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Are you a new seller that is thinking of which products to sell on Amazon? Or, are you an established seller that wants to add new products to their e-store?

Whatever the case is, you must be looking for trending products on Amazon. Undoubtedly, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce marketplace where you can make hundreds of dollars if you sell the right products. The question is why Amazon?

Amazon is offering computing services, online retail, digital content, consumer electronics and many more things to customers. With a total sales amount of almost close to $470 billion in 2021, it is one of the world’s biggest retailers. Even with such figures, many sellers join Amazon to sell their products and don’t make it big. Rather, they are not successful at all. Why is that? Let’s look at it in detail.

Chapter 1: 6 Features of Trending Products on Amazon 

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It is very easy to say that you should only add trending products on Amazon in your store. But, what are these trending products? In this blog, we are going firstly going to talk about what trending products are and secondly about how to find them on Amazon.

1) High-Demand Products

high demand, best Amazon products

There is a magic formula when it comes to making it big on Amazon. Always add products that have a high demand. Seems like common sense, doesn’t it? Well, there is a catch. Where we always advise going for products that have high demand and trying to find the ones where the competition is low.

First of all, you need to provide customers with something they are already looking for. Products that are high in demand are the ones that you need to target. The reason is simple: there is already a demand for them and you don’t need to waste time, energy and resources in creating them. On the other hand, with these products you know many customers are looking for them.

The definition of high demand is different for different products. For some products, having a thousand or more buyers is deemed as high demand. Whereas, for other products, hundreds of thousands of buyers means high demand. It depends on the type of product.

2) Products with Low Competition

Sometimes, the products that are high in demand already have many sellers offering them to the public. Going for products that have a huge number of sellers becomes difficult to compete with. High competition leads to market saturation. Moreover, even if the market is not saturated, it can lead to difficulty in making your place as a new seller. Why should people buy from you when there are many established sellers already selling the same product?

To make a place in the market, you might need to spend higher on advertising. Nevertheless, that won’t even promise you that you will beat the competitors. With so many options in the market, buyers are reluctant to go for new sellers, especially at the same price point.

3) Higher Profit Margin

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Without a doubt, higher profit margins look very inviting when you are deciding what products to sell on Amazon. However, you should never look at profit margins separately. Sure, the idea behind selling a product is to make as big a profit as you can. The key to this profit ratio is demand. If a product has higher profit margins and low demand, it will do you no good.

For such products, you might get higher profit margins because of the high price. Additionally, the low demand can also be because of a higher price. Always go for products that can give you profits and those that have a high demand.

On Amazon, a good profit margin is anything from 25%  and up. Don’t go for products that offer a lower profit margin. This is because you have to deduce the Amazon fee and everything else to get to the actual profit that you are making.

4) Low Selling Price

Initially when you start your business, try to go for products that have a lower selling price. The reason is simple. Customers are always attracted to lower prices. If you are offering the same thing as the rest of the market, having a lower price point is essential. On the other hand, if you have something unique and customized that the others are not selling, you can gamble and keep a higher price point. It all depends on the product, the competition and the current market price.

5) Seasonal and Trendy Products

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Seasons and trendy products look very attractive. Seasonal products are those that seem to have a very high demand during one season while they can touch even zero sales during another season. Similarly, trendy products are those that are in trend for a short period. These products look very lucrative and attractive when they are making sales. For instance, inflatable pools are only in demand during the summer.

If you still want to sell seasonal and trendy products, you need to be careful with inventory. Only order products that can make it through the season. If you order too many, you can end up with unwanted inventory by the end of the season and selling that off can become a hassle.

6) No Legal Issues

Don’t go for products that can cause a hassle for you. These include products that can have any legal issues. This category includes all the products that might require a lot of paperwork and registrations. For example, supplements, food items, health items etc. All these require FDA approvals and lots and lots of paperwork. Keep it simple! Don’t try to get into the hassle of extra work.

These are the top six features that can make a product a trendy one. High demand and low competition are the major ones to look into. The rest of the points are a plus and will ensure that the product you are going for gives you 100 percent profits.

If you still have any confusion about which products are trending and which are not, we are here to help. You can book a free consultation with our Sourcing Agent today to clear any queries and questions you have regarding the top trending products on Amazon. She is always ready to help you with any of your sourcing or information needs. 


Chapter 2: 9 Ways to Find Trending Products on Amazon 

Some sellers like to be different. They are not worried about taking risks or gambling with their luck. These are the sellers who don’t want to look at what is trending on Amazon and what is not and just dive heads on into the game. Even though taking risks might pay off big time for some, knowing about the trending products and Amazon trends is a good idea. Before you invest in something, you need to know about the best options available.

Trending Products

You will see that there are so many different ways in which you can find trending products. Most of these methods are free and very easy to follow. It can start from as little as a simple search engine or you could use specialized software to find what is trending and what is not. In this chapter, we will talk about all those ways which can come in handy to find Amazon trending products.

1) Google Analytics

best Amazon products, Trending products, Google analytics

If you are looking for the trends in the Amazon marketplace, Google Analytics is a must try. Google trends is another excellent way in which you can get an idea about which products are generally in demand and which are not. This shows you what consumers are search