More and more people are buying from China. Companies of large and small sizes are seeking to expand their supply chain in China. Chinese highly flexible and intensive industry resources enable the business to be high output, low cost, and scale quickly. In the new era, buying from China will remain the theme.

However, people will face challenges when buying from China. In particular, problems such as language barriers, payment systems, quality control may bring you great loss. EJET, as the leading sourcing agent in China, is committed to help foreign buyers to avoid minefield. We offer two pieces of advice for anyone who is buying or plans to buy from China.


1. Choose the right person

The wisdom ‘Do business with the right person’ never goes wrong. So, how do we define a right person? Someone who values contracts and commitments, someone who is ready to shoulder full responsibilities, and someone who has talent and drive you to work towards the end goal. That’s also the principle EJET put into practices. Picking a good partner from the thousand and establish a long-term relationship lays solid foundation for your success in business.

2. Be ready to tackle the unexpected

In an totally new environment, you will meet unexpected situations. The trading business is as complicated as the changing cloud, especially when conducted in different culture and different procedures. For example, buyers will experience delay of delivery, products quality defect, and goods detained by customs, etc. Take precatutions and make Plan B beforehand saves you from hassle. Well, if you fail to, work with people who helps to overcome situations.

EJET is a China-based sourcing agent with 13 years of experience. We will be your right partner and guide your successful buying in China.

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