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If you have chosen the home decor market as a probable business, you are in luck! 

The home decor market is growing wonderfully and offers you a great opportunity to make a huge amount of money by selling luxury items online.

But where should you start? How can you find these products? And how do decide which are the best items to sell? It can be hard to know what products are in demand, how much money you can make from them, and where to find them.

But no worries anymore!

In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this exciting industry and how to get started. Our guide will give you all the necessary information about the top 20 on-demand products from different categories which you can sell online.

So let’s get started!

Chapter 1: Home Decor Market – Growth, Trends, Covid-19 Impact

Home decor market

Some of the major trends in the home decor market are the growth of the real estate sector, an increase in global urbanization, rising raw material costs, and rising disposable income. Shopping online is becoming increasingly well-known in this area, which has a significant influence on the market’s growth.

Let’s explore more about the home decor market below!

1) Home Decor Market Overview

home decor market overview

It is believed that the UK decorating market for homes is growing more than other markets for home decor. Wondering why? Because consumers are looking for low-cost options to furnish their homes with a fresh appearance.

Decor accessories can boost markets with their fashion-driven and cost-effective options to improve the style of a home. The latest trends in luxury are experiencing unique experiences, learning new abilities, being environmentally friendly, and demonstrating the ability to connect.

Today, consumers want products that contribute value and provide meaning and importance to their lives. COVID-19 is a global health emergency that affected nearly every industry. And, its long-term consequences are expected to affect the industry’s growth over the time frame forecast.

Since the Pandemic outbreak, the industry of home decor online has been booming in the United Kingdom. The increased time spent at home led consumers to focus their spending on their households.

2) Key Market Trends in Home Decor

home decor market

The rising demand for consumers and options is a significant factor in the growth of manufacturers within the markets. Demand for the products is fueled by the desire of consumers for luxurious products to embellish homes, especially hardwood flooring, furniture, and wooden floors. Fortunately, there are two sides to the market. On the other hand, there is a huge market for economical, sustainable and environment-friendly products. 

These premium and expensive items offer aesthetic and spiritual satisfaction and add an extra dimension to the style of those who live in homes.

Factors such as globalization, the accessibility to the web, and the growing number of customers shopping online are expected to help the e-commerce channel for home decor distribution on the marketplace.

3) Recent Developments in Home Decor Markets

home decor market

The global home decor market is steadily growing and is increasingly reaching a more developed level. The home decor industry was worth more than $ 727.6 billion in 2023. By 2027, the market size is anticipated to rise by $ 939.7 billion.

In 2023, people place a lot of importance on healthy and environmentally friendly home decor items, and this is reflected in the fact that they will research environmental indicators, think carefully about the safety of decoration materials, and make sure that the environment and human health are protected during construction. Additionally, smart homes and high-tech components of electrical equipment are gaining popularity.

4) DIY Home Decor is Popular

Because customers have the option to create whatever they want, DIY home design is more popular. In addition, it includes everything from the living room, dining room, bedrooms, study, decorations, art, lighting, flooring, and curtains, to textiles.

The market size of more than $848.20 billion in 2021 is sometimes referred to as “a cake too big to be ignored.”

Marketing DIY interior design is likely to depend on the Internet and technology. Over 1,000 customers were surveyed for research published in 2016. More than 60% of them said that they would be willing to utilize online platforms to buy goods and services for home decor.

Chapter 2. Home Decor Market: 16 Top Demanding Products Globally

During the pandemic, people have spent more than 12 months in their homes, which gave them space to look around the house. Since then, the home decor market has significantly increased with the demand for trending decorations.

The homeware products revenue is expected to reach $208.2 billion in 2025, and the trends are increasing rapidly.

However, keeping track of all trending home decor is crucial for a successful online venture. A trend keeps rotating, and a retailer needs to source the latest items, but the question is how to track them.

Google trends have been a significant source of statistical information regarding product demand. Therefore, this chapter will discuss all the trending home decor market products along with the data from Google trends to give you a better idea.

1) RGB Home Decor Lights

RGB lights, home decor market

Here we have the first trending home decor market product that is RGB lights. RGB lights are the new favorite room decorators to color up the environment. It mostly sells between $20-$80, and the monthly search volume is up to 37,000.

The ideal target countries for selling RGB lights in UK, USA, and Australia.

RGB lights are of two types, i-e fixed and addressable. Fixed RGB lights only offer single color, whereas addressable lights change the color and styles as preferred. However, addressable RGB lights are high in demand.

2) Rooftop Tents for Cars

Rooftop Tents, home decor market