies, so this is why it is necessary to be careful and take attention especially when it related to money transactions, you may be scammed.

8. Are There Benefits Dealing With Guangzhou Sourcing Agents?

-Reducing expenses when sourcing

If you do not have a plan to come to China to source and import products, a sourcing agent can be your right local representative and work closely with your partner for sourcing, find, negotiate and manage to import from China.

The agents can also assist with sourcing products, quality inspection, pre-shipment inspection, customs clearance which will reduce costs and time.

-Visiting Factories And Checking Quality

Visiting factories and checking someone’s quality always takes a lot of skill, and most buyers never take these steps, but sourcing agents can do it.

Most products do not go through quality checks and quality control is usually performed by factories rather than buyers, depending on the integrity of the suppliers.

In this case, the sourcing agent can arrange quality control inspection for each order prior to shipment and provide you reports on each stage during production to ensure the quality.

-Safety and Security When Sourcing

Sourcing products from China always comes with risks and benefits, and if you know how to avoid those risks and reap those benefits, this will of course help you expand your business and your success.

A sourcing agent knows the market suppliers in their country and can visit and choose the right the suppliers to deal with, in case of any issue, they will check and see what’s going on and inform you right away if anything goes wrong.

They can ensure that you reach reliable suppliers so that you get qualified products at the right prices, and they can also ensure that you ship from China to your country using the fastest and correct way.

9. How EJET Sourcing Makes Sourcing From Guangzhou Easier?

As a Guangzhou Agent EJET Sourcing do all the sourcing process from China to anywhere, more than that, we provide Our full stop services as bellow :

sourcing-agent in guangzhou benefits

-Sourcing Products From Guangzhou  Markets

The company always searches for the right markets to source the right products and find the right suppliers for new clients in terms of quality and price.

We have 13 years of experience in the field, we can help you find the right products at the right prices from the right suppliers.

Send us your inquiry now, let us care for everything.

-Quality Control And Inspection

To ensure that your items are of the highest quality,  our professional quality inspection process, EJET Sourcing in Guangzhou will make everything clear and detailed, such as product details and taking pictures and videos when starting the inspection to make sure that there is no defect or issues, also we can send a sample to our customer for confirmation.

-Buying From Guangzhou Markets

EJET Sourcing will be your agent in Guangzhou to take care and handle your buying from China, we provide 100% Trade assurance to ensure your buying because our aim is always to be in the client’s side.

-Guide You in The Market

We will guide you and be your ear and eye in the markets, we can translate invoices and everything needed when buying the goods, a special translator will accompany you to the Guangzhou markets to make the communication between you and suppliers easier.

-Warehousing  in  Guangzhou

Choosing the right warehouse for your products and inventory needs improves operations as well as lead times, that why our company provides a convenient warehouse service location in China, with many warehousing options specially designed to meet your needs once sourced from both Guangzhou and Yiwu.

-Logistics and shipment

shipping goods from China by sea or air come as the last step after sourcing, quality control,  time, and effort always required from buyers but with EJET Sourcing we will arrange and ship your goods from China to your country after we collect the goods in a shipping container and prepare all documents needed for export.

-Pick up from Guangzhou Airport

Once you arrive in Guangzhou, we will be happy to meet you and pick you up from the airport in good and favorable conditions.

10. Why Can EJET be My  Guangzhou Sourcing Agent?

Our experience and professionalism in the Guangzhou market allow us to offer our customers a complete solution to help them get products from China and buy them easier.

We can help you get the best price because we have connections with local factories and suppliers and know where to find the different items based on your inquiry.

We can negotiate with a potential supplier and may be able to make discounts and other deals that other sourcing agents don’t have. So you can save money and also set up a long term contract with the supplier.

11. What Distinguishes Guangzhou From Other Cities?

why guangzhou

Guangzhou has many wholesale markets for various products of jewelry, clothes, bags and luggage, fabrics, hotel and restaurant supplies, auto parts, cosmetics and personal care, jeans, phone parts and accessories, shoes, underwear and underwear, toys, watches, Glasses, and glasses.

Guangzhou is a world trade center, not only because of the Canton Fair but also because of its wholesale markets that offer a wide range of products.

12. Why Should I Choose EJET Sourcing Instead of Other Agents in Guangzhou?

why ejet sourcing

-More than 13 years of experience

Years of sourcing experience make us an experienced company in this field, enabling us to provide services that can help you to extend your business and deal with all your needs in Guangzhou.

-Transparency in dealing with clients and suppliers

With EJET, transparency is one of our values, no hidden fees or extra charges, Pricing is always kept transparent to the clients.

-Proficiency in the sourcing process

Achieving efficiency in meeting the deadlines of our customers remains one of our goals always, by exporting thousands of products to many countries and understanding how to deal with the customs requirements of many countries made us an ideal sourcing agent in China.


-Meeting our clients’ needs with Flexibility

Offering tailor-made services to meet any of your unique requirements, you only need to send us your inquiry to let us know your needs and we will do the best to fit your needs.

13. Guangzhou Wholesale Markets to Source Products From 

The city is located in southern China, as one of the most important tourism and business cities, Like many other cities, Guangzhou hosts many wholesale markets that attract many buyers who come to buy from China, in addition, it is one of the first commercial cities along with Yiwu, Shenzhen, and other cities, because it was classified among the best wholesale markets in the world so it attracts thousands of buyers around the world.

The markets are very large markets and each market specializes in a specific category of items, and the following is a review of the most famous wholesale markets in the city:

1.1 Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City:

guangzhou metropolis shoes city

One of the wholesale markets located in the Pearl River Delta on Guangzhou JieFang Nan Road at the junction with Da Xin Road, the market cover over 22,000 square meters, consists of over 800  shops that display a variety of shoes.

1.2 Liwan Plaza:

Liwan Plaza is a major jewelry market in Guangzhou with 2 000 stores that are offering a wide kind of accessories, you will find all kinds of jewelry, this is definitely a market you need to visit if you are looking for any type of jewelry.

1.3 Global International Trade Center:

Also known as Bu Yun Tian Di Market is located at the outskirt of Guangzhou Railway Station, It’s a must-visit spot for wholesalers who wants to import shoes from China.

The first floor is specialized in shoes for kids, while from the 2nd to the 3rd floors have more kinds of items if you are looking for the best quality and style, in addition, the 4th to10th floors you will find enormous showrooms and offices are to be explored.

1.4 Furniture Market:

Located in Foshan Xinda, the market includes many homes and office furniture, which are sold within the existing exhibitions, This market brings many buyers who are seeking these kinds of products around the world.

1.5 Brands Market:

Located on Sun Yin Lu Street, it contains many luxury fakes around the world and includes shops selling clothes, bags, shoes, and other products that can attract buyers who are looking to meet their needs.

1.6 Beyma Clothes Market:

One of the famous markets in the city, if you are looking for women’s and men’s clothes here you find all various kinds, the market is located near Quanzhou Train Station, and includes many huge commercial complexes around.

1.7 Children’s Clothing Market:

Located on Jiushan Palu Street, it is the largest concentration of all brands of children’s clothing, if you want to buy in bulk wholesale and retail children’s clothes then here is your best place.

1.8 Tee Mall:

A commercial complex where you can find fake bags,  men and women clothes,  shoes, fabric accessories, sunglasses, watches, stationery,  gifts, and other kinds of items that you may interest in.

1.9 Haiyan Market For Devices And Electronics:

One of the wholesale markets for selling computers and any other electronic accessories, such as printers or other additional accessories attached to the computer and mobile phones.


Guangzhou is an economically active city with many popular markets for wholesale or retail sales such as the furniture market, the electronic market, the watch market, the bags market, the stationery market, the games market, the clothing market, and other markets where buyers buy and find their products.