The Simplest Sourcing Way

No Front Fees! Pay after Satisfied with Price

1 Tell us Your Need

All you need is to fill-up our contact form with your specifications of the products you need.

2 Quotation

Our sourcing specialist will contact you in 24 hours to provide 1-1 exclusive service. We will perform the supplier research through our vast supplier network, compare different suppliers to get the best match supplier. Perform supplier audit and compliance if necessary.

3 Sampling

We will collaborate with you and the supplier seamlessly about the details on branding, customized packing and new products development. Samples are also provided to help you make a better decision.

4 Make a Decision

If you are satisfied with our quote and samples, just confirm the order with us

5 Production

EJET will sign the contract with the supplier and follow up each step during the whole production process very carefully, ensuring that production is done on time. We will keep updating you from time to time on your order.

6 Quality control

Perform various kinds of quality checks including Pre Production, On Product and Pre Shipment inspections according our standards, to make sure quality is exactly as you require. An inspection report will be provided.

7 Shipping

When the goods are ready, we will provide you the competitive shipping rates from different shipping lines and also work with your own forwarder if you have one. Perform consolidation, warehousing, customs declaration after your approval and Amazon FBA prep or any other services you need.

8 Receive the goods

Once the goods arrive at your destination, contact your clearing agent to clear the goods and give us your feedback after an inspection.

9 Get feedback and improvement

If there are any issues occurred and we will cooperate with you and find the best solution for the first time. Your feedback and suggestions are the keys to improve ourselves to provide you a better sourcing experience with EJET.

Start My Project Now!

How to Work with EJET Team

When working with EJET, we will assign one of our sourcing specialists to you as your exclusive representative at EJET.

He/She will handle any of your requests and collaborate seamlessly with by using our sourcing team, quality control team, logistics team using EJET supply network to help you get the full support from EJET.

For every order, your exclusive sourcing specialist will follow-up on each step to make sure you get the right product, under the right price, by the right delivery.
Apart from that, we can support you with financial help providing you with credit terms and also legal support in case you need it.

Our Pricing

We provide 2 Packages for you to choose from.


Source to Delivery Package

Choose EJET SOURCING as your supplier and we provide you with an all inclusive FOB price including our service charges, so that you make a quick decision.
You do not need to pay any extra service fees in China and there are no upfront or hidden fees. Payment is only made once you are satisfied with the price and want to place an order with us.


Services Package

You already have the suppliers and need EJET Sourcing only to perform supplier audit, order follow-up, quality control, shipping, etc. For such a situation, EJET services package is most suitable for you.
We will charge you a 3-5% commission as our service fee on your total invoice value for all our one stop services. This will depend from case to case and our expert team after understanding your query will provide you a final commission value.