Guangzhou weather and climate is warm and humid, featuring high temperatures, abundant rainfall, and sufficient sunshine. Summertime in Guangzhou is long with a frequent thunderstorm.

1. Brief Information About Guangzhou Climate

In Summer the highest temperature can reach 39° C in July, consequently, heat exhaustion is a potential hazard for tourists. While winter is short here, with little frost. The lowest temperature is around January when the average temperature is 12° C. The all-year-round average temperature is 20 to 22deg° C, making Guangzhou an ideal place for traveling.
October and November are the most comfortable months to visit Guangzhou. Alternatively, April and May can also be nice.

2. Climate Data Table of Guangzhou

3. Best time to visit Guangzhou:

In January, unlike cities in Northern China, Guangzhou gets warm and turns into a world of flowers, with blossoms and flower markets almost everywhere.

Avoid domestic travel seasons

Avoid your Guangzhou during the peak holidays. Since Guangzhou is popular with Chinese tourists, attractions here become very crowded on holidays.

Most crowded seasons are:

a. Chinese Spring Festival (usually in late Jan or early Feb.);
b. the International Labor Day (May 01 to 03) and the Chinese National Day (Oct 01-07).
c. Canton Fair period is another peak season for travelers. Canton Fair is held twice a year with the spring canton fair from mid-April to the beginning of May and the autumn canton fair from mid-October to the beginning of November.

4. What should be packed

In Spring days: from March to May, you need to be aware of the monsoon season during which raining lasts for a long time, humidifying the air and making it hard to dry clothes naturally, so it’d be better to take more clothes for changing. The highest rainfall period is during May and June, so take sweater and light clothes at this season. The Canton Fair of Spring Season is held in April.

Summer is really not recommended to travel here, because the wet and sizzling weather easily makes people suffer from heat exhaustion. If you come in the humid and hot Summer, remember to bring breathable fabrics, 100% cotton clothing is a good choice. Shorts and T-shirts are also suitable since locals here are quite casual in their outfit. Always take napkins and water since you’ll perspire freely. Under the hot sun and cloudless sky, the umbrella is a must for both women and men. It’s common to see men carry an umbrella simply because of the severe sunray in Summer. Sunglasses, sun hat, sandals, or any open toes shoes are highly recommended.

Autumn days (September to December) are sunny, cool, and wet. The good weather of Autumn would last to November or December. Autumn is a good time to travel. With cool and comfortable weather, you will discover the beauty and shopping paradise of Guangzhou.

In Winter, December to March is not very cold so slacks and sweaters are enough for this season. Although the climate is moderate, the solar radiation so high that sunburn prevention is also needed. The winter in Guangdong, quite different from northern China, is a sea of flowers. It is a superb time for flower-lovers to visit.