Are you looking to import watches from Guangzhou watch wholesale market?

Watches are a focal point of many consumers when it comes to purchasing alluring personal luxury goods. In 2020, the market value of watches reached up to 7.53 billion US dollars, while this industry is expected to make 9.3 billion US dollars in 2025. Isn’t it good enough to seek the attention of merchants and retailers worldwide?

Characteristics like a sign of quality, piece of craftsmanship, great jewelry, etc. make these watches a popular fashion choice among buyers. However, searching for the best marketplace to buy a variety of watches can often be chaotic.

Leave all hassles because China wholesale markets are segmented by product types be it jewelry watches, professional watches, digital or smartwatches. The article brings you the essentials of Guangzhou wholesale watch markets.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Why purchase watches from the Guangzhou watch wholesale market?

Chapter 2: List of popular Guangzhou watch wholesale  markets

Chapter 3: Points you should consider while Purchasing from Guangzhou watch Wholesale Market

Chapter 4: Revealing the secrets of the Guangzhou Fake Watch Markets

Chapter 5: Watch Categories in Guangzhou Wholesale Watch Markets

Chapter 6: Game Plan to Import Watches from Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

Chapter 7:  Mistakes to Avoid While Importing Watches from Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

Chapter 8: FAQs about Guangzhou wholesale watch markets

Chapter 1: Why purchase watches from the Guangzhou watch wholesale market?

Guangzhou watch wholesale market, the heart of Zhanxi Lu, Guangzhou city, contributes to the global fashion industry on a very large scale. Graceful, exquisite, luxury watches and clocks are key features of this huge market.


The market is associated with small and large-scale factories, hence, building a potential empire of dignified watch centers in China.

1. Economical Pricing

Trendy watch in your wrist means one of the following two things; either you’ve saved your hard-earned money for years, or received a gift from your loved ones. While these masterpieces are a symbol of respect in the boardroom, the reality is not everyone is ready to spend extravagantly on this luxury accessory.

If you’re also not willing to splurge on watches, then there’s good news for you! A huge range of cheap, yet, elegant watches is available costing only a fraction of the expensive counterparts’ price.

You read it right! It is the Guangzhou watch market where you can get quality watches, clocks, and accessories at economical prices. For instance, consider this women wristwatch that is embellished with graceful diamond-like stones. Every woman would love wearing it

Amazingly, this beautiful watch will cost you only US$1.88 for 5-29 pieces and US$1.35 for over 1000 pieces.

2. From Perfection to Profession

For watchmaking, to bring perfection is like crowning glory. Likewise, manufacturers of watches and accessories at the Guangzhou watch market would not ever reach it completely.

However, they always pursue with an endless devotion to bringing perfection to every watch they create. After this, the phenomenon market of Guangzhou presents these masterpieces to the consumers who are in constant search of perfect and professional watches. Wearing these watches, you can go for a more timeless and classy look.


3. Exclusiveness

Did you ever dream of wearing something special that can distinguish you from other people? Or have a motivation of owning something unique?

Dream more, because you can find highly modish jewelry at the beauty wholesale market, Guangzhou! The market brings you a huge range of watches, jewelry, and accessories so you can choose exclusively ritzy pieces of art and feel different.

4. Style and Craftsmanship

Guangzhou watch market brings key fashion accessories. You can find watches that can complete your look and define your personality. The watch you’ll choose will become a mere compliment to an overall look of yours. In some other situations, it can ultimately be the core piece and be used as a style statement.

Each watch, displayed at shelves of the market, embodies craftsmanship. These watches are a symbol of tradition and history. The market contains complex pieces of technology that are designed carefully by hand. You’ll probably love to wear these complex pieces of jewelry.


5. Large variety

What kind of watches are you looking for? Automatic watch or water-resistant diver watch? Chronograph watch or military watch? Quartz watch or sports watch? Fashionable watch or Swiss watch?

Worry not, for Guangzhou wholesale market always introduces watches that are trendy and are very useful. Large variety of watches will surely meet your demand. So stop searching here and there and choose what you want, at Guangzhou watch market.

Chapter 2: List of popular Guangzhou watch wholesale  markets

Looking for a potential watch market? Don’t unrest yourself, for here is the list of renowned Guangzhou wholesale watch markets:

1. Zhanxi- the first high-end Guangzhou wholesale watch market

With the magical emergence of the watch business over time, Guangzhou has also expanded its market, marking its name as a leading platform around the globe. So does Zhanxi watch and clock city- a first high-end Guangzhou wholesale market that was established in 1999. It is a 4 story building populated with elegant watches and clocks.


Zhanxi watch center is located at No.65, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

2. Guangzhou Southern International Watch Center

Southern International Watch Center is ground to 2000 shops, covering more than 25,000 sq. meters of area. The exclusive market is hearth of men’s and women’s wholesale, yet, classy watches and accessories.


Guangzhou Southern International Watch Center is located at No.59, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

3. SanYi Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

It is a prominent retail market, selling watches that are meticulously fabricated by elite craftsmen. SanYi is spread over 5000 sq. meters. It has 600 shops. This wholesale market in Guangzhou is home to almost all Chinese big-name brands.

SanYi watch market is located at No.61, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

4. East Watch City

East Watch City was founded in 1997. A hefty number of retailers are selling watches and accessories in bulk every day. The building is based on 6 floors, covering 3000 sq. meters.


East Watch City is located at No.6, North Street, Zhanxi Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou.

5. New Kowloon Watch Center

It is a small, yet, imperial wholesale market in Guangzhou. It is divided into two portions i.e. portion A (having 78 shops) and portion B (having 61 shops).

At Google, consumers rate New Kowloon Watch Center at ‘4.0’.


New Kowloon Watch center is located at No.9, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

6. Haiying Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

Haiying is an empire of true gentlemen’s accessories, which are much more than a fashionable timepiece. It is a pitch to above 100 shops.

At Google map consumers rate Haiying watch center at ‘1.0’.


Haiying is located at No.3, North Street, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

7. Mongkok International Watch Center

Another pre-dominant name in the watch city, Mongkok International Watch Center, is home to 500 watch shops. Hence, it marked itself as one of the largest watch markets.

At Google, consumers rate Mongkok International Watch Center at ‘4.7’.


Mongkok International Watch Center is located at North Street, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

8. Yifa Commercial Trading Plaza

It is not less than a cardinal trading hub where distributors supply domestic watches and their accessories. Each day, distributors make handsome money while consumers get what they desire for.


Yifa Commercial Trading Plaza is located at Western North Street, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

9. Rightway Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

This center is a zone of 200 registered suppliers who deal with stocks and offer custom services.

The center is located at No.5, North Street, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

10. Guozhan Wholesale Watch City- the low end Guangzhou wholesale market


Guozhan watch city is a wholesale market known for selling stock watches and clocks. Market makes it sure that quality watches must feel like the quality watches. Components assemble to make up the watches are complex, possessing fair space and weight.

Guozhan Watch City is located at No.68 Western Guangyuan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

To know more on location of Guangzhou watch market such as Jiulong, and Nanfang Watch City, refer to the map at Google Maps.

Chapter 3: Points you should consider while purchasing from Guangzhou watch wholesale market

1. Less variation among prices

Business at Guangzhou watch centers is very competitive where most of the retailers offer low-profit prices. They do this to win the order.

Therefore, sellers make 2% to 5% of adjustments. Remember, if you ask for a large discount, let’s say 25%, it means you’re new to the market. Knowing this, the seller will probably quote you a high price to bargain.

2. Healthy relationship with the shop owner

Retailers in Guangzhou possess trendy products to the consumers. As a consumer, be nice to them. Build a healthy relationship with the sellers and develop their trust in you. This way, you’ll be exposed to the latest products in the markets. Ultimately, you’ll increase your sales.

3. Check your product thoroughly before buying it

Before you buy any watch or accessory, make sure you’ve tested its quality. In most cases, the quality is appreciable. Still, if you have any doubts regarding its reliability, ask the owner to set a timeline of replacing that product.

Do not ask the owner to set a long timeline for replacement, let’s say 30 days. If you’ll attempt it, the owner will find in you a troublesome personality and probably won’t deal with you in the future. In such circumstances, you should ask for 3-4 days to test the reliability of the product.

4. Buyer Protection

Buying watches online? Be careful!


Before you place an order, make sure that the retailer and company have a good reputation in the market. If they are new, check the role they play on social media. Check if they are engaged with their customers.

In case of receiving damaged products (e.g. damaged while being shipped or contain manufacturing defects), a reputed manufacturer will exchange your order with new products. You’ll get standard-issue warranties as well which will allow you to recover products from certified sellers.

5. The economics of pricing watch

Watches fall under different grades depending on their quality, material, and craftsmanship. Timepieces under $250 can be used as fashionable jewelry and you may not feel bad if they’re broken or lost. It doesn’t mean they are heirloom pieces.

The first statement quality watch that you buy is most likely to cost under $1000. Then you choose luxury watches- a bracket of dominant brand names. You surely get what you pay for. Luxury watches may cost you $1000-$10,000.

Chapter 4: Revealing the secrets of the Guangzhou Fake Watch Markets

1. Who buys fake watches?

Buying fake watches is a common practice among tourists and people of China. The immense market of Guangzhou is rife with abundant fake watches and clocks. Many people spend hours searching for replicas online.


Manufacturers of replica watches undoubtedly cost the legitimate manufacturers billions in lost revenue every year. This obviously creates a faulty assumption that people who buy replicas would buy real products.

Chapter 5: Watch Categories in Guangzhou Wholesale Watch Markets

A wide range of lavish watches is available in this popular market. Below is some must-to-have watches’, listed as per their kind

Please note that the prices mentioned below are just for reference to give you an idea of the price range. Different watches will have different prices.

1. Jewelry Watches

This adorable watch accompanied by charming jewelry patterns will cost you US$3.50 for 2-99 pieces and US$2.50 for over 500 pieces.


2. Digital Watches

The marvelous digital watch, that any watch lover would love to wear, will cost you US$4.42 per piece.

3. Watches to Gift to your loved ones

The Korean Couple Watch set; that anyone would love to gift his/her mate, will cost you US$6 for 1-199 pieces and US$4.50 for above 1000 pieces.


4. Professionally Wearable watches

After an increased use of smartphones, the tradition of wearing a wristwatch may have reduced a little. However, many professions still compel the employees to wear the watch.

For professional people like pilots, military men, businessmen, caterers, stockbrokers, and designers, etc. watches are a must to have accessory. They need to wear watches on daily basis.

Realizing this, the Guangzhou watch market brings a range of decent professional watches at compatible prices. Consider this metal quartz watch whose every component speaks of profession and perfection itself.

You can get 5-9 pieces for US$10 and over 30 pieces for US$9.41.

5. Smart Watches

Consider this new 2021 smart watch featuring various functions like:

  • Wireless charging
  • 75 Inch size
  • Health, fitness, sport smart watch
  • 6th series of FK99
  • 2 straps

A smart watch like this will cost you US$26 for 2-10 pieces and US$24 for over 1000 pieces.

Find more collection of Guangzhou watches online!

6. List of brands available at Guangzhou fake watch market


Surprisingly, major watch centers at Guangzhou showcase tons of replica watches of known brands including:

We do not recommend you to indulge in the replica watch business since it is illegal to export replica watches and sell in other countries.

Chapter 6: Game Plan to Import Watches from Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

1. Contact Competent Sourcing Agent

As a successful entrepreneur, you know your consumers and market. However, like millions of other entrepreneurs worldwide, what happens when you need to imported watches from China to stay competitive in the market? Or what happens if you decide to grow your business and find that importing watches from the Guangzhou watch market is the most profitable way to do so?

You may choose Internet research for this purpose. While it is possible to find suppliers on B2B platforms (like Alibaba, Tradekey, Global Sources), it is often impossible to ensure whether these suppliers are actual manufacturers of these watches. They can be middlemen who won’t offer a competitive price.

Or, you’ll choose to visit a largely unknown country where you have never been before. You need to search for dignified suppliers, visit the factory, verify their reliability, check samples, evaluate quotes, manage time and ensure quality.

What happens if in the end you don’t get what you wanted or don’t get it on time? All your efforts are wasted. Worry not! You’ll just need a sourcing agent!

Sourcing agents help you find good suppliers and let you get the best possible price because, for you, it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.


Seeking guidance from a competent sourcing agent has remained a practice when it comes to importing products from China. The same goes for buying watches from the Guangzhou market.

A dutiful sourcing agent can take you out of many risks. He can fulfill barriers like language difference, time difference, and negotiations.

EJET Sourcing values your business needs. Being the best sourcing agent and company in China, EJET Sourcing facilitates you with a hassle-free sourcing experience.

2. Choose a Committed Supplier

If you are not willing to consider a sourcing agent, then choose a committed supplier. Choosing a wrong supplier can result in troubles like shipping delays, product returns, poor quality, non-competitive prices etc. which any responsible businessman will never want. Hence, choose your supplier carefully.

Do you know what makes a good supplier?

A good supplier is accountable for quality issues. Imagine finding damaged strips of 20% of your imported watches from the Guangzhou watch market. You won’t ignore it, right? A supplier with accountability will consider the issue and take responsibility for the trouble.

He will take an action to fix the issue quickly. He will replace the damaged items and make sure the problem isn’t repeated again. On the other hand, an irresponsible supplier will deflect his responsibility.

A good supplier will consistently manufacture the items that fulfill your needs. It is good to check supplier’s production capabilities by verifying raw materials, finished production inventory, in-process quality control, pre-shipment quality control, R&D capabilities, license, and certification.

If your supplier has experience manufacturing watches and their accessories, then he is probably familiar with the possible quality issues. Experienced suppliers will take pro-active approach to fix the problems before your order gets affected.

A supplier who claims to manufacture a large variety of distinguishing products is probably a vendor or trader rather than a factory owner.

A good supplier is open and direct in his communication. He is able to bridge communication gaps.

A good manufacturer won’t produce goods with forced labor.

A good supplier will comply with laws in his own country and as well as in the targeted market. You check your supplier’s legitimacy by conducting factory audits and credit checks.

3. Do Some Homework Before You Place an Order

Do some homework before purchasing watches from the wholesale market in Guangzhou. You should know what you want to buy. There are numerous sellers in this popular market. Many suppliers sell similar products but with varied materials.


Without knowing or explaining what you exactly want will bring you the wrong products at your store.

In addition to this, you should take out some time to know the rules and regulations of importing watches from China. This can help you reduce the risks of custom and shipping.

Moreover, understand the commodity codes of watches and accessories that you import. It is likely the case that you pay a custom duty before collecting the imported products. This charge is calculated from the total value’s percentage.

The cost of custom also depends upon your duty rating. Hence you are required to declare an accurate commodity code let HMRC to grant correct classification on said goods.

A commodity code can tell you many things such as:

  • Duty and VAT ratings that you’ll be charged for your watches while importing them to your country.
  • Does your product require a license for importing?
  • Whether anti-dumping duties apply to your products
  • Are you allowed to apply for a preferential duty rating?

4. Bargain on price before finalizing deal

Bargaining is the part of every purchase, be it the Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale market or a watch market. Consider the following tips while bargaining for prices at the watch market in Guangzhou:

Visit as many shops as you can and get some knowledge on the rates of various watches in the market. After you choose your products and know their possible rates, go back to the seller you are most satisfied with. Bargain on price and negotiate with them as per the target price.


As mentioned earlier, the majority of the sellers in Guangzhou are wholesalers. Being in the state of fierce competition, they don’t offer you rates with a large margin of profits. Therefore, they will not offer you a huge discount.

In case you demand them a large discount, they’ll think you are new to the market. Consequently, they’ll offer you more to let you bargain on price.

Chapter 7:  Mistakes to Avoid While Importing Watches from Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

1. “I need to place an Urgent Order” Syndrome

This is by far the topmost issue of importing goods from China, be it a watch or any other product. At this stage, the exuberance is understandable. All new businessmen are excited to receive their goods to move things faster. This can often be a disastrous recipe.

Order, when placed urgently, lacks inappropriate requirements for product and packaging. They are not specific resulting in poor quality control packages. Avoid this mistake because the loss from quality issues can be great.

2. Overestimation of Profit Margin

Even while transacting simple international trade, some parties make it hard to calculate landed cost, hence the profit of the product. Further, new importers base their calculation on obvious costs such as product, logistics, and inspection costs. They ignore other costs (like the cost of random customs inspections) that also affect their profit margins.

3. Ignoring Economies of Scale

When you request quotes for watches from factories, they’ll ask for quantity. The answer to this question will influence your logistic cost per unit. It will ultimately put an impact on landed cost and product quality. Importers often lose margins when the logistic cost per unit gets wrong for LCL shipments.

Chapter 8: FAQs about Guangzhou wholesale watch markets


1. Is it legal to import replica watches?

It depends on the country you’re importing to. In many countries, it is legal to own a fake watch but illegal to sell or import these watches at the same time. Some countries do not imply hard policies while for others, customs are very strict. Therefore, the chances of replica watches being seized are high.

2. Can you sell replica watches?

It’s legal to knowingly buy a fake watch but selling counterfeit goods in the US and many other countries is not acceptable.

3. Is it good to import a small number of watches from Guangzhou wholesale markets?

Importing watches in small quantities from China is not so easy. You are open to many issues e.g. shipping fee gets higher than the actual value of your watches, the order is less than your supplier’s MOQ. Watches are high-value and small-size products so you import them in small quantities.

4. Can we buy replica watches online?

Sellers of replica watches, use user-friendly websites, such as Facebook, to sell replica watches. So yes, you can buy them online but for your personal use. However, if you buy them and sell them in bulk, it is considered illegal in many countries.


The chapters covered the essentials of the Guangzhou watch market. Hope this article was worthwhile to seek guidance before importing watches from the Guangzhou watch market.

Surely you should try to visit Guangzhou in person and visit these markets to get firsthand knowledge and understanding of the watch business.

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