Do you want to import goods from China?

Do you know how to find a supplier in China?

While it can be a pain to ship goods internationally, re-selling goods from China is ridiculously lucrative. Why?

Because you can buy high-quality products from China at the lowest prices and sell them with great markup!

Sounds interesting?

But, there are some things you need to consider when sourcing products from China. One of them is finding a reliable China supplier.

Hang on, in today’s blog; we will give you complete information about how to find a supplier in China and which things to consider.

So be sure to read the article until the end to avoid missing any important detail. Let’s get started!

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Overview of Suppliers in China

Chapter 2: How to Find Reliable China Suppliers

Chapter 3: How to Verify the Reliability of Chinese Suppliers

Chapter 4: The Best Ways to Negotiate with Suppliers in China

Chapter 5: FAQs about China Suppliers

Chapter 1: Overview of Suppliers in China

chinese suppliers

As we know, China has now become a manufacturing superpower, producing a significant percentage of the world’s consumer goods.

So, before we dive into details and tell you how to find a supplier in China, it’s important to first understand the basics about Chinese suppliers and why you should source from China.

So, let’s get started!

1. Why source from China?

There are many benefits of manufacturing in China that are not available elsewhere around the world.

As we know Chinese economy is in a period of rapid growth and the price at which you can produce an item like an iPhone is very low.

This is one of the reasons why firms such as Apple manufacture their products in China.

Apple gets better prices for their manufactured goods— provides greater advantages in selling overseas and also allows great potential for profits.

Because the cost of manufacturing in China is very low, you can source high-quality products at cheap prices from China suppliers compared to anywhere else in the world.

The reasons why China is ideal for manufacturing and sourcing products are as follows:

  • Materials are widely available.
  • Wages in China are significantly lower.
  • When it comes to mass production, the Chinese suppliers are unmatched.
  • China’s production lines have been refined and organized.
  • In simple terms, the Chinese know what they’re doing especially when it comes to manufacturing.

2. Types of Chinese suppliers

When it comes to placing an order with a supplier, you have a few different options. And, knowing which option is right for your enterprise can often be hard to discern.

There are three different kinds of Chinese vendors you’ll come into contact with.

These are wholesalers, manufacturers, and drop shippers. Let’s go over the differences between each one so that you know who to talk to about the products you may want for your business.

  • Manufacturers

A manufacturer is a company that makes items for sale. Because manufacturers are an integral part of the chain of supply from production to distribution, they can offer up some pretty amazing deals on products sold through suppliers, who in turn sell them to retailers and other channels.

  • Wholesalers

When buying wholesale, one is able to benefit from a lower price per unit.

 The common misconception about the process when it comes to pricing is that it usually lowers the amount one pays for an item. This is not true!

Instead, the cost of the product remains constant but your purchasing power increases.

 So how does one do it? A manufacturer can afford to pass on better prices to wholesalers because they possess a steady supply of materials and resources that are needed to make more products.

Obviously, as manufacturers go on producing more items, they’re able to make more money which serves as their incentive to give you discounts or “hook you up”, as some might put it!

  • Dropshippers


Dropshipping simply refers to a business owner who does not keep any inventory on hand. But instead purchases stock for sale directly from a wholesaler or another retailer.

Essentially, you’re selling products without holding the product yourself.

By using a drop shipper you can reduce costs, eliminate the need to store inventory, and overall cut down on operating expenses.

 All of these lead to greater profitability for your business. However, the downside to the drop-shipping model is you don’t get the best price for the product. With wholesale suppliers you do.

Chapter 2: How to Find Reliable China Suppliers

When you have to look for a product, it’s not always easy to spot the right option in mere seconds.

If you’re going to have a successful e-commerce business, your product evaluation and supplier selection process is incredibly important.

Why? Because it can either make or break your whole endeavor!

To find the right product suppliers or manufacturers in China, you need to first know what you’re looking for.

Your best option is to find professional companies with their own supply chain management and extensive experience working with businesses like yours.

When it comes to finding China suppliers – you have many options. It’s up to you to decide which option is the best one.

So let’s have a look at some of the best options you can choose to find the right Chinese suppliers.

1. Use online supplier directories

The very first way to find Chinese suppliers is by using supplier directories. Chinese suppliers can be found through directories such as Alibaba, Made-In-China, and Global Sources.

online supplier directories

From there, you can discover a company’s background information as well as read up on any customer reviews that would be helpful when making your decision to work with them.

Searching these directories will allow you to find the best China suppliers in the area of global trade.

2. Google about China Suppliers

Another best option to find China suppliers is using the Google search function.

In this way, you will find many business websites of Chinese suppliers and they also have a social media presence.

China suppliers generally use generic names such as China Wholesale Market or China Direct Supplier.

Moreover, some of such Chinese vendors you find online may be agents who offer to help you find genuine Chinese manufacturers.

3. Visit Yiwu Market in China

Another great way to find the best Chinese suppliers and high-quality products is by visiting the Yiwu market in China. The Yiwu Market in Zhejiang is accessible throughout the year.

Furthermore, this market has 40,000 stores and is ideal for you if you are looking for low-cost shoes, bags, watches, textiles, and related accessories.

However, if you’re looking for cosmetics, toys, or medical devices, the Yiwu market is not ideal for you. Not to mention, In Yiwu, you’ll find prices as low as you like, but product quality will vary accordingly.

So, in nutshell, Yiwu Market is an ideal option for you if your target market is extremely segmented and you sell through multiple channels or distribute to other sellers.

yiwu market

4. Attend trade fairs/ trade shows

At trade shows or trade fairs, you have the opportunity to view products and talk with China suppliers face-to-face— which you might not otherwise be able to do over the phone or by email.

Seeing Chinese suppliers in person can help you evaluate how reliable their company may be, as well as how experienced they are when it comes to manufacturing.

There are two most popular trade fairs/shows held in China each year – The Canton Fair and The East China Fair.

Both of which provide valuable chances for you to talk with potential suppliers without physically being at their place of business.

  • Canton Fair

Undoubtedly, China’s largest trade fair is Canton Fair. It takes place in spring and autumn of every year in Guangzhou. And, it is located near Hong Kong in southern China.

What’s best? Canton Fair draws thousands of visitors and offers a wide range of products.

So if you want to buy high-quality products at cheap prices, make sure to visit Canton Fair in China.

  • East China Fair

China’s largest regional trade fair is none other than East China Fair. It is held annually in spring.

This is usually the fair with most Chinese traders, a wide range of exhibits, and high-quality products. In a nutshell, this fair has the most visitors and highest turnover in China.

5. Explore Chinese marketplaces

There are indeed a number of good Chinese websites where you can find Chinese suppliers.

Most importantly, these websites provide a searchable database of suppliers, as well as a variety of other useful tools and resources.

So let’s have a look at some of the best websites to find China suppliers:

1.Alibaba Trading Platform

As the world’s largest eCommerce portal, Alibaba Group has seen explosive growth in its years of existence.

Due to its past and ongoing history as a “B2B” sourcing website, most people are familiar with it due to its wide array of suppliers and products.

There are also many other reasons why people turn to Alibaba, such as the ease of use of their website and global reach.

 Furthermore, many businesses prefer it over competitors because it doesn’t need account creation for browsing by users and there are a large number of third-party applications developed for it.

In a nutshell, Alibaba Group is called the Amazon of China but that is not all that Alibaba Group does.

So, you can find many good Chinese suppliers if you use this website in the right way.

Please check out our detailed guide on Alibaba for further details.

AliExpress is an online retail website launched by Alibaba Group in 2010.

 Although it isn’t a sourcing site, many companies use AliExpress to search for suppliers and the platform boasts one of the largest inventories on any international e-commerce platform.

The primary obstacle that most companies face when using AliExpress for sourcing is that sellers don’t require proof or verification when registering which often leads to multiple scams taking place.

Another ideal website for finding China suppliers is DHgate. Simply put, it is a wholesale marketplace that allows buyers to shop competitively priced products and purchase them at low MOQs.

One of their best features is the payment handling system which only passes payments on to sellers for full or partial orders once the buyer has confirmed the goods were received.

So, when you buy at DHgate you can be sure that once you agree on a price, there will be no more scams or cancellation fees involved. Why?

Because this website promises to remain fair and protects you— the consumer!

made in China

On this site, you can find a number of suppliers who are located in China.

Business owners of Chinese companies can also register to become suppliers on this platform and post their information, images, product catalogs, and more.

Similar to third-party platforms like, a business owner’s profile will be displayed on the Made-in-China homepage.

In this way, foreign buyers who visit the site can get a better feel for the company they are choosing to do business with before doing so.

6. Outsource to a sourcing agency

When it comes to finding a sourcing agency in China, it’s important to do your research and choose one that is reputable and has a good track record.

There are unfortunately many agencies in China that are nothing more than scams, so you need to be careful.

But there are also some great sourcing agencies out there that can help you find the right products and suppliers. EJET Sourcing is one of these agencies.

Luckily, they have a great reputation and have helped many businesses find the right products and suppliers.

 So if you’re looking for a sourcing agency, make sure to check out EJET Sourcing.

Chapter 3: How to Verify the Reliability of Chinese Suppliers

Nowadays, almost every trader wants to buy goods from Chinese vendors because the manufacturing cost of the merchandise from China is pretty inexpensive compared to other countries.

Therefore, most people purchase Chinese products to attain the maximum profit margins.

However, shipping goods from China is not a piece of cake. Why? It requires a lot more information and untiring efforts to access the best suppliers in China.

This chapter will share the appropriate procedures to find and verify reliable Chinese suppliers.

So if you, too, are looking forward to seeing a trustworthy Chinese supplier, this chapter contains all the relevant information for you.

1. Google the company and do a background check on it.


When we talk about gathering information and doing research on something, Google is the top-notch technology that comes to our mind.

We can find complete solutions and answers to our queries by typing them on the Google search engine.

Therefore, we can take Google’s help to research the product thoroughly before purchasing it from China.

We can approach the Chinese vendors of the required product by simply typing the product’s name and the word “drop shippers” on Google.

Google shows numerous search results with a single click. So it becomes tough for a person to choose the best drop shipper among plenty of options.

We can do a background check on the Chinese dropshipping company to select the China supplier that meets our requirements.

2. Conduct an on-site checking.

On-site checking refers to the verification process for the drop shipper.

 Hence, we can conduct on-site checking to verify the reliability and potential of Chinese suppliers.

On-site checking deals with verifying the supplier’s ownership status, contact numbers, dropshipping license, company’s locality, and the authentication of contractors.

Simply put, you will find the things mentioned above on the supplier’s website; if he is not a fraud.

3. Order product samples.

An ingenious business mind does not blindly trust strange suppliers. It is pertinent to ask the suppliers to ship a few samples before ordering the goods in bulk.

The product samples will help you check out the product’s quality, durability, packaging, and shipment duration.

It will also enable you to know whether the outcome justifies the purchasing price or not.

-General Principal!

One should order product samples from 3 to 4 different Chinese suppliers to make a comparison and choose the best among them.

4. Engage in a conversation with customer service.


Effective communication is the key to success in any business. Conversation lets you clear out the confusion and ambiguities related to customer service.

Moreover, it enables you to judge the loyalty of any China supplier you are communicating with.

Almost all verified dropshipping companies offer customer support services to answer queries. You can also negotiate by sending an email.

However, if a supplier neither provides customer support nor responds to the email, you should beware of purchasing goods from that supplier.

5. Before making a commitment, request previous customer references.

Customer references and testimonials are, in fact, approval of the quality and hard-wearing of goods.

Reliable Chinese suppliers do not hesitate to provide the previous customer references.

But some fraud vendors who doubt their product’s quality may start beating around the bush when told to reveal the testimonials.

Therefore, if a distributor fails to show the previous customer references, importing goods from him is insane. Why?

Because that supplier will eventually cheat you by shipping poor-quality things.

Hence, we must ask the supplier to provide the buyer’s comments or testimonials, and if it satisfies our demands, we can go for it.

Chapter 4: The Best Ways to Negotiate with Suppliers in China

A famous proverb says, “Where there is negotiation, there is hope for agreement.”

Negotiations with any China supplier not only help to exchange demands and bargain for the products and aid in building cordial relations.

Once you build trust with the supplier, he will give his 100 percent to arrange and ship the best supplies for you.

Not to mention, how you negotiate and interact with the suppliers helps them judge your personality.

So, if you have the best communication abilities, you are more likely to convince the product distributors from China.

So let’s discuss the perfect ways to have accurate and ethical negotiations with Chinese suppliers.

1. Review and compare prices

Whenever you purchase anything from a Chinese supplier or drop shipper, compare and cross-check the quality and price of the purchased goods with another supplier from China.

If you see any difference while reviewing the products from two different suppliers, promptly negotiate with your Chinese client in a mannered way.

In particular, you purchased a mattress from a Chinese vendor costing $120, and you come across another vendor from the same country who is selling the twin mattress for just $100.

 In this case, you must approach your supplier and ask him why there is such a vast price difference.

Such negotiation will help you know the ultimate reason behind the price elevation and enable you to tackle the customer complaints and aftermaths.

2. Never over-negotiate with Chinese suppliers

Chinese goods are already budget-friendly and economical, so there is no point in extending negotiations for bargaining unnecessarily.

To clarify, it is mandatory to bargain and deal before purchasing goods, but over negotiations can be fatal and adversely impact your business.

Unprofessional bargaining to reduce a product’s price below its worth can annoy the supplier. And, he may start shipping the low-quality goods to you.

3. Use a simple email template for China suppliers

Chinese is entirely a different language from the official language, English.

 This linguistic barrier may emerge as a hurdle in communication because most buyers who order goods from China happen to be English-speaking.

Not to mention, the suppliers in China also love to speak and understand the English language.

But they still find it challenging to understand the native and high vocab language.

Therefore, it would be best to speak clear and easy English to convey your message to the Chinese suppliers.

Moreover, when you send an email to any China supplier, the email template should be straightforward and understandable.

A friendly and to-the-point email template leaves a positive impact on the receiver.

Furthermore, use the persuasive phrases in your email template and ask questions. It will help the supplier know your company’s credibility and legitimacy.

4. Be professional and polite

China is leaving no stone unturned to progress in product manufacturing and designing futuristic innovations.

 The “Made in China” tag on most goods and inventions is clear-cut proof that China has surpassed every other country in goods building and the product supplies to the foreign countries.

You cannot run the dropshipping business unless you interact and cooperate with the supplier in China because merely the Chinese products can help you earn the highest profit and take your business to another level.

Therefore, you need to communicate politely and professionally to have friendly and long-lasting relationships with the Chinese suppliers.

Chapter 5: FAQs about China Suppliers


1. How to buy from China wholesale website?

The simplest way to purchase wholesale goods from China is to first find the supplier.

Then, buy samples & repeat the procedure with that supplier until you become happy with the overall design of the item.

Finally, when making large purchases, you should ask about instructions from the shipping company.

2. Which products to import wholesale from China?

Because labor costs in China are much lower than anywhere else, it is advantageous to source products that require a considerable size of labor to produce.

 This category includes a wide range of products. For instance, textiles, embroidery, clothing, and other items are all excellent choices for importing from China.

3. How to find a reliable China wholesale website to buy from?

Different buyers will, of course, have different expectations. In general, you can select a suitable China wholesale website focusing on the following factors listed below.

  • The supplier’s commercial nature.
  • Ministry of Commerce.
  • Speak with the Supplier.
  • Method of payment.
  • Mode of transportation.
  • Advantages and disadvantages

4. How to avoid scams when dealing with Chinese suppliers?

If you want to be successful when sourcing from China, you must work with a reputable and trustworthy China supplier.  It takes time and practice to avoid scams.

The best way to deal with Chinese vendors is by hiring a sourcing agent such as EJET Sourcing.

Sourcing agents have years of experience dealing with suppliers and they can help you with quality services.


With that said, our blog comes to an end. We believe that this blog will assist you in finding a reliable China supplier and in importing goods from China.

 If you have any additional questions or concerns about sourcing goods from China, please contact us anytime. Thank you for reading!