Do you want to import products from the world’s biggest wholesale market?

Do you want to know a single market with 75,000 suppliers under one roof?

Well, the buyers all over the world give a statement:

The ocean of products, the paradise of the buyer’s – Yiwu market’.

Yes, Yiwu is the city of China, which is famous for the largest market for all big and small commodities all over the world. It is selling more than 400 thousand types of products in more than 200 countries, covering 80% of Chinese production.

But going through the whole process of reaching the market, looking for the products, visiting factories, signing up the deal and then shipping is not an easy process.

Working with a Yiwu agent is necessary as that could help you buy and import the products conveniently. Many sourcing companies and sourcing agents are working in Yiwu but finding the best one is a big challenge.

In this guide, we will help you understand all those points that you should look at before hiring a Yiwu agent.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: An overview of Yiwu City and Yiwu Market

Chapter 2: Suggestions on Importing from Yiwu Wholesale Market

Chapter 3: Facts You Should Know About Yiwu Wholesale Markets

Chapter 4: Buy from Yiwu wholesale market through Sourcing Agents

Chapter 5: Frequently asked questions About Buying from Yiwu

Chapter 1: An overview of Yiwu City and Yiwu Market


To the east of China, in the province of central Zhejiang, there lies a city called Yiwu. This country-level city is having a population of 1.2 million people depicting the crowd of the urban city sharing the neighborhood of Dongyang.

You are a business administrator, an entrepreneur, a merchant, an online seller, or anyone related to the wholesale business field, you must have known Yiwu city for a purpose.

The city is known for its light industry commodity trade and resonating market. Development and management of the market were made by the group of Zhejiang China Commodities co ltd.

This all depicts the importance of Yiwu city in the map of the world for all the wholesale buyers, online sellers, and physical store owners. The city is escalating the graph on the globe due to the light industry and largest markets of the world residing in its body.

1. What is Yiwu City famous for?

Yiwu city earns its name for its worldwide trading largest wholesale market. The market offers a massive range of products to more than 75000 counters.

Featuring unlimited stock and more than 400,000 niche products, the market runs its trade program over 215 regions of the world exporting 60% of its products.

The city has earned the title of ‘high quality, keeping faith’ and 5 stars rating due to its biggest wholesale market.

2. Yiwu International Trade Market

yiwu international market city

There are three major markets in Yiwu city. These are:

  • International trade city
  • Binwang market
  • Huangyuan market

The International Trade City of Yiwu is the world’s biggest wholesale market also known as the Futian trade Market as it lies in the village of Futian in Yiwu.

The international trade mart occupies 1.8 million types of commodities that are exported to more than 210 countries around the globe. The market is awarded as ‘the ocean of the commodities and the paradise of the shoppers’.

7km long, covering 5.5 million square meters of 75,000 booths, the market is divided into 5 districts connected by corridors. Every district is localized for a specific product category so that you or your Yiwu sourcing agent can find the demanding product easily.

  • District 1:

5 major business areas are allocated in district 1. These are:

  • Main market center
  • Catering center
  • Warehouse center
  • Purchase center
  • Direct marketing center

District 1 of Yiwu international trade mart has more than 10,500 suppliers and 10,000 booths

  • Floor 1: flowers, toys
  • Floor 2: jewelry, ornaments
  • Floor 3: gifts and crafts
  • Floor 4: Taiwan mall, procurement service centers

-District East 1:

District east 1 is having more than 2500 booths covering an area of 79100 square meters.

  • Floor 1: ornaments and accessories
  • Floor 2: jewelry and accessories
  • Floor 3: jewelry

-District 2:

District 2 of the Yiwu international trade city consists of 8000 booths with 10,000 suppliers. The central, second, and third floor of district 2 is having a tourist shopping center and historical exhibition hall.

-District 3:

Cultural and sports goods depiction is the main confront of district 3.

  • Floor 1: new year pictures, pen paper ink, eyeglasses products
  • Floor 2: cultural and goods sports
  • Floor 3: cosmetic products, hairdressing accessories
  • Floor 4: factory outlets

-District 4:

The building of district 4 provides a room for 14,000 booths.

  • Floor 1: in stock socks products
  • Floor 2: gloves, hats, needles, cotton, and general merchandise
  • Floor 3: shoes, laces, ribbons, ties, wools, and towels
  • Floor 4: undergarments, scarfs, and accessories

-District 5:

District 5 mainly has imported commodities. The products it contains one each of the floors are:

  • Floor 1: exhibition halls of imported goods
  • Floor 2: bedding and wedding accessories
  • Floor 3: knitting materials and textile products
  • Floor 4: motorcycle and automobile products
  • Floor 5: Yiwu e-commerce shopping center and online business portal

3. Yiwu Binwang market

The market is located at No. 158 Binwang Road, Yiwu City. It consists of 5 trading blocks and 7 parts of a publication center and an international trade center.

It has more than 8,000 business positions and more than 20,000 employees.

It mainly deals in clothing and knitted underwear. , Tie, wool, towel, leather, textile, lace, bedding, non-staple food, dried fruit, candy, roasted seeds and nuts, groceries, publications, and other 16 industries.

With the city construction and market expansion and relocation, the original operating industries of Binwang Market have been relocated to Huangyuan Market and the five districts of the International Trade City at the end of April 2011.

The entire Binwang market operating venue has now been completely vacated.

  • Market segmentation

-Binwang Market Area A:

The first floor is the clothing business area, with a total of 2,177 booths and a business area of ​​9,600 square meters. It is mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail business of fashion.

The second floor is the boutique area for the needle industry and bedding, with a total of 1,175 booths and a business area of ​​9,600 square meters.

It is engaged in the wholesale and retail of bras, knitted underwear, and high-end bedding. The third floor is the leather garment business area, with a total of 48 booths and a business area of ​​1,008 square meters.


-Binwang Market Area B:

The first floor is the clothing business area. There are a total of 1,513 booths with an operating area of ​​7024 square meters, mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail business of children’s clothing, pants, and other clothing.

The second floor is the bedding trade area, with 193 booths and an operating area of ​​7024 square meters, mainly dealing in various types of bedding.

-Binwang Market Area C:

The first floor is the non-staple food and grocery trading area, with a total of 670 booths and a business area of ​​6,246 square meters. The second floor is the towel trading area, with a total of 188 booths and a business area of ​​6,246 square meters.

-Binwang Market Area D:

The first floor is a non-staple food trading area, with a total of 834 booths and a business area of ​​6,740 square meters. The second floor is the exclusive business area for the tie market, with 102 booths and a business area of ​​6740 square meters.

-Area E of Binwang Market:

It is a textile business area with 402 booths, dealing in textile fabrics, accessories, decorative fabrics, etc., with a total market area of ​​6065 square meters.

4. Yiwu Huangyuan Market

Yiwu Huangyuan Clothing Market is located in the most prosperous Xiuhu business district in Yiwu, with a total construction area of ​​more than 420,000 square meters, and a total investment of 1.4 billion.

It was put into use in April 2011. Huangyuan clothing market is positioned as a professional clothing market, in line with the development trend of market internationalization, branding, and diversification.

This conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of the Yiwu clothing market and promoting professional and large-scale development.


In order to optimize the layout of the industry, strengthen competitiveness, highlight the advantages of scale, and highlight market opportunities, the Huangyuan Clothing Market has a total of men’s clothing, leather clothing; women’s clothing; children’s clothing; 5 business categories.

In addition to the business area, Yiwu Huangyuan Clothing Market also has a four-star business hotel. The main part of the market has 8 floors above ground.

Opening hours of Yiwu Huangyuan Market:

Chapter 2: Facts You Should Know About Yiwu Wholesale Markets


Buying from Yiwu market, there are some points that you must know, that may help you a lot in your future business in Yiwu.

1. Are all suppliers on the market operated by factories?

There are so many booths on the market, but all of them are operated directly by the factories? The answer is “No”. Actually, there are only 20-30% of the suppliers in the market are owned directly by a factory, while others are operated by trading companies or personal businessmen.

They don’t have a factory by their own, they will cooperate with many factories instead of their long-term basis. If you don’t want to buy in a large quantity for the first time, you can try to cooperate with them, they can sell in small quantity and better price.

But if you want to buy in large quantity, then you’d better find the booths which is owned by the factories directly, that can save you more money.


2. Are products in the Yiwu market really with poor quality?

You may read the articles from the internet which says that the quality of the products in Yiwu market are really terrible, and even can not export to the European and American countries. That is not true.

Yiwu market not means made in Yiwu. For Yiwu wholesale market is a comprehensive market, it has attracted a lot of manufacturers from other countries. They base their shop here because of the international influence of Yiwu city so that they can meet more customers.

For example, Nantong city is famous for home textile products, but very few foreign buyers know that city, so many of the Nantong suppliers will base their shops at Yiwu market to attract more customers, but the products will still be produced in Nantong with good quality material.

3. Are the Yiwu market only suitable for small business?

Also, there are some articles that say that the Yiwu market is only suitable for small businesses. But the truth is that the Yiwu market will always request a higher MOQ than the markets in other cities if you want to customize your products.

If you ever buying from Guangzhou markets, you will know that they can sell the items in only some pieces.

But in the Yiwu market, very few suppliers will sell in such small quantities with customized products. But on the other hand, they can also sell in very small MOQ if you only need regular items.

4. Differences between the Yiwu market and the Guangzhou market?


Many people know Guangzhou because of the Canton Fair. Guangzhou is also a famous trading city the same as Yiwu, even a lot of foreign friends set up their branch office in Guangzhou for procurement convenience. So what’s the difference between these two markets?

Guangzhou market is specialized in jewelry, bags, garments, shoes, and some other related items. There are also some specific markets distribute around Guangzhou like Foshan Furniture Market, Zhongshan Lighting Market, Shenzhen Electronic Market, but they are separating in different cities.

Also in Guangzhou Market, different category products sell in different markets, so if you want to buy different kinds of products in Guangzhou, that is not easy, for you will have to visit some different markets.

For the Yiwu market, the product category is more complete, and most of them are distributing in Yiwu international trade market.

Even the other market we mentioned above are near the Futian market, so you don’t have to waste time on the traffic to visit different markets for your items checking.

Chapter 3: Suggestions on Importing from Yiwu Wholesale Market


1. Choosing a Reliable Supplier

If a sourcing agent is not in your consideration, then you should choose a reliable supplier to keep a long term business relationship. A reliable supplier should meet the following requirement:

  • good credit in business;
  • update you in time for the order process
  • quick-reply to your message;
  • good production capacity

2. Bargain on the Price

The price is the most important factor you will care about, most of us will bargain on it when do purchase. When bargain on the price of Yiwu Wholesale Market, we have two small tips for you:

-Before bargaining on the price, do some visit to other shops which are selling the same products to get a general price for the product, then choose a supplier which you are satisfied with and negotiate with them based on your target price, if your order quantity is large enough, they may offer you some discount.

-Bargain in a reasonable range. Yiwu is a wholesale market, the suppliers actually don’t have a large profit when facing the fierce competition from other suppliers.

If you ask for the price that is lower too much than their quotation, then they will regard you as an unreliable client and reject on your price, or even they accept, they will use other cheaper material instead to produce your products to keep their own profit.

3. Make Full Preparation Before Placing the Order


Before buying from Yiwu, you should make full preparation for your order:

  •  Find out the items you want to purchase and get to know it from all aspects.

–Always know what you want to buy and get full knowledge of your products like materials, sizes, function, etc.

There are so many suppliers on Yiwu markets, some of them are selling similar goods, with the same appearance, but different material. So if you don’t know your items well, then you may get the wrong products you want.

  • Familiarize the rules and regulations for importing from China

–know exactly on which regulations you need to comply with when import from China to avoid problems at customs.

  • Know the commodity codes of your importing products.

–It can help you fill out customs paperwork accurately;

–You can look up other important info like duty rate and trading restrictions through the commodity codes.

4. Find a good sourcing agent

This would be the most recommended way to start your business. Yiwu Market is large enough with complete product categories, you can buy almost anything here for your business.


If you are familiar with this market, then you will get a lot of opportunities, but if not, you will also face a huge challenge.

A good sourcing agent can indeed help you to release the challenge from the language barrier and time difference when negotiating for the orders and make your buying in Yiwu more smoothly and efficiently.

Chapter 4: Buy from Yiwu wholesale market through Sourcing Agents

If it is your first time buying wholesale goods from China. It will be difficult to choose products, enter a market with different cultural backgrounds, understand their business strategies, purchase your ordered products, manage payment methods and transportation, and finally deliver the products. For this, you must need Yiwu’s agency service.

The following is an explanation of the search method of high-quality Yiwu agents that provide high-quality Yiwu agent services:

1. Physical visit to the Yiwu City

If you are really into buying wholesale from China and want to inspect the whole process in your presence, you can visit Yiwu city.

To hire a Yiwu agent from Yiwu city is so easy, there are several advertisement cards chipped on phone booths, marketplaces, and advertisement boards. You can also reach the agents by visiting agent offices and get Yiwu agent reviews.

2.  Search Using Google for a Good Yiwu agent


A wise approach is to search online to find Yiwu agent services and getting Yiwu agent reviews. Below is the list of online platforms that can act as a good Yiwu agent for your wholesale purchase.

3. Check freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr

Freelancing websites such as Upwork and Fiverr are trustworthy platforms allowing skilled individuals to advertise their services.

You can hire a Yiwu agent from such freelancing platforms by looking at their profiles, verifications, Yiwu agent reviews by previous clients, and star rating.

Chapter 5: Frequently asked questions About Buying from Yiwu


1. How to reach the Yiwu market to find a good Yiwu agent?

To visit Yiwu Market and find a good Yiwu Agent, you can:

  • Google search to find Yiwu agent service
  • Go to online platforms like Alibaba,,, or
  • You can contact Yiwu agents through freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr, and check Yiwu agents’ comments.
  • You can also search YouTube Channels to find Premium Yiwu Dealerships
  • Visit Yiwu Market in person, where you can see ads and offices of Yiwu agents to find excellent Yiwu Agent.

2. How to organize a trip to Yiwu and visit factories?

You can deal with Yiwu agents, that will offer you various services such as airport pick-up, hotel accommodation and go to the factory with you. You can talk to the manufacturer, order samples, inspect products and negotiate deals.

3. What are the pros and cons of working with a Yiwu Agent?

  • Pros of working with a Yiwu agent:

You will get comprehensive help, and you can cooperate. Yiwu agents are experienced and experienced and understand the relevant processes. It can help you make exactly the transactions you need.

  • Cons of working with a Yiwu agent:

If you have work experience and experience buying wholesale from China, you can save your budget by handling this process yourself, because Yiwu agents will charge 2% to 10% service fee. You can bear all risks yourself and bear all risks, thus saving all costs.

4. How EJET sourcing is different from other Yiwu agents?

EJET Sourcing is your reliable, reliable, and original agent in Yiwu. With its rich experience, huge supplier network, and expert team, it provides customers with services from the ground up from purchasing to delivery with high standards. No other sourcing company provides a full range of services from all over China.


By coming to the end of the article, you have known about :

  • The complete description of Yiwu city and Yiwu market.
  • How to search for a good Yiwu agent both online and physically?
  • What are the characteristics to look at when dealing with a Yiwu Agent?
  • Checking the authenticity of a Yiwu agent.
  • Scams to be vigilant off when looking for a good Yiwu agent.
  • Top 10 Yiwu sourcing agent you should look upon when finding a good Yiwu agent.

Now, you can easily hire authentic and reliable Yiwu agents according to your requirements, and start the purchase process from the world’s largest international trade market.

Let Ejet be your partner will eliminate all your doubts and you will be on your way to success. Good luck with your journey!